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fred: allo allo
winnie: wilkommen
fred: well courtney and maura couldn't make it at the last minute
fred: haven't heard from carl or maggie but i'm assuming they're coming
fred: austin should be here
winnie: carl looks like he's online
winnie: or was
fred: so i guess we should wait for a few minutes
winnie: christian, did you already send out your mix?
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andy: hum de hum
christian: went out today
winnie: awesome
christian: i've been dragging my feet
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carl: hello
austin: hi christian
winnie: heya carl
fred: so now i guess we're just waiting to see if maggie's coming
fred: i give her two minutes tops
christian: hey
carl: & courtney maybe?
austin: austin here
christian: i also have the group mix
fred: no court and maura aren't coming
winnie: was maura present last time?
christian: which i'll be moving along tomorrow
fred: no she wasn't
winnie: courtney's carl's friend right?
fred: right
carl: yes
winnie: sorry, i feel like i'm constantly behind
winnie: and maura is?
winnie: from craigslist?
carl: courtney's gf
fred: winnie has a big behind? what?
winnie: thbbbpt
fred: j/k
winnie: oh. awesome.
fred: so i think winnie likes catfoo more than she likes me ;-)
winnie: cos i always comment on her blog postings?
fred: yeah
fred: heh
winnie: i'm just encouraging her burgeoning foodiness
fred: heh
fred: so what'd you think of great bay?
winnie: there's not much i can do for someone who spurns meat
winnie: i thought it was alright
carl: winnie-- can you recommend any good books on bread?
winnie: kickass brioche
fred: what'd you have there?
winnie: probably the best in boston
winnie: peter reinhart _breadbaker's apprentice_
fred: also what is daisy doing these days?
fred: haha winnie you're a wonder
winnie: beard on bread
carl: sweet
winnie: mmm i'm sure there a few more
fred: what's w/ the bread carl?
carl: yeah I heard B on B was good... but more theory than recipes
andy: bread theory - heavy
austin: haha
winnie: yeah, but i feel like bread is one of those things you have to absorb in toto before jumping in, hands first
carl: I am in a breadmaking phase, fueled by an excellent loaf I made from Cooks Illustrated
winnie: i'm not a baker though
winnie: you should talk to daisy
fred: so where's daisy these days?
winnie: she has one helluva sourdough starter
winnie: she's still at this educational publisher
winnie: but she's been looking for jobs with bakeries
carl: I'm trying to get into sourdough.. now that I have more free time
carl: but it's hard to find the free time.
winnie: it needs an optimal environment
winnie: and nurturing atmosphere
carl: and a 50 degree room
carl: yeah
winnie: yeah, i think sourdough is more work than keeping a dog
andy: does it need to feed, like yoghurt or sumfin?
fred: hahahahaha
winnie: you'll have to start going to BJ's for 50 lb sacks of flour
winnie: yes
fred: hahaha
fred: like the plant in little shop of horrors
fred: okay we should start i guess
andy: woah - takes deication
winnie: daisy fed her starter a 50 lb bag over a month or so
fred: lol
fred: then it ate her!!!
carl: that's absurd
winnie: okay
andy: like a great dane
winnie: let us begin
fred: can we start by guessing what amy and what's her name look like?
austin: sorry mum on phone
winnie: well no
winnie: i guess you guys can
winnie: austin's met her
winnie: not alexis though
fred: i picture alexis wearing black
fred: having cool glasses
winnie: hahahaha
fred: short
andy: amy os earnest yet fun
andy: slight, almost willowy
fred: shopping at army surplus stores
winnie: just remember, they've been put through a winnie filter
andy: with a barely discernible liso
andy: lisp
fred: willowy?? lisp?? haha
winnie: i don't think alexis is totally represented here
andy: discreet but splendid breasts
fred: i have a harder time picturing amy
winnie: hahaha
christian: =-O
fred: andy said the b word!!
winnie: they both have rather impressive racks
christian: :-[
andy: i'm not sure about alexis's'personal hygeine however
winnie: are you guys done guessing?
fred: heh sure
andy: yep
winnie: she sweats alot
fred: lol
fred: so what're they really like?
andy: squeeze does that
winnie: hmm. i guess there's that chance they'll read this online
andy: oh dear
winnie: neither is what i would call willowy
christian: yeah and it'll get indexed by google
winnie: they're both fun
fred: haha
christian: for eternity
fred: are they indie kids?
winnie: (hence the large-ish boobs)
winnie: amy is
winnie: she knows every fuckin indie band in the metropolitan area
fred: is alexis like an art school kid?
winnie: b/c apparently, they're all recent transplants from indiana university
winnie: (where she went)
fred: indiana??
