9 p.m. to 10 p.m.

fred: hey winnie do you like poetry?
carl has entered the room.
winnie: i like it, but i don't properly appreciate it
winnie: not the way i do novels, anyway
fred: mm
fred: i think i'm getting into it (poetry, carl)
winnie: i like frost
fred: mm
carl: helo\
winnie: and shit like that
winnie: this one particular cummings
fred: i think we're going to have to wait a few minutes b/c aman
is supposed to show up and maybe andy
winnie: and i have a bunch of books at home
fred: so carl are you going to be around this weekend?
winnie: wow, we're getting aman?
fred: yep
carl: who's aman?
fred: i think he's settled down
fred: haha
winnie: did you already invite austin?
fred: yep
carl: can I just tell you, I have to confess
fred: uh oh
fred: ?
carl: I put michael bolton on the group mix. In retrospect this may
have been a bad idea, but I have to stand by my choice.
fred: HAHA
fred: you can't tell me! i haven't seen it yet!!!
carl: oops too late
winnie: i'm curious
winnie: i debated about my choice for a while
winnie: but anyway.
carl: winnie-- we're supposed to explain our choices.. but
when/where do we do that?
winnie: hey fred, i'm trying to decide what to do with this leftover
yarn i've got
winnie: i kind of want to knit a hat
carl: I noticed you and Nelson just put down the names
winnie: oh, i didn't bother
winnie: i figured we could do that later
carl: okay
winnie: if we discuss it
austin has entered the room.
winnie: or something
carl: yeah that's cool
fred: oh the way the other group mixes were going is that people
forwarded an email that had everyone's comments, and you just added
yours explaining your choices
winnie: oh really?
winnie: i never got the other one.
winnie: actually i never got the first mix
fred: yeah i thought it was a cool way to do it but it's not a big
deal i guess
austin: you mean you didn't get either?
winnie: no, i didn't get the first one
fred: i really don't think we should spend time holding chats
about the group mixes though
winnie: okay, fine
winnie: then we should do the fwded email thing
winnie: that i can handle
winnie: fred, do you have a hat pattern?
carl: thats ok w/me
fred: at home not here sorry winnie
winnie: where are you?
fred: i mean at home in louisville
fred: can someone tell me if aman logs in?
winnie: oh
winnie: okay
winnie: when's andy planning on dropping in?
fred: he might not be able to
fred: but i guess we should sit tight for five minutes at least
winnie: okay
fred: i should've waited before getting us a room oh well
fred: so carl -- you around on sat?
carl: I still won't know until later tonight-- I'll send out an
e-mail tho.
austin: fred, you got us a room where?
carl: sorry, things are still up in the air
winnie: no no, austin
winnie: he means the chat room
austin: ahah you're so virtual
fred: haha
austin: hey i can't wait to make my next mix
austin: had an idea this morning for it
austin: just need to move in to my apartment first
austin: or find an apartment to move it first...
fred: okay so while we're waiting i think we should discuss the
next mix
winnie: ?
austin: the next group mix?
winnie: what do you mean, fred?
fred: i thought instead of having a new round of mixes, we could
do the "favorite album that few people know" crammed into two months
fred: that way people could work on new mixes starting in january
carl: just send a whole album out?
fred: and also that way if people wanted to buy their own copy or
whatever they could ask for them for christmas or whatever
fred: yeah
fred: i think it might be cool
carl: you still want hour chats on each?
fred: no way
carl: ok good
fred: maybe just two chats for the whole lot
fred: thoughts?
winnie: hmm
austin: so am i the last one to go this round?
carl: hmm
fred: yes austin
fred: i thought it would be a nice change of pace after four
rounds of mixes
carl: well. it could be interesting. I think it's worth a shot.
austin: just one esoteric all time favourite
fred has left the room.
austin: album
austin: great. fred just left
carl: altho if I already have the album someone else sent me,
that's kind of a let down
winnie: true
fred has entered the room.
