8 to 9 p.m.

fred: whoops
winnie: hshs
winnie: haha
winnie: that's okay
winnie: you're pink, fred
fred: did you invite aman?
winnie: at least on my screen
winnie: oh whoops
fred: i'm pink? you're yellow, it's really hard to read
winnie: no, i don't think he's on my buddy list
austin: looks like we have two chats going
winnie: oh, i'm red on my screen
winnie: haha
aman has entered the room.
fred: hey hey
nelson: hey fred, you should set up the mime types so i can stream from yer site easier
winnie: okay. is what's-his-face-new-guy coming tonight?
fred: mime types wha?
fred: not sure
fred: oh hey winnie invite tom
winnie: oh. he's not on my list either
fred: oh actually i could invite him heh
austin: wow looks like it's going to be a full house
winnie: awesome.
winnie: that's b/c my mix is so kickass
winnie: haha
fred: anyone ever heard of alexkid?
winnie: ?
tom has entered the room.
winnie: is that a bad dj name
nelson: who's lennondog?
nelson: and who's tom
fred: hey! you didn't invite andy
aman: who's nelson?
winnie: i don't see andy on my thing
winnie: okay, nelson = nelson
nelson: i'm nelson
winnie: lennondog = aman
aman: i'm aman
winnie: tom = um, tom
winnie: or just tom
andy has entered the room.
fred: whoa is this a new record or what
tom: Thank you, Winnie.
aman: hi nelson
austin: wow
fred: these are colors i never knew even existed!
austin: haha
winnie: okay, let's get started. i haven't eaten yet
winnie: i don't have veryy exciting colors on my screen
winnie: 4 people are various shades of pink
nelson: i may be quiet. i just started listening to the mix.
fred: haha
winnie: fred's more of a salmon color
andy: see her uter-isss
nelson: fred is definitely salmon here
winnie: no, tom's salmon. fred's like a tutu pink
fred: hahaha
winnie: uh, uter-isss?
tom: I feel very heart-healthy.
tom: I'm vermilion to me.
andy: cameltoe!
winnie: hey, i just realized #14 sounds alot like luscious jackson
fred: yeah!!!!
winnie: and i'm vermilion to ME.
fred: i mean yeah for cameltoe
tom: Oh, well then, perhaps I'm not special. Cripes.
fred: you're right about 14 win
winnie: awww. well at least you're here to participate about my lovely selection of tracks.
winnie: that makes you special enough
winnie: for now, anyway.
tom: I was really pleased to get a listen to IATWTC, since I'd heard so much about them. There are worse things than sounding like Luscious Jackson.
winnie: yeah, fred. wonder if that's a good thing
winnie: thanks for an answer, tom
tom: No problem.
austin: tom and winnie are the same colour. this is so confusing
fred: were they called that before 9/11?
winnie: okay, first things first -- since only fred really commented
winnie: i just want to ask again if anyone has specific comments on #3
winnie: yes
winnie: they got alot of flak for it afterwards
winnie: ALOT
tom: A LOT
winnie: like, hate mail and death threats
tom: Sorry.
austin: which track is that? i don't have the cd on me, and the flava site id sonw
winnie: aw fuck you
austin: is down
fred: i think that's justified
fred: i mean to be expected
fred: hey the flava site isn't down
winnie: um, it's the lashes track. called "honest mistake"
tom: I'm just trying to be predictable
fred: http://www.sunday-in-the-park.com/flava
winnie: i'm being colloquial
austin: oh thanks
winnie: um... so?
tom: We can talk about register later.
andy: they sound like dead or alive
fred: yeah i got that too
andy: or early human league
andy: it's very very manray on thursday
tom: I liked it, as I recall and the human league comparison is a good one.
fred: yeah you're right andy
fred: but i like it
andy: the whole mix sounds lind of 80's to me
tom: I missed a comma after my grammar nazifierung. How embarrassing
tom: .
andy: kind of - is that delib, win?
winnie: really? 80s?
austin: why 80s?
andy: yeah - I think so
winnie: i guess that's better than too much indie rock, huh?
winnie: maybe it's synth-heavy?
tom: Never too much indie rock.
andy: ha!
winnie: i dunno. my tastes -- intensively cultivated by my nyc peers -- are veering towards the sort of new-new wave
andy: yeah - mebbe the synths?
