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joyce has entered the room.
joyce: holy cow, that was amazing.
mike has entered the room.
mike: howdy
fred: haha
fred: why was that amazing?
fred: it's JOYCE!!!!
joyce: the chat window just popped up on my screen
fred: hey mike i bought 2 versus cds today
mike: yay! what'd you get??
fred: 2 cents and dead leaves
joyce: who's versus?
fred: they were used at newbury comics
mike: i have dead leaves... trying to find 2 cents...
fred: mm
fred: are they hard to find?
mike: oh, two cents plus tax!
fred: j: mike put a track of theirs on his mix
fred: heh yeah
mike: i do have both...
fred: are they good?
mike: versus are from nyc. reallly lovely.
fred: are those discs good?
mike: love two cents plus tax. dead leaves -- honestly haven't listened to it much!
austin has entered the room.
austin: woohoo
fred: aw yeah
mike: my favorite older one is called "stars are insane"
fred: mm
mike: hey austin
mike: hi joyce, too :-)
austin: hi guys
mike: oh, and fred as well.
fred: i'm going to try to call andy
austin: have you guys gotten my mix yet?
andy has entered the room.
fred: yep
mike: i'd guess your mix is at my apt, but i haven't been to boston in a couple of weeks...
mike: i'll see it there on friday :-)
fred: surprised to see a marianne faithful song -- i thought she was just someone random andy likes
austin: oh i see. so is winnie still in europe?
fred: yep
austin: marianne's great
fred: really?
austin: sort of got in on impulse but it's really grown on me
andy: have you read her autobiography austin?
fred: when's that from?
andy: what a wacky life
fred: the disc i mean
andy: down down down and out, then back up up again
austin: yeah well lets talk about joyce's mix...
mike: good plan...
fred: hwh
fred: oops
fred: i meant heh
austin: we'll definitely continue some other time
andy: this mix makes me feel good
mike: my mind keeps repeating "all the ducks are swimming in the water"
mike: ... at the most random times.
andy: yes - i'm listening to it right now :-)
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andy: love it - all happy and squishy
mike: i know fred said he didn't love that track, but it's one of my faves...
fred: oh no joyce hates us
andy: me 2
joyce has entered the room.
andy: and ok go
fred: actually i listened to it again and liked it better when i got past the sample
mike: welcome back joyce. andy and i just agreed on a love for "nice weather for ducks"
andy: and royksopp
austin: i really dig the mexican hip hop/rap
fred: #5Z
mike: you mentioned ok go, andy... i think i've seen their name elsewhere too.
fred: rrlo
mike: really liked that.
andy: that is fun
fred: #5Z
fred: oops
mike: huh, fred?
fred: damn dvorak
mike: hehehe
fred: i meant #5?
austin: haha
mike: geek
austin: yeha
fred: haha
austin: de perros amores
fred: yeah that was a cool mix
fred: i mean that song
fred: hello joyce??
austin: the chorus was a nice contrast to the rest of the song
mike: yeah, i was going to mention #5 too... i surprised myself by really loving it. especially LOUD while driving...
fred: haha
fred: joyce just called me and said her modem is messing up
mike: austin: yeah, that contrast is what did it for me, too.
fred: hopefully she'll be here soon
mike: okie...
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austin: yeah driving music. i have different tastes when it comes to driving music
fred: i thought it was really funny that mike and joyce just happened to put "spanish" music on their mixes this time
joyce has entered the room.
austin: you there joyce?
joyce: yep. cranky modem. if i go offline, don't worry, i'll keep on trying.
mike: austin: how doe syour driving music differ?
mike: welcome back joyce
joyce: hah. thanks.
austin: it has to be singalong. any electronica puts me to sleep
joyce: even if it's really loud?
austin: yup
austin: the repetition does it
fred: funny
mike: joyce: that was what i said abouttrack #5... i've been playing it pretty loudly while driving.
fred: yet you listen to a lot of it?
fred: (austin)
austin: here're the cds i keep in the car. the two recent flaming lips, brenden benson, pete yorn
fred: hey joyce, did i tell you i put the first lemon jelly song on the annual choi's family christmas mix?
mike: hmm... that's a great christmas gift, fred.