austin: yeah maybe we should check before hand
winnie: i'm in
winnie: i just thought of what i'll do, so it sounds good to me
fred: did my last message get sent? i said i think it would only work if people send a cd that is little known
fred: and that they rank among their all-time favs
carl: I was just saying it'd be a bummer to get something I already had-- so yes, little known would do the trick
winnie: nelson just sent an email to the list
fred: i'm having a mini-crisis on space on my hard drive so let me scramble for a minute and then we can start
winnie: that's fine. i need to cast on like 20 more stitches
carl: I want the entire Ms John Soda disc, winnie. ;-)
winnie: oh, definitely
carl: I should go buy it
winnie: it's hard to find
winnie: i think i got it at other music
carl: ahh
winnie: so you can look if you're in nyc this weekend
carl: yeh
winnie: it's worth every last penny
austin: hey did you ever listen to the jazzanova disc i got you ages ago?
winnie: yup
winnie: it's alright
winnie: why, you want it back?
austin: haha no. just wondering
nelson has entered the room.
austin: woohoo nelson
winnie: hope you haven't been waiting nelson
nelson: sorry i'm late. had to get some chow from lv.
fred: i'll be ready in like three minutes
austin: hey carl. the group mix is going to have to wait a little
carl: you want me to pass to someone else, then to you?
austin: yeah that's probably best
carl: okay.
austin: thanks
nelson: and how is everyone this fine monday evening
fred: sick
winnie: craving chocolate
winnie: i could really go for a fudgesickle
carl: good
winnie: or one of jacques torres' mudslide cookies
carl: mmmm chocolate
austin: haha i had hiccups for the entire day
winnie: or some fuckin peanut m&m's
nelson: ooh
winnie: you're a freak
fred: i don't really understand why people like chocolate so much
austin: yeah i was freaking everyone out at barnes and noble
nelson: i've never figured out a consistent way to stop hiccups
nelson: is anyone working on this?
winnie: well. i think it's my time of the month.
austin: i've never figured out why they haven't found one
winnie: i don't really get the hiccups.
fred: what's not to get?
austin: thanks winnie. wind-up bird is really relaly good
fred: j/k
winnie: so i don't really care whether they find a cure or not
winnie: i know -- EVERYONE should read it
fred: winnie's all about me me me
austin: well it's not for everyone
winnie: yup
carl: how did we get onto murakami?
winnie: okay, anyone who's not a loser.
austin: okay. watch out. it's that time of the month
winnie: i noticed he was reading it the other day
fred: he?
austin: me
winnie: (one of the books i recently foisted on him)
carl: yea I still have to read that.. and Norwegian Wood is supposed to be very good.
nelson: didn't i foist that on you?
nelson: there's this circle-foisting going on
fred: okay let's rock and roll kids
nelson: ok
austin: yeah let's doit
nelson: i adored your mix winnie
fred: aww
winnie: thanks.
nelson: the postal service was fantastic
winnie: did you go out and buy the album?
nelson: i found it on mp3
winnie: oh.
nelson: that sorta counts
fred: i did on an impulse
winnie: okay, i guess that'll work
austin: not to flatter too much, but i listened to your mix in my car for two weeks straight after i got it
fred: heh
carl: I think what has always sent me running away from techno (like Run Lola Run does) is that it has a tendency to be sort of jarring in the wooden roller coaster kind of way...
winnie: [head swelling]
fred: jarring?
carl: but this mix is less like that (and maybe "indie techno" in general?)
fred: i think it's too much in the groove and nothing sticks out for me
austin: well some techno is jarring
austin: some aren't. ambient techno is not
winnie: oh yes, i think i would call it indie electronica as well
fred: in general i mean
carl: yes that's true
carl: an important distinction
fred: i think techno in general isn't jarring. i mean a 10 min track usu builds very slowly
winnie: did anyone find the tracks indistinguishable?
austin: yup. that is annoying, you're bored before you get to the meat
fred: i sort of did
winnie: i meant besides you
carl: It's very minimalist (not your mix)
fred: but that's prob due to my tendency to want strong structure
winnie: wow, my IM window is being really freakin annoying
winnie: anyway.
winnie: i guess i purposely chose sort of non-techno-y electronica
carl: anyway my point was-- what I like about your mix is the mix of electronic stuff with acoustic/"organic" sounds.. most of it is not electronic overload.
