You have just entered room "Chat 10467346033466181421."
tom has entered the room.
joyce has entered the room.
andy has entered the room.
andy: okey dokey
tom: Hey there, joyce. Hi, Fred. Joe Rezek also says hello (to Joyce).
tom: Hi, Andy
winnie has entered the room.
andy: hey tom, gang
joyce: hello. the prodigal daughter has arrived.
winnie: holy shit
aman has entered the room.
winnie: look at all these people
tom: Hi, Winnie
fred: heh heh
aman: wow, amazing
joyce: aman?
aman: 10467346033466181421 is my 2nd favorite number
aman: !!
aman: I am Aman
aman: hello, all
andy: I like 104673460333466181421 personally
tom: Welcome, Aman. Nice to meet you. I'm Tom
tom: .
winnie: um. right.
aman: mm... that's my third favorite number...
tom: Yes.
joyce: Tom likes muffins, long walks, and reading old french texts.
winnie: i don't like muffins.
tom: Oui. Joe is offended, Joyce, that you did not return his greetings. Anyhow, shall we call this to order?
aman: Joyce, I think we've known one another long enough that we can go back to using the word "books"
winnie: haha. okay. we've already derailed, and we haven't even begun.
joyce: (i say hi to joe)
winnie: does someone need a time-out?
fred: hi joe
tom: Joe is placated.
winnie: did austin ever say he was coming?
joyce: but i meant a text because what i had in mind doesn't qualify as a book.
tom: Joyce a raison.
joyce: i thought austin was free.
winnie: joyce est folle
tom: Austin said, "I can chat all night." Or maybe that was someone else.
tom: No offense, "someone else."
winnie: who's joe?
tom: Joe is sitting next to me in the computer lab; he is a classmate of Joyce's and mine. He is unimportant.
joyce: Joe is a distinguished colleague. He went to columbia, enjoys large does of caffeine and nicotine, and had an older brother who went to our esteemed institution.
austin has entered the room.
tom: Yes. Unimportant.
winnie: whoah, 7 people!
austin: hi guys
joyce: oops, has an older brother.
winnie: ew, austin has a gross color.
joyce: okeedokes.
tom: Yes. What to say.
joyce: yep, austin's pastel green. seafoam.
joyce: tom. how do you want to run this?
austin: i don't see any colours
winnie: austin, your color's kinda gay.
austin: i'm using trillian
winnie: (no offense to our gay friends.)
joyce: winnie, you need a time out.
tom: I thought someone else was going to, but here's my suggestion. Tell me what you hated, what you liked, what could stand improvement. Basically ...
winnie: okay, just kidding. i'm feeling frisky. let's get this show on already.
tom: I was just compiling this mix randomly.
winnie: really? but they do fit under "two more weeks of winter"?
tom: "Do they?"
fred: the first few did
tom: Thank you, Fred.
tom: But I wouldn't want to say that one should judge them on the basis of their aptness to the general rubric.
winnie: i, for one, am pissed that you put delgados on. as i'd been planning to use one of their tracks for a forthcoming mix.
winnie: damn you.
tom: That's an awful sentence.
joyce: i thought the whole thing did: melancholic. wintery. as wintery as one can get in los angeles.
tom: Ah. See, there were no Delgados tracks on the collective, so I thought I'd contribute. There some songs I feel didn't fit....
fred: i'll start off w/ two comments: i was reminded of the fact that all stephen merritt's songs sound the same and secondly that my attention span is too short to listen to many slow songs in a row
winnie: very melancholic. definitely perfect travel-around-brooklyn music today (it was rainy and generally nasty out here).
tom: "Lovers' Town", "Swinging London", and "Accused of Stealing."
winnie: oh, not all his stuff sounds the same. what about that other group
winnie: the superhero thing or something
tom: I'm glad that it was atmospheric; that is pleasant.
tom: No, Fred's just ornery.
joyce: ooh, definitely a mass-transit rainy day mix.
tom: I didn't put many songs on. Joyce vetted the Stephan Merritt stuff.
tom: (blame Joyce for all that's bad being the moral)
winnie: yeah. after about 8 tracks i wanted to kick everyone on the subway. especially the stinky homeless man behind me.
fred: also, what's w/ these fey indie groups that have a girl and a guy both w/ whispy voices singing? there were at least three on this mix. i'm tired of indie music in general, and although there were parts of the mix that i liked a lot
fred: whoops
fred: i am tired of those girl-guy duets!!!
winnie: (but then, i thought, maybe he can't help that he smells like mildew. and i just minded my own business.)
