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mike: evening :-)
joyce has entered the room.
fred: wazzup
joyce: hola
mike: yyyyo
fred: hmm let me call andy
joyce: should i call winnie?
fred: hey joyce, do you have austin's #?
fred: winnie said she prob won't be able to come
joyce: yeah. hold up.
joyce: his number is: 617.---.----
fred: can you call him?
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joyce: haha, i guess that was implicit. my bad
fred: haha
andy: weee
fred: wee
fred: weee weee
mike: oui oui
andy: it's christmas
mike: yes, for one more evening...
fred: haha
fred: christmas in spain
joyce: austin'll be on in about 20 minutes
andy: is la win gonna join us?
fred: i don't think so
andy: she's back from eurp, yeah?
andy: aww
fred: she told me she wasn't going home today
andy: so here we are then
fred: so i guess we should go ahead and start
mike: ok, guess we are here then...
joyce: ole. let's begin.
mike: so yes. three holidays.
joyce: i really really liked the opening track.
andy: so i listened without looking at the tracl listing
mike: i hadn't really considered the fact that we'd be discussing christmas music at the end of january...
fred: i have to say the christmas songs were interesting but i only really liked a few of them ... none of which were trad christmas carols
andy: ha :-)
andy: it IS weird
andy: and that was very fun (not knowing what i was hearing)
mike: joyce - you already knew juanes, right?
joyce: nope, did not. (which i'm sort of ashamed to admit)
mike: oh, ok -- thought you did...
joyce: but i had heard of the popularity of the ketchup song.
andy: i found the first spanish things kind of generic, mike
fred: the ketchup song?
andy: do they have big sentimental value?
mike: i was a little apprehensive after sending out the mix, thinking the spanish tracks would not be well received...
fred: oh you mean #3
fred: i thought they were fine
mike: andy: the spanish tracks were songs i heard MANY times while in barcelona.
mike: so i picked a few that represented the trip...
joyce: yep. so i'm guessing they were hugely popular there and didn't quite make it over here?
andy: ah - ok, cuz i felt they were fun, but less interesting musically
mike: they were definitely popular over in barcelona. i had heard the "las ketchup" song a couple of times in boston, though.
joyce: (random question- do you know why they're called las ketchup?)
mike: andy: that's why i was apprehensive... but glad they at least were fun :-)
fred: in boston? where?
andy: the muevete thing is very cuban sounding
mike: joyce: no, i don't... hmm. google time.
andy: yeah - and M, it was a great way to hit us with a holiday mix
mike: i had gone to a bar over by bomboa in the south end and heard lots of latin pop / dance music over there.
andy: it's
fred: really? what was the bar? were there a lot of hot latin men there?
fred: haha
andy: all so hip-shaklingly groovy
mike: i could say before this trip that it wasn't really my thing (latin music), but lately i seem to be hearing it all the time... with my gay club visits and what not...
andy: oh f
andy: the place to the right of bomboa, yes?
andy: what's it called/
andy: ?
mike: hehe f... there were some attractive euro men there.
fred: you know i'm teasing andy pandy
mike: andy: i think there's a number in the name. club 33, or something like
andy: ahem . . . and so back to the music
joyce: it's fun and makes me feel refreshingly ethnic.
andy: ha! me too, Joyce - i felt all slinky and miamian
fred: i liked the last track ... it was very quirky ... sort of reminded me of zappa
fred: except no "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah"s
joyce: miamian?
andy: the tristan da cunha you mean?
andy: oh - whatever . . .from miami, I mean
fred: instead they're "lalalalala"s or something
fred: yep
andy: miamimeanian
joyce: haha. mama miamian.
fred: um you guys are weird
fred: so who is tristan da cunha?
mike: ooh, miami. another trip to build my latin music colleccion....
andy: you know the final track is written by some damn composer type . . .and I've been racking my brains to remeber what the piece is
mike: tristan da cunha are from boston...
andy: but it's not original
andy: i should email them
mike: oh andy -- yes! exactly. it's from the charlie brown christmas album by vince guaraldi
fred: really? funny
andy: oh shit - is that it!!!
andy: oh, how funny!
andy: man . . i was thinking to myself . . .hmm - is that Grieg, is that janacek?
mike: i was shopping around christmas and heard a shop playing that soundtrack... that's how i finally figured it out. but it bugged me for weeks.