fred: did i tell you about it? each of my family members submits 3 tracks and we make a mix CD
austin: oh cool idea
mike: i was just scouring google for some of these lyrics, and found a site that has those for "CONSEDJO". the site also plays a WAV version as soon as you load the lyrics page.
mike: no - great idea... how many tracks in total?
fred: heh feel free to send me the links
fred: um well most people ended up only getting 2 tracks -- i have a big family
fred: we could do flava -- greatest hits haha
austin: haha i was just going to say that
mike: http://www.caboverd.info/evora/sng-9504.htm
mike: for "de perros amores" --> http://www.stlyrics.com/lyrics/amoresperros/deperrosamores.htm
austin: joyce, didn't know you were such a fan of spanish music
mike: hmm... greatest hits... we each pick our favorite 3 tracks from others' mixes?
fred: jaja
austin: wonder whether there'll be any overlap
fred: oops
fred: i meant haha
mike: jaja in spanish = haha... :-P
mike: so, very appropriate, fred...
austin: nice work fred
austin: do you speak spanish mike? ie. do you understand the lyrics?
fred: har har
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mike: austin - i speak some spanish, and i can pick up some lyrics... but i usually end having to read the lyrics.
fred: #14 sounds very portisehead to me
joyce has entered the room.
joyce: goddamn. sorry guys.
austin: i'm curious about consedjo, what do the lyrics say
mike: welcome again, joyce...
mike: yeah, consedjo really threw me off. it's not spanish -- cape verdean, i guess. maybe similar to portugese?
fred: really?
fred: interesting
austin: we should ask joyce
joyce: i guess so.. that's cool
mike: joyce -- where'd you find that track?
joyce: it's on my cesaria evora selftitled album
joyce: it's interesting though bc i do think it is in portuguese, but some of the titles are in french
joyce: consedjo: advice
mike: weird -- that site i sent a link to earlier has the lyurics in portugese (?) and then in french...
joyce: seek your path my son/ seek your parth my daughter/ all words are not good to hear/ all music is not good to dance to
joyce: i'll put together a lyrics thing over the weekend and put it up
mike: excellent...
austin: yeah that'd be great
fred: i thought it was interesting on joce's mix how #2 and #13 don't sound like they could be by the same people ... ditto w/ #3 and 14
fred: oops joyce
joyce: she's starting to hit the mainstream though
fred: sorry for all the typos i'm really tired
joyce: cesaria evora, that is.
austin: says she signed with bmg in 94, but made music long before that
mike: too much clubbing, fred?
joyce: i picked up the nick wood (of 2 and 13) from a used store bc the cover was purty. all the other songs are pretty shite though.
fred: #13 has that sort of stylized sound that's almost jokey ... like that james bond-ish track on austin's mix
joyce: i realized that a lot of the electronica i have listened to in the past months has been slow female vocals.
mike: interesting approach re: pretty cover... even better that you can get 2 good tracks out of it.
mike: oh yeah, that is a pretty cover too :-)
austin: that's a good point. there are no male vocals that i can think of in electronica
austin: apart from drum and bass MCs
fred: i liked how #2 was very erasure-esque ... speaking of whcih, erasure is putting out a new album next week -- a covers album w/ stuff like peter gabriel's solsbury hill and can't help falling in love ... should be interesting
joyce: fred: sounds like a pogo stick, doesn't it?
fred: heh
fred: the boing? is that a jews harp?
joyce: no clue...
joyce: austin: you're right, not many male vocals or they're all supercheese.
mike: 13: reminds me a little bit of a former group called combustible edison. they did some of that lounge-y stuff. they called their scene the "cocktail lifestyle" i think...
austin: i really liked the dreamy, spaced out start. a real nice progression
fred: here's the pic of the pretty cover http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B000056CB8.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg
mike: hehe - same place i went, fred.
fred: haha
austin: cocktail lifestyle. haha nice
fred: lounge music has gotten back to being trendy again i think
joyce: didya guys like lemonjelly? i know fred liked the first track. they're atmospheric-funny
mike: yes! we talked about #10 earlier. one of my favorites :-)
austin: yeah i love them. never actually bought thier album though
joyce: (whoa. that's amazing that you found the cover. i feel e-dwarfed)
fred: surprisingly i liked #4 although i usu don't like trance-y techno ... maybe it's b/c i think i used to hear it in clubs
joyce: there's this other track they do that i couldn't fit on called "the rambling man" and they list all these different countries.
