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you have just entered room "chat 19162021300362377123."
andy has entered the room.
mike has entered the room.
andy: yo
winnie has entered the room.
mike: howdy!
fred: yo yo
winnie: hey
winnie: just showered
fred: i don't remember austin's screenname?
winnie: lemme put on some clothing
fred: oooh ... sexy!
winnie: austin
fred: haha
fred: naked chat!!
mike: woo hoo :-p
winnie: hmm doesn't seem to be present
fred: haha
andy: we're waiting . . . . tap tap tap
fred: andy pandy!!
andy: c'est moi
andy: as the english say
fred: har har
andy: joyce ain't gonna be here, yeah?
fred: i've had comments lying around i've been meaning to post
fred: let me find them ...
mike: buenas noches
mike: as the americans say
winnie: okay, i'm all set
andy: ok
fred: why does my font look so big in this window but not in my regular im windows?
andy: now what
fred: so how long should we wait for austin?
andy: who are am/fm?
andy: let him join in when he gets here
fred: ok
winnie: (if he does. he's not the most reliable)
winnie: (but i didn't say that)
winnie: am/fm = brian sorkel & michael parsell
winnie: sez epitonic:
winnie: there are tastes of mountain music, sunny california pop, discordant post-punk, plaintive honky-tonk, and much more, all of them bled through fuzzy indie rock compositions.
andy: i like em . . . didn't realize i did until accidentally my itunes played all their songs in a row
winnie: yeah, they write a pretty catchy tune
mike: i've found a new love named spoon
andy: and that plaintive voice
winnie: (and we all know how much i dig that)
winnie: yeah, spoon rocks.
andy: hmm spoon
winnie: did i tell you guys i just saw them live last week?
mike: yes, your mix was incredibly catchy... :-)
mike: no!!!
winnie: yeah i know andy's not a fan.
mike: where?
winnie: in new york
andy: no i'm not a 'not a fan'
winnie: then they were on conan on thursday or something
mike: where did they play? (i'm there quite often...)
andy: just they sound kind of generic to me
winnie: north six in w'burg
fred: hmm let me decide if i like spoon or am/fm better
winnie: well i personally like spoon better
winnie: i have to say, every one of the songs they played (and it was a pretty long set)
winnie: was great
winnie: head-bopping, foot-tapping, big-smile-plastered-on-your-face great.
fred: what's the longest concert you've ever been to w/ just one band? (not counting openers)
winnie: and they are pretty damn cool looking
mike: mmm. i first heard of spoon a few years ago -- went out a few times with this guy who liked them -- but it took winnie's mix to get me to listen...
winnie: do djs count?
fred: no
winnie: damn
winnie: i dunno
fred: heh
winnie: i don't really like long sets.
winnie: or long concerts.
andy: and if anyone says the grateful dead . . .well
winnie: i get restless.
winnie: (or phish)
fred: how long are their concerts?
andy: me too - a quick blast and out of there
mike: phish don't count? =-o
andy: i also hate being coralled into clapping along
andy: ugh
winnie: phish will play for 3 days straight.
fred: you guys have short attention spans
fred: 3 days straight???
mike: much like a cricket match...
fred: that's messed up
andy: 3 days fucked up more like
winnie: i do. i actually have a long attention span for movies. oddly enough.
winnie: anyway.
winnie: so you guys like spoon
andy: me too me too
winnie: i just reburned a copy of my mix yesterday
fred: i think i'm going to have to go w/ am/fm after having reminded mysely of all their tracks again
mike: yep... i was also pleased to re-discover wilco. kamera was a great track.
winnie: after losing my entire collection of music
fred: :-(
andy: computer meltdown
winnie: oh wow, wilco's probably one of my favorite bands right now.
mike: you lost your "entire" collection???
austin has entered the room.
andy: mm yes
mike: what happened?
austin: hey guys
andy: do you know the stuff with billy bragg?