winnie: alexis is a barnard girl
fred: haha
christian: what's the difference between a scenester and an indie kid?
fred: "barnard girls are dippy"
winnie: amy is 25
winnie: alexis is 31
fred: that's a quote from a sondheim show
winnie: haha
fred: alexis is 31? that changes my whole perspective
andy: man she's so old
andy: dude
fred: haha
andy: yeah
winnie: i mean, she actually remember 80s music from listening to it IN the 80s
fred: okay i guess onto the mix. i have to say the first two tracks sounded like call and response to me i.e. i didn't care for them
winnie: both amy & alexis have a weakness for fleetwood mac
andy: hmm - I guess her stuff is 80's?
winnie: and -- ugh -- earth, wind & fire
andy: I thought it was 70's
winnie: i hate hate hate earth, wind and fire now
andy: but it's all a blur to me
andy: no winnie, you don't
christian: that's a shame
fred: i don't really know EWF
andy: the only thing we hate is the devil
christian: ewf is great
carl: 1&2 -- guy has a good voice but otherwise .. they need some help I think.
fred: help?
fred: how so?
carl: hehe I love EWF. well, not love. but ...
andy: oh - there are some great things . . . September
winnie: aw, really?
christian: i LOVE EWF
andy: for inst
christian: :b
winnie: did you guys know the trackslisting before you listened to it?
carl: no, not me
andy: christian I'm down wid' you, bro
winnie: b/c i didn't for amy's
andy: me neither
winnie: so, as i said, i totally thought 1 & 2, and 5&6 were by different groups
christian: *high five* thanks
winnie: is that silly?
andy: same here winnie
fred: i thought 5 and 6 sounded similar
carl: the first song that caught my attention was #5
fred: twangy
andy: and in both cases I like the first and dislike the second
andy: oh no sorry
fred: in both cases i disliked both
andy: I dislike meat man
christian: philip bailey's got lungs end of story
carl: heh
andy: pb is a beautiful singer
austin: sorry i'm back
fred: i mean what the hell does this line mean: "i licked your bark w/ my bloody tongue but i will not come"??
winnie: interesting, fred. you didn't like any of those 4 tracks?
carl: 5-6 were refreshing after 1-4 somehow
winnie: so austin, describe amy
winnie: having met her
andy: it mean swhat it says
austin: amy's the one from cali right?
fred: oh i take that back winnie. i thought hollow tree was cool
winnie: no no
austin: oh right
winnie: she's the one w/ brown hair
winnie: they both have cool glasses by the way
winnie: amy is a more creative dresser
carl: brb gotta turn my dough
winnie: alexis is pretty much gap
andy: carl!!
fred: although i was wondering if royal city is folky?
christian: that's a low blow winnie
fred: i mean folky as opposed to indie folk-y
austin: royal city sounds like dylan
winnie: it's not meant to be
winnie: b/c it's true
andy: if only I could get my voice to swoop down and back up as i write
andy: 'carl'
winnie: like dylan?
winnie: hm
austin: wallflowers
andy: save us from rich kid copycat wannabes
winnie: oh. dylan jr.
fred: royal city sounded like dylan?? track 4 sounded like the wallflowers to me
andy: oh that Jakob with a k Dylan
austin: track 5 you mean?
fred: no, #4
winnie: the pernice bros. apparently are pretty well liked in these parts
winnie: i read recently about this new series of books, titled "33 1/3"
fred: they sound like your average radio friendly band. they don't even sound indie
andy: it's very 60's, yes?
winnie: where each author is a musician who write about a pivotal album
winnie: (pivotal for them)
fred: austin you think 5 sounds like the wallflowers??
andy: I do too
austin: yeah
austin: v much so
winnie: i like amy's brand of indie
winnie: for the most part
fred: hm i guess i don't really know the WF
andy: i.e. bad bob on his country kick
winnie: b/c she goes more for the pop hook
austin: by the way. your music sticks out like a sore thumb
fred: well this mix had me thinking about the diff b/t pop and indie pop
carl: pernice brothers are purdy bunk.
winnie: yeah
winnie: i know
austin: it's obvious who did what tracks
andy: I didn't really like alexis's choices much
andy: I liked WINNIE's
winnie: aw, thanks andy
carl: #8 is where it's at on this disc.
austin: yeah
christian: yeah that's a nice track
austin: love the sample
winnie: you guys like the books?
fred: track 12 totally sounded like third eye blind to me on the chorus
austin: and the guitars
winnie: the album's pretty cool
fred: my fav was alexis's then winnie's
winnie: yeah, i dunno about #12
christian: oh i thought the sample was a bit cheezy
winnie: but there's a story behind that one
christian: love the rest
austin: how did you find out about steve burns?