joyce: sort of like the animaniacs country/map list
mike: remember you mentioned that, fred, about #4. i've never heard it before.
fred: haha
joyce: (m, you did get my comment about juanes and las ketchup?)
fred: they meaning leftfield?
austin: that's an old leffield track. i remember liking storm 3000 a lot from that album, but that was a long time ago
joyce: yep. the great thing about this music collective thing is that it forces me to go out and get the albums i've been wonderinga bout
mike: joyce: i don't think so... did you email it?
joyce: nope, typed it before i lost my internet connection
joyce: just saying that i really like those tracks (fred will attest to my mexican music fixation over the summer)
fred: haha
fred: yeah i remember
joyce: i like control machete a lot but got their album and was amazed how they're angry... all the time.
mike: oh, excellent! i found another juanes song this past weekend while i was in puerto rico. :-)
fred: haha
joyce: so he's good overall- like good enough to get an album of his?
mike: yeah - i liked that control machete track, though - surprisingly so.
fred: does the music from spain and central/south america get spread around a lot or are they pretty separate?
mike: re: juanes --> no, i don't think so. i found his website last night and listened to some of the other tracks. didn't like many others.
austin: that was the track that grabbed me right away. i put it on my personal mix
fred: haha
austin: the control machete track
mike: hmm... fred - not sure. it seems that latin / central / south america gets mixed around pretty well. not sure about spain, though.
mike: anyway, joyce's mix... i liked "tempo de amor" as well. nice and soothing.
joyce: you know, i think i really like music where i can't understand the lyrics. makes me think it's deeper than it probably is
joyce: m: did you know that's miho of cibo matto fame? muhahah
mike: no! had no idea! wow...
fred: re: tempo de amor, yeah def groovy ... i love that little squeaky instrument ... what is that? i need to get me one
fred: which one???
joyce: yep, they decided to record some old brazilian love songs.
fred: what???
fred: crazy!
mike: wow - that's so great!
andy: quicha
mike: bienvenidos, andy.
fred: who's smokey?
andy: yo m
andy: n' gang
andy: who's smokey?
fred: quicha?
andy: it's the squeaky instrument
fred: ohhh haha
fred: what's it look like?
andy: it's a deep open drum with a little hole in the skin through which you pull a dampened stick
mike: aha... wondered the same. that's a cool sound.
joyce: smokey is ... some dude. the liner notes don't really say anything else
fred: yeah whenever i hear it in a song i immediately am reminded how cool it is
andy: the rubbing of the stick on the skin makes the squeak - or the rumble . . . . they come in lots of sizes
fred: it's amazing how natural that cibo matto girl sounds on this track!
andy: yeah - very Astrud Gilberto-ey
joyce: (haha, because she's not screaming about food?)
andy: pretty authentic ;-)
joyce: hey andy is bebel her daughter?
fred: re: the quicha -- i want to learn how to play that when i grow up!
andy: yes
andy: no . . .
andy: it's her ex-husband's daughter
andy: oh - i can't remember
andy: but one of then
andy: m
joyce: my sister
joyce: my daughter
fred: everything but the girl did this really great latin track also ... corcovado or something like that
andy: ha!
joyce: hahah
fred: huh?
mike: any idea what the man is saying after "all the ducks are swimming in the water"?
fred: fal da ral da ral da?
mike: (track 10 just started up again over here)
fred: ditto here
andy: falderalderaldo
joyce: (ha, apparently smokey plays guitar for Beck)
fred: haha
andy: really
andy: those english folk songs are full of fa la la, and ri hi ri ho
andy: etc.
mike: hmm... interesting.
andy: yep . . it's just 'dosido' stuff
mike: found a website that says "faldalaldalalda"
joyce: speaking of purty album covers, the packaging for lemon jelly's albums is pretty sweet
mike: but i trust andy's interpretation -- sounds more like what i'm hearing...
joyce: they're triptychs
andy: nice w for d's is so dumb happy
andy: it makes me wanna cry
joyce: hahah. or kick something
mike: hehee
fred: re:lemon jelly's track, i saw the one for this one ... their website has these pretty cute flash animations
andy: but not ducks
andy: do they have more than one album out?