winnie: i tend to like that
winnie: sort of thing
carl: yeah, maybe this is where the differentiation is between "techno" and "electronica"
winnie: if there is one. i tend to categorize prodigy and the chem bros as techno
carl: I really liked the Notwist
austin: most of the songs sort of maintain the traditional techno formula. screw around with the sound electronically, and then fade to the main theme
carl: for example
winnie: yeah, i'm sorry the second track is messed up
austin: like a techno riff
austin: track 14
winnie: in retrospect, i would have chosen a different track.
austin: and 6 or 5 i think
winnie: instead of neon golden, i would've gone w/ one called "pilot"
austin: 9
winnie: which you guys should track down if you can
austin: trying to track down now
winnie: i'm not sure i know what you mean
winnie: (austin)
fred: i hear that austin
winnie: i have to confess, much of this mix was sort of a compromise
winnie: primarily b/c some of you guys have heard a bunch of these tracks before
fred: how a compromise?
nelson: all completely new to me
carl: it sounds like you sort of wanted to repeat round 3, but you had to put a new twist on it. or.. a notwist on it.
winnie: i'd wanted to put the postal service and the notwist onto something else, but they seemed to fit into their own aesthetic
winnie: oh good
winnie: haha, carl
nelson: quite pleased that the first and last were the same song (or covers, you know what i mean)
winnie: i'm not sure about that assessment, carl. but then again, i can't really maintain any objectivity
winnie: i was pleased too
carl: I like the Iron & Wine. They were in boston just a few days ago, had a writeup in the Weekly Dig
winnie: are there other acoustic covers of electronica tracks?
fred: #9 was one of my favs which is surprising b/c it sounds like orbital except for the beats and the guy's vocals and i hate orbital
winnie: uh, besides that "heaven" piece of shite?
fred: the shins did a cover of a postal service track as well on the same EP as the iron and wine cover
fred: heaven?
winnie: to me, #9 is very joyce
fred: heh. i hear that
winnie: (carl, joyce is a former member of FIF)
winnie: oh yes, i knew about that
winnie: to me #9 is very techno. it belongs in a club
carl: 9 sounds very "Fifth Element" to me..
winnie: sort of a mid-90s feel to it
carl: that's a good soundtrack btw
winnie: yeah, the breaks are similar
fred: heh
fred: yeah i hear that
austin: andreas johnson only remixes
austin: he doesn't actually have any original songs. interesting to note
winnie: heaven is that stupid house track they play all the time on the radio
fred: whoops i was listening to #10 heh
winnie: do you guys know what i'm talking about?
carl: nope
austin: i think i do. they're all the same anyways
winnie: okay nevermind
fred: i also liked #11 it seemed very album leaf to me
winnie: ("baby, you're all that i want... when you're lying here in my arms...")
nelson: ahhh
austin: i really like my red hot car. i really dig that crazy thing he does with the beat
fred: as in very very album leaf
winnie: really?
winnie: i think solvent has a very singular sound
fred: me?
fred: hm
austin: thanks winnie
fred: i'll think about it some more. i need to relisten to that album leaf album
winnie: for what, austin
nelson: which album leaf album?
austin: ("baby, you're all that i want... when you're lying here in my arms...")
winnie: oh
fred: the one winnie lent me
winnie: album leaf puts me to sleep
winnie: i was going to put a track on here
winnie: but i got bored
nelson: haha
fred: austin -- what were you saying about the red hot car beat?
winnie: i like the red hot car beat for the same reason
winnie: it's all mashed and cut up
winnie: like aphex twin
austin: i love the hyperactive midrange.
austin: exactly
austin: but still sensical
winnie: very math-y and polyrhythmic
winnie: whenever i listen to aphex twin or squarepusher, and sometimes mu-ziq, i sort of see math equations in my head
fred: oh yeah very aphex twin i agree
fred: haha
fred: funny winnie
nelson: mu-ziq makes you do that?
austin: hahaha it's possile that aphex used some in his music
fred: i just got to that part of the song
winnie: yeah. i thought the cex track was much like mu-ziq
austin: he's experimental like that
nelson: we must be thinking about different mu-ziq's
winnie: i think there's one that's a rapper.