winnie: my hard drive crashed
austin: it's austin
mike: hello austin
winnie: oh look who's decided to join us
andy: mixed but some of it is marvy
andy: s'austin
winnie: (heheh)
andy: didja get a cat austn?
winnie: okay, so as i was saying
winnie: i just reburned my mix
austin: nope. decided against it in the end
winnie: but this time took out some of the stuff i was ehhh about
andy: such as?
austin: how's yours? what did you name him?
mike: ok winnie -- what were you "ehh" about?
fred: i'm not really into the spoons lines in a suit song ... a little too retro for me, you know? like when that "that thing you do" movie came out and it had a retro song -- too pastichey for me to like it much
fred: maybe it's just me
andy: nope - it all reminds me too much of other bits
winnie: the am/fm virgins virgins track
andy: oh i like that!
mike: fred - my favorite from them was #5...
fred: but then, i don't have a problem w/ people like belle and sebastian
winnie: and everyone's adverse reaction to playgirl really threw me
winnie: (but i left it in anyway)
fred: i agree w/ mike
mike: hmm... i really like playgirl!!!
andy: playgirl has grown and grown on me
winnie: my fav spoon is anything you want
fred: tr. 5 and tr. 9 were my favs of the two
winnie: really? good.
andy: but my fave is interpol
mike: oh yeah winnie - i like "anything you want" too...
winnie: i have to say, i really dig the american analog track
fred: you know, when people don't title their songs w/ something really obvious it makes them so hard to remember what they are
andy: i'm am like so over the white stripes sing tho
andy: and winnie - what's the back to high school subtext about?
mike: andy: agreed on white stripes... i liked it at first, but it lost its luster.
andy: ah a malkmus quote :-)
andy: yep it did
winnie: what back to high school subtext?
andy: spanish dance troupe and we're going to be friends
fred: ditto andy and mhall
andy: just thought it funny
winnie: hmm, well i'm not a lyrics person really
winnie: so i have to say it wasn't a conscious decision on my part
andy: can anyone else here the accents on gorky's z m
mike: hmm - andy, i didn't notice it!
winnie: austin, are you actually there?
andy: well - now i look again . . .it's only those 2 tracks i guess
winnie: or have you gone off for a snack?
andy: not exactly a subtext!
fred: 7 is good, you're right andy ...
andy: and . . .i love the manchester accent of the i am kloot guy
winnie: interpol is excellent.
austin: just opening my chips. greasy fingers
mike: i just rediscovered tracks 1-4 this weekend, actually --> i kept skipping to #5 for many of my listens...
andy: he sounds just like davy jones of the monkees
austin: interpol's my fav
mike: really like "over my shoulder" - catchy, as well.
winnie: they're all the rage in the hipper parts of brooklyn.
andy: love that interpol
austin: the new's fantastic
andy: fun twists and turns
fred: actually playgirl isn't that bad ... i don't know why it irritated me so much before
winnie: interpol's new album is great
andy: and a super guitar solo - that wonky little bend and back - luscious
mike: andy: yep, i hear the accents...
fred: i think part of it is the times there's speaking in the background ... i'm really not a fan of speaking generally
winnie: really?
fred: i love the rock out at the end of interpol
andy: yes - it's the tits
winnie: wow, that's a new one
winnie: i love the angsty-ness of the opening
mike: has anyone seen interpol live?
austin: winnie: agreed good rif
mike: they were in boston pretty recently... i, unfortunately, was not.
winnie: i admit it, i've got a weakness for self-indulgent, pants-wetter music.