fred: okay what's the story on #12?
winnie: and a reason why i put it before alexis's bit
winnie: she first alerted me to burns' existence
fred: #8 was def a winner
austin: flaming lips' drummer's on that
winnie: he was apparently the host on blues clues
fred: haha
winnie: he lives in my neighborhood
andy: um, yeah 12 might be iffy
winnie: and one day he was at a party around here
andy: but I lkwe the lyric
austin: might be iffy?
winnie: and heard the flaming lips' "soft bulletin"
andy: could kind of maybe be iffy, I meant
austin: it's sort of catchy, nicely produced
carl: oh the blues clues band played mid east recently
winnie: and had some sort of revelation
winnie: quit blues clues
winnie: and decided to make music
andy: wha?
austin: nothing like blues clues
winnie: and somehow became friends w/ flaming lips
fred: funny
winnie: and they helped produce his album
winnie: and played on it
fred: funny. i hear that
winnie: i saw him live recently
winnie: and if you get a chance, you should go
winnie: even if you don't like his music
austin: did flaming lips producer dproduce it? neil something
winnie: his is def one of the most entertaining shows i've been to
andy: I really like 8 and 9
carl: I had a feeling that would be good but none of my friends wanted to go see blues clues.
winnie: there's an explanation on burns' website
fred: entertaining how so?
winnie: it pretty damn funny
winnie: self-deprecating
winnie: interactive
winnie: very very laugh-out-loud funny
carl: 8 & 9 juxtaposition is nice, too.
fred: uhhh okay
andy: who is/are the blues clues band??
austin: i heard some reference to shopping that was a little inappropriate in one of these songs, but i can't find it anymore...
andy: from the kids prog?
carl: #12 andy
winnie: blues clues is a kids tv show
winnie: burns was the host
andy: yeah . . . and
winnie: and his sidekick was a blue dog
andy: ah oh ooh ok
winnie: and they would play one show over a whole week
andy: didn't know who he was
carl: I like the phrase manege a moi, too
winnie: and kids would have to solve a mystery
winnie: so they would pick up the dog's clues over the week
winnie: amy was very obsessed with blues clues in college
andy: yeah i've seen the show - but boy was it unmemorable
winnie: (i guess, being stuck in indiana)
austin: haha
winnie: but she went to the show with me
carl: good writing about blues clues in The Tipping Point
andy: yes yes
fred: i was more of a teletubbies kind of guy
andy: carl - that's what I was thinking about
andy: how contrived it was
andy: what a fine book
winnie: i've never seen it
winnie: i was just curious
carl: yes
winnie: and it was a sort of unexpected segue into alexis' portion
carl: I really like your part winnie
andy: i do too
winnie: so does anyone know where #9 is from?
andy: wheres' the froggy geezer from?
winnie: i was originally going to make a mix of sdtrk music
austin: haha
andy: oh - #9
andy: exactement
fred: i have to say i wasn't into winnie's section ... a little too low-key for me maybe
andy: skater punk
winnie: and i heard #9 in "irreversible"
winnie: which is a really fucked up movie, by the way
fred: froggy geezer what?
austin: french movie?
winnie: yeah
andy: french person
winnie: w/ monica bellucci
austin: oooo
christian: aaah
andy: sorry - was listening to Dizzee Rascal
winnie: and vincent cassel
andy: earlier I mean
winnie: well she looks good for about 15 minutes in the movie
christian: heh
winnie: then there's this 45 min horrific rape scene
fred: uh i'm confused who is froggy geezer?
christian: what's going on in the movie while htis is playing
austin: wow intense
winnie: the movie goes backwards
fred: zz
andy: is this the movie which begins with rape in the alley?
austin: just for the duration of the song?
winnie: so this is at the end
winnie: when everything is happy
winnie: and the couple is frolicking in bed
christian: gotcha
winnie: (pre-party, pre-rape, pre-vengeance)
fred: those french people are so weird
winnie: it's very hard to watch
austin: good music though
andy: hmm - that gives the song a whole nother resonance W
fred: i still think we should do a soundtracks group mix
winnie: in fact, i didn't see much of it, cos my head was covered w/ two pillows
winnie: also
winnie: do you know that it's a cover?
christian: i have to see it
fred: two pillows?
winnie: well, i warned you
austin: who's song?
winnie: yeah, it's soooo disturbing
christian: brazil
winnie: and scary
winnie: edith piaf sings it too
andy: what a great three movies
winnie: i mena, it might just be a french chanson classic
christian: i think of that movie "a man and a woman" when i hear that song
christian: un homme et un femme
andy: is #10 from the new CD or the first?
