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austin: hi
fred: GAH!
fred: it annoys me so much when people don't tell me ahead of time they're not going to be here
austin: yeah. they suck
austin: where's winnie?
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maggie: gas55 - you gotta remind me who u are
austin: oh sorry
austin: i'm austin
maggie: hi austin
fred: where'd that name come from anyway?
austin: live in new york
austin: the phone book
austin: my dad didn't try very hard
fred: no i mean gas55
austin: he didn't make it farther than a
austin: oh
austin: ahhahaha
austin: it's a record label
fred: okay kids let's roll
maggie: howdy
fred: so first off was this 6 degrees of neil finn?
maggie: was i that transparent?
maggie: :-)
fred: well i figured it must be, but then there wasn't any crowded house
fred: (who i still haven't heard btw)
maggie: yeah, these are all bands/artists that have either played with neil or opened for him or his offspring
fred: who's his offspring?
maggie: i tried not to put anything that he sang directly
fred: ah
maggie: betchadupa is his son's band
fred: i liked the idea a lot
fred: that's nice that you didn't put anything he sang
maggie: thx
andy: ah - i mixed them up with chumbawumba
andy: or someone
austin: haha
fred: although did he sing on one of the tracks near the end? i thought his voice was in there somewhere
maggie: he and his son have very similar voices
andy: it's interesting - they're all real songs
andy: and that seems to be his thing too
fred: what do you mean real songs?
maggie: and the song from split enz is sung by neil's brother tim
andy: i mean - they're not grooves or riffs
fred: haha how incestuous
austin: are they all musicians?
austin: how's ed harcourt connected
andy: they all take songwriting serious;y, i think
maggie: definitely
fred: the split enz guy sounds like the sunny day real estate guy but 80's
maggie: ed harcourt opened for neil on one of his tours
andy: i don't know most of these people
maggie: and played keyboards for some of neils songs
fred: neither did i
andy: just some of the names, so it was good to find out what they do
fred: i thought soul coughing was kind of like counting crows back in high school. or am i thinking of someone else?
andy: hope so
andy: i liked the s.c. stuff
fred: really??
fred: that was my least fav
andy: and i just despise counting c's
maggie: they are a strange group
andy: they are!
fred: i think it's b/c this guy's voice makes me want to rip off my ears
austin: really?
andy: kind of like a cross between primus and hootie and the blowfish
maggie: lol
maggie: yea
fred: hootie SUX
andy: sort of - you know!
fred: i liked how on this mix in general there were two tracks by each person
andy: me too
andy: esp for people I don't know
maggie: wanted to give a nice sample of what they do
andy: lisa germano - tell me more, her name is v. familiar
fred: i have to say in general i'm not into this folk-pop genre, but this was pretty listenable
austin: yeah they were more recognisable than the pairs in winnie's mix
maggie: she's done ALOT of back up singing
maggie: i know she's worked with david bowie
maggie: not sure who else
andy: maybe i've read her name lots
maggie: she sang with neil on his last album
andy: i like the twangy-ness of this mix
andy: you know - bus to beelzebub' is fab
winnie has entered the room.
fred: did you forget w?
winnie: sorry guys
andy: winnieggg!
austin: i really liked s.c.
winnie: i remembered all day
maggie: hey winnie!
winnie: until like 6:30pm
fred: i like the twangy more than the sort of chord-driven stuff
andy: winnie - sing "am i too Late?"
maggie: lol
fred: i hated bus to B but not much as i hated wichita
winnie: s.c. = ?
andy: really?
andy: yups
maggie: they are kinda like 'they might be giants' on acid
andy: why fred?
austin: i loved wichita
andy: ha!
austin: the drums are great
fred: i liked the background okay but i think this guy's voice is just too much for me
fred: soo nasal
austin: and the bass
winnie: oh soul coughing
austin: reminds me a little of eels
maggie: it's an upright bass
austin: yeah
andy: they are?
maggie: i think the lead singer of goldenboy played with eels at one point
andy: not on b to b
austin: oh really?
austin: let me look that up
winnie: wait, is soul coughing the missing link?
winnie: did i miss that part?
andy: u did
austin: nope
andy: now you have to guess
winnie: no idea
winnie: aerosmith
winnie: just kidding
fred: neil finn!
