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winnie: so, have we found anyone else?
fred: nope
fred: waah
fred: maybe they hated my mix
fred: those bastards
fred: heh
christian: who else are we looking for?
fred: carl and maggie i think
christian: ah ok
fred: but i guess we should just go ahead
christian: is there usually a format?
fred: for the chat? nah
fred: so opera anyone?
christian: gotcha
fred: winnie knows i was on an opera kick
andy: Fred did lots of research
fred: haha
christian: brb searching my apt for the track list
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carl: hey guys
carl: sorry I'm late
fred: the tracklisting is also online
fred: no prob we just started
fred: winnie's disappeared though
carl: and a little drunk.. oops.
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fred: haha
fred: so ... what was people's previous exposure to opera or not?
christian: i've been to a few
christian: barber or seville
christian: tosca
carl: not much
fred: really? so how did you react to the opera on this mix?
carl: I liked this mix tho
fred: cool
christian: i liked it i like opera quite a bit
carl: I though it was an interesting mix of classic vs. modern
fred: i tried to give a broad spectrum for the opera, although i didn't manage to get any german in there
fred: or english i suppose
andy: it also, oddly enough, flowed real well
fred: heh but the periods and styles are diff
fred: oh thanks
carl: christian-- I'm carl. I don't think we've met...
christian: i just listened to it the 1st time through without the track listings
christian: hi carl i'm christian
carl: cool
carl: nice to meet you
christian: nice to meet you
fred: haha
carl: virtually
christian: right
christian: although this way i can eat my dinner and not offend you :-)
fred: okay was there a particular track in general people liked or hated?
carl: exactly
andy: fred . . how did you order the tracks?
carl: I was never a fan of the moulin rouge song
andy: i'm a little tired of it too
christian: me neither
fred: well i did my usu formula of punchy stuff at the beginning, slower stuff in the middle, and then saving some zingers at the end
fred: heh i don't seem to get tired of it
andy: but it works in place well
fred: i can't say i listen to any of those people in general, but i like the idea of divas x 4
carl: x4?
fred: i think there are some details that are also really well done, like some of the harmonizing
andy: i thought some of the gospel was less . . . . big
fred: yeah it's 4 girls
carl: oh, right.
fred: big? how do you mean?
andy: less diva-y i guess
andy: less flamboyant, outrageous
fred: ah
christian: i wasn't to into the gospel but as andy was saying it's go a different feel
carl: interesting to hear that streisand. her doing opera
fred: opera? you mean musical theater?
carl: all the same to me. ;-)
fred: yeah i felt with the gospel it wasn't necessarily the flamboyance, but the huge voices they have
fred: so rich you know?
christian: true divas is not a misnomer here
carl: yeah
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fred: i dug up this quote let me find it
winnie: sorry
andy: marion williams is less of a gay icon, perhaps, than madonna
christian: that's why i was pernsonaly surprised by that version of moulin rouge
winnie: my net connection is fucked right now
fred: :-(
andy: are we allowed to say 'fucked' on prime time?
winnie: are there children present?
christian: LOL
winnie: i think i'm the youngest
christian: how old are you?
fred: here's the quote: Like blues women, gospel singers exhibit huge personalities, temperaments that combine a prima donna's caprice and a church mother's authority.
winnie: why were you personally surprised by the moulin rouge?
andy: no but i bet the FBI are checking us out
fred: Their singing is subtle and witty, charged with a shared history that can be intimated in nonverbal moans and casual asides.
christian: can you got to R rated movies if so i think you're cool
winnie: as opposed to the original voulez vouz couchez?
christian: yep
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christian: just because i'm not sure i would consider those ladies divas
fred: modern day divas
austin: hola
andy: divas for god
christian: heh i was going to say pop icons
winnie: well VH1 probably considers them divas
fred: i didn't want to include bitches like mariah carey and crap people like celine dion
carl: it's funny to hear the moulin rouge girls sing in french, too
winnie: is that enough?
andy: celine dijon
fred: HAHA
carl: because it has a sort of black american accent on it. at least, to me.
fred: it's supposed to be a la new orleans isn't it?
christian: creol right
christian: ?
fred: right
carl: or.... Baton Rouge?