winnie: i don't know that one
austin: i see it now. french frolicking
fred: what does the subtitle of the boa track mean?
winnie: the first
winnie: i really like it
andy: ahem . . . . une femme, I believe
winnie: it's pretty twee
winnie: oh, serial experiments lain is an anime series
fred: ohhhh
winnie: japanese animation
christian: right... unless where talking crying game
carl: oic
winnie: (if someone is unfamiliar)
andy: too much to know
fred: it doesn't sound like japanese music at all ...
winnie: yes
winnie: no
andy: no
winnie: it's not
andy: yes
andy: it is
winnie: they don't only use japanese music, silly
fred: that track reminds me strongly of the plumb track that was on my fairies mix
fred: also reminds me of w's loquat track
winnie: it has a very strong connection to the series for me
winnie: (which is very very good)
fred: i think this was one of my fav tracks of this mix
winnie: really!
carl: not a huge fan
fred: yeah i can only stand this type of track every once in a while so i think it's filling a niche
fred: the other one i really liked was the gen pub track
winnie: wow, this must be my least likable mix
winnie: which is also from a movie
christian: yeah that's an old one right?
fred: i found out afterwards that gen pub was the english beat!
winnie: two of them i think
fred: what movie's that from?
winnie: clueless
winnie: and i think pretty in pink or something
fred: least likable by me? i liked it more than your brooklyn mix heh
fred: clueless??? hahahaha
winnie: some molly ringwald thing
fred: was it in the movie?
winnie: yeah
fred: which part?
winnie: i think after she realizes she really likes paul rudd's character
carl: I like Brazil a lot, for some odd reason
christian: it's cover
fred: haha
winnie: that's the other direction alexis swings
fred: i liked that too actually
winnie: she loves bad 70s & 80s music
christian: sinatra does it
fred: really? cool
carl: yeah, contrasted with the Tracy Ullman, which is just excruciating.
winnie: and then lots of laid-back electronica
winnie: is it?
winnie: i thought it was funny
winnie: awww. too bad
carl: it's also funny
carl: excruciatingly funny
fred: i kind of liked it
fred: reminded me of tiffany
winnie: alexis also likes squarepusher
fred: or abba
winnie: the notwist
christian: i like those too
carl: i bet she does
winnie: but i think it's more her husband's influence
christian: :-(
austin: really?
winnie: he has really good taste in music
fred: haha
austin: wa kind of a large range
winnie: yeah
austin: squeeze is great
winnie: patrick (her husband) is very very particular and snobby about music
austin: why isn't he on here
fred: i didn't care for 18 but i liked 14
andy: always a bad sign
carl: I feel the opposite of fred
carl: #18 is my main squeeze
winnie: eg., today, when amy put in her fleetwood mac cd, alexis said, "hey, i had this! but i think my husband looked at it when we merged music collections, went "ecch" and threw it out."
fred: hahaha
winnie: don't you remember from my blog like 3 months ago
winnie: i said i was obsessed w/ this squeeze song
fred: no i think you said it in a chat
winnie: but i thought it was called "pulling mussels for michelle"
fred: yeah i remember
carl: hahaha
austin: hahaha
carl: nice
austin: what does that mean
winnie: yeah
winnie: that's why i don't give a shit about lyrics
winnie: i always fuck em up
austin: haaha
carl: or pulling muscles for michelle?
winnie: yeah
winnie: for some reason the former made more sense
winnie: but i thought about that one too
winnie: i actually had trouble picking squeeze tracks
fred: is it just me or does the ELO track totally sound like that beatles song?
winnie: andy, i thought you liked squeeze
winnie: really? i think it sounds more like queen
andy: yeah i do
winnie: this is another facet of alexis
winnie: she loves tv
andy: but - I think I've heard these two a lot
fred: tv? what does that have to do w/ ELO?
winnie: and she can tell you every song in every car commercial
christian: haha
winnie: this was apparently in a VW commercial
andy: that's my problem, however . . . they're still good
winnie: and, she says
fred: mm
winnie: in "adaptation"
andy: but I love Mr. BS
fred: funny
winnie: yes, i have to say, i had difficulty picking just two squeeze tracks
winnie: there are many good ones
winnie: like "coffee in bed"
winnie: "another nail in my heart"
fred: when were squeeze from?