tom: How homosexist.
aman: Fred: me too, a bit
winnie: you must be referring to the delgados.
winnie: (and others. but mostly the delgados.)
fred: well winnie and i were talking about how wussie a lot of indie music sounds. i mean, there's wimpie, and then there's flat out wussie
tom: You have a point. But then the Delgados aren't that wussie. Modest Mouse can be excruciatingly so.
tom: Low has its detractors, too, but at least they're not Rainer Maria
joyce: (and then i wondered if i was the mildewy man). my fave song that i can't get past (and tom knows) is the john wesley harding.
winnie: wow, tom, i'm amazed at all the wussy indie rock names you have at your command.
aman: hm. I thought the Delgados definitely rocked out a bit here on this mix...
tom: Thank you. Thank you.
aman: I was (and am still repeatedly [I downloded the mix a few hours ago]) floored by the Patsy Cline
tom: They generally do rock out, but ...
fred: sorry if it sounds like i'm all down on indie music, i think i've just od'ed on it lately
aman: I'm so embarassed.
winnie: that one's lovely, joyce, but i prefer the innocence mission track. i always forget how much she sounds like the sundays girl
aman: For not knowing earlier!
winnie: fred, we gotta get you some hot hot heat!
winnie: (um, that's a band, by the way.)
tom: Sometimes the Delgados overboard on the soft vs. pumping composition.
fred: hot hot heat?
winnie: yeah, they're not wussy at all.
austin: haha winnie's been hearing them everywhere lately
tom: The Innocene Mission tend to be lovely, but their earlier stuff is too wimpy-bizarrely-Catholic.
fred: see i didn't think #3 was too wussy. it's wimpie, but not wussie 'i want to slap this girl and tell her to grow up' wussie
joyce: (winnie, innocence mission makes me want to rent a canoe)
winnie: only b/c i got wind of them first and of course now they're in that whole strokes upward trajectory.
tom: They put G M Hopkins' poems to mucis.
tom: The Innocence Mission, that is.
winnie: really? even the one that was in "empire records"?
tom: Elaborate, please.
winnie: i think the name of that track was "yellow."
winnie: oh, actually "bright as yellow"
winnie: it's a nice one. i recommend it to you all.
winnie: esp if you like wimpy music.
tom: Oh, okay. That song I like. They have an album very early on that's not very good. Their very first.
tom: There's also a song about an umbrella that I like a lot, but I don't know what album it's on.
aman: What's up with this "Saint Etienne" track?
tom: It mentions LA, so I thought it was necessary.
tom: The beginning's a little corny, of course. But it's Saint Etienne.
austin: they have an album called umbrella
aman: So the people from Notting Hill put it on their mixes too then?
tom: Really. Cool. I have only looked in my local record store.
joyce: because what it says about LA is TRUE.
tom: Probably they do.
tom: A little hometown pride never hurt.
tom: They also have a song that mentions Buffalo.
tom: I desisted, however.
tom: Did you object to the song over-much, Aman?
winnie: i like the track, surprisingly. but i was really embarrassed to walk down the main drag in park slope (yupster-hell brooklyn), b/c i felt the beats were exposing me as some kind of house freak.
fred: i liked the st etienne song
tom: There's a little house freak in all of us. I once saw a theorist dance to that song.
fred: it was one of my favs of the mix
tom: The differance boogie.
fred: i didn't realize they were so hip i thought they were more umm retro
austin: it really stands out in the mix
aman: I'm all for inane lyrics (esp. in dance-type music)... but put me off a bit
aman: ...these lyrics did
tom: They have some more loungy stuff. They have some horrible rap-like songs.
tom: Those make my ears bleed.
joyce: (haha, tom, you're killing me) i've since listened to a couple of other st. e tracks and find them kind of annoyingly endearing.
tom: The collaborating rapper is usually named "Flower" or something.
winnie: i don't like that awful guitar transition
winnie: yuck yuckety yuck yuck.
winnie: (austin, don't you have one of their albums?)
fred: i'm glad you got a chance to listen to the mix aman
austin: yeah. tiger bay
tom: Yes. Thanks on such short notice.
aman: I am glad, too.
austin: good stuff. you'd hate it though
tom: Tiger Bay isn't the best. I like the green one better.
tom: The "green one" is called something like ...
aman: I agree about the guitar transition... but you know it's the perennial house problem
austin: which one's that?
winnie: yeah, i think i remember subjecting myself to it.
tom: Good Humour.
andy: interlude?
andy: ugh
tom: Interlude is better than Tiger Bay.
