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winnie: hm. where's everyone else?
fred: did you invite everyone else who's here?
winnie: ?
carl has entered the room.
winnie: i don't see anyone else
andy has entered the room.
carl: hey winnie
fred: nelson disappeared a few minutes ago
fred: does anyone know maggie's screenname? i forgot to ask her
winnie: no, actually
austin has entered the room.
winnie: and there's a serious lag in my aim
austin: hello'
andy: hi all
winnie: tho i dunno if maggie managed to download any of the albums
winnie: cos i forgot to tell her to do so
fred: no i told her to
winnie: okay
winnie: what about lauren?
winnie: or laura
winnie: or whoever
carl: I got the neil finn disc from her yesterday
winnie: oh, only yesterday?
winnie: strange
carl: maybe saturday
winnie: i got it a few days ago
winnie: but i guess i live in the same city
austin: are we expecting any one else?
fred: lauren dropped out
winnie: well i dunno what gives w/ nelson
austin: oh she did? why so soon?
winnie: sorry, can someone reinvite me? this is driving me crazy
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fred: lauren said no one was being very helpful, which i find confusing b/c i responded to all her questions but oh well
winnie has entered the room.
winnie: kay, hopefully that works better
austin: mmm that's frustrating.
fred: oh well
fred: have you talked to justin?
winnie: i wonder how we find out maggie's im name?
winnie: oh, i suppose we can do a search
winnie: isn't justin still in japan?
fred: i imagine she'll try to email us if she's around
austin: yeah he's away on holiday right now, and does not have internet
austin: hey nice questions fred
fred: ah. that's a good excuse
fred: heh heh ...
fred: thanks
winnie: i don't think he has any of the albums anyhow
winnie: i think this'll be okay
fred: that's why i put them online!!!!
fred: oh well
austin: got me to relisten to the songs
winnie: well, for the reason that he's been away since they were online
austin: couldn't answer some of the questions to my own mi
winnie: well, for that reason i didn't really bother w/ the questions
winnie: (sorry fred)
winnie: b/c honestly, i've listened to all the albums at least 19 times
winnie: (definitely 5x's that for the call & response and johnson)
fred: really?
carl: I liked winnie and austin's discs a lot. so much so that I think I didn't give B.A.D. much of a chance
winnie: and i still don't come away w/ more than a general response to each one
winnie: even my own
fred: hm interesting
winnie: i mean, i've had call & response for as long as austin's had it
fred: was all of this listening w/ it in the background or did you ever actually sit down and try to listen to it w/ nothing else going on?
austin: do you listen to them on the move?
winnie: which is what, a year?
carl: I'm still trying to figure out what "hear my bible go pop" means.
winnie: i hardly ever listen to music w/o doing something
austin: haha, yeah do we have a californian here?
winnie: mostly i've listened to call & response while working lately
fred: bible? or bubble?
winnie: b/c i've been playing it alot
fred: is andy here?
winnie: and i listen to johnson when i cook or knit
fred: heh
fred: funny
winnie: i listen to BAD when i waste time on the computer
austin: yeah i think it's bubble
fred: i think carl was joking, yeah?
carl: yeah.
austin: my bad
fred: i guess we should start w/ andy if he's around
andy: yup
winnie: this is a really interesting disc to me, andy
fred: oh yeah winnie liked this one a lot
andy: cool
winnie: since all i've known of BAD before is "rush"
andy: this is much earlier i guess
winnie: really? it sounds much less conventional
carl: they had that song "big city downtown" on the ferris bueller soundtrack, yeah?
andy: i think they go more ordinary as they went on
andy: a bit anyway
winnie: oh really?
winnie: don't remember that
winnie: i remember "rush" from "so i married an axe murderer"
fred: haha
fred: i sort of said most everything i wanted to say about this album in an email i think
andy: i think it's a weird album - i know it really well
andy: but i can't separate out the tracks easily
fred: as in, i thought the first few tracks were annoying with this sort of boy's rugby team vibe going on, but then i really liked the middle tracks
winnie: is it from a particular time period in your life, andy?