andy: hehe
mike: hehe
mike: fred - you said you liked some of the christmas stuff, not the traditional ones though...
mike: what else was good on the christmas side?
joyce: xmas being 12-23?
andy: love christmas wrapping 9prefer the original though)
mike: 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23 --> all from boston area musicians.
mike: joyce: yep...
fred: there's another version of #16? who did it orig?
mike: 16 originally by the waitresses...
andy: the waitresses - one hit xmas wonders
fred: certainly sir are from boston?
mike: i like the original too... but have a slight obsession with certainly, sir... (honestly, my main reason for buying the album)
mike: yes - certainly, sir are from boston.
mike: wow, weird listening to this again...
andy: yeah - I like it's smoothness
andy: and how the vocals are mixed way back
fred: my sister said that one of the songs was really a breeders song
fred: or something
andy: rilly?
joyce: hey i dig the magnetic fields track- do they usu sound like that?
mike: hmm... breeders?
fred: oh maybe not
mike: joyce: magnetic fields songs are all over the place... that one is from the "69 Love Songs" album.
fred: i have to say that the more i hear 69 love songs the more it makes me less interested in them ... if that made any sense
andy: i like this - it sounds like lou reed meets jonathan richman meets danny elfman
fred: i liked them when i first heard them, though.
mike: that's one of my favorite mag fields songs... some of the others appeared on a pre-flava mix i made for fred...
andy: oh - that's them - ah yes!
andy: I just love love love the Versus song
fred: but i still buy all the future bible heroes (another band that stephen merritt's in) b/c i know the guy who djs at man ray who is the other guy in that group
mike: f: did you get to see future bible heroes on their recent boston stop?
fred: even though future bible heroes isn't that great either ... m: nope, did you?yeah the versus track was one i liked a lot
fred: i liked another versus track that mike gave me, but i haven't really liked the album i got of theirs
mike: re: versus... that song, among others, has made me cry on a few occasions. :-[ love them v. much...
fred: prob need more time w/ it
fred: awwwww
mike: hehe
joyce: (what's the squishy sound in the mag fields track? i want one. or wish i made that sound walking around)
andy: oh - it's such a fine song i think
mike: f: nope -- didn't get to see FBH.
andy: and tonight i remebered what the opening reminds me of . . .the first song on EBTG's amplified heart
andy: or - maybe not the first, but an early one
mike: andy: EBTG album in comparison to the versus track?
fred: really?
fred: ?
fred: hmm ... i can see that
andy: I know- it';s the guitar riff reminds me of 'Rollercoaster'
andy: you know it?
andy: um - vaguely, anyway
fred: i know the song, can't think of it exactly off hand, but they do have a similar guitar sound on that album
mike: i don't know "rollercoaster"... time to search.
fred: that album is really good
andy: but it's just a lovely song i think - who are versus?
mike: in fact, don't know EBTG much at all.
mike: other than a few tracks i've heard in the last few months :-)
andy: I like em lots . . .next mix i guess :-)
fred: haha
mike: versus are from NYC, have been together for probably 10-ish years... maybe a little more. recently they seem to be taking some time off to do side-project work.
fred: hey mike! are you going to see the shins guy on sunday??
fred: sorry to change topics
mike: side projects include bands such as pacific ocean, +/-, and containe...
andy: oh boy - I'm out of so many loops - 10 freakin' years! eek
fred: the versus tracks sounds a little country to me ... is it just me?
andy: no - you're right :-0
andy: has that lope
mike: f: i see that...
andy: heavy on the offbeat
mike: there's some of that on the 2-cents plus tax album, right?
andy: and a jangly geetar
fred: ooh yeah
andy: mike - I bought the Flaming lips CD and thought - hmm, ok, so-so . . .but - I'm going back to it now, cuz I love this track
mike: what did y'all think about the mates of state?
andy: it just didn't register for me at first
andy: oh - great fuzzy sound
mike: andy: i agree... i still feel a bit so-so about this flaming lips album, but there are 3-4 tracks that i loved.
joyce: a: that's my fave track off the album too. i think i got it off of austin during the summer.
andy: i've gotten to like the m's of s
andy: joyce - you mean off the f.lips cd?
andy: it's kind of a sweet song . . .and catchy
fred: the m's of s still annoy me ... their songs tend to sound the same to me
joyce: yes. good to clean to. but if you listen to the lyrics its... depressing.