andy: Winnie - that's my fave
austin: uk
fred: when
andy: plus temptd by the fruit of another
winnie: they're the ones that want to be the beatles
winnie: yeah
andy: london. fred
winnie: but like you w/ the other tracks
winnie: i was tired of that one
fred: WHEN
carl: yeah Tempted is good
winnie: b/c of reality bites
andy: late 70's early 80's
austin: no that was oasis
carl: Hourglass
winnie: i kind of cheated (as usual) w/ my mix
austin: how?
winnie: b/c none of my own tracks are really retail-appropriate
austin: yeah
winnie: i just wanted to put something of my own in
fred: heh
christian: lol
winnie: everytime i bring something really good in
andy: btw have we all seen brazil , the movie?
winnie: the owner runs out when it comes on the speakers and is like, "who's is this! take it out!!!"
fred: nope
fred: lol
austin: why didn't you just call it retail inappropriate
andy: if not . . . . on your list
winnie: i love that movie
winnie: i love terry gilliam
austin: great flick
andy: it's so agitating
andy: me too w
winnie: it's beautiful
andy: moi aussi w
austin: why is the song brazil from movie brazil?
andy: it IS!!
winnie: i've been trying to get tim to watch "time bandits" w/ me for like 3 months
andy: the movie is about escaing
andy: escaping
winnie: andy, have you seen "the man from la mancha"?
andy: and Brazil is an archetypal escape venue - that's all really
fred: andy wants us to watch time bandits too
andy: i haven';t - it sounds so depressing!
winnie: it feels very _1984_
fred: we should watch it together winnie
andy: is it?
carl: #15 is really from _brazil_?
winnie: yes
winnie: but funny
austin: the last scene reminds of escape from teh dragon
carl: it sounds wayyy too modern
fred: i agree carl
andy: wow and eek
andy: it['s not from the movie
fred: i didn't think so
andy: but the song is from the 50's
carl: ahh oki
andy: mebbe 60's
fred: but not this version
carl: brazil is terry gilliam, right?
andy: no, not this version
andy: yup
carl: I should just look it up
andy: gilliam's 1st movie
austin: so who's cornelius
andy: Japanese """"dj""""
fred: oh right
austin: from the 50s?
winnie: no no
andy: some ok remixes
winnie: from now
andy: but not as good as the hype
andy: yes
andy: on Matador
winnie: okay, shall we start wrapping it up
fred: yep
andy: pals with all those guys
winnie: was this at all interesting for you guys?
andy: Towa ti, P 5
winnie: the mix, i mean
andy: tei
fred: oh btw i think the stevie track is actually called superstitious
andy: you know
andy: are you sure Fred?????
fred: oh oops maybe not
christian: i think it's superstition
winnie: i had to put stevie in
winnie: he's always playing at the store
fred: aman had a stevie wonder track called superstitious maybe he got it wrong
winnie: along w/ (@#&$ earth, wind & fire
fred: haha
christian: where is this store
winnie: brooklyn
christian: i need to hang out there
andy: i trhink he did
andy: i thrink
christian: oh a bit far by bus
winnie: yeah
winnie: but you could definitely get your groove on
christian: maybe chinatown bus... nah
winnie: they play all this disco too
winnie: that gets REEEEEAAAAl old
fred: i felt like it was kind of a grab bag, but that's okay since you usu don't do really eclectic ones like this
andy: i just checked - 'Superstition'
winnie: only so many times i can hear "do the hustle!"
winnie: before i want to vomit
fred: lol
christian: why not just hustle instead
fred: i wanna see winne do the hustle!!!!
fred: and the electric slide!!!
andy: isn't vomiting part of the dance?
winnie: the manager did the hustle for me a while ago
andy: it always has been for me
winnie: she was pretty good
fred: hahahaha
fred: sounds like a wild time
fred: more wild than where i work ;-)
winnie: it's funny
christian: yeah be happy
winnie: i guess alot of my jobs have had this music aspect to them
christian: all i hear at work is shakira
andy: i do like the mix tho - youi picked well winnie
winnie: ie, the coffeehouse
winnie: um, where else
fred: okay kids next chat's in 2.5 weeks on maggie's
andy: it has . . . .espirit
andy: mm hmm
carl: ok bye y'all
fred: everyone needs to send out their round 6 mixes if they haven't yet
fred: !!
fred: i need now mixes to listen to!
fred: february was so bleak and mix-less for me
andy: (so bossy)
fred: i cried
carl has left the room.
austin: hahaha
fred: oops new mixes
austin: i smell a domestic
andy: farewell . . . i'm hungry
fred: domestic?
christian: cya
fred: lata
christian has left the room.
andy: nah - cya'll
winnie: carl? you mean?
andy has left the room.
winnie: okay nevermind
winnie: bye
austin: bye
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