winnie: which is on the verge of passe here, methinks
andy: that was my impression, but it's not a thesis
fred: your nyc peers? like who?
austin: who qualifies for new new wave?
fred: you mean like the periodicals?
andy: oh who cares about being passe - so much lost cuz of that
winnie: um, all the hipsters (who prefer not to be called that)
andy: new-new?
tom: I think we have (unfortunately) moved past the new-new-wave out West here, so you're probably right, Winnie.
fred: what's the point of doing new wave againg if it's just the same stuff? are they putting a new spin on it?
winnie: yeah
andy: is ne-ne po-po-mo?
winnie: it's a combination of new wave and punk
winnie: or new wave and rock
andy: oh that - you mean like in 1979?
tom: They have worse voices, for one, and their hair's not as interesting, two.
fred: the hipsters? who are your sources winnie?
winnie: um, the onion
winnie: village voice
winnie: various music rags
andy: what waselvis costello if not new-new?
fred: i'm not sure about the hair thing -- there's this bar where on new wave night loads of people come in w/ assymetrical haircuts and shit
fred: yeah that's what i meant by periodicals winnie
andy: jeez new wave is so old
winnie: it is
fred: i mean asymmetrical. geez
winnie: but like one-shouldered shirts and dirty-ass punk-rock hair, it's all new again
tom: Elvis Costello tried to resist the New Wave as I recall, right? He used to re-record whole albums if he and the band thought they sounded too au courant
winnie: or, um, new-new.
winnie: is this after his initial punk-ness?
tom: Yes.
winnie: okay, wait, just to go back to the lashes, does anyone have any sort of criticism to add?
carl has entered the room.
carl: hello hello
tom: EC and TA Get Happy is one such album that tries to pull them in another direction.
winnie: do you think they'll make it, based on this track?
nelson: hallo!
winnie: (which i think is their best)
winnie: yo carl
nelson: winnie, do you have a setlist anywhere?
carl: hi winnie
winnie: it's on the flava page
tom: Is it only their best? It's catchy nevertheless.
winnie: (scroll up)
fred: the tracklisting is up on the flava page!!!!!
nelson: I AM STUPID!
nelson: (sorry)
nelson: ha
fred: haha
winnie: hahaha.
winnie: right. moving on. or back. or something.
fred: as i said in my email i think, #3 is good esp b/c of the falsetto
fred: yeah!
winnie: really? i'll have to tell him that
tom: I was surprised I liked 18 as much as I did
fred: #3 sounds very profesionally put together
winnie: he was worried about how the vocals turned out (as i mentioned) and was going back into the studio to re-record
carl: I disagree.. 3 sounded very unfinished to me.
winnie: yeah. not bad for an unemployed trust-funder and his shitty ass tangerine imac
fred: i mean professionally geez
carl: ;-) just my opinion. I think they are on the right track.
tom: So what, you know these people, Winnie? I am lost.
winnie: but in that 80s joy division kind of way, no? (directed to carl)
tom: Sorry.
winnie: yeah, the founder/frontman is my boyfriend's housemate
carl: I think if they reworked some of the vocals it would be a lot better-- the track is nice.
aman: Hmm... all I can say about track 3 is it makes me want to listen to Joy Division and not necessarily track 3
winnie: and he's gotta be the biggest lazy-ass i've ever met
tom: How nice. I couldn't tell if I'd heard of them before. Do they have a webpage?
winnie: hahaha
winnie: no, they don't
carl: he's doing that Strokes vocal processing thing.
fred: i need to listen to joy division again
winnie: i think i'll probably be putting that together
winnie: you think so?
carl: yeah definitely
winnie: it's less overt, i think
winnie: definitely more so on the other tracks he gave me though
winnie: anyway. i'll pass that along
winnie: and i'll let you know when he/they start touring
winnie: (if anyone cares.)
tom: I care.
carl: anyway I'd like to hear it once he doesn't have any disclaimers about how it's not quite finished.
tom: I'm all heart.
winnie: haha. okay. (to both tom & carl)
winnie: hello? everybody else?
austin: i was expecting you to put some new pornographers on there
winnie: you alive over there?
winnie: but they're from freakin' canada!
fred: i don't think nelson's heard it that much
winnie: i mean, i have no idea where ms john soda's from
carl: Ms John Soda was my fave on this disc.
andy: so w - iseveryone from the hood?
winnie: oh good!
tom: Maybe they're all marrying each other, because they can.
