From Nelson
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2003 2:04 AM
Subject my intro to my mix

so my initial constraint for this mix was all track 1s. this inevitably
backfired, as lots of track 2s are great as well. so what started as a
madhouse search for all great first tracks ended up as being a mediated
snarf for second tracks. and so it goes.

this is the first cd i've ever burned. period. except for the cds i gave to
girls over the years, which were my own brainchildren, but burned by various
friends. with that in mind, the pressure was on.

this compilation is culled from a bunch of genres: bossa nova, country,
shibuya-kei, blues, jazz, hip-hop, punk, spoken word, and others i can't peg

some of these tracks (black keys, mavericks, hot hot heat) are new stuff i'm
listening to. it's part of this country twang i discovered i adore. some of
it is old stuff (shiina ringo, fpm, social distortion). some were found when
i tried to track down five-second samples (nick lowe).

i especially dig:
nick lowe - only a fool breaks his own heart - sampled in wyclef jean's
'presents the carnival ...'
nina simone - i put a spell on you - heard this originally on wers
paul desmond - take ten - an extended and reworked version of his famous
'take five' track on dave brubeck's album
kicked in the head - arizona - taken from an x-games compilation cd

ps. sorry for the delay.