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andy: yo yo yo
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fred: hey hey
carl: hello all
fred: welcome one and all
nelson: hi all
fred: winnie's grumpy
nelson: why come
winnie: what?
andy: why grinnie, wumpie?
winnie: i just woke up
winnie: i have to take out the dogs before they piss on the floor
winnie: i'll be back
nelson: ok
winnie: go ahead without me
andy: squeeze them out the window
winnie: uh, we're on the 34th floor
nelson: ha
winnie: that would produce unfortunate results
fred: ha
winnie: anyway, brb
andy: no i mean hold them and squeeze them - like little limes
nelson: i drank coffee for the first time in three years. i am so wired.
andy: anyway
nelson: i hope this goes away
carl: hahaha
fred: y'all are funny
fred: so carl you said you liked this mix?
andy: this is a very mixed mix, i tink
fred: it was a little schizo for me
carl: yes I liked it
nelson: yeah. i think i basically grabbed what i'd been listening to most.
carl: bits of it anyway
andy: yep - i felt pulled around a bit!
nelson: who is unsupported?
fred: unsupported?
andy: /
nelson: unsupportedSN1
andy: ?
nelson: that's what i see as a screenname
fred: heh
fred: dunno
carl: and I liked some of the transitions. hard/soft, rough/smooth... loud/quiet...
andy: me? andy
fred: what did that person just say?
nelson: oh, hi andy
andy: oh . .. I'm unsupoorted
andy: hi nelson
nelson: i didn't really put much thought into the ordering
carl: blues/pop
nelson: something i'll do next time fer sure
fred: yeah i think a lot of randomness comes out on the first mix
andy: it's kind of necessary with the first mix i think to get all yer stuff out there
carl: jazz/death metal
fred: yep
fred: which was the death metal?
andy: yup - i did the same . . . just grabbed everything I liked that hour
carl: haha ok not really death metal
andy: flu metal
nelson: you guys have much more ... sophisticated musical tastes
nelson: i'm a sucker for the lowest denominator of entertainment
andy: we all love cheap music!!
andy: anyway - this has plenty o class
fred: cheap music is cool
andy: bebel
carl: bebel
andy: nick lowe being lovely
andy: mingus
andy: nina
andy: jazzman
fred: yeah about bebel ... i've heard four tracks and now i feel like that whole genre has nothing more to give me.
fred: someone will have to prove me wrong
carl: bebel is so money. yes, I definitely associate you with jazz and blues after this mix, nelson.
fred: although i do have to say i liked andy's cd of bebel covers
andy: ??
nelson: bebel did covers?
fred: was it her? oh no it was astrud was it?
andy: no - you're thinking of jobim
andy: yes - astrud gilberto
nelson: are all the gilberto's related?
andy: bebel is astrud's ex hubby's kid
nelson: so joao is no relation to any of them?
fred: right. yeah that was pretty good, but i feel like the whole genre is sort of a throwaway for me, like ska. it all sounds the same with a few exceptions.
andy: yeah - that's joao - astrud's ex hubby, bebel's pop
fred: who's this jobim character?
andy: what genre Fred - all Brazilian music!?
nelson: i've heard some great new ones on wers's gyroscope hour, but it's hard to find the media
fred: new ones?
andy: or this new samba + bleeps?
fred: i mean samba-y i guess.
nelson: brazilian, but not so transparently so
carl: I like it a lot. The vibes, the beat. Cinematic... sensual.
andy: i like it - it makes me feel slinky
carl: This is a fairly new recording, yes? I like how warmly "analog" it sounds.
nelson: which one?
carl: bebel
andy: bebel
nelson: this is off tanto tempo, which is not terribly old
andy: bebel bebel - I can't stop saying bebel
fred: yer funny
andy: hmm
fred: i like the track but i just don't feel it adds anything new to my life
nelson: is gilberto pronounced with a h or a g?
fred: anyway ... where did this tr 2 guy come from?
andy: now this didn't do it for me
carl: #2 didn't do it for me. I would rather listen to stevie ray vaughn.
nelson: black keys?