andy: i think it all kind of works as one long thingy
andy: oh fred - that was ironic
winnie: i agree w/ fred, i think it gets better as it goes along
fred: really? i think "around the girl" is so chill and kind of sweet compared to the earlier tracks
andy: middle of the falklands war, thatcher years
winnie: particularly w/ that long intro w/ the spliced samples
winnie: that was cool
fred: you mean track 8?
winnie: sure
andy: none of this is digital remember
austin: yeah i loved the electronic bits and pieces
fred: yeah i liked track 8 too
andy: all before pc's
winnie: i feel like i've heard those samples somewhere
fred: there's a sample from my fair lady haha
austin: really?
winnie: every time i listen to the album, i try to figure out where they might be from
andy: and the beatles
winnie: huh
andy: and peter sellars + sophia loren
andy: and alfred hitchcock
austin: some of the beats sound quite drum machiney
andy: yes i think they are
andy: but there were analog drum machines
fred: did people actually dance to this stuff in clubs? was it on the radio? or was it more obscure?
andy: both - but it was before clubs really started happening
winnie: what year was this again?
andy: there was a sort of post punk plus reggae alliance
andy: and these guys were involved in that
winnie: have you had this album since it came out?
andy: 89
winnie: oh. not so long ago
carl: it sounds older than that somehow
andy: no - I got it maybe in 96
winnie: though, i guess that's like 14 years
carl: heh true
winnie: it does sound older than that
winnie: it sounds pre factory records
fred: i liked "holiday" ... i felt that was another chill track
winnie: is it factory i'm thinking of?
andy: yeah - I like stalag 123 best i think
fred: "holiday" feels like it has more of the reggae feel, yeah?
andy: mm hmm
fred: kind of a weird combination, yeah? or were other people doing it too? or was it a complete one off thing?
andy: one of the founders was a reggae dj / dub producer guy
andy: the other was mick jones ex of the clash
winnie: oh, i see, the year's written on the disc
austin: sort of like the old school postal service
carl: that's not so unexpected though
carl: clash were sort of reggae already anyway
andy: i think it was more of a political alliance thabn a musical one
fred: political?
andy: but yeah - that spawned crossover stuff
austin: hmm
andy: oppressed blacks, oppressed youth
fred: ah
fred: interesting
andy: police brutality, conservative government, anti-drug laws
andy: etc.
winnie: this definitely sounds like an angrier BAD
austin: don't really hear it in the lyrics
andy: yes carl - the clash did lots of reggae crossover stuff
winnie: or a badder BAD
andy: no me neither austin - just in the feel sometimes
winnie: i think we've covered this before, but they've morphed into many different permutations of BAD, haven't they?
fred: i like how some tracks are really patchwork and things just sort of happen and then they're gone
andy: yes - kept changeing their name slightly
andy: i think it's an odd way to put together a cd - i like that
fred: like right now i'm listening to track 12 and i really like the guitar bit at 0:46 and it lasts about half a minute and then it's gone
fred: and that track also has that bit at 0:25
fred: funny, huh? sounds like each of those little bits could've been a whole song
fred: they're not samples, right?
austin: yeah i agree with fred. there are lots of catchy bits and pieces, but they're only there for a little bit
austin: like a lot of the shorter tracks have nice bits in them
fred: yeah
andy: not sure wht the bits are for
andy: but i like them
fred: i kind of like that ... it's like every time you listen to it there's another little bit you missed
andy: i like the pig squeals in 12
fred: pig squeals?
andy: in fact #12 is a mess of little bits
fred: so winnie was there a particular track you liked?
