From winnie
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 11:32 PM
Subject [fatisflava] flava-of-the-month. (mine, that is.)

so hopefully fred's copy was the only one that suffered a crack whilst
making its way through the u.s. postal system. if any one else's got
fucked up, lemme know, and i'll remedy that.

i'd initially planned to do a whole other mix entirely (and most
likely, it'll be my entry for next round still), but i kept hearing
fred's and andy's voices nagging at the back of my mind: "no more
indie, for the love of god!". not that that whole other mix was indie
rock. but it was definitely quite different from the one you've just
received (hopefully). so, as with some of my recent mixes, i'd recently
discovered someone i really really liked (the postal service) that
didn't fit in the schema i was working on (no, i'm not going to tell
you, fred).

it occurred to me that the postal service is very representative of the
kind of electronica i like best. which, i suppose, is sort of like
indie electronica or something. and once i found the notwist, that
clinched it for me.

a few notes:
the arab strap track is usually my top choice for a mix opener. but, i
am currently obsessed with TPS's "such great heights," and usually,
when i open with that arab strap, the mix ends up being too downtempo,
and, well, just too _down_. TPS's SGH is just the punchy sort of thing
i like. (and to those who attended austin's chat, no, it's not the
opener on their album. i think it's #3 or 4.) and, by sheer
coincidence, i happened upon the iron & wine cover of "such great
heights" while searching for other things, and i kind of like
bookending a mix with a remix or cover. and better still, this seemed
to be like the "anti-remix" because it was a much simpler acoustic

i also realized as i was making this mix that i wished i hadn't put
particular electronica tracks on my previous FIF mixes. ie., the
styrofoam remix of american analog set's "the postman," daedalus, other
ms. john soda. they all seem to be perfect for this mix as well.

the cylob track reminds me of toscanini's. ask me why if you care.

i put the cex track in solely because it has such a great title. i
mean, come on: "florida is shaped like a big droopy dick for a
reason"?! that's a winner if i ever heard one. it's not a bad track
either. probably my least favorite, but it reminds me of squarepusher,
mu-ziq, fila brazilia, and other more abstract d'n'b/ambient/downtempo

okay. that's it for now. comments, questions welcome. hope you're
enjoying it.