andy: I remember the buzz about this one
fred: awwwwww
austin: yeah they have three
andy: and, of course, the lovely 60's muzak trumpet solo at the end
andy: ah - i gotsta be checking them more out
mike: yeah - the trumpet solo brings me back to star market in the '80s...
andy: it's very funny
fred: my fav part is when the trumpet or whatever comes in, followed by the other brass at the end
fred: haha
andy: yes - that's so fun
mike: fred, we must be just about in sync here. track 10 5:05
mike: :-)
andy: it doesn't sound like much of this is sampled - apart from the folky man
fred: heh i'm at 4:45
mike: totally unrelated: unfortunately, the name "poopsmith" is no longer available on AIM. :-(
fred: awwww
joyce: what did you guys think about ok go and simian?
andy: me too - i'm at 4:51
andy: loved ok go
fred: simian i wasn't into
joyce: (hey, i found a person to join by the way)
andy: simian . . .hmm
mike: loved ok go as well...
fred: ok go sounded a little generic modern rock to me
austin: ok go gets 5 stars
fred: but other than that it was good
joyce: what turned you off about simian?
austin: felt like there was something missing
mike: i would say that "skin" was too repetitive...
fred: mm
andy: me too, and that thin tinny sound is getting kinda old for me
mike: but then again, i loved the repetition of the "all the ducks..." bit...
fred: yeah, and i didn't like the chorus
fred: heh
joyce: interesting.
fred: i didn't like the "skiiiiiiiiiiiiin skiiiiiiiiiiiin skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin skiiiiiiiiiiin" chorus
joyce: hahah.
joyce: who would you consider to be better versions of them?
andy: and . . . it's not a very interesting song, I thought . . .despite but some nice blips and squoinks
andy: yes F - me neither
mike: i did like the supreme beings of leisure track... reminds me a bit of hooverphonic.
andy: blondie
mike: and maybe a little garbage...
austin: reminds me of alfie?
mike: ok, i hear some blondie...
andy: i like the s b's of p too
fred: i liked it too
andy: makes me feel ultra cool and killingly slender
fred: haha
joyce: hahah
fred: w/ snakeskin pants?
austin: funny you said that. just got done with the skin track and s b of p came on and i thought, i like this
andy: you bet
andy: I like the sampling though - how it pokes through the texture, then retreats
mike: snakeskin pants... i see it.
fred: mm
andy: vegetarian snakeskin natch
joyce: why snakeskin?
joyce: ah, there you go
mike: hehe'
andy: has anyone heard the new s b's of p cd?
fred: it's funny how if you're not listening closely to tracks like the supreme beings you miss all the details of how carefully put together it is
joyce: like?
fred: hey! there's a dirty word around 3:00 in that track!
fred: like do you hear the bongos underneath? it comes out of the texture every once in a while
austin: oh yeah!
andy: oh the 'same girl you fucked last night'
fred: !!
mike: oh right...
andy: it's scandalious
fred: oh my virgin ears!
andy: if she had a really killer voice they'd be way more listened to i think
joyce: hey so s b of l just released another album?
fred: i like the strings on that track
andy: yes joyce - about a month back
andy: haven't heard anything from it yet
fred: like right around 1:24 you can hear just two thumps on the bongos, even though it's going on underneath
andy: damn - my itunes tells me how much time is remaining - i have to keep doing math
fred: haha
fred: you prob. can change it
andy: yep - i'll see
fred: so joyce who are these simian people?
austin: you can click on the time to change it
joyce: i think they're a local band- for some reason i listened to them at the store and had to buy the album. but sadly, it's just been collecting dust for the past coupla weeks.
andy: ah - thanks austin :-)
fred: re: the supreme being girl's voice, it's not that it's bad, it's just not as ear catching as say, the EBTG or erasure or p5 people
fred: no obvious reason why
andy: yes - that's all i mean
andy: it's fine - just not unusual or different
fred: right
fred: but then on the surface the EBTG or p5 voices aren't that outstanding either
andy: ok - so the leftfield track really really annoys me
fred: i liked it
joyce: haha. why?