winnie: oh
winnie: duh
andy: here's your clue . . . "eel sock"
winnie: really?
maggie: lol...thx fred
andy: thx fred
andy: spoiler
fred: sorry
winnie: eel sock?
winnie: wtf?
fred: oh yeah like around 3:33 on wichita is annoying also
andy: i was trying to mislead you
winnie: oh, i like wichita
winnie: i like their track "circles" the best, however
andy: annoying is ok, isn't it?
andy: shouldn't some music be annoying?
maggie: circles i think is their most popular song
fred: the background's okay, but the vocals are vocal flailing
winnie: yes, it was a single
maggie: music can be annoying
winnie: although i remember wichita from live shows
fred: you went to the shows??
winnie: i've seen them like 3 times
winnie: in high school
fred: really?
andy: wow
winnie: soul coughing and ska were the hot shit back then
maggie: cool
andy: woah
fred: lol
winnie: and, ugh, dave matthews
andy: M - how old is this S.C. stuff?
fred: i do kind of hear the tmbg vibe, m
andy: are they still doing stuff?
winnie: 90s
winnie: maybe early-mid 90s
winnie: no
andy: ah
winnie: mike doughty is solo
fred: okay let's get off of SC or m's going to think i hated the mix
fred: i liked the banjo in tr 1
austin: allmusic said the lead singer did vocals for bt and collaborated with they might be g
winnie: lead singer of what, eels?
austin: sc
austin: cs
winnie: what's the story w/ goldenboy? sorry, i know i missed it. can someone just give me a quick synopsis?
maggie: we didnt get to them yet
winnie: oh
fred: we started reaaally late
winnie: oh
winnie: sorry
fred: waiting for your sorry ass
fred: j/k
maggie: goldenboy's lead singer is this guy shon sullivan who played back up for neil
winnie: haha
fred: waiting for everyone
winnie: ah
fred: i liked how bare tr 1 was
winnie: lisa germano? is she the girl w/ the violin?
andy: I don't know why i like the Rhett Miller stuff . . . but I really do
fred: and then there are these buzzy noises which i liked
winnie: because rhett miller is one sexy bastard!
fred: is he?
maggie: oh yeah!
winnie: old 97s rock
fred: who is he?
andy: ah - that's why!
winnie: yeah, miller is soooooo hot
andy: i luv rhett
maggie: rhett opened for neil, and like winnie said is part of the old 97's
fred: ah
andy: he is!
winnie: [zoolander voice] really really really really good looking
andy: ah - funny - so thus the twang
austin: hhaa
fred: i didn't like him either sorry
andy: blue steel
andy: well - it's very straight old rock stuff
andy: maybe it reminds me of my yout
fred: i found that a lot of these tracks had interesting bits in the backgrounds like that neil finn cd did
winnie: any particular reason why you chose those particular old 97s & r.m. tracks?
fred: like the 2nd rhett miller track
fred: which in retrospect i liked
andy: me too - i prefer it
winnie: cos i know there are others i like more
maggie: trying to get a good snapshot of their talent
maggie: thought these songs show a nice range
fred: what are these sounds on track 11? electronic?
fred: they don't sound elec
fred: they sound like a keyboard filtered through something
fred: very watery sounding.
maggie: im guessing a guitar trick
andy: it's just an old school organ
maggie: ah
fred: is it?
austin: old school?
andy: listen to early Dylan
andy: i think it's a leslie organ
austin: oh like one of thoes small ones
fred: ah
andy: Leslie that is
fred: did he just say delillo??
maggie: yup
andy: yup
fred: as in don delillo??
maggie: he's a major delillo fan
andy: now you love it
winnie: who's betchadupa?
fred: okay now i have to respect this guy
andy: been there
maggie: :-)
fred: i'm listening w/ whole new ears :-)
winnie: no, now you have to find a picture of him
maggie: betchadupa is neil's son's band
andy: you're so cheap, Fred
fred: haha
fred: i always fall for namedroppers
fred: haha
maggie: although winnie, he does not alway photograph well
winnie: neil has a son?
andy: i like how he sings world
maggie: yup
maggie: 2
andy: lots of curl on the 'r'
winnie: well, you should try to track down this live performance i saw a few months ago on HBO
maggie: the older one (liam) has a band, and the younger one (elroy) is a budding artist
fred: i wouldn't be surprised if NF's foreign exchange student has a band also. and his maid. and his wife's second cousin
fred: haha
fred: so RM is popular?
