From: winnie
Date: Thu Jan 9, 2003 9:31 pm
Subject: winnie's mix, rd 2 [BEWARE: SPOILER]

as i am forced to leave the country on friday (yes, pity me as i gorge
myself on black truffles and fabulous wine and cheese and bread. poor
winnie.) and will not return until the 25th, i'd like to offer my thoughts
on my (as you will most likely discover, if you haven't already) mixes. yes,
two. why two mixes you ask? they don't seem connected in the slightest, not
like andy's lovely little twins.

so mix 7.1 was motivated by all the discussion over lyrics and whether they
really matter. whether meaning is as, well, meaningful as melody. whether it
makes any sense at all for me to ignore the lyrics. i still argue yes --
with some exception, which we'll get into in a bit. so with my usual
cheekiness, i decided i just HAD to have a non-english mix that didn't rely
solely on all-instrumental tracks. luckily, in november, i'd wandered into
the saveur editor-in-chief's office while he was listening to a mix put out
by _les inrockuptibles_, a french music magazine not unlike _rolling stone_.
it was on the holden track (#16), and i was instantly smitten. it took me
about 2 or 3 weeks to work up the courage to ask him to borrow the damn cd,
but through it, i discovered mathieu boogaerts. i listed to "l'espace"
non-stop for about 3 days and the idea for this mix started coming together
in my head.

yeah, i've basically worked on "me no speakah no ingrish" for about 2
months, and because my soundcard's still shot, i've gone through about 8
different versions (it's difficult to put the tracks in order if you can't
actually listen to them). i built it around boogaert tracks: "la ciment" (=
"cement", my favorite, and my ideal first track -- catchy, uptempo, instant
hook), "l'espace" (="space"), "tu es" ("you are"). "rendezvous dans mon
sandwich" ("meeting in my sandwich") was sort of an afterthought. i know
fred thinks multiple tracks from the same artist is a big no-no, but i
disagree, and i thought boogaerts was perfect for tying together the whole

paris combo has a pretty big underground following here (and i believe
they're a big hit in their native france) that i first heard about from a
friend when they were touring in new york (while i was still living in
boston). most of their stuff is pretty lounge-y, like "living room," but
they do some interesting ethnic-y (francophone?) stuff as well.

les nubians ("tomorrow") -- my favorite off their princesses nubiennes
edith piaf just couldn't be left out ("my life in pink").
#7 is off the amelie sdtrk, as is #13. (and #14, but that was recorded
elsewhere first by frehel). all sound so quintessentially french, the
accordion and tinkly-ness and everything.
the bran van 3000 track is probably mostly in english, but i can't
understand most of it anyway, so i thought it'd fit well here. plus, they're
canadian. i've never understood THEM.
plastilina mosh: motivated by a recent viewing of "y tu mama tambien." one
of their tracks is on the sdtrk, but i like this one better. i found kinky
(#12) by association.

ah, #17. i saw this movie back in high school when i was taking some
independent study AP french class: "toto le hero" (toto the hero). this is
the song that opens the film and goes so perfectly with the ohsofrench
quirkiness of the film. this is trenet's big hit from way back when (post
WWII i think.) & if you haven't seen the movie, runrunrun to the store and
rent it.


7.2 is meant to be a sort of compensation for 7.1. (lyric-wise) and just
because i keep discovering all sorts of good shit. here's where i might
change my mind about the whole lyrics question. i don't really pay attention
to any of them on this mix except for the badly drawn boy track and the am.
analog set "postman" remix. which is sort of weird, cos i bet they're the
more banal of the lot. i really love the BDB track because it's just so
mushily (cheesily) charming.

despite everyone's adverse reaction to the last white stripes track i put
out, i included them here too. this one is a big favorite. my housemate
starts bopping her head like crazy whenever she hears it.

bright eyes is getting all kinds of press. conor oberst is this former child
prodigy from nebraska, yada yada. i've had some difficulty getting into his
stuff, but this track's pretty good.

anyway. i'm off. enjoy.