austin: they sounded like small babies to me
carl: yeah tasty bits are nice, keep you coming back
winnie: but in that way, i find it's not totally -- hmm, how to describe it, not not-cohesive, but maybe jumbly
austin: yeah i never skip to a particular track for that reason
winnie: hold on
winnie: lemme find it
andy: except if you think of it as one long track instead of 17 songs
andy: then it all kind of melts together for me
andy: yeah - austin - i think that's exactly it - and that's why i picked this album
fred: was this put out on cd first?
andy: hmm - probly not
austin: really?
carl: yeah. I don't know, this disc didn't blow me away. What you describe as melting together, I think of as droning on.
andy: no - vinyl, must have been
fred: i was reading something that pointed out that when cds first came out, people had to rethink the structure of albums
fred: like it wasn't two halves anymore
andy: hmm
andy: right - no b side
austin: hey track 6 has this random bit after 20seconds
austin: check it out
andy: i think that's how i felt about it for ages carl
winnie: i like 12 best
carl: yeah. but the 3 minute single has been around forever.
andy: i bought for a couple of tracks (singles) then after a few months it hit me that i liked it all
fred: oh yeah i liked stalag too, andy
fred: i like the brass in it
winnie: there's this chord that reminds me of the runway music they used to play for the fashion shows on vh1 from way back when
fred: lol
andy: austin - that's george formby singing 'mr. woo's chinese laundry'
andy: as the song is 'dragon town' about soho china town
fred: is that a chinese zither in green lady?
andy: seems appropriate
austin: haha i was trying to figure it out
andy: hmm - f, sounds like it - prob a synth??
andy: no - it sounds real
fred: you do like orchestrated stuff andy
andy: sho
andy: love those instruments
fred: very dense
fred: but fun
winnie: the beginning of stalag is sooo 80s
winnie: it reminds me of music from like 9 1/2 weeks
fred: sometimes hard to tell the diff. b/t the samples and the other stuff
andy: i think that's a strength
andy: most of the samples (like the chinese one) comment in some way on the lyric
winnie: i also liked 11
winnie: that's the kind of 80s i dig
fred: i didn't feel like the cd in general felt "80's" per se, thoughts?
andy: beginning of #16 is a 2nd world war march
austin: yeah i like that. samples that reference the song.
winnie: i didn't either
winnie: but there's a specific synth sound
carl: though it did seem to have a particular place / time associated with it, in my mind
winnie: that speaks of that decade
carl: I just don't know what that place and time is
fred: i think the british vibe outweighed the 80's vibe
fred: yeah winnie i agree about the synth sound
winnie: that seems to be present in some of the tracks
carl: it's very stylized
winnie: much of it seem from further back, as i mentioned before
fred: but you know it's funny how that 80's instrumentation got used by people who were around before and after the 80's, like joni mitchell for example
carl: do you think they thought of it as "retro" as they were doingi t?
austin: andy, was their other albums very different in style?
andy: i think they're deliberatley referencing all kinds of stock english stuff from earlier in the century
andy: you know - i don't know anything else of theirs
andy: ain't that bad? i just never got round to listening
andy: i should, cuz i like this
austin: oh i thought you picked this one on purpose
fred: so we're prob. at a bit of a disadvantage seeing as how we're not british. do the references have a nostalgia factor for you?
fred: (andy i mean)
andy: mmm - kind of maybe
carl: ok, we should move on to the next I think
winnie: i dunno. some still sound familiar to me
winnie: sure
andy: not really - it's more that icky oppressive hometown thing you'd like to leave behind
fred: haha
carl: heh
fred: okay next up is winnie's
fred: pretty much the complete opposite
carl: also evokes a place and time
carl: heh
andy: yeah - where's the damn samples
austin: haha
austin: still
carl: I've always loved RJ
fred: really?
fred: was austin the one who said he really liked this cd at the beginning of last chat?
andy: this didn't have my faves on tho
austin: i think i found the same thing with winnie's, where there were bits of pieces of things i liked
fred: or was that carl?
carl: I might have said that
winnie: that was carl
fred: ah okay
winnie: really?