austin: hahha
nelson: that makes more sense
winnie: it's interesting that none of these really stuck out for you, fred
winnie: cos i think, though it has a very laid-back feel overall, there are some really different kinds of electronica here
winnie: esp when we're talking about squarepusher vs hybrid vs cylob
carl: yea
carl: squarepusher was t he standout track for me.
fred: yeah there are but they sort of have the same tone you know what i mean? sort of darkish, not really uppers you know?
fred: i liked the squarepusher but i'm getting real tired of synthesized voices
winnie: yeah, i dunno. am i drawn to minor keys?
fred: but yeah winnie i def prefer indie electronica to non-indie
winnie: (austin, i think that's why i don't like the new strokes album as much as you do)
fred: it's not a bad thing, winnie, on the whole it makes for a more coherent set
winnie: interesting
fred: it does make the lemon jelly stick out there b/c it's so major
fred: and the postal service tracks
austin: i don't know why, but lemon jelly makes me uncomfortable. it's too cutsy
winnie: i think that alot of the tracks might also be within the same pitch range
winnie: if that makes any sense
winnie: at least the vocals
fred: yeah
carl: I know what you mean
winnie: esp since i think postal service & notwist are comparable
fred: the her space holiday also stands out
winnie: cutesiness makes you uncomfortable, austin? haha
austin: too much of it. want to puke
winnie: now, whenever i hear lemon jelly, i'm going to picture hello kitties
fred: i agree w/ austin. i really liked space walk, but this track is boring
winnie: really? i like this one the best
fred: really?
winnie: of the lemon jelly tracks i have
fred: it sounds kinda podunky yeah?
winnie: i think that's why i like it
winnie: it's all grassroots
austin: i really like the dream of evan and chan
austin: track 14
fred: i thought that one really paled compared to #1
winnie: really? i like their whole recent album better than evan & chan (which was on a Dntel EP i think)
nelson: that was the one i kept on repeat for ages
winnie: but that's the track that started it all
winnie: for the postal service
austin: sometimes, after listening to a LOT of techno. i feel like they put in distortion and crap in recordings to that when the real song comes, it sounds much better, relatively
nelson: what's the story behind the postal service anyways
carl: they sent tapes back and forth through the mail
winnie: from pitchfork
nelson: ahhh
fred: pitchfork?
nelson: one of the more interesting bands i've heard lately
winnie: http://pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/p/postal-service/give-up.shtml
winnie: "there were my frequent, semi-coherent rants about how "Evan and Chan" was not only one of the best songs of 2001, but perhaps the perfect synthesis of IDM production and indie pop songwriting"
nelson: hahaha
winnie: it's funny that postal service, a side project of sorts, is motivating me to get the new death cab for cutie album
nelson: they're coming this friday to boston, fyi
winnie: for some reason, i always thought death cab was an emo band
winnie: must be the name
winnie: yeah, they'll be in nyc soon as well
fred: fri and sat
fred: on fri w/ mates and sat w/ american analog set
nelson: mates of state?
nelson: rawr
winnie: oooh i love em both
winnie: we should go to the show
winnie: and skip out on brunch
winnie: (sorry austin)
fred: i think the new album is a little more deep than their earlier stuff, but still feels a little i dunno pastel
winnie: pastel?
fred: winnie do you want me to get you a ticket for sat?
winnie: is that the show you're going to?
fred: yep
winnie: how much?
winnie: if it's under $20, yes
fred: yeah it's $13
winnie: anyway, back to business
winnie: oh sweet. put me down
winnie: for 1
winnie: so anybody have any criticism?
winnie: anything that sucked your left nut?
winnie: was all wrongwrongwrong?
carl: I said earlier that the squarepusher was the standout track. I forgot to mention that I didn't like it.
fred: heh
winnie: did you, as mr. pitchfork reviewer thinks, think that the lyrics to "such great heights" were inane
winnie: haha
carl: though I appreciate it for what it is (total garbage ;-))
winnie: whoah, really?
winnie: interesting.
nelson: all of you actually listen to the lyrics?
