From: winnie
Subject : [fatisflava] das breukelener mix. a word (or two or three).
Date : Thu, 24 Jul 2003 11:50:57 -0700 (PDT)

so, as is true of most of my mixes, this one was prompted and propelled by the discovery of one track. in this case, track #4 (kitt's "song from home street"), which was, incidentally, part of a very excellent indie rock compilation i bought in france in february (which had the cousteau track on it, fred).

as for the rest of these guys, most are either brooklyn- (some new york-) based bands or artists, or else they sing about new york or some other dubiously related-type thing.

i'll note that both loquat and ms. john soda are not brooklyn- or new york-related at all, only that i love these tracks and had to put them somewhere, else this was going to be another 2-volume mix.

i'd be really interested to hear -- particularly from those who aren't able to attend discussions -- what you think of the lashes track (#3). full-disclosure: the lashes are the brainchild of one of tim(the boyfriend)'s housemates, and he's itchin' to hear what you think too. (you may very well be the among the first people to hear this. and them.) oh yes, and i should probably add that this is sort of a rough cut of "honest mistake." i think sam was still unhappy about the vocals. but i like this one best of the handful he gave me.

i'm not sure if i regret including #12. tim likes to ask, "is this hootie?" when it comes on, and i have to say that this isn't their best track. but i seem to have lost most of their better ones. not really a good excuse but pffft. i really dig them though. and they're especially good live. austin has one of their albums i think.

the everything but the girl track is actually a cover of a simon & garfunkel song, i'm told. and a much better version (i'm also told).

oh yes, re: ms. john soda. their album is really really really fucking good.