winnie: i can send you the other disc
winnie: (andy)
andy: he always sounds like he's singing out in the howling wind
andy: oh - I have it thanks W
winnie: what are your RJ favorites?
carl: after a few listens, though, I realized that it's not the best disc in the world to listen to straight through-- because of the multiple cuts of one song.
andy: love in vain
andy: stones in my pathway
fred: yeah carl, that's what all music said and i think i agree
andy: me and the devil
winnie: sorry, you guys'll have to bear w/ me
winnie: as i left the disc at work
andy: yeah - i usually skip the retakes
fred: i think it's weird that so many of the songs are so similar, with the intro, the vocal melody, the accompaniment ...
winnie: really?
andy: then return for a second run
winnie: (carl)
andy: yeah - that opening formula
fred: heh funny andy, about the second run
carl: this seems more like a "collectors disc" so that you can have the complete collection, as opposed to a greatest hits
fred: right
andy: yes - for the completist
winnie: i think some of the retakes are better!
andy: oh . . me too
andy: i should burn myself a fave versions copy
winnie has left the room.
andy: fred likes the least rj-ish track the best
andy: the least bluesy
austin: that could be a follow up. i'd like to see what else he has
winnie has left the room.
carl: how many discs are in "the complete recordings"? is it a box set or something?
andy: do you know the stones version of love in vain?
andy: just two discs
andy: or cream's 'crossroads'?
andy: oh - crossroads is extra cool
carl: or zeppelin's "travellin' riverside blues"
andy: really? ah
carl: "squeeze my lemon 'till the juice runs down my leg"
winnie has entered the room.
winnie: pooo
andy: yes - on zep 2!
winnie: i hate aim
winnie: what'd i miss
austin: what was that carl?
carl: that's part of the lyric from travellin' riverside blues
carl: which isn't on this disc, but it's an RJ song
fred: i thought that was from the lemon song?
austin: fantastic
andy: zep renamed it to collect royalties for themselves
winnie: what what?
carl: they changed it pretty significantly, but kept the slide guitar thing
carl: and some lyrics
andy: I do love come on in my kitchen
fred: i felt like even with effort it was hard to tell the majority of the first ten or so tracks apart. that's why i felt like a gravitated to "they're red hot" which is completely different
andy: winnie - where did you hear this first?
fred: and "last fair deal" i also liked b/c it was so different
winnie: when i bought it
winnie: a few months ago
fred: what made you buy it?
andy: you just bought it unheard?
winnie: yeah
winnie: i knew i wanted it
carl: RJ died quite young, he was poisoned by someone whose girl he flirted with, iirc
andy: cool
fred: why did you know you wanted it?
winnie: i dunno
winnie: i was reading about someone else
winnie: and it led me to him
winnie: and i'd never heard of him
winnie: i think it was during my whole country thing
fred: hm. do you think this is a good intro to the blues? maybe i should listen to someone else and come back to RJ
andy: do you know the Peter Guralnick books?
winnie: i'm looking into getting the skip james compilation
winnie: are they the new ones?
andy: good choice
winnie: there's a new book out on blues
carl: and what's the queen of the delta blues' name? ....
andy: no - he has a great trio on the beginnings of country, of soul and of blues
winnie: from the pbs documentary
winnie: or something
fred: i felt like "terraplane blues" was also really different, esp the guitar part. it has that more rhythmically frenetic guitar, and then those parts where it's just one note guitar which i like
carl: it's very economical
fred: i think cross road blues had similar guitar
andy: it seems so freaky that this stuff survived and surfaced
carl: Bessie Smith is the person I was thinking of.
fred: i'm interested in hearing what other tracks on this disc stand out from the others for people?
andy: makes you wonder how many other great performers never were recorded
winnie: there's one "retake"
carl: who you might want to check out,Fred.
winnie: that i thought was pretty different from the first one (sequentially on the disc)
fred: yeah i've actually heard a few things by her
fred: which one? cross road blues?
