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fred: hey
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austin: yoyo
fred: whaddup
fred: haven't heard from aman
austin: lauryn hill. i'm feelin it. oh yeah
fred: heh
winnie: is it pouring up there too?
austin: yeah. t-storms
winnie: it's been cats n dogs here
austin: hey i thought you were going to come to the beaches this week
austin: or as ali would say. like piss
fred: hm i guess we should just wait a couple more minutes
fred: btw anyone know of any females we can add to the group?
andy: angelina jolie perhaps?
winnie: oh yeah. sorry
winnie: we decided we were too poor
austin: for the beach?
winnie: i guess i figured you'd figure that out when we didn't show up
winnie: to come to boston
winnie: (b/c really, if we came, it would entail all kinds of eating and drinking and general merry-making)
winnie: (so instead we did that here)
winnie: you wouldn't believe all the stuff i ate last week
winnie: i gained 5 lbs
winnie: hmm. females.
austin: haha. are you being serious?
winnie: yeah
austin: i had 6 krispy kremes in two days
winnie: yeah, but i had pulled pork sandwiches, corn bread, mac 'n' cheese
winnie: for lunch one day
fred: you guys are funny
winnie: polenta and pork chops and blueberry sauce
austin: damn girl. you fat
fred: well i guess we should just get to it
winnie: hahaha
fred: so did you guys do your homework ;-)
winnie: yeah. more or less. or lesser.
austin: yes sir
fred: okay who wants to go first?
winnie: why haven't you posted my tracklisting yet?
fred: oh sorry winnie i will asap
austin: just a question. did you intend for the songs to come in pairs?
fred: um no
fred: heh
austin: i felt like 2,3; 4,5; 7,8 for example, were pairs
fred: heh
fred: yeah that was me trying to make it flow
winnie: 4 & 5?
fred: 13 and 14 also
winnie: 13 reminds me so much of tori
winnie: old tori, that is
fred: okay well i guess i'll start by saying that even though most of you prob didn't listen to the 3rd eye blind song i love the "doot doot doo" ... it makes me want to drive around on a sunny day w/ the windows open ...
austin: and madonna
fred: even though it would make everyone else think i'm a teenybopper
fred: #13 reminded me much more of sarah mcg
winnie: the doot doot doo makes me want to barf
fred: haha
fred: i like it
austin: well i didn't realise it was third eye blind until i looked at the listing
winnie: what?!
winnie: you know that track, right? or knew it already, right?
austin: no...
fred: i also like how in that song he sings sort of in this talking sort of style, and through the whole last half of the song he's singing on diff pitches and it's a really unique melody imho
fred: it feels really free to me
winnie: whoah. well that's probably a good thing [austin]
fred: what'd you think of it austin?
austin: i actually liked it. i assume their stuff isn't normally like this. reminded me of better than ezra
austin: don't kill me winnie
winnie: hahaha
winnie: no, i think their shit is usually like this.
winnie: notice the use of "shit".
fred: haha
austin: yes i notices
winnie: (hahaha)
fred: i think this is their best song
winnie: it all sounds the same!
fred: i gave in and bought their cd for 4.50 ... it's still in rotation
winnie: wow.
winnie: okay.
fred: i really like the song!
fred: anyway ... moving on
winnie: okay!
winnie: right.
winnie: my favorite hook:
winnie: #9. the cake track.
austin: haha i really liked the guitar in that one
fred: yeah
austin: i guess i'll pick a different track now
fred: the opening riff sounds really um
winnie: i think it's okay if we like the same hook/track.
fred: unique
winnie: i like it starting from the bridge
austin: is it ok if we like third eye blind?
fred: maybe b/c it's not chord based
winnie: it makes me want to bop my head a little
andy: the cake has a hook?
winnie: no, that's not so okay
andy: I don't hear a hook
winnie: but you're too far away to kill
winnie: really?