winnie: i have to say, i didn't really like this cover before you put it on the mix
fred: good
winnie: but stripped of the over-the-top visuals in the video, it's interesting to hear each singer's individual style
winnie: and i find myself trying to identify them
winnie: christina's pretty damn good
fred: yeah and i love how each interjects these little bits
austin: which song we on?
fred: like "uh huh"s and "all right"s
winnie: in that way, i have to say i'm disappointed that you included crazy in love
winnie: i hate that track
winnie: the moulin rouge one
fred: that one was a little spontaneous
winnie: lady marmalade
fred: it's b/c i heard it at manray for the first time b/c i never listen to the radio and i liked dancing around to it at the time
winnie: i don't consider her a diva
winnie: she's a hack
fred: haha
fred: better than celine
carl: I thought for a minute that "You've got a friend" was the james taylor song of that name.
christian: lol
fred: it is that song
fred: just reworked
andy: oh no - beyonce is most definitely a diva
fred: i mean, she sports a 'fro in austin powers i think that's pretty diva-y
carl: reworked to be juxtaposed with "precious lord, take my hand"
fred: yeah
christian: ah ok so we get to an interesting question
fred: gospel reworks songs all the time
christian: fred what makes these ladies divas
christian: in your mind
andy: is it them, or is it us?
carl: this is definitely a sunday morning kind of mix, if you know what I mean
winnie: no, i don't, carl
fred: aretha also did a version of a rodgers & hammersten on that concert
winnie: how's that?
fred: song i mean
fred: oops hammerstein
carl: I mean it's the kind of thing I'd put on to get going on sunday morning. While I'm making scrambled eggs and bacon, reading the new york times magazine
fred: christian -- did you read the intro i sent an email out about the mix?
fred: you can find it on the flava page
andy: everybody heads to the flava page
fred: andy and i are curious about what you guys thought about the meu nom e gal song b/c when we first heard it it was w/ a video that was absolutely hilarious
christian: *blush* intro?
fred: heh
winnie: (tis true, andy, haha)
winnie: not into it
fred: http://sunday-in-the-park.com/flava/fred6-intro.html
winnie: i'd rather have girl from ipanema
andy: sadly it's true . . i played that track to a couple of people who hadn't seen the video
andy: . . . . . nothing . . . nothing at all
christian: sweet
fred: you didn't like that thing where she imitates the guitar at the end?
carl: Fred, that was the first time I heard it too
carl: when you played the video for us
winnie: it was okay once
fred: heh. no that's the pizz 5 track you're thinking of carl
winnie: more than that, eh
winnie: a bit grating on the ears
fred: i thought it was funny, but maybe that's b/c i can see this little girl with pink hair singing it
carl: hahaha.. sorry. can't concentrate. whiskey. I'm trying.... ;-)
andy: you mean the biug transvestite with pink hair
fred: heh yeah
winnie: i'm really glad you put the arias in
fred: which did you like?
winnie: or the more operatic tracks
fred: or not like?
winnie: sumi jo was awesome
fred: heh
fred: yeah she's pretty amazing
andy: yeah - that was an eye-opener
fred: you should borrow that cd from me it's pretty awesome all around
winnie: the bartoli was very melisma-y
andy: i'd thought sumi jo was so-so, but no
fred: yeah i'm not crazy about her voice but she can do some pretty amazing things as well
andy: no-no
fred: SJ's voice is a little on the thin side, but it's sooo flexible
winnie: #9, the sutherland track was pretty damn good too
christian: haha
fred: heh. cool i'm glad you liked them winnie
andy: she is awesome
fred: sutherland?
fred: she's scary
andy: a little spooky
andy: yeah
fred: heh heh
fred: she has this chin that could move mountains
winnie: is she the one that's orca-whale fat?
andy: scary, superhuman control
fred: lol
andy: no - she's skinny
winnie: oh
fred: no you're prob thinking deborah voight
winnie: oh yeah
andy: but with a huuuugggge lantern jaw
fred: she mostly does strauss and wagner
winnie: ew
fred: voight i mean or is it voght?
winnie: sounds like something out of seinfeld
andy: voight
fred: what about the leontyne winnie?