winnie: where he uses that amazing falsetto
winnie: is it kind-hearted woman #2?
winnie: or maybe it's when you got a good friend #2
winnie: sorry
fred: i got the impression that the alternate takes were in diff keys?
fred: anyone else notice that?
andy: hmm - i hadn't - hold on
winnie: really? i didn't even notic
winnie: e
fred: not all of them
winnie: i wouldn't think so though
andy: yep - ramblin on my mind is
fred: what about kindhearted woman?
fred: actually nevermind i don't think that one is
andy: no - same key
fred: i wonder if he just used a capo
fred: i was surprised when i read in andy's book that he used a capo
winnie: why were you surprised?
austin: what's that?
fred: so can anyone give me a little history lesson? where did the blues come from? was RJ really early blues?
andy: phonograph blues is in different keys too
fred: haha
fred: i'm so smart
andy: africa, yes
winnie: it's that thing you put on your guitar to change keys, no?
carl: yes he's the king
winnie: (the capo?)
fred: a capo is this clamp thing you put on your guitar to change the keys w/out changing any of the fingerings
austin: gotcha
andy: mississippi delta through slave songs, this is mid/early country blues
fred: i was surprised b/c i think of a capo as being a more modern thing. i mean, they def don't use it in classical music, do they?
fred: country blues as opposed to?
andy: urban blues - chicago and other cities after the migration north
fred: diff being?
andy: when blues got electrified - muddy waters, howlin wolf
carl: yeah. smokestack lightning
winnie: okay, does anyone else have anything to add?
andy: oops - gotta feed kitty
andy: brb
winnie: i think we should move onto austin's
winnie: cos i'm not feeling so hot
carl: there's a good RJ song in "Funnybones"
fred: i'd be interested in hearing more blues. but i have to say that i think i'm going to let this disc sit with me a little longer. i feel now that i have more of his style in my head i can hear the differences a little better
fred: like the same as w/ bach. it took me a while to get the whole sound of bach in my head and now it's great
winnie: what's funnybones?
fred: like i think if you don't really listen to it it all sounds mechanical
carl: good movie. british, with uhh... oliver platt et al
fred: okay moving on to austin's ... heh this feels like a marathon chat!
austin: and lee evans
carl: yeah! Lee Evans is excellent.
winnie: oliver platt's in everything
andy: he's so oily
winnie: yes, very.
winnie: and rotund
austin: when did you get a cat andy
fred: it's mine
andy: it's fred's
fred: he's borrowing it
fred: heh
fred: one more comment about RJ though
winnie: to score chicks?
winnie: heheh.
andy: hah
fred: did anyone look at the sheet music i put up?
winnie: couldn't
winnie: (as in, didn't have a chance to)
andy: wouldn't
fred: i meant to write that it's interesting b/c in the transcription you can see how loose he is w/ the time signature
fred: like he throws in a 5/4 bar or a 3/4 bar in between lines just whenever he feels like
andy: yeah - his phrase lengths are all over the place
andy: and they change from version to version too
fred: he does it a lot in particular in that track i think
fred: yeah it's very spontaneous. i like how that automatically makes the music freer
winnie: but it's cool, no, that that works so well for him?
fred: yeah it's def cool
fred: okay austin's album ...
andy: so - i found call and response to be progressively harder and harder work
fred: heh
winnie: really?
andy: love the first few tracks
austin: do you mean over several listens
andy: get a bit weary by 5 and 6
winnie: i think 8's not bad
austin: or just the further you get in the album i guess
winnie: but, i agree
winnie: sort of
andy: even on the first, and more so on subsequent listens
fred: right
winnie: in that my favorites are 1,2 & 4
andy: 7 is tiresome
carl: it's so nice and springy, I'm glad to have this in the winter.
fred: you liked this album, right winnie?