fred: yeah
andy: yeah - it's so old sounding, but in a place I'd hoped we'd never have to revisit
nelson: i'm not sure who exactly these folks are
carl: but it plays nicely with the neighboring tracks.
andy: who are they?
nelson: well it's two kids, one drummer, one singer/guitarist
nelson: from ohio, i think
andy: oh shit - it's the white stripes trickle down effect
nelson: i think this was recorded in one fell swoop
fred: what do you mean andy?
nelson: i've been getting into more twangy stuff recently
andy: cuz they got away with it, now scores more non - bass duos playing bad white blues will appear
andy: eek
nelson: haha
fred: ha
andy: (I do not like white stripes - sorry world)
nelson: neither do i.
nelson: ok, hm
nelson: did anyone like the shiina ringo bit?
andy: yes
carl: it was a nice reprise
nelson: i have this slightly insane video of her dressed in a nurse outfit getting kinky
fred: oh man this track made me want to poke out my eyeballs
nelson: haha
fred: i hate j-pop
fred: except for P5!!!!!
nelson: how about fpm?
fred: they're japanese?
fred: !?
fred: man i'm behind the times
fred: i really liked the FPM track
nelson: i believe so
carl: it was about a minute too long.
andy: but you HATED my fpm track Fred
nelson: which one was yours andy?
andy: Beautiful
fred: really?
fred: i'll have to look it up again
andy: with the barry white kind of voice
fred: oh that one
fred: i think the singing on that one was annoying
andy: ah ha - it was po mo
fred: that was the one w/ that annoying girl right?
andy: po ba actually
fred: ?
nelson: (ps. does anyone know why shipping cds for me costs 89 cents, and you guys pay 49 cents)
andy: yes - like you can find a non-annoying japanese girl singer?
fred: the p5 girl ROCKS
nelson: haha
andy: yeah she do
nelson: aye, she does
andy: who's saul williams?
carl: something about that Saul Williams track.. it was a real standout for me.
nelson: he's this former spoken word champion of something
nelson: went into conscious hiphop
andy: this sounds like it samples an old prison work song, I guess
carl: but with nice strings
fred: you know it's funny i didn't even think that #2 was bluesy but now that i listen to it again it seems obvious. i guess i wasn't paying attention ... as in i guess i haven't had that much exposure to blues.
andy: plus saul's . .. little . . . . .additions
nelson: i pulled it from the ninja tunes xen cuts 3cd set
fred: ?
andy: yeah - carl, I like the strings in there
nelson: the lyrics seem a bit contradictory to me though
andy: i like it, even tho it feels a little arty
fred: like laurie anderson?
nelson: isn't he saying something to the effect of don't rhyme over tra(nce/cks)
andy: yeah - that gang
fred: is ninja tunes a record label?
nelson: yeah
fred: ah
nelson: i think cold cut and dj krush are on it?
andy: it doesn't sound like rap - it sounds like a poem being intoned
andy: kinda stiff?
nelson: yea, i got that too. chalked it up to him being from a spoken word background.
andy: but it's weird, not like Tom Waits, but something of the same atmosphere
fred: no it's cool
andy: yeah nelson, i think that's what it is
andy: funny that we can hear that so clearly
andy: cool
fred: did you pick up on the tracks as in train tracks vs record tracks?
andy: aaahhh
nelson: hm. no.
nelson: didn't think about that.
andy: i like the q-tip, kinda
carl: Hot Hot Heat was nice. nice bits in there. I hadn't heard them before. (something tells me everyone else has...)
andy: yeah - that was nice too
nelson: that was the only track i liked off q-tips solo album
carl: I like that whole Q-Tip album
andy: but I feel like now I've heard it - that's all I want
andy: i might check out some more q-tip
andy: nice n loose
nelson: there's this funny/good track of him and busta rhymes
carl: they just have such nice tracks if you're in that "MTV interstitial" mood.
nelson: busta trails off in the end and starts breaing things
fred: the hot hot heat track was sort of familiar ... how old is it?
nelson: 2002?