fred: you know, i didn't really pay attention to the lyrics of this cd ... actually i think i tend not to unless i have the lyrics easily accessible
mike: f: one more versus tip. from your album, listen to "crazy-maker". it's a sleeper hit. i didn't like it at first, but now i'm loving it.
fred: heh ... okay
andy: i went to damn virgin the other day to buy some versus . . .all sold out
fred: actually this m's of s song is fine, it's just not something i'd choose to put on but if it's on i wouldn't scream to have it turned off or anything
mike: i need to make the lyrics accesible! especially the spanish ones.
fred: oh andy, i forgot about that -- you should borrow one of the cds i got
andy: i like how the m's of s is a little garagey sloppy - the rhythm speeds up, then drags, and the fuzzy organy/e. pianoy sound
mike: fred: guess that's better than outright hating it :-)
austin has entered the room.
mike: hi austin!
austin: so sorry guys
mike: no prob. glad you could join.
austin: dinner overran. i'm laden with cheesecake at the moment
andy: hey austin ;-)
andy: heavy belly makes wise ears
fred: sleater kinney tends to have a similar sound to mates of states in terms of shrillness, but i find them easier to listen to, still a little on the wrong side of annoying though
mike: we're sorta randomly jumping around... talked some about spain, some about christmas, and now we're in the middle.
joyce: f: haha. that's what i thought too.
austin: gotcha
andy: i like S-K, except that they still remind me of . . .well . . of the go-gos
fred: heh
mike: f: i've had lots of people say that about sleater-kinney...
andy: who i detest
fred: j: you mean about mates of state or sk or both?
andy: so it's ;a compromised interest
mike: a: the go-go's, huh? is that just this album?
joyce: sk. i think winnie has a track of their's as well. they make me think of nails on a chalkboard.
andy: well yes - more so, although i think it's the voices more than wnything
fred: there are some little bits that i think are really good, like the way she sings "i don't mind i don't mind"
mike: joyce: is the nails on chalkboard due to the voices?
joyce: (but aren't they supposed to be girlpower or something? oops)
austin: i like her voice. goes well with the electric guitar
andy: yeah - strap on a guitar and rolling stone calls you girlpower
mike: girlpower or something like that...
andy: avril lavigne is girl power apparently
austin: well rolling stone's full of crap
andy: it's well-meant sexism i think
joyce: hm, i think the chalkboard part comes in when she sings "your body lingers on"... other parts, not so bad
andy: oh, abso-fuckin-lutely
mike: rolling stone calls you "the best women in rock" regardless of whether "rock" qualifies... (see c. aguilera)
austin: yeah i read that thread too
andy: right - such a sad state
austin: how about elastica?
mike: rolling stone can't get anything right lately... more controversy in the current issue re: an AIDS-related story.
fred: how so?
andy: oh - the bug-chasing thing?
austin: similar sound, similar voice, girlpower
mike: yep... the bug chasers. haven't read it yet, myself.
andy: elastica left me cold
mike: i haven't listened to a lot of elastica... but i can hear some similarities.
austin: what didn't you like about them? and do you compare them to sk?
mike: any thoughts on the coldplay track?
fred: bug chasers?
mike: bug chasers --> people who *try* to contract HIV.
mike: (that's about the extent of my limited understanding...)
fred: ???
andy: and "gift-givers" the guys who they seek out to be "seeded"
fred: ??????
fred: umm
joyce: m: i usually like their bedwetterness but felt kind of ambivalent about this track
andy: the whole article is icky
andy: Now
fred: people are so stupid
fred: anyway ...
andy: ok - coldplay
andy: i just adore this, just as I thought I'd gone off the band
andy: I listened to your mix, M, without looking at the listing
austin: reminded me a lot of doves
mike: bedwetterness - like the word, joyce...
andy: and this just jumped out at me, when I found out it was coldplay
andy: i was kinda pissed
austin: and i love the doves
mike: you were pissed, a?
andy: then i thought - ok
mike: you wanted to be through with coldplay?
andy: sort of!
joyce: m: i think some critic called coldplay/travis/etc bedwetter music.
andy: I don't really know why - except they're so doomy and worthy
mike: hmm... austin: that would be a good pairing. doves & coldplay.