austin: haha but are those guys all from brooklyn?
tom: the new pornographers I mean.
winnie: no, not from brooklyn
winnie: but some sing about brooklyn
winnie: or new york
andy: they're canadian aren't they?
andy: am i crazy?
tom: No
andy: ah i c
tom: From BC I think
winnie: but yeah, i would say 9 of these guys are brooklyn-based
winnie: yes, bc is correct
winnie: oh, and by the way
winnie: i have an extra ticket for the aug 25th show in nyc
winnie: if anyone's going to be here
winnie: (the new pornographers, that is)
tom: trapped in the desert
austin: (if any one cares)
tom: I'll be
austin: (i've seen them already)
winnie: yeah, well at least you're not enmeshed in a giant power grid fiasco
winnie: (ha. thbbbpppt)
tom: Buffalo was out of it in 3 hours.
winnie: oh, well, should they get a cookie?
tom: Bflo only got electricity five years back, so everything was new.
tom: they need a cookie, and some industry
winnie: haha.
austin: i couldn't get my car fixed cuz the computer at detroit was down. what lamos. anyways, what's next
winnie: #4 was really the motivation behind the mix
tom: It's all Ohio's fault, as usual. I liked 4 a lot. Let me think about why.
fred: how much work did you have to do to get the theme going? or were these all people you happened to be listening to?
fred: i liked 4 a lot too
winnie: b/c i got totally hooked on this track when i got back from france in february. and i'd been looking to incorporate it in a mix since then
aman: 4: dug
winnie: i had to do a decent amount of work
fred: it reminded me of that canada song on tom's mix ... i think b/c of the bareness and the tone of the singer
winnie: but i already knew about most of these guys.
carl: 4 was really lovely.
winnie: just from da word on da street
fred: knew about but hadn't heard?
winnie: (sorry. i can't believe i just used 'da')
austin: haha everyone seemed like 4 a lot. but why?
fred: it's nice and chill
winnie: it's good!
winnie: well, why else?
aman: yes, I think it's goodness was the primary draw for me
winnie: i love the intro
tom: You're being colloquial, Winnie.
carl: 4 is nicely put together
fred: it's nicely put together also, w/ the electronic bit in the background
winnie: and then the bassline kicks in. lovely.
fred: haha jinx carl
carl: haha
winnie: lovely melody
fred: nice little guitar break too
fred: has nice little parts too
winnie: don't you all just want to sing along?
fred: all in all a nice package
tom: It was pleasantly long; you could savor it.
tom: I do sing along, ddamme.
winnie: yes, i agree
carl: I like how it transforms too
winnie: i think david kitt is actually british
carl: sounds like it
winnie: his other stuff doesn't sound like this track
winnie: really?
winnie: i totally couldn't tell
carl: it sounds like someone trying on an american access
carl: accent
carl: in a good way
tom: You know what, I must go deal with bike shop people now.
winnie: oh no
winnie: too bad, tom
tom: I really liked your mix, Winnie
winnie: enjoyed your brief visit though
winnie: why, thank you much, tom
carl: nice to meet you tom
winnie: good luck
tom: It's always too brief, Winnie.
tom: Parting, &c.
winnie: [she shakes her head]
winnie: [and rolls her eyes]
tom: Bye.
winnie: byebye
tom: PS Nice to meet you too.
tom: Bye
tom has left the room.
winnie: okay, is everyone being quiet for a reason?
aman: I'm working out how track 5 follows track 4 and how it makes me feel
fred: haha
fred: funny aman
fred: i'm refinding the tracks that i liked
austin: it's hard to do this from memory
andy: 5 starts s beautifully
winnie: if you felt that the album had a generally 80s feel ("you" being whoever "you" are)
fred: i DIG #13 ... did you like it andy? reminds me of andy's groovy mix
carl: #5 was a yawner for me. nice segue though
winnie: then did you feel this album felt pretty unified
andy: I do like the wobbles and the squeakliness
andy: yeah - it's good for about 30"
fred: i love in #13 when the brass kicks in
winnie: incidentally, rjd2 is on def jux
andy: and then . . . . . hmm
winnie: (i think)
winnie: and i was going to include other def jux people on the mix
fred: which track andy? 5?
carl: I was all over #13. winnie did you say you had reservations about putting on there?
winnie: like, um, that rapper, what's his face...