winnie: yeah, but they play in nyc all the time apparently
fred: i've noticed i have a tendency to like songs that have really distinct separate parts ... like the beat is diff in the chorus or whatever ... like if you listen to aha's take on me, that kind of thing. that's prob why i like
fred: the interpol track
winnie: oh, i meant to give you guys a big long list of all the great acts coming into town
fred: pantswetter?? haha
winnie: (both towns)
andy: you're a closet nirvana fan fred
austin: ninja tunes' coming to town. or been, if you're joyce
fred: no, pixies
winnie: yes, the interpol track is almost symphonic or something
andy: oh, of course - the real thing :-)
winnie: (i'm sure andy or fred can give me better terminology)
andy: hmm
mike: i liked andy's choice of "luscious".. good description, now that i listen again.
fred: yeah i def dig songs w/ more interesting structure than just v/c/v/c
winnie: hey, but there's a nirvana renaissance right now
andy: ugh
andy: enough
fred: luscious? haha
winnie: who's the 'enough' directed to?
andy: oh - nirvana
andy: sorry
winnie: haha. right.
winnie: so lemme tell you what i wanted to put in originally
fred: ice cold lemanade also doesn't bother me as much as it did. and i agree that the white stripes tr really got old
mike: guess andy's not in mourning for the 10-year anniversary...
andy: interpol have really interesting different guitar sounds
winnie: wait -- andy, have you heard other white stripes tracks?
andy: yes! so different
fred: i haven't heard that many ... or many that i remember, anyway
andy: and i like this one as well, but it got kind of cute quickly
austin: interpol's got really simple baseline, simple lyrics, just a catchy tune. i think they slowed it down on purpose. and it works
fred: my question is, which ones of these are well-known (like the stripes) and which ones are the ones you need to bring up in conversation w/ indy snobs so that they'll think you know what the hell you're talking about?
fred: oops i meani indie
winnie: haha. funny question, fred
winnie: mmm the i am kloot is pretty out there
andy: well wilco are on the edge of overexposure i guess
winnie: i don't think too many people in the us know about them
fred: yeah, andy said he didn't know where you'd gotten it
andy: and i like that song a lot
fred: b/c he looked for it
winnie: yes, everyone's nerve ad lists:
mike: yeah, i hadn't heard of "i am kloot" before
andy: couldn't find the album
winnie: wilco, jeff buckley, and some random girl i've never heard of
fred: who's that?
winnie: who?
winnie: the girl?
fred: yeah
winnie: don't remember her name offhand.
winnie: (i know, so helpful.)
fred: bjork? haha
mike: what's a nerve ad?
andy: i would also like to give an honorable mention to ice cold lemonade
winnie: (but i think the point is these guys are trying to convey their intellectualness & sensitivity & pants-wetting tendencies)
winnie: nerve.com
winnie: a great online personals thingie
mike: hmmm
winnie: (salon.com, the onion, village voice & others are all involved as well)
fred: hey, so noone answered my question
winnie: anyway
winnie: i'm getting off track
winnie: what's the question?
mike: ok, gotcha...
fred: which ones are obcure?
austin: pavement?
winnie: okay, the i am kloot, death by chocolate, gorky's zygotic mynci
andy: i'd say spoon, white stripes, imperial teen, spoon. wilco, and yo latengo are all wellknown
winnie: american analog set
winnie: am/fm
winnie: go-betweens
andy: the others i'd maybe heard of somewhere maybe
winnie: you def get props if you're a fan of the go-betweens i think
andy: i read a lot about ladytron i think
fred: and are most of them from the 90's to today?
winnie: agrred
winnie: agreed
winnie: yes
mike: yeah, mention go-betweens and you're set, fred.
winnie: well i think the go-betweens are a little older
fred: haha
winnie: (not that you need to impress anyone)
andy: go-betweens . . . i keep thinking go'go's - woops
mike: hehe
winnie: oh, so i did add a few more tracks to verson 1.1
winnie: and they are low, "in metal"
winnie: radio 4, "calling all enthusiasts"
winnie: (great, great track. very rolling stones-ish)
fred: uh oh, winnie, you're not going to save them for v. 2?
winnie: but originally i was planning to build my mix around
winnie: oh wait, maybe i shouldn't say
winnie: cos they'll probably end up on the future mix.