winnie: yeah
fred: i mean if he's on HBO
winnie: i'd say so
fred: is he new? is he like the new dave matthews?
winnie: no
winnie: NO
maggie: his songs have been on a bunch of tv shows lately
winnie: NOOOOO
fred: sorry what is he then like the new nick drake?
andy: that means possibly so yes, but please god don't ket it happen
winnie: what? that's a terrible comparison
fred: i don't know i'm asking
andy: oh dmb were indie and cool once too
fred: uhh maybe for about 1 month
winnie: he's part of the indie country thing
andy: we're just bored with them now
fred: really? this indie country stuff sounds suspiciously like folk-pop
winnie: yeah, but they have totally different sounds
maggie: alternative country has a huge following...but it's not well defined
winnie: well country's influence ranges far and wide
fred: unfortunately
fred: j/k
andy: no no
winnie: eg, wilco
andy: there's good country like good anything
andy: OK - that's IT . . . my next mix is all country
fred: someone's going to have to make a good country mix. ... winnie?
winnie: oh, i'm dumb, i should've figured it out when i saw split enz
maggie: hehe
winnie: i was going to
andy: let's both
winnie: i'm down
andy: bombard FC
andy: who
winnie: i think we should do it this round
andy: is ed harcourt?
fred: getting back to my appreciation of the use of instruments .... the solo string bass on tr 12 is nice
winnie: british guy
andy: sounds like Nilsson
fred: also the organ on tr 4
winnie: album "here be monsters" was a big hit
fred: also the banjo on tr 1 which i've already mentioned
austin: i liked those crimson tears when i heard it
winnie: he was like the next coldplay or travis or something
andy: ah - I remember that
austin: but haven't listened to it since
andy: yep
andy: like one wasn't enough
maggie: harcourts second album was quite a let down
andy: i do like crimson tears tho
austin: aren't most second albums
fred: oh track 9 was the one that i thought was neil finn singing.
fred: who are the DW?
andy: i was going to do a mix of artists's whose 1st album, only, was good
maggie: damnwells opened for rhett miller
fred: that was my fav track from this mix
andy: but it got too depressing
austin: haha
andy: #9 fred?
andy: ah ok
austin: you can do artists taht had come backs
winnie: hm. filthy mcnasty's is a bar in the east village
fred: uh non sequitur?
maggie: didn't know that
fred: oh tr 5
maggie: wonder if the song is based on that
winnie: yeah, i was just looking at the tracklisting
maggie: damnwells are great live
fred: i was confused about tr 17 until i recalled that human league is not the same as human instinct
maggie: lol...yup
maggie: they were a 70's rock band from NZ
andy: that track, i gotta say, leaves me ice cold
fred: track 17?
andy: ah - well that explains everything!
maggie: this track is off the soundtrack to the movie Rain that neil wrote most of the songs for
andy: it sounded so provincial, and so dated
winnie: what's up w/ "rain"?
maggie: neil did most of the soundtrack
maggie: and the song was on it
fred: yeah i didn't like tr 17 either. it sounds like a beatles song to me
fred: i know i'm going to get smacked down for that one
andy: !!!!
andy: wha???
andy: like dude
maggie: beatles?
maggie: no way man
andy: beatles?
andy: uh
andy: about as far as you could get
fred: it reminds me very strongly of a beatles song can't think which
fred: are we talking about tr 17?
maggie: maybe zeplin
andy: must have been them at their plainest
fred: hmm i'll try to find it sometime
fred: what i'm thinking of
fred: anyway ...
andy: it sounds like an ordinary, forgotten 70's jam band
austin: nonono. maybe led zeplin
andy: maybe, except - zeppelin were titans
austin: for a second only
andy: and these guys . . . probably are not
maggie: not even close
fred: i -really- liked the outro to track 4
andy: it's fun to hear tho - partly cuz i haven't listened to this kind of stuff for years
fred: it sounds like a ghostly carousel
maggie: lisa is a strange soul
maggie: she's had at least one nervous breakdown and most of her songs are REALLY depressing
maggie: it was hard to find up beat ones
andy: I do like #3 - reminds me of winnie's old 'I Am Kloot' track for some reason
fred: oh yeah! that one totally sounds like a winnie track
andy: i like how it changes direction
andy: and so perkily
fred: i really liked how the instr sections are a diff tempo than rest of song
andy: me too
fred: reminds me of the joe weiner song i had that i liked that did the same thing
andy: yep
andy: the geetar thing?