carl: and the bass is nice
andy: and by the time we hit 11 I have to grit my teeth
fred: heh
fred: i agree in general
austin: yeah i just cheers me up every time i throw it on
winnie: yeah, i actually like this one alot
fred: i don't know why, but this is on the wrong side of cloying for me
andy: the whole album?
fred: in general
winnie: yeah, and you should see the toes tapping when it comes on at work
fred: esp some of the lyrics, like "i'm a lightbulb and i'm on fire"
andy: the fools
winnie: hahaha
andy: and colors, i mean mr. tambourine man, i mean colors . . .
winnie: i never get tired of rollerskate though
austin: haha
winnie: i haven't listened to it ina bit
carl: it's a bit much sometimes but I think in small quantities this is a very tasty album.
andy: is just horrid
fred: andy and i were talking about it last night. does this sound particularly californian to you? i don't think it does at all. and i don't hear "beach boys vocals" at all either
winnie: and i foudn myself singing it while walking down the street
carl: I put it on in the car and it travels well...
andy: yep - then i go back to the start . . . and i really like it again
fred: lol. i want to see winnie singing while walking down the street
winnie: hahha
andy: i just think the best stuff is at the beginning
winnie: it's very soft and inaudible
carl: beach boys are darker than this
austin: it's quite a bit after beach boys though
winnie: and if you hear me and acknowledge it, i'll scowl at you
andy: now what is this beach boys thing?
winnie: particularly if you're a homeless man
fred: i bet you're belting it out winnie
fred: heh heh
austin: but actually, i do see it in some of the beach boys song
winnie: i do think it's very california
andy: they sound absolutely nothing like them
carl: are these 5 part harmonies, like the beach boys?
fred: vocally?
andy: just cos it's got harmonies don't make it beach boys
fred: isn't it mostly two part?
winnie: i don't think it sounds beach boys
austin: not their normal ones. like disney girl
carl: it sounds like 4 to me
winnie: i just think it sounds sunny, warm and superficial
winnie: just like california!
fred: the girls' vocals sound very stereolab, i forgot to say that in my email
carl: haha yes
austin: haha
andy: yeas - very very
andy: especially the two girls together
andy: and the old cheesy organ sounds -
winnie: i really really love that line (and this is the one i always sing)
winnie: before you learn how to walk
fred: lol
winnie: before you learn how to rock
winnie: you've got to rollerskaaaaaaaaaaaaaate
fred: heh heh heh
winnie: (i'm singing as i type)
fred: you're so funny winnie
andy: nightlife reminds me of 'every day i write the book'
fred: hm
carl: yes
fred: the album in general had too many "doot doot doot"s for me and too much of that organ that i generally hate
winnie: aw really?
fred: i'd take a real piano over an organ anyday
winnie: i like doot doots
fred: heh
austin: haha
carl: w00t w00t
fred: i do have to say that i really liked track 2 though
andy: is that a trumpet in #5?
andy: or someone faking a trumpet?
andy: i think it's a trumpet imitation isn't it?
fred: i think on #2 i like the guitar part esp.
austin: the sound has really limited range. they never go very high or very low
fred: hm. interesting
fred: hadn't thought about that
austin: has a very light and carefree tone
andy: it does have a nice groovy-lite feel, but i wish she had a voice
fred: andy where in #5?
andy: after 1st verse
fred: you don't mean the slide guitar do you? this is the one i was thinking about in the little quiz
fred: oh that
fred: it's around :48
andy: ok - itunes gives me time to go and my math is poor
carl: I think they could improve things dramatically by giving us a little bad with the good. I think you need it for contrast here.
andy: at 0:47
fred: yeah it does sound a little fake
andy: i like that
fred: bad? what do you mean carl?
winnie: aw, but that's part of their charm
austin: you can click on the time display to switch andy
winnie: they're talentless, but they know how to have fun
carl: I mean some darkness to contrast the joy
andy: oh - thanks a!