winnie: hmm.
winnie: nevermind.
mike: :-)
mike: oh well... sounds like a good start anyway.
fred: ha ha
winnie: wait, so did anyone outright hate anything?
mike: it would be interesting if someone else puts one of your v2 tracks on a mix before yours is released... hmm.
mike: (excluding those 2 tracks)
winnie: you mean the ones i meant to build my mix around?
winnie: they didn't end up on anything.
winnie: they're totally totally different
winnie: and i wasn't going for an eclectic mix here
winnie: (as if that weren't obvious)
andy: gotta say that i'm not a fan of 'spanish dance troupe'
andy: and there's one line in there which really bugs me
austin: it's not that bad. gets old though
winnie: what's that
andy: just trying to find it
fred: i agree w/ andy and austin
winnie: so you don't like the stripes track, but you like the ylt one?
winnie: i feel like they're analogues
andy: it's the one about rock and roll lives or something
fred: oh there was a fence/pens rhyme that andy and i thought was annoying
winnie: hmm. again,i didn't even notice
fred: oh yeah, it's "cause rock and roll is okay" ... what the hell is that supposed to mean?
andy: that's the one
winnie: (and i would say, "who the hell cares?")
winnie: (but that's just me.)
andy: oh no . . . lyrics are vital!
winnie: to some!
winnie: half the time i don't even know what anyone's saying
mike: interesting how differently we listen to music... i notice lyrics much later than the rest of the song.
winnie: and most of the vocals to what i listen to are angstily mumbled
fred: music can get me listening to a song, but to really make it to my all-time favorites, heavy rotation list it has to have good lyrics as well
andy: i love em . . it's half the song
mike: not sure i'd say they are secondary, but i don't usually dislike a song b/c of specific lyrics.
austin: yeah the first thing that catches me is the baseline. lyrics comes last
winnie: i never learn lyrics
austin: (most of my music doesn't have lyrics)
winnie: unless i really have this urge to sing the track
mike: good point, austin...
winnie: but then the lyrics don't mean anything to me
andy: yeah - i don't usually know all the lyrics, but if the lyrics are bad it can never become a favorite song
fred: ditto
winnie: same about the baseline
andy: yup
winnie: i found that alot of the tracks i pick have a very pronounced bassline
andy: oh i love this i am kloot thing :-)
fred: for me i'm more interested in the song itself than the "record", i.e. the production
winnie: really?
andy: so sarcastic and yet oddly tender
winnie: i find i need the production
winnie: after i saw the wilco documentary
andy: does anyone know any 'skiffle'??
winnie: i appreciated "yankee hotel foxtrot" in a whole new way
fred: yeah. no, i like good production, but really good production can't gild a shoddy song for me
winnie: heh?
winnie: okay, true enough
andy: yep - it's troo
mike: winnie: is this "kamera" track from yankee hotel foxtrot?
winnie: yup
winnie: i think it's the 2nd
winnie: or 4th or up there somewhere
andy: don't you love the phoenix like resurrection of that album
mike: hmm... i might need to pick that up when i get the spoon album...
winnie: yeah, i have to say
winnie: yankee hotel foxtrot is one of the best albums of the year.
austin: what's the rest of interpol like? worth getting?
austin: why only one song?
winnie: what?
winnie: of interpol?
austin: you only had one song by them. how are the others?
fred: so another question i have is, how many of these bands are just passing fancies and how many are going to be in the books 50 years from now? the fly seville is sort of generic indie rock, but i think some of these songs are oops
fred: good enough to be considered classics
winnie: holy shit, spoon was here again w/ lambchop!!!
winnie: they played twice in boston
andy: i dunno . . . all those so-called 'classics' from the 60's are distant memories already
winnie: well once in cambridge
winnie: wait
winnie: whoops
fred: like who?