andy: yep
winnie: that guy who's always in boston... crap.
fred: what's def jux?
winnie: #13?
winnie: no, #12
winnie: def jux is a label
aman: El-P?
fred: oh
winnie: well yeah, but this other guy
fred: i love the little bits to #13 and the bits of vocal
andy: a funny thing about this mix for me . . . my foist impression was; no songs, just bits
andy: but the more I've listened the more the 'song' comes ut
aman: Mr. Liff?
andy: out
andy: oot
winnie: yes!
winnie: mr. lif
winnie: hey, fred. out of curiosity -- have you heard this EBTG cover before?
fred: nope
winnie: austin? andy?
fred: didn't really care for it, but i don't really like s&g
andy: yeah
andy: oh fred
winnie: this was on the same compilation w/ #4
winnie: oh poo
austin: no. let me check
fred: i've been listening to andy's cd bookends and it puts me to sleep
fred: btw i agree w/ andy's assessment of #5
fred: but i kind of like it
fred: atmsopheric
fred: you know what i mean
winnie: of the mix? or of #5, fred?
fred: #5
winnie: what'd you say about #5, andy?
andy: I gotta say I don't really like the ebtg track
fred: it's up there winnie
winnie: really!
andy: even tho I like s & g
winnie: i'm looking, i'm looking
fred: wobbles and squeaks
andy: it's (and this is weird for them) too brash
winnie: ah.
andy: the original is very . . . brazilian
andy: too many dots ..... sorry
winnie: but does it matter what the original was?
andy: whereas this sounds all flatened out
austin: brazilian? like bossa?
andy: well, no - but if this was the only version I'd ever heard I'd think not a lot of the song
andy: yep
winnie: interesting.
andy: it's very breathy and astrud gilberto - ey
andy: and most of all . . . the s & g is heartbreakingly sad and empty
winnie: hmm. i've been trying to track it down
andy: but this is just a pop song
carl: I'd never heard the song before.. sounds like a folk song to me. (maybe it is-- a brazilian folk song?) It was a bit... long.
austin: fred - how can you not like s&g?
winnie: so i've not heard it either
fred: i think s&g are a little too fey for me ... they need to grow some balls
austin: hahaha
winnie: what?!
andy: their balls are conceald - dig deeper
fred: hahaha
winnie: but aren't you an avowed fan of B&S?
aman: ?!
fred: yeah, but b&s can talk about rape and wet dreams
andy: who dat
carl: B&S have balls
andy: oh them
winnie: belle & sebas
andy: oh puhleeeze
austin: B&S?
austin: oh
andy: they have one ball between them
fred: lol
winnie: and it's been mashed repeatedly
andy: lovely tho they r
winnie: or something.
carl: one is all you need.
andy: yes - one sad pureed ball
fred: i'm going to keep listening to bookends i'll get back to you on my final assessment
austin: yeah but they do sound alike. just the subject is usually a little more hippster for s&M
austin: s&g
austin: and not your kind of hipster winnie
andy: yes - it's true . . . i was being silly
aman: I'm not sure I agree with the "all you need is one" philosophy...
fred: i don't think they sound similar at all
winnie: hahahah
winnie: okay, anyway
andy: I think b & s, etc, could never have happened without s & g
fred: #19 was interesting ... surprisingly tender
winnie: does anyone have any other comments?
fred: wistful
andy: 19 is sweet
austin: i remember i liked the french kicks a lot
winnie: yeah? 2 good instrumentals, huh
winnie: oh good
andy: where did Freedy johnson come into this?
carl: I liked how this whole CD sounded very live and raw (unfiltered) .. there is a lot of vibe on this disc, opposite but just as nice as the vibe on Andy's mix last week.
austin: but i wish i can remember why
winnie: what do you mean, andy?
andy: this has a definite 'feel'
andy: I mean - is he from Brooklyn?
winnie: not from
winnie: he moved here.
winnie: like clem snide
carl: it's very rugged urban sounding.
andy: I like it - ok, gotcha
winnie: the disc?
winnie: (carl)
carl: yeah.. well a lot of it.
fred: i hear that, carl
winnie: yeah, actually i agree w/ that.
carl: apt I think
andy: yeah . . .altho' it's a bit adult radio
winnie: esp w/ the liars tracks
fred: gritty brooklyn
winnie: did the ordering seem weird?