andy: oh my . . but it's still dreadful
andy: I like this track tho, tom
austin: the lyrics aren
andy: but St. E sound like a band created by Volkswagen for their ads
winnie: i'm glad you put costello on. but why this one?
austin: that bad
tom: Thank you. I perhaps associate them too much with the really cool girl in my high school and my SubPop youth
tom: It went with the Patsy Cline.
winnie: alright.
tom: I enjoy "Almost Blue" a lot, even though it's not his best album.
austin: yeah i was going to say that it maybe went too well. made me want to skip patsy's song
fred: i hate costello
andy: no no never
fred: not to be negative again, but he's uber wussy
andy: i love costello, except . . .
winnie: (whatever. everyone dismisses "spike," and i have to say that's in my top 3.)
aman: Allow me to reassert that I think Cline's singing on that tune is... genious
andy: pretentious lyrics and a lousy voice
winnie: what?! fred?!
fred: spike?
andy: however . . .
austin: what's this thing we have against wussy music today
winnie: haven't you heard his first album?
fred: it's just me i think austin
andy: spike is splendid W
tom: Costello's? Yes.
fred: haven't heard any album of his and would rather poke my eyes out
winnie: really, andy? lousy voice? you think so?
tom: But this album has George Jones collaborating.
fred: the nick drake i liked though
andy: and Costello + bacharach is a truly superb collab
winnie: (tom, the question was directed towards fred)
andy: yeah - I do,
winnie: he has serious punk roots
fred: and the romeo song as well
fred: costello has punk roots??
andy: every time he gets worked up it sounds the same - anf\ger, passion
winnie: and i definitely place him oustide the wussy column
tom: The Aluminum Group, I like, but I haven't heard any of their new stuff.
winnie: wait, fred. i've played you some of spike
fred: costello not wussy? he's totally wussy
winnie: definitely "god's comic"
fred: i don't remember
andy: Fred - Costello was 'new wave' the first flush after punk (like 3 months later)
winnie: i think it's on that mix i made ages ago
andy: I love The Aluminium Group - but that's my bacharach Jones
winnie: haha. andy said "aluminium."
fred: bacharach jones?
andy: oh shit
andy: bacharach obsession
aman: interesting... bacharach Jones, not Bacharach jones...
andy: damn - you noticed
andy: of course B j, not b J
andy: who are The A Group?
andy: and why all those Paul Mccartney harmonies at the end?
tom: They're the "Gay Brothers" from Chicago.
andy: means nothing to me, Tom
tom: I'm elaborating, hold on.
andy: and why is JWHarding singing in frog?
andy: it's weird
andy: this is a damn weird mix
fred: in frog? you mean french?
austin: haha
tom: They're this group from Chicago that used to be on Minty Fresh and are now on some other label or another. They wanted to do loungy stuff, and now they're "experimental." Laetitia Sadier supplied the soubriquet.
andy: really! - that Letty!
andy: I like it, even with the 'wussie' singing
tom: The JWH song came from a comp called "Pop Romantique" -- "your favorite teen bands cover French pop classics!"
andy: arr harr
andy: i mean - alors
fred: who's the minty fresh group?
winnie: or zut
tom: They're a label. Some other bands are on it taht are recognizable. Hold on.
tom: The Children's Hour, the Cardigans ...
tom: Ivy (but we'll forget that one)
tom: Ick.
fred: no i mean who's on it
andy: Tom - the CD is a downtempo kind of experience - does that reflect what you generally like, or was that a specific aim of this particular mix?
winnie: downtempo or downbeat, andy?
joyce: and what's the difference?
austin: or wussy
andy: hmm - exactly
tom: It was the mood I was in.
andy: whatcha mean win?
tom: My favorite artist in that indefensible way is actually Billy Bragg.
winnie: downtempo = genre of electronica
winnie: downbeat = melancholy
andy: oh oh oh - no - I meant in the old sense
andy: as in downbeat, before it was co-opted
winnie: right. those damn raver kids.
andy: B.bragg - the man who made Wilco famous
austin: how?
aman: down beat = beat down (to me)... felt a bit of that in the mix....
tom: Stupid Wilco had to go and have more talent than poor old aging Billy
andy: the Woody Guthrie stuff
andy: yep - Billy has been a bit of bore for the past 15 years
tom: Billy makes fun of the Pet Shop Boys, though, and that's amusing.
andy: oh, excuuuse me
tom: Did you have "Lovers' Town" already?
tom: Oh, it's amusing, that's all.
