Fat is Flava
Group Mix
The Cover Story
Kicked off by Aman

So here’s the story: Austin’s mix included Tom Jobim’s tune “Aguas de
Marco (waters of march)” as performed by Jobim and Elis Regina. I once
spent a great deal of time downloading songs from the Internet, when
that was a wholesome activity, and that recording appeared on my heard
drive under the name Astrud Gilberto. After I listened to it and grew
to like it quite a bit I moved it to a folder marked “Not Astrud
Gilberto” (which contains many, many tunes). I never did bother to
follow up on who it really was. So thank you, Austin.

Now for this mix I’ve put two additional versions of “Aguas de Marco”
on the CD. The first is Rosa Passos, which was introduced to me through
another mixtape club. The second is a Cibo Matto recording from the
“Super Relax” EP. To follow those two covers, I included two covers of
The Doors’ ‘Light my Fire.” The first is (ostensibly) by Cibo Matto and
(perhaps) the Beastie Boys. The second, to bring this business full
circle, is a cover by Astrud Gilberto (verily).

So: to sum: “The Cover Story” should include contributions from y’all
that are covers. Required: alternate versions of the same tune.
Preferred: no originals. Fill up your 11 minutes any way you like, but
give us the background story on why you chose those particular covers.

Bonus points: covers done by a band you or a friend are in. minus
points: covers of standards, “Yesterday” or “Summertime.” Zero points:
punk-ska covers (unless they are particularly compelling).

Winnie added:
Season of the Witch - Donovan
#5: Hole
#6: Luna

Nelson added:
My Funny Valentine - Cole Porter
#7: Ella Fitzgerald
#8: Miles Davis

Carl added:
Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
#9: Michael Bolton
#10: The Remains

Andy added:
I’m a Believer – Neil Diamond
#11: The Monkees
#12: Robert Wyatt
Light my Fire – The Doors
#13: Zacharias

Fred added:
Landslide – Fleetwood Mac
#14: Dixie Chicks – Home
#15: Smashing Pumpkins – Pisces Iscariot
#16: Tori Amos – Tampa FL (8/4/1994)

Austin added:
Creep – Radiohead
#17: The Pretenders
#18: Bob Dylan
All Along the Watchtower – Bob Dylan
#19: Indigo Girls
#20: Jimi Hendrix

From fred
Date Wed, 5 Nov 2003 1:41 PM
Subject group mix #2 my comments

as winnie noted, i'd actually already done this type of thing for one of
my flava mixes. but i liked aman's twist, which was to do a song that
more than one person has covered, which made it considerably harder. i
tried to be sneaky at first and find different versions on kazaa of songs
that i only had one cover for, but that didn't really go anywhere.
options being limited, i pretty much was just down to joni mitchell's
river for which i had a version i really love of emily from the indigo
girls doing it solo (off of 1200 curfews) and a so-so version of tori
amos doing it live and two versions of fleetwood mac's landslide.
eventually i chose landslide b/c i liked the two versions i had. one was
billy corgan playing it solo off of pisces iscariot (a b-sides
compilation) and the other was a live one of tori from 1994 which still
gives me chills 7 (!) years from when i first heard it. tori's version
has special significance for me {awww) b/c it was the last song she
performed at the first show of hers i ever saw (and the first rock
concert i ever saw incidentally) and it completely bowled me over. i even
remember the lighting, it was this really serene blue ... anyway, i did a
kazaa search and came across two versions done by the dixie chicks. i
rather liked their version, despite being a little brassy, so i included
it as well. the other version was a "remix" by sheryl crow which was
decent ... it included a string section and was less twangy, but also
less distinctive overall.

that was a little long. have to say that i liked everyone's choices,
aman's first track being my fav so far.

From Carl
Date Thu, 6 Nov 2003 11:19 PM
Subject Re: [fatisflava] group mix #2 my comments

My song was "Like a Rolling Stone", written by Bob Dylan.

I was originally going to do Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" (nice
instrumental covers by Brad Meldahu and by some orchestra), but because
Aman's letter said "Extra points for bands with people you know", I had
to look around some more.

The Remains was a band headed up by my dad when he was 21 years old, at
BU. That's him singing. They recorded in 1964 or 65, and I remember
hearing it growing up. So needless to say, I'm extremely biased here. I
probably figured that my dad wrote this song, and even now Dylan's
version just doesn't sound right to me. Anyway, I like the dynamics in
the overall arrangement, and I love how the band is loud and sloppy,
but they still have their act together in the right places.

So I started with that version and went searching for another. I wanted
to go for the ultimate contrast. I went to iTunes and looked it up...
and lo and behold, there was this absolutely horrid, slickified Michael
Bolton version. I hated myself for buying it, but in my thinly veiled
continuing effort to project the family legacy in the best light, upon
all of you, I just had to do it.

But I have to give Bolton some credit here: He's a good singer, and you
can tell right away that he knows how to sell a ton of records. He had
the right hair at the right time and he knew how to hit the money
notes. But I have to laugh when I hear him sing this song (or, well,
any song) _because_ it's so expensive sounding, so shrink-wrapped and
produced. For "Like a Rolling Stone", this creates a bit of a
dichotomy. No longer is this song from the perspective of just another
hippie on the street (as both Dylan and The Remains convey)... instead,
it's told from the perspective of, uh, Michael Bolton.