winnie: also quite good
winnie: i thought you picked some good ones
fred: heh cool
winnie: but the sumi jo one was soooo beautiful
fred: i'd thought about doing an all opera mix but i thought that'd be a bit much for newbies
fred: heh i'm glad you liked it winnie
andy: oldbies too i think
austin: yeah i found myself skipping the opera tracks
fred: i was hoping you'd appreciate the opera tracks
winnie: the streisand track was alright -- i actually like it -- but it's so, so gay
austin: sorry fred
fred: no prob austin
winnie: hope you don't mind me saying that
fred: haha
fred: no it's true
winnie: really, austin?
fred: some of the others were too
fred: like do straight men really appreciate madonna?
austin: it's kinda of interesting listening to opera out of context
carl: I wouldn't want to sit down and listen to a whole disc of opera music. That's why I'm glad you interspersed other things.
winnie: you have to start preparing for nibelung
fred: yeah
christian: yes
austin: you start following along and i found myself trying to anticipate what was coming next
christian: i like modnna -- and i'm not ashamed :-)
austin: but i was never on
austin: haha i like barbra steisand
fred: really??
christian: so carl ;-)
fred: in general or this track?
winnie: i'm surprised there's no bette on here
carl: Fred, how is it that you and I both put Streisand on our discs, independently?
winnie: hmm, carl
andy: I said the same winnie
austin: i was disappointed you didn't include patricia barber
fred: heh. i was going to bring that up. the song on your mix was so weird! but cool.
andy: you are both SO gay, that's why, clearly
winnie: i'd rather have bette than bahbah
fred: i only know broadway babs
fred: lol winnie
fred: who's PB austin?
andy: you ever hear the classical album by babs???
fred: no but i think we should listen to it andy
andy: it is hi-fuckin-larious
fred: maybe the conservatory has it
austin: http://www.patriciabarber.com/bio/index.html
austin: the only good white jazz vocalist
carl: I don't want to know.
winnie: or what about diana krall?
andy: about as persuasive as joan sutherland sings jay-z
fred: no no no i purposely avoided jazz
winnie: (can you believe she's with elvis costello?!)
winnie: oh
winnie: but she's sort of crossovery
fred: mm
andy: not a diva
christian: lol
fred: i wanted it to be more about rawer emotion
fred: palpable passion
austin: but there are so many divas in jazz. oh i remember your intro
fred: right
andy: yeah - where's sarah?
fred: who?
andy: sarah vaughn
andy: sp?
fred: no jazz!
andy: ha!
fred: okay some questions from me: did the bjork and the m cho stick out too much?
andy: actually i don't think jazz has many divas really
winnie: the bjork did
winnie: the cho did not, oddly
andy: i agree
winnie: maybe cos it was nonmusical
carl: yeah
fred: yeah but she has as distinctive a voice as a lot of the others too which is something i wanted to connect her w/
fred: i should've picked a diff song but oh well
winnie: i thought heather headley was whitney houston for like 2 weeks
fred: LOL
fred: hahahahaha
winnie: seriously
fred: i was thinking people would think that actually
carl: I like the idea that a non-singer could be a diva. But I don't think Cho is your girl.
fred: did you like the track?
fred: cho is a total diva! have you seen her movies?
andy: i think the bjork ting was purely stylistic
winnie: um, it was very whitney-y.
fred: heh
andy: it's so unlike anything else on here - that's why it stuck out
carl: no. just listening to her, I mean.
winnie: i thought cho was great, but you might have picked a different clip
carl: I've never been a cho fan
fred: i thought it was funny. heh
winnie: yes, but what does she say that's NOT funny
winnie: oh, you should check out her blog, by the way
winnie: if you haven't already
carl: heh
fred: well i didn't want to inc. stuff like the bit about getting her vagina hosed
fred: heh
carl: it's just not my kinda comedy
fred: yeah i have winnie
winnie: she is verbose
winnie: to say the least.
winnie: HAHAHA
winnie: that vagina hosing thing is soooo hilarious
winnie: i also thought it was interesting the way you ended the mix
fred: another question: did people think the j holliday track was too over the top? that was prob the most extreme in terms of raw passion
carl: I liked it
fred: it really sounds like she's going to combust or something
andy: i think divas are over the top - it's what we require of them . . .to live larger
andy: bigger egos, more shoes
fred: bigger hair
fred: more makeup
carl: it sounds like she passed out at the end
christian: pizzazz?