fred: hm
fred: maybe it just reminds me of new wave stuff
andy: yeah - it's 80's ish
nelson: incidentally, did anyone think i did too much bluesy stuff
nelson: i think the mavericks might've been over the top
winnie: augh! i don't like dogs any more
fred: awww
fred: heh
winnie: why can't they take themselves out
nelson: were they messy
winnie: and embarrass themselves and not me
fred: aw
nelson: how many are we talking about
winnie: no, just stubborn and fucking full of poo
winnie: two
fred: #15 was bluesy??
winnie: goddammit
winnie: now they want to come in and sleep in my bed (*&@#$(*)^
nelson: er, not bluesy, but country-y
fred: winnie you're stinkin up the room w/ your dog poo!
winnie: hey, it's the colliers' dog poo
andy: the mavericks didn't endear themselves to me
winnie: damnit
nelson: i've always wondered, are you supposed to wipe a dog's butt after they go?
fred: #15 sounds sort of latin-esque
winnie: sorry to interrupt
fred: it's a very weird combination of latin mariachi and country
fred: weird as in sort of unpleasant
fred: heh
andy: that kind of tacobell south of the border sound
nelson: haha
fred: especially coming right after that eyeball poking song heh
nelson: oh, winnie, as an aside, i now worship the postal service (thanks to you)
andy: it's fun - but it just ain't a very good song
nelson: does anyone know more about nick lowe
andy: yep
andy: saw him twice back in the day
nelson: who is he
fred: haha
andy: he was in a band called brinsley schwarz
andy: he left, they became The Rumor
andy: of graham parker and
andy: he went solo on Stiff records
andy: worked with Elvis Costello lots
nelson: ok, that shows
andy: then married Johnny Cash's daughtwre
nelson: whoa
andy: whatsername
andy: Rosanne carter??
carl: I have to say, I think this mix would benefit from the exclusion of #s 8 and 11. I thought things were going along so well with the JL Hooker... and then, here comes the sk8 punks...
andy: something like that
andy: carl - yes yeah
carl: here come the sk8 punk
carl: s
andy: i ogree
nelson: that's just an homage to my first excursion into rock music
andy: hated #8
andy: nostalgia, huh
nelson: i'd listened to classical exclusively up till getting into OC skate punk
nelson: pennywise, etc.
fred: awww
fred: when was that?
nelson: that was, oh, freshman year here
fred: !
fred: late bloomer
carl: ok well it makes sense then, at least.
nelson: up till then, if i wanted to listen to diff stuff, i'd have to record it onto a tape, then play it under my pillow in bed
andy: anyone else like dj db?
fred: tr 8 was fun in that vapid third eye blind sort of way
fred: hahaha
fred: nelson you were so deprived!!
fred: w/ your nazi parents!
nelson: i went back last time and i think my mom threw out my mixtapes with onyx and stuff
nelson: slightly bummed
fred: awwww :-(
andy: bad mom
fred: that's so sad!
nelson: plus, my room has been totally revamped in what my mom calls 'french countryside' style
fred: hahaha
nelson: it's one step away from being rented out as a bed and breakfast
andy: hehe
andy: i can see it
fred: dj db started off good, but like so many other techno songs i felt like nothing new happens after the first minute and a half
carl: yeah fred.
andy: yeah - same as arizona, ot the mavericks
andy: lots of getting into a place and staying there in this mix, nelson
nelson: i will be, hm, more discriminating in future mixes ;-)
fred: no it's cool
andy: nah - it has a plan
fred: groovin' is cool
andy: yup
andy: just n'observation
carl: I liked the NAS track. haven't listened to the lyrics really, but I get the idea.
fred: you guys didn't like #11 (pinehurst kids)? it sounded rather indie to me
winnie: have we talked about #16 yet?
andy: I like the pharcyde - but think I only have space for one or two more listens
fred: i really didn't like that one
andy: yeah Winnie
andy: some
winnie: really? i was going to put them on one of my mixes
andy: pharcyde?
winnie: except not that track
winnie: no
andy: h h h
winnie: hot hot heat
fred: pharcyde reminded me of dj jazzy jeff remember that song about that guy who wrecked his parents car?