winnie: the stuff in the middle was fairly arbitrarily placed
fred: i hear that, too andy heh
winnie: i only knew about the first4 and the last 4
winnie: and that i wanted #10 in the middle
austin: why in the mid?
winnie: adult radio?
fred: #1 was great but didn't quite fit huh
winnie: i think that would apply to EBTG and loquat (#16)
carl: I knew I was in for something special when I heard #1. ;-)
fred: 2 sounds a little wallflowers to me
winnie: b/c i wanted to include the instrumental
andy: oh - it'sso street
winnie: so it had to be substantially before the end
fred: actually make that a lot
winnie: but not at the beginning, as it doesn't seem like a beginning sort of track to me
carl: I am a Freedy fan. I have that disc I think.
fred: and 12 does sound like hootie
winnie: haha, carl
winnie: do you really?
austin: yeah i agreew ith fred
winnie: i remember when that single came out
carl: I want to say that T-Bone Burnett produced it
winnie: i remember also being a big fan of love spit love at the time
fred: when was that?
winnie: i dunno. 92?
fred: that old?
winnie: yeah, i think so
carl: newer
austin: track one sort of gave me the wrong expectations for the rest of the disc
carl: 2000
winnie: what?!
winnie: 2000?!
carl: something like that
winnie: nooooooo
carl: lets check allmusic....
aman: I agree about "expectations"
aman: but IMO, it had nowhere to go but up from track 1...
austin: 2003
austin: it says
fred: oh blasphemous aman
carl: 1999 was "Blue Days Black Nights"
carl: which had that song on it.
winnie: no, it's '94
winnie: on "this perfect world"
aman: actually, due to the gentle hands of fate, I missed "Camel Toe" on it's initial rounds around the country, not hearing it until this mix
carl: oh.. (I have the 1999 one, which also has that song on it...)
aman: but I was checking out the allmusic review which says the album is quite fun
winnie: yeah, it's been on 3 separate albums
aman: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&uid=SEARCH&sql=A9tadqj5wojaa
fred: aman -- i've heard some other tracks but didn't really like them
winnie: huh. produced by butch vig
winnie: okay kids. i gotta head out to grab some grub
fred: okee
carl: actually it's NOT on the 1999 disc... hmm.. where have I heard that before?
fred: any last comments?
carl: oh well
winnie: (probably on the radio)
carl: yeah good mix winnie
carl: thanks
winnie: no, thank YOU for listening
fred: haha
winnie: i already have my next one all ready to go.
carl: I laughed, I cried, it was better than CATS
fred: hahaha
winnie: and thank god for that
austin: haha
aman: word
winnie: okay, fred. same bat time, same bat place?
winnie: (for austin's mix, i mean)
fred: week after next
andy: soundsee goodee
austin: i'm not going to be here from the 24th to the 3rd
fred: uh oh
andy: oh uh
carl: hey Fred what was this 8/13 mix you sent me?
fred: oh wait yeah so that's right then
fred: the next one will be sept 2
austin: so thursday the 4th?
fred: oh wait yeah thurs
austin: i'm not going to be here on the 2nd...
fred: carl -- that's my next mix. first one for round 4
carl: ok cool.
winnie: okay, see you guys later
fred: hey austin -- would you mind giving up your slot in sept for carl?
carl: but auxtin is next eh?
winnie: byebye
fred: later
winnie has left the room.
carl: austin
austin: sure. when will i go insrtead?
fred: oct or nov
austin: ok
fred: ok cool
austin: carl. do you need a copyu of my mix?
fred: i can put up mp3s again
carl: yeah that works
austin: thanks fred
fred: no prob
aman: Hey Carl -- sorry to be a multitasking fucknut but I wanted to say I liked your pics
aman: http://www.tashian.com/gallery/state-fair.html
aman: of the Tennessee state Fair
carl: ok so does that make me next then?
carl: oh thanks
carl: that was fun
austin: so is carl's mix going to be round 3 or 4?
fred: yeah carl you're on for sept ... you can work out w/ winnie what part of the month you want to go
fred: round 4
fred: austin's was the last for round 3
fred: confusing, i know just check the site
austin: aight. got it
austin: going back to work...
fred: okay everyone go away so i can go take a nap
fred: heh
austin: catch you all later
fred: later
austin has left the room.
carl: ok cya
aman: l8r, d00dz
aman has left the room.
carl has left the room.
andy has left the room.