andy: yes - more, more
fred: heh yeah
winnie: holliday was one of my less favorite
andy: oh but it's so funny
winnie: there was a lot of talk of jesus on this mix
fred: i was thinking of the mix ending w/ the p5 track and that the j holliday track was like the encore
winnie: and not just from the gospel girls
fred: heh
fred: really?
andy: "i'm not waking up tomorrow (ahor ahor)"
andy: jennifer crax me up
carl: she's nuts
fred: esp. the "no no no no"s are so great
andy: cookoo
andy: yes!!
fred: andy showed me how she looks when she does that
fred: arms flailing
carl: haha
andy: but upper body immobile
andy: and head whipping from side to side
fred: that's the one he's going to lip sync
andy: hmm - next subject
austin: haha
andy: btw - did anyone see 'camp'
winnie: ?
fred: did people hear connections b/t the diff genres? the mellisma, etc.?
andy: there is a glorious version of this song in the movie
fred: heh yeah
carl: I should have seen that
winnie: yeah, i thought the tracks were pretty well connected by multiple things
fred: cool
winnie: it's funny, but i found myself paying special attention to lyrics this go-round
winnie: funny esp for me, eh?
andy: that's wild
fred: really? did you look at the page i put up?
fred: do you usu read the texts to operas?
andy: does anybody else love the judy garland as much as i do?
winnie: no, not for the operas
winnie: but everything else
winnie: yeah, judy garland's awesome
andy: i think it's one of the most tingly performances ever of anything
winnie: i spent most of christmas listening to her CD at the store
fred: lol
fred: you spent most of christmas in a store?
winnie: there's this hilarious tracks where she's totally drunk
winnie: yeah, selling pots & pans
fred: ohhh
fred: i thought you meant at hmv or something
austin: haha
winnie: i mean over a 4 week period
winnie: no
fred: on a listening station
winnie: nooooo
fred: heh
andy: ah - me too
winnie: but yeah, this CD is really funny, whatever it is
winnie: cos she sounds progressively more drunk as it goes on
fred: see that song is a good example. when jazz people do arlen they really suck out the passion from it, but when judy does it ... volcano
christian: heh
andy: it's just a wonderful performance
fred: i liked the way andy described her voice as "throbbing" with passion
andy: how she sings 'glitter' and 'bitter', all drunk on the 'tt's
andy: and how "away" just swells til her voice is going into overdrive - mm hmm
winnie: yeah, her voice sort of puts intoxication into music
fred: and like "the writing's on the wall" it's the same pitch, but she really makes it full of color, you know?
fred: i think a lot of the others do that too. like heather totally does that
winnie: in more ways than one
fred: and the gospel women really do that too
fred: each word gets colored
winnie: i dunno, whenever i heard the headley track, i pictured scenes from fuckin' "bodyguard"
fred: lol
andy: you know - that's a characteristic of all (most) of these tracks . . .a real use of words
fred: i'm curious about how people reacted to the songs in the middle, like #10 to #14
fred: like, did you have any visceral reaction to them?
andy: maybe that's why winnie was grabbed by the lyrics?
winnie: i recognized donna murphy right away
fred: cool. did you like it?
winnie: yeah
carl: speaking of body guard, why no whitney houston?
fred: are you just saying that?
winnie: but paritcularly b/c i've seen her perform live
winnie: um, no
fred: oh i don't know any whitney except for "the greatest love of all" and that bodyguard song
fred: but i'm def. up for listening to her
winnie: i feel like you'd be into her
carl: and iiiiiiiiiiiieeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..........
fred: i remember this pic she had where her hair was huuuge
fred: lol
winnie: hahahahaha
carl: that is the ultimate diva. but also the ultimate cheese
austin: haha
winnie: see, i don't really like the term 'diva'
winnie: unless it's applied to opera singers
winnie: i feel like it's misused
winnie: outside of opera
fred: you know how sometimes when you're depressed you put on music to make you more depressed? i feel like tr 10 through 14 are perfect for those
carl: I think of the Fifth Element
austin: what does it mean in opera?
winnie: hahaha
fred: no?