winnie: i'm totally misreading this website
winnie: lambchop is another great indie rock group
winnie: from tennessee
fred: how do you hear about all these bands, winnie?
mike: lambchop were in boston just recently, right? this past weekend, maybe?
winnie: which do you think are good enough to be classics?
winnie: yes
winnie: that's right
mike: :-(
winnie: i read all these silly self-indulgent pants-wetter-type publications
winnie: village voice
winnie: the onion
andy: pants-wetting . . . what is it?
winnie: (in print here)
winnie: sort of whiny and existential. don't ask me what existentiality has to do with incontinence though.
fred: namby pamby
mike: i like reading the onion's reviews -- film and music...
winnie: mmm i think namby pamby applies more to twee
andy: i thought they were only fun fun fun - didn't know they had reviews too
winnie: like b&s
fred: heh
fred: okay
winnie: alot of imperial teen is namby pamby actually
winnie: or they were live anyway
fred: i'm using dvorak -- i rule
winnie: you nerd.
mike: yeah, i enjoyed imperial teen live... i was surprised.
mike: ditto re: nerd.
fred: pbbbbbt
andy: type that old-style - what do you get?
fred: rnnnnnk
fred: haha
andy: i like ivanka
andy: didn't do it for me at first
austin: question: do you prefer live to recording?
mike: i think i made that sounds (rnnnnnk) earlier today while on hold with at&t...
andy: such a great band name too
winnie: they're really fun live
winnie: very listenable
winnie: and definitely have a good time onstage
mike: yeah, i enjoyed watching them - they obviously had fun.
winnie: and a very friendly band
andy: aren' t they something to do with faith no more / mr. bungle etc.?
winnie: huh? are they?
andy: maybe i dreamt that
mike: austin: all things equal, i prefer live. but some bands are better at one or the other. some are soooo boring live...
andy: it doesn't sound like it
mike: andy: yep. roddy something or other.
andy: yes - roddy bottoms
mike: yep...
austin: went to the strokes concert and the lead singer was shitfaced the entire time. hurling beer cans at us. definitely better in recording
andy: saw the hives on tv playing live, it was embarrassing
mike: yep, i agree. i saw them as well and was not impressed at all. (strokes)
winnie: same w/ doves (though some disagree)
andy: but maybe more fun being there
winnie: i don't understand what the big deal is w/ the hives
austin: i certainly disagree
winnie: ehhh.
andy: me neither - superbly ordinary
fred: here's a vote for recording ... i suppose i enjoy recordings more for the same reason that people like video instead of movie theaters
andy: oh really!? you like?
winnie: and never ever waste your time on the vines
winnie: yuck-o.
winnie: i think the strokes were good
winnie: (they incidentally opened for doves)
mike: ugh, the vines. i couldn't bring myself to listen to them after i saw their video on mtv2...
winnie: but that was before the hype
fred: what's w/ all these "the" groups? trying to be the beatles maybe?
andy: we are so cool . . . . i love it
austin: mtv was before the hype?
mike: heh -- oops.
fred: we are so cool? haha
mike: i sounded really pretentious right there.
winnie: huh?
winnie: no
winnie: the strokes opening for doves
winnie: ehhh whatever
andy: no - not at all mike!
mike: i meant to say i hated the sound of the vines -- not that i couldn't listen to mtv2 fodder! :-p
winnie: indie rock invites pretension
winnie: they are bedfellows
fred: no kidding!
fred: so many indie snobs
fred: they're worse than jazz snobs
mike: no, i know -- it just sounded particularly terrible up above!
austin: most of the rock snobs are dead. they're the new wave
winnie: yeah, it's really terrible in this city, i've found.
fred: at least jazz snobs don't wear random faddy clothes
winnie: so anyway.
winnie: are we done talking about "sucker"?
andy: reign us back in, win
fred: haha
fred: we prob shouldn't draw it out too too much ...