tom: I didn't say I agreed.
fred: what do you mean by beat down aman?
andy: i'm a closet's admirer
tom: Dudes. I'm at school and need to go soon ... so any important thoughts?
tom: No need to closet yourself
aman: I mean this isn't the music I'd choose to listen to on a day where I'm feeling great about myself, life, the universe, and anything...
tom: We're all friends here.
andy: yeah - when will indie stop
andy: and why do I feel like I've heard it before
andy: even though it's lovely and all
tom: The songs I thought were not too down, Aman, were ...
tom: The Innocence Mission, the two M Fields songs, and the Cinerama song.
andy: and nick drake
andy: and the AlumiNUM group
tom: Yes, true. And B Bragg.
tom: The Aluminum Group is kind of droopy, though.
andy: yep - it's not speedy, but it ain't a drag
tom: You're right.
joyce: who feels great about all three of those anyways? what would constitute such a triumvirate, Aman?
tom: Abba.
tom: Kidding.
fred: 3 of what? geez i feel so slow today
joyce: muriel's wedding Abba?
joyce: 'feeling great about myself, life, the universe, and anything..."
austin: yeah this is way mellower than the stuff i normally listen to, but i didn't find myself skipping tracks.
tom: Thank you. The most skippable is the Cinerama I think, but it's still pretty sweet.
tom: And the Beth Gibbons.
aman: ah, there is music that can accomplish all 3 (4) ... to be revealed
tom: Not her best.
aman: yeah, who is Beth Gibbons kicking it with there?
tom: Anyhow, Joe is my ride and he's antsy.
fred: i liked the cinerama!
andy: oh god, i hate her voice
tom: Do you mean Rustin Man?
andy: well - not her voice
andy: I hate the shhhh's
tom: Yes.
tom: Well.
joyce: bye Tom & JoE.
andy: and the weird pronunciation
fred: bye tom
fred: thanks fer the mix
aman: bye tom, thanks for the music
andy: yep - likewise - I like it
joyce: thanks Tom O'D. adios.
tom: I'm not sure I'm in next round, but it surely was nice having your feedback. I'll send some e-mail or another.
andy has left the room.
winnie: thanks tom
tom: Thanks. Au revoir.
fred: laterrr
tom has left the room.
winnie has left the room.
aman: I mean
austin: bye flavaras
aman: ... there's sad "boo hoo look at me I'm so sad strumming this acoustic guitar recording on my 4-track I'm just like you you worthless sad person"
aman: and then there's Patsy Cline
aman: subtle, but dramatic
joyce: what makes her different?
aman: tiny events blown to huge proportions, retaining their personal touch
aman: but refined enough to be appreciated from afar
aman: the traditional pop-structure... sounds like it should have mindless bubblegum over it
aman: but it has this tremendous emotion layered over it...
aman: or...
aman: has it got me?
aman: the distant, chiming pianos... memories
joyce: do you want to be patsy or the person she's singing about?
aman: backed by this steady set of triplet beats/bass... the unrelenting pulse of melancholy
aman: but really it all comes down to the voice
aman: I don't want to be either!
aman: But I want to be there for Patsy
aman: I mean, listen to the derision in her voice: "I've got (Item X), she's got you."
aman: I don't know. I am quite taken by this tune.
fred: hahaha
fred: aman you're hilarious
aman: do you not hear this all?
aman: the crack in her voice "the only thing different, the only thing new..."
joyce: aman, you're amazing.
joyce: and her other stuff?
aman: who knows?
aman: I'm downloading as much as I can right now
joyce: let me know.
aman: I'm certain I lack all credibility and Patsy Cline will appear on all of my subsequent mixes
aman: maybe even the same track
aman: maybe just a mix of that track
fred: haha
aman: ok, I know, I've gone too far
joyce: alright dudes. i (ahem) have to go study pop culture.
fred: heh
fred: bye joyce
joyce: adios. thanks for everything.
aman: likewise, I have to go get trashed
fred: haha
fred: thanks for coming aman
aman: no prob!
aman: I'm wicked excited!
aman: this is so cool
fred: heh cool
fred: you're mix is really fun
joyce: adios flavaristas.
fred: oops i mean your
joyce has left the room.
aman: you've got it already?
aman: I mean youv
fred: yeah. haven't heard it all yet
aman: no, I mean you've
fred: har har
aman: I think any self-respecting nerd should enjoy it
fred: anyway i should go too ... ttyl
aman: it's nerdy, but not wussie, I'd say
aman: l8r
aman: d00d
fred: haha
fred: ciao