winnie: sorry, i tried to scroll, but it's not easy to find anything
nelson: hahaha
fred: no i liked the hhh track
winnie: was that "parents just don't understand"?
fred: oh yeah!!!!
fred: that was totally middle school skating parties music!!!!!!
winnie: yeah, i guess they sort of sound like that
fred: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
winnie: they're a throwback
fred: huge nostalgia moment here
winnie: like who's the other sort of non-gangsta rap group
carl: I remember that song
nelson: does anyone have a good link to, perhaps, a good music critique site?
winnie: whose name reminds me of butterflies
winnie: pitchforkmedia.com
nelson: ok
winnie: theonionavclub.com
winnie: epitonic.com
nelson: got that one
fred: allmusicguide.com
winnie: villagevoice.com
nelson: is that the same as allmusic.com
nelson: aye, that's a roger
fred: oh yeah that's it
winnie: i'm glad you included nina simone
nelson: i think i'm having trouble ascertaining what is more substantially interesting music, as opposed to just filler stuff
winnie: i think she's been flying under the radar
winnie: what?
winnie: nelson, what's interesting to you is interesting
winnie: i don't think there's definitive "filler music"
winnie: um i take that back
fred: i agree. one man's madonna is another man's tammy wynette
fred: or something
winnie: sho 'nuff
fred: so winnie who's this nina woman?
nelson: the thing is that now i'm a bit apprehensive about putting on songs i like. the question is whether i put on songs i like, or songs i think are, you know, sophisticated.
fred: she has that sort of tracy chapman manly voice
andy: screw sophisticated
fred: yeah you don't need to try to impress us
fred: heh
winnie: she's this awesome soul singer
fred: this is soul?
nelson: that's right. i'm not about to date anyone of you, i hope.
winnie: i dunno that i ever aim for sophisticated, per se
nelson: i'd classify her as soul.
fred: hm interesting
winnie: oh, and i think someone said something about blues vs country
winnie: and they're fairly closely related i believe
nelson: isn't the line of progression: black gospel music -> blues -> {jazz, country}
winnie: i'd never even heard of her until like 6 months ago
winnie: but she's everywhere
carl: hmmm.. it'd be an interesting exercise to try to say what a "good" recording is.
winnie: esp since she's dead now
fred: really?
fred: when did she die?
winnie: august?
fred: oh
winnie: carl: particularly b/c i think that's not really objective
nelson: there's this superb track i wanted to put on, but it wasn't a track 1 or 2
winnie: i think a shitty recording might add to some tracks
nelson: 'i put a spell on you'
nelson: quite recently she died
nelson: a little before celia cruz?
winnie: i'm pretty sure it was within the last couple of months
fred: i really didn't get any sort of track one feeling from this, but then i didn't for austin's either
winnie: yeah
winnie: but for this one, i would say even less so
winnie: which is really interesting
winnie: or maybe not so
winnie: b/c when i think about all the cds i own
winnie: i can't really characterize what the track no 1s are like
fred: when i think of cds i own i think all the #1 would are really distinctive, i.e. easy to tell that they're setting the stage
andy: I;m listening to the Mingus again and really liking it now
andy: yeah - but lots of these might be from collections
carl: ok I'm jetlagged, I gotta sleep.
winnie: okay carl
fred: okay kids
fred: last comments?
winnie: are we doing your mix next week?
carl: nelson that was a good mix, thank you.
andy: okay - this was fruitful and fun
nelson: thank you
fred: yeah carl mix next week
winnie: good work nelson
winnie: don't be so self-conscious
fred: thanks nelson
andy: props dog
winnie: just put some shit on there
fred: haha
nelson: haha, i'll try
fred: not dog shit though
winnie: no. we gots plenty o' that.
andy: thank you F
winnie: no mo no mo
nelson: i'll bring my own cross next time
andy: no mo poo
nelson: gnite then all?
andy: k - outtahere
winnie: okay cool
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andy: g'nighty
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winnie: gnite
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