andy: ha - yes Joyce - i remeber that now
andy: but - i just think this is a great track - I really like it
andy: but, as i said to Fred, I'm a sucker for little slppery glissandos doen from one note to another
fred: i agree it sounds somewhat diff than their other stuff, but it still didn't do it for me
fred: haha
mike: iss that what a "glissando" is? i know just what you mean...
andy: it sounds much gutsier than the first album
andy: mebbe
andy: yup -= a slither, like in 'how soon is now'
mike: aha, right...
andy: i'm listening to the first 'certainly, sir' track now, and really liking it this time round
andy: i mean - more than before
mike: again, i used my favorite certainly, sir tracks on a previous Fred mix... but i like "the script" as well.
fred: haha
fred: i liked the previous ones better i think
mike: i like his lyrics. those i should be able to get :-)
andy: btw - has anyone seen 'storytelling'?
austin: am listening to the lyrics right now, very dreamy
mike: i never did get to see "storytelling"...
fred: i heard it's a downer
fred: i think
andy: just wondered how b & s's music works in the movie
andy: oh I'm sure it is!
andy: so was happiness - but also veru funny and veru good i thought
mike: my list of un-seen movies keeps growing. i hardly ever get out anymore!
fred: haha
fred: why so busy? work?
joyce: hey, i gotta go- thanks for the mix, mike. very cool.
mike: mostly work - yep...
mike: ok, thanks joyce :-) talk to you soon...
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mike: so it seems we've hit the end of our round 1 mixes...
andy: yikes
fred: haha
austin: applause
fred: champagne
fred: haha
fred: the chats didn't take as long as i keep thinking they did ... total they took about three months
fred: although the last ones were a little crammed in
mike: yeah, definitely a good set of new music...
andy: lots of treats and new leads :-)
austin: i've got a nice new collection of artists to explore
fred: from now it should hopefully just be once every other week at the most unless we fall behind again
fred: cool
austin: sounds great
mike: well, once we settled on the AIM chat format, we caught up OK...
mike: that should work!
andy: this california stadium song is just so silly
fred: yeah hopefully w/ the new people they'll be able to do this day and time
andy: it's winning though
andy: ha - anyway
austin: mike: love the flaming lips. did you get to see them when they played with rem?
mike: hehe - yes, "glass of eggnog" was pretty silly.
fred: geez why does everyone love that flaming lips album so much? i was really not bowled over by it
mike: austin: never have seen the flaming lips... had the chance at a festival a few years ago, but chose to see someone else instead.
mike: (probably a bad idea)
austin: well depends how many years ago
mike: fred: have you listened to their previous album at all? like that one much better...
austin: i have a theory that they only got better after they meet this promoter who became their sound guy
mike: few years ago --> april of '99...
fred: m, to respond to your prev question, i was mistaken -- the christmas songs i liked were the dandy warhols, skating, and the low song
austin: then they albums became so polished, all of a suddent
fred: m: haven't listened to their prev stuff
fred: not really interested
mike: f: the low song is one of my favorite christmas songs. so simple.
fred: 13 14 and 16 were also good
mike: in fact, it's one of the few low songs i've really gotten into.
fred: who are they?
austin: think i'll read the transcript later. curious about the christmas song discussion
fred: ?
andy: i liked low too - sounds very 70's
andy: or somethin
fred: really? i thought it sounded very modern indie pop
fred: well anyway, we should wrap things up ...
fred: any last comments?
mike: low -> from the midwest somewhere. minnesota, i think. mellow lo-fi indie pop stuff. it's the extreme mellow-ness i can't usually deal with...
andy: well yeah . . .but I still feel like a heard a lot of indie pop sounds the first time round
mike: well, thanks for listening!
fred: thanks for mixing!
fred: heh
mike: hehe
andy: the drums are fun in the 'low'
andy: yep - thanks Mike - it's gonna be on my player next December ;-)
fred: a: yeah, you're right, but i didn't feel like this track was as reminiscent as, say belle and sebastian or something
mike: a: excellent!
andy: ok guys . . .i'm going up the wooden hill to bedfordshire
mike: (guess that means good night? ;-) )
austin: thanks mike for a great mix, some old favourites and some new ones
andy: indeedy
andy: twas fun - til next time
fred: yep yep
andy: bye
austin: til next time
mike: ok guys - 'night...
fred: lata
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austin: nite
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