flava group mix #1

fred: 7/31/03
originally andy i had bandied about ideas for the first group mix,
including "under the sea" and "alphabetical band names" ... andy
decided he didn't want to go first, so i rose to the occasion.
yesterday i got the great idea to do a group mix of depressing songs,
having just finished a biography of glenn gould (the canadian pianist).
after sitting down and listening to depressing songs, though, i quickly
discarded that idea. i reached for an alternative and the opposite of
depressing, i.e. happy came to mind, and then i thought it would be
cool to do funny songs b/c i wanted to put a dan emery song on a mix.

funny songs are good for a mix like this b/c they get old quickly so
they're usu not worth putting on a "real mix". i found that funny songs
are sort of hard to track down ... people tend to take themselves very
seriously. i mean, when was the last time radiohead or sarah mcg wrote
a funny song?

anyway, that's all i have to say ... enjoy ...

ongoing tracklisting (add your songs to this list!):
1 the sugarcubes . life's too good . f^^^ing in rhythm and sorrow
2 stone/parker . south park: bigger, longer & uncut (soundtrack) . what
would brian boitano do?
3 jonathan larson . rent (OBC) . voice mail #1
4 the dan emery mystery band . love and advertising . the girl in the
5 the smiths . the queen is dead . vicar in a tutu

andy: 8/2/03
this was much harder than I thought. I tried to avoid 'novelty'
records, but then there's not much left which is funny - only wry, dry,
or observational. no musicals, I thought, too easy a way out. so i
ended up with more old records, you'd think I hadn't left the 70's, my
next mix will have to be mo' po-mo. so grit your teeth through these;
it was fun to have an excuse to burn them in this disposable context.
#4 and #5 [actually 9 and 10] have a connection, one which is close to my

6 the beatles . abbey road . maxwell's silver hammer
7 meri wilson . telephone man
8 she's goin' bald . smiley smile . the beach boys
9 are you lonesome tonight (live) . elvis presley
10 jilted john . jilted john

austin: 8/6/03
I wanted more continuity in the mix, so I followed Andy's theme with my
first two tracks (british | 70s). Track 13 is there to literally switch
the mix to high gear, hence Track 14's more in-your-faceness. It's up
to you whether you follow the theme or not. Track 13 is also from a
fabulous movie. Check it!

11 Monty Python . Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
12. Barry White. Love's Theme
13. John Murphy & David Hughes . Zorba the Greek
14. Infesticons . Hero Theme

winnie: c. 3/6/04
15. mike myers . this poem sucks
16. the b. lee band . don't sit next to me just because i'm asian

i'd been wanting to make my own fat-is-funny mix for a while, and it
was an option for a two-cd mix, but then the group mix came along.
which is just as well, since i don't have all that many funny tracks. i
was going to put tmbg or dead-eye dick's "bitchin' camaro" on, but
those were too obvious. i'd just seen "so i married an axe murderer
again," and so i put the mike myers poem on as a tribute. and i've
ALWAYS wanted to put the b. lee band track on a mix, and this seemed
like the right time, right place. the b. lee band goes back to my ska
days in high school. the mastermind behind this group/album, mike
"bruce lee" park was the vocalist/saxophonist for skankin' pickle. and
yes, he is asian.

aman: 3/29/04
17 - bobby mcferrin - cosby show theme
18 - the simpsons - homer - it was a very good beer
19 - amon tobin & chris morris - bad sex
20 - mike flowers pops - wonderwall
21 - steve martin/bernadette peters - tonight you belong to me
22 - mystery victory song

Tough one! Seems like the funniest music is coming from other media...
film and television. I agree that it's no fun picking 'novelty' tracks.
17 just makes me smile. 18 is a great version of my favorite Sinatra
recording. 19 makes me smile... uncomfortably. 20 is definitely novelty,
but I truly like some of the Mike Flowers Pops' other stuff, not so much
with this song. 21 from a great film, truly funny. 22 please listen and
find out. Turn it up