fred: talentless? that's a little harsh
winnie: i'm being sarcastic
andy: ah - excellent
winnie: i mean, i like them
fred: theh part that really makes me want to punch them is in colors where they start listing colors
carl: yeah exactly
andy: yeah - that song loses me
fred: but yeah, so the last track, is it really two songs?
austin: alright. well i think we should get over the fact that it's not very heavy or deep music
fred: heh
fred: okay
winnie: i don't really have much else to say on them
fred: b/c i like the second part
carl: me niether
carl: good disc
austin: but what do you think of their sound?
andy: i like it
winnie: you do, andy?
andy: but they need more stuff to cut a whole cd
winnie: ah
fred: i like it in general, in limited doses i think
winnie: i like it all
andy: i like the first 5 or 6 tracks plenty
winnie: all the good stuff is GOOD
andy: i think the rest are real weak
winnie: and then the other stuff is just harmless
fred: like the second part of the last track i think is really nice with that scratchy thingy what's it called?
andy: yeah
fred: and the littly triangle dings are so nice
andy: oh - actually yes - that is good
fred: and then the organ bit
fred: i think that whole bit is really nicely arranged
austin: yeah was that the track you were referring to? with two tracks inone
fred: yeah, is it two?
andy: it feels tahiti 80 ish
andy: the second half of the last track
fred: yeah someone on amazon compared them to tahiti80
andy: that proves it!
austin: haha
winnie: heh
winnie: okay
winnie: i'm going to go
carl: when was this ball of joy unleashed on the world?
austin: well i'd be curious what they'd do for a follow up
winnie: cos my nose is about to drip on my keyboard
austin: maybe it'll be depressing music, seeing how cali is republican
winnie: oh, there it goes
austin: haha
winnie: haha
austin: sdflkj
austin: that was my nose
andy: they could never be depressed tho, could they?
carl: not on the outside
carl: it's a thin veneer
andy: ah - but lurking deep in their breasts . . . .
fred: okay thanks for the cds everyone
fred: i've liked this round actually
fred: people picked stuff that was really out there i think
andy: yeah - this was surprisingly refreshing - to hear whole cd's
carl: are we going to chat on the neil finn disc?
fred: next time
fred: hopefully we'll get albums from nelson and justin in the meantime
austin: yeah i got confused. why does winnie have two discs?
winnie: maybe we could add it on t something else?
winnie: i do?
winnie: what?
fred: actually next time is going to be austin's mix
austin: waht's neil finn then
fred: that's maggie's
austin: oh woops
austin: right. we have other girls now
fred: haha
fred: winnie, add what?
austin: i like that one actually
carl: well in case there's no time to say it, I think the neil finn disc is excellent.
winnie: the neil finn onto a discussion about something else
winnie: i doubt we'll get discs from nelson or justin any time soon
winnie: i do too
winnie: but i have more comments
austin: fred, are we doing the next chat next week
winnie: (about neil finn)
fred: maggie's disc is going to have to wait for a while b/c it's supposed to go w/ other albums
austin: or after new years
fred: i'm surprised you guys all like neil finn so much
winnie: i looooove crowded house
carl: me too
fred: i thought he sounded pretty typical but that was on a casual listen
fred: was that a band he was in?
fred: or a song?
carl: a band
carl: oh, they are so good
winnie: i'll just say now that crowded house's "together alone" is on my desert island list of albums
fred: austin, the next chat is the first week of january or so
winnie: (if i had a choice of 10)
fred: really? interesting
austin: maybe we should do a mix like that
winnie: no, i couldn't
winnie: it wouldn't make a very good one
winnie: in my opinion anyway
winnie: okay
fred: desert island mixes?
winnie: i'm going now
austin: yeah
winnie: i gotta blow my nose
fred: okay get better winnie
winnie: byebye
winnie has left the room.
andy: tara gang - this was fun
fred: yep yep
andy has left the room.
carl: cya
fred: have a good holiday everyone
carl has left the room.
austin: byue bye
austin has left the room.