winnie: well i was going to ask you about all these bands i've been reading about
mike: hmm... i just have to say that i haven't tired of listening to it... it's still "in rotation"
winnie: but i might just not do that
winnie: and find out for myself
winnie: so i have more material for the next one
fred: haha
fred: keeping it secret
winnie: oh good.
winnie: yes, most definitely.
mike: hehe... keep em to yourself then...
mike: i like the surprise.
winnie: good.
winnie: how do you all think this little musical experiment is going?
winnie: are you enjoying all the music?
fred: heh sure
mike: oh i certainly am... i'd say it's a success so far.
winnie: good. i'm looking forward to the next round.
andy: yes - and lots of things i'd wanted to hear
fred: so i think winnie or i were going to archive all the tracklistings and such ... ?
andy: but never got to find them
winnie: i have mine on my website
andy: yes fred - make a list, make a list
winnie: i can put up the rest
winnie: or fred can
winnie: actually
fred: so do you think we should nix the message board altogether or should we just rely on the chats?
andy: let's do both
fred: is this a good time? should we do andy's mix next week?
andy: i like the message board
austin: yeah i agree
winnie: well the board is pissing me off
fred: or should we try out email?
winnie: w/ all the damn pop-up ads
fred: ditto
andy: why oh why?
andy: oh, yes - that is a drag
austin: true. mailing list instead of board?
mike: i'll try to be better about emailing / posting...
fred: ha
winnie: right...
fred: yeah right mike!
mike: yeah, maybe a yahoo group?
winnie: yeah, i feel like that might be better.
fred: yahoo or email?
mike: if i saw messages coming into my mailbox, i'd be better about replying...
mike: yahoo has the board aspect to it, too...
mike: all-in-one...
fred: oh really? can someone else look into it? i nominate mike
mike: hehe
mike: oops i said too much.
andy: hoist on your own petard
mike: i'll set something up...
mike: indeed.
andy: it's also good to have time to give solid background info sometimes
fred: coolio
winnie: sounds like a plan.
fred: okee dok
andy: 'solid background information' . . . . ick - want to buy some insurance from me?
mike: hehe... what sort of solid background info?
fred: any parting comments? is it possible to do sunday night so that joyce might be able to take part?
mike: does this require a physical exam?
austin: so are the posts going to be saved and uploaded to the web
andy: eek
winnie: fine forme
fred: i'll look into saving them
andy: yes that'll be good
fred: andy and austin -- send me the text of your tracklistings and i'll put them up
andy: sure thing
fred: so is sunday okay?
austin: cool. sundays could work
andy: prob
mike: sundays probably won't work for me...
fred: :-(
mike: i tend not to be home on sunday nights...
fred: anyone else have any ideas?
mike: all about maximizing my limited time in boston
fred: mm
mike: sorry :-(
fred: s'ok
andy: let's email on that one rather than try to solve it now
mike: what times are good for joyce?
fred: dunno
winnie: is monday always bad for joyce?
fred: i'll ask her
mike: andy: that works.
winnie: i thought she just had a lot of work today.
austin: when's the next one going to be?
fred: oh, i dunno
winnie: let's say next mon
andy: this time is ideal for me
winnie: for the next one?
fred: ok, sure
winnie: me too.
fred: yep yep
fred: i'll archive this chat session as well
winnie: nice.
fred: ok, so i'll catch you all later?
austin: good job
andy: yep
austin: laters
mike: next mon sounds great...
andy: this is good
mike: to quote abba, thank you for the music, winnie...
fred: haha
winnie: yay. and the next batch are coming up in a couple weeks, right?
fred: yeah, thanks winnie
fred: yep yep
mike: yep!
fred: around the 27th ...
andy: yes - hours of fun
winnie: no thanks for being good sports guys
austin: thanks winnie..
fred: haha
andy: ok - i'm out of here
mike: really good stuff...
mike: good night...
winnie: me too
fred: night ...
andy: tata
austin: night
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winnie: okaybye
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