carl: nah, they are good but it's just not my style
winnie: ah
winnie: okay
fred: i thought #13 was annoying actually
winnie: i don't
winnie: but seems like everyone else does
winnie: (you never got to take part in our arguments about the (non)importance of lyrics)
nelson: shucks
winnie: maybe cos i left the end all messed up
winnie: trust me, if you can, you should get "pilot"
winnie: are you listening to it, austin?
winnie: i think it's better than "off the rails"
winnie: which i love
nelson: pilot was by who?
winnie: notwist
nelson: k
fred: yeah i wasn't a fan of notwist
winnie: btw, the arab strap track, if i haven't mentioned before, is nothing like their other stuff
fred: i really liked that track
winnie: (their other stuff being sort of scary.)
austin: trying to download it
fred: scary?
fred: how so?
winnie: angry
winnie: if i recall
winnie: it's on my dead hard-drive
winnie: i would def recommend the postal service album
winnie: ms. john soda
winnie: and, i guess, that's it
fred: heh
winnie: both are all hits
winnie: maybe one or two almost-misses
fred: are you going to make one of them the albums we have to listen to?
winnie: no
fred: okay
fred: okay kids we should wrap it up ...
winnie: unless carl really needs the ms. JS
carl: I want to try to buy it somewhere
carl: y'know, support the artist and all that sort of rot
fred: yep
winnie: i think they could use the support
fred: yep yep
winnie: okay kids. thanks for listening
carl: thanks winnie
nelson: thanks winnay
fred: thanks for spinning dj winnie
carl: I'm gonna go find out about this weekend
winnie: you're very welcome.
fred: okee dokee
winnie: hope you can make it, carl. it would be nice to meet you.
austin: thanks
carl: yea
austin: very grateful for postal service
winnie: good. as you should be.
austin: great. so what do you guys think of bob the chef
fred: i'm for it
winnie: i'm down
nelson: same
fred: cool
austin: hey don't get too cocky
winnie: how much is their brunch?
winnie: too late. you already know how i am.
nelson: meals about 10 bucks
fred: haha
fred: sounds good
austin: $19
winnie: is it like buffet style?
nelson: oh, brunch is buffet?
winnie: maybe we should look into blue room as well
austin: unless you're under 12
nelson: that's super sweet
austin: yeah buffet
carl: hey guys
carl: death cab is sold out
winnie: cos theirs is $20
carl: I just heard
winnie: or thereabouts
winnie: damn. oh well fred
fred: what?!
fred: oh darn
austin: http://bobthechefs.com/html/brunch.htm
fred: i'll check tomorrow who'd you hear that from carl?
carl: check mideastclub website
fred: fuckers
carl: that club is too small for them
carl: they should be at paradise or something
fred: mm
carl: anyway I just talked to my roommate and he's sick, so this weekend I will probably be here.
fred: cool
winnie: okay. bob's then
winnie: i loooooove biscuits
winnie: and fried chicken
winnie: and grits
fred: is he going to be sick until then? or are we going to have to repeatedly sneeze on him to make sure he stays sick ;-)
winnie: and apple pah
austin: should be set a time?
carl: sure
fred: how about 1?
winnie: do we need to make reservations?
nelson: meet there?
nelson: i've never been at brunch
austin: yeah we should
austin: it's crowded
fred: would people be up for an after party at andy's? i had some idea of some things we could do to make it a truly flava-ful event
austin: 617-536-6204
fred: no more than an hour
carl: sure
nelson: sure
fred: someone else organize this eh? volunteers?
winnie: sure
winnie: i'm going to have to decline
winnie: since i'm not in the state
carl: for making the reservations? I can do it
fred: cool
carl: how many will we be?
fred: okay let's say 1 then
fred: umm 6 at least-
fred: actually more like 7 aman said he could come
carl: ok I will call tomorrow, for 7
winnie: sweet
winnie: i'm getting hungry already
winnie: okay, i'm going to work on my knitting now
winnie: later boys
carl: cya
winnie has left the room.
fred: laterrr
carl has left the room.
austin: bye bye
nelson has left the room.
austin: see ya this weekend
austin has left the room.