andy: at least until the very end
fred: i couldn't get into #3 though
andy: not sure why
austin: so this site says the simian are psychedelic pop experimentalists, with emphasis on mental
fred: what site?
mike: austin: heheh... great.
andy: I find it kind of fakey - the borrowed indian stuff
austin: allmusic
andy: and then it doesn't get hard enough
andy: not sure why it bugs me!
fred: i think #3 sounds more fakey than #4
joyce: wait, andy, the leftfield track?
andy: well - yes - I listened without the track listing at first - and I thought it was one long track
andy: yes
andy: odd huh - i should find the Thievery Corp more troubling!
andy: but that's just like so entirely ripped off that it seems ok
joyce: yeah... in terms of "authenticity" i'd probably have to give TC the boot
austin: yeah i agree
andy: I guess it's that TC recedes because it's a ripoff, but leftfield is almost (for me) more
andy: but not quite and i'm not sure why
joyce: but that the leftfield track seems to be misappropriating and masquerading as more authentic?
andy: no - it's not that i have any problerm with using other music
andy: I guess it's that the indian stuff in leftfield sounds . . . cheesy
fred: i think #4 is trying to take itself very seriously whereas #3 has a more fun jokey tone
andy: but i hated cornershop too
joyce: i thought 4 was more african?
andy: well - actually I suppose it is!
austin: hahaha
andy: um - 'afro-left' after all
fred: well we should start wrapping it up
fred: any parting shots?
mike: yeah, one more we didn't talk about -- #12...
joyce: like? no like-y?
mike: really like-y :-)
andy: only that this mix is growing on me
andy: and I do like royksopp
joyce: go scandanavians.
austin: just about to ask where they're from
mike: i've gotten a good education in electronic music from joyce & austin - thanks :-)
fred: yeah, that track is cool .... i like how they use this weird sort of wavery riff
andy: me too, and how it kind of dribbles down
joyce: it sounds like you're almost underwater
fred: heh yeah
andy: mmm :-)
fred: it almost makes you seasick
joyce: Torbjørn Brundtland Svein Berge
fred: haha
austin: the sounds like it's dripping everywhere
joyce: those are their names
fred: funny
fred: so has anyone found 2 people to invite to our happy band???
joyce: yep. i got one.
fred: no way! why didn't you say anything?
andy: if noone else has - i have one i can ask
joyce: i think he may be super emo though
fred: emo is cool
andy: that'd be cool
mike: joyce - i think that would be a great change.
fred: haha
mike: (addition, i mean)
joyce: haha
austin: nice
joyce: nice save there
fred: hahaha
mike: hehe
fred: did he def say yes?
joyce: yep
fred: cool
fred: can you make him copies of austin and winnie's mixes?
joyce: yep, not a problem
fred: so any other leads? andy?
andy: want me to ask?
andy: I will - he'll prob say yes
austin: i asked one person but she's not sure. most likely know
fred: does anyone else have anyone in mind?
fred: mike?
austin: i mean no
mike: i do not... not right now.
fred: ok
fred: well i guess we'll try to go w/ andy's then
andy: i'll ask this charlie then
fred: okee dok we'll try to figure out how to add more wymyn later ...
andy: yes
joyce: haha.
mike: in-deed.
fred: okee so we'll schedule the last chat from round 1 later ... maybe this sun night?
joyce: sounds good to me...
fred: or is next tuesday evening okay for everybody?
mike: i'm really not good on sundays :-(
andy: tuesday is good 4 me
andy: i agree mike
mike: tuesday is good.
fred: joyce?
austin: yup. tuesday is good
joyce: yep
andy: next tues?
fred: 10 again?
andy: yerp
mike: same time works 4 me.
joyce: okay
fred: okay sounds good
austin: cool
andy: copacetic
joyce: winnie will be back?
fred: then we'll prob. take a week off and then tackle winnie and then austin's
fred: yeah she's back on the 25th
mike: coolio.
fred: sun i think
joyce: danke.
fred: okee dok
fred: thanks for the mix joyce!
andy: nice mix joyce
joyce: no probs. danke.
andy: lots o' treats
mike: yes, great stuff joyce!
austin: see you guys next week. great mix joyce
joyce: glad you enjoyed.
mike: 'night
andy: ok bye all
fred: lata
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joyce: adios!
austin: lata playas
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