fred: yeah
maggie: what did you guys think of the last track?
winnie: sorry, one thing about #4
winnie: i thought for sure it was liz phair
maggie: i can see the connection
austin: sounds quite emo
austin: track 18 that is
maggie: emo?
fred: wasn't big on tr 18 but the mood was a good closer
fred: also had that neil finn interesting sounds in the background thing going on also
andy: the voice reminds me of someone - killing me - can't think who
austin: smashing pumpkins
winnie: sounds like someone fred listens to
winnie: no
fred: haha
andy: oh- billy corgan
austin: oh
andy: ah!! yes :-)
winnie: really? not billy corgan to me
fred: me neither
andy: yeah - very much to me
winnie: too boyish and not nasally
fred: the song itself is kind of BC
winnie: really? i think it's too jangly to be corgan
austin: yeah bc def
fred: uh BC can be quite jangly ... like zwan
fred: (his new band)
andy: yeah - but you can hear the fluence
andy: and why not
winnie: hm. well i have not much to say about #18. ambivalent, really
winnie: i'm glad you put rhett on here though
andy: gotta say it doesn't do much for me
maggie: :-)
fred: well i guess we should wrap it up. any parting comments?
winnie: but i guess i can't put much of his stuff on my country mix
andy: but this is a very surprising mix
austin: two country mixes?
austin: oh dear
andy: a bunch of stuff which if I'd listened to once I might have said ho hum
winnie: believe me, you'll love it so after we're through with you
andy: but as I had to listen more, I've found artists I like
fred: i still don't get the distinction b/t folk pop and country influenced
winnie: had any of you heard soul coughing before?
fred: maybe a future mix will illuminate me
andy: one is influenced by folk music
andy: the other by country music
fred: thanks andy
fred: so helpful
andy: quite simple really
andy: yo ho
winnie: well can you distinguish the difference b/w folk & country?
fred: i mean are the songs on here country influenced or folk influenced or a bit of both
andy: yes yes
andy: both
fred: at the same time or diff tracks?
andy: Fred - you just gotta listen to more COUNTRY
maggie: diff tracks
maggie: old 97's/rhett miller is alt country
winnie: maybe, andy, you should do the folk mix
winnie: and i should do the country one
austin: there's alt country? is that already alt?
winnie: no
andy: if you promise to include charlie rich, winnie
austin: maybe i need to do another rap mix
andy: yes yes
austin: it's a walkoff
fred: haha
andy: i wanted to put dizzee rascal on my last mix - but no go . . . he needs a venue
austin: haha
andy: maggie - this was a really interesting mix
maggie: thanks
andy: I'm enjoying it
fred: i'll be interested to see what you come up w/ next
maggie: i have a dub mix in mind
austin: yeah. lots of good tracks
austin: none that i skip
austin: (that's a compliment)
maggie: :-)
andy: same - and all not what I usually listen to . . .very cool
maggie: all these groups (with the exception of human instinct) are my hardcore favs
austin: intrigued by lisa
austin: what albums of hers are worth checking out
maggie: well, id start with slide
fred: yawn i think i'm going to bed soon
maggie: the album electrified is from
austin: cool
fred: have fun on your trip maggie
winnie: thanks for a great mix
austin: where you going?
maggie: ya'll are welcome
austin: for three weeks
maggie: ireland/london/paris
austin: wa
austin: when you in london?
austin: i'll be there from the 2nd to 7th
maggie: the 4th-7th
winnie: wow. have fun
winnie: both of you
winnie: okay i gotta go
winnie: later
winnie has left the room.
andy: me 2 - later peeps
andy has left the room.
austin: wow come quickly, leave quickly
maggie: yea
maggie: what's your excuse for being in london?
austin: maybe we can meet up
austin: girlfriend's birthday's my excuse
austin: you
fred: okay i'm heading out later
maggie: sister is in ireland for the semester, so im taking my brother and godmother on a little trip there
austin: ok bye fred
maggie: later fred
maggie: thx again
fred: sure thing