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Sent : Sunday, February 15, 2004 6:18 PM
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Subject : [fatisflava] retail-appropriate :: tracklisting & preamble.

i was motivated to make this mix by the mixes that my coworkers have made for the kitchenwares store i'm working in. we have this joke about what's retail-appropriate and what's not, according to the store owner. so really, this is a metamix or supermix and sort of a tribute to those other people who introduce (or reintroduce, as the case may be) us to music, new and old. kind of like FIF. note: i actually put amy's tracks first, but called it "alexis vs amy" b/c it was more mellifluous a title. and as usual, i threw in a few new things of my own. what's interesting about amy's section, too, is that i didn't know who wrote any of the tracks before i put them on my disc, and it just so happened that some of the tracks that i thought were by different groups were not, in fact. (ordinarily i would split them up.)

1. papa fritas - way you walk
2. papa fritas - people say
3. stevie wonder - superstition
4. the pernice brothers - 7:30
5. royal city - my brother is the meat man
6. royal city - under a hollow tree
7. the pernice brothers - the weakest shade of blue
8. the books - tokyo
9. etienne daho - mon manege a moi
10. sondre lerche - modern nature
11. the unicorns - sea ghost
12. steve burns - mighty little man
1. boa - duvet (serial experiments lain theme)
2. squeeze - goodbye girl
3. cornelius - brazil
4. general public - tenderness
5. tracy ullman - they don't know
6. squeeze - pulling mussels from a shell
7. ELO - mr. blue sky