fred: btw, did anyone look at the lyrics i put up?
winnie: Etymology: Italian, literally, goddess, from Latin, feminine of divus divine, god -- more at DEITY: PRIMA DONNA 1
fred: heh
fred: and did anyone like the gospel tracks?
carl: yes
andy: i did
winnie: and to me, yes, that's what opera divas are: untouchable
winnie: god-like in their capabilities
winnie: and their huge (oftentimes literally & physically) presence
christian: i had a boss that was really into gospel and sort beat it to death i have to say no
fred: i felt like these people were. some of them had technique and others just had amazing one of a kind voices
christian: :-(
fred: s'ok
winnie: i thought the gospel tracks were okay
fred: and i think w/ all of them their personalities come through
winnie: but i'd rather have some donna summer
fred: really? i think gospel is kind of close to the blues in terms of the ambience
fred: i mean slow gospel anyway
fred: i'm also particularly interested to hear what people thought of the audra track
winnie: eh
fred: didn't like the voice or the song?
fred: allo? allo?
andy: well - i like it
fred: hm i think this is the sign to wrap this up
winnie: the song
andy: ilke how she throws herself into the song
winnie: well i didn't dislike it
winnie: but it wasn't a high point
winnie: good mix fred
fred: thanks
winnie: thumbs up
christian: yes
christian: !
fred: heh thank yer
winnie: i hope people who aren't so into opera give those tracks more of a chance
andy: a most versatile mix
austin: ear opener for me
christian: i listen to for the opera :-)
winnie: and pretty cohesive
andy: and of course - P5 is divine
andy: baby baby
fred: heh thanks
fred: i'm looking forward to winnie and christian's mixes which are coming up ... and maggie's even though she dissed my mix
austin: and yeah. lots of tracks i want to dig deeper
andy: i lov ehow she sings that ;-0
fred: heh i thought you were saying that to me ;-)
andy: uh, no . .
andy: ahem
fred: so austin and andy i guess one of you should go in feb and one in march
andy: sure - austin - which do you prefer?
fred: oh and which is better for the next chat next wed or the tues after?
austin: no preference
austin: i went last last time
carl: whatever
winnie: wed i think
austin: i'll go in feb then
andy: ok - march me
austin: coolcool
fred: i kind of prefer next week too b/c andy are going out of town the following week
fred: i have to say carl that i love hearing a record on my cd player
fred: i mean the sound of the record playing
christian: i'm open as long as i know ahead of time'
fred: how did you record that?
carl: thanks
andy: oh me too - it's so comforting
winnie: okay i gotta hit it
winnie: i'll see you guys next week
fred: lata winnie
winnie: same bat time
carl: we just did it straight off the turntable, at my brother's house.
andy: by la win
winnie: same bat place
winnie has left the room.
fred: what kind of mic did you use?
carl: it's this thing called the iMic
carl: for the mac
austin: that's ghetto
austin: i like
carl: it comes with software called "final vinyl"
fred: really? it came out really well
carl: that makes aiff files
christian: yeah all on vnyl?
carl: yeah
christian: wow
fred: austin you like what?
carl: well, we'll talk about it soon
fred: so carl you didn't have an output from your record player or anything?
carl: just from the receiver
carl: to the mac
austin: how carl used technology so ghettoly
fred: the receiver? i'm confused. do you mean the speakers?
carl: vinyl sounds so damn good
austin: so did you stick the mic near the needle?
carl: no.. it's an RCA cable from the receiver into the iMic
austin: oh so you plugged it in
fred: ah right so it -is- a direct connection
christian: yeah i'm think of getting a record player actually
carl: yeah, just plug it in
fred: cool
andy: hey - we're squandering our carl's chat questions
fred: yeah i thought it sounded too good for it to be just miced off of the speaker
andy: miced?
carl: yeah. we've gone from records to tapes to CDs to ringtones. It has only gotten worse...
fred: mic-ed
austin: haha
carl: ok, bye y'all
fred: heh okay well thanks for listening and you others start making mixes!
carl: thanks fred
austin: thanks fred
fred: thanks for listening
andy: ditto
christian: yeah thanks
fred: laterrrr
andy: next week
christian: cya
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austin: till then
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