fred: winnie you're hilarious
fred: angry little taiwanese girl
winnie: i know. it comes naturally.
andy: not a hook like 'doot doot doot' anyway !
winnie: maybe it's my indigestion.
andy: gotta say the Cake leaves me coid
andy: cold
andy: cold cake
winnie: i count the "meanwhile ... " part is hook-y
fred: you mean the you like the "and there's nothing i can say to you"?
winnie: hooker-y?
andy: yeah, - well - it's the chorus I guess
fred: i like the four bars right before the 2nd verse too
winnie: no. i like the "meanwhile blahblah"
andy: oh right
fred: isn't that the chorus?
andy: I just think it's kind of a drab song
fred: actually it's the 2 bars right before the 2nd verse
fred: you should listen to it i think it's cool
fred: i think the song is nicely orchestrated
winnie: i dunno -- not drab to me so much as laid-back
fred: there are lots of little bits to it
austin: the guitar at 1:08 is a nice bit
winnie: like they're recording from a recliner
fred: it's very active
fred: i see the laid-back but i like how there's so much activity
fred: it has drive
winnie: yeah, i find that most of their tracks are pretty well-orchestrated like that
winnie: there's a fullness
andy: the sounds are all so cheezy though
andy: very tinny old analog synthy
andy: hmm
fred: i like it in this song but i wouldn't want to listen to a whole album full
andy: i guess if I loved the song that wouldn't matter to me
winnie: really? i find them more funk-inflected
winnie: or generally
winnie: perhaps not this track
andy: funk - ooh
fred: funk? i didn't think about that ...
andy: james brown will turn in his grave when he gets there
fred: they seem almost nerd rocky but not quite
austin: haha
winnie: esp when you take into account their other stuff
andy: yes - nerd not funk
fred: i think b/c the guy's voice really reminds me of the tmbg guy i think
andy: is their other stuff diff rom this?
winnie: really?
andy: I don't know them
winnie: just b/c he's nasal?
fred: they're both ... yeah nasal
andy: yes - the whole track reminds me of tmbg
fred: andy: i think most of their stuff is like this but less interesting
andy: who i like, kind of
winnie: i think he sounds alot less nerdy than john
fred: i agree
austin: time out: who's tmgb
winnie: i think their stuff is generally more upbeat
fred: well maybe not a lot i dunno
winnie: tmbg
winnie: they might be giants
fred: oops
fred: heh
austin: gotcha
andy: are they cake in cake and sea or is that entirely different?
fred: uh no
fred: that's completely diff
winnie: no no no
fred: aren't cake and sea sort of like the rachels?
andy: so cake and sea isn't a 'supergroup' - rats
winnie: sea and cake
winnie: (eek)
fred: hahahaha
andy: oh sea and cake!!
fred: supergroup? that would be cool
andy: oops
austin: haha
fred: okay andy your turn
winnie: sea and cake can be grouped with belle & sebastian, i think
andy: ok - I like . . . .
fred: really? i thought they were less indie
winnie: but more quiet
winnie: what?!!!
winnie: more indie
fred: hmm
winnie: less twee
fred: okay
fred: don't really know them
austin: f: hey side question. where do you find all these snippets of sounds
winnie: download "jacking the ball"
fred: the commercials?
andy: if only belle would record with cake
austin: yeah
austin: also from films
fred: got them from a tape andy had
andy: belle and cake v. sebastian and sea
winnie: or sea with sebastian
winnie: then they could be seabastian!!!
winnie: hahaha
andy: hehe
austin: hahah
fred: got the film stuff from sources online or recorded them from my dvd/vcr player through my computer
austin: djs do that all the time
fred: yeah i like how hip hop people collaborate so much
winnie: fredly, where'd you find the cousteau track?
austin: way out west is nick warren with a bunch. then there's sasha and digweed
fred: other people should do that much more
winnie: i was actually going to put it on a mix eventually
fred: really??
fred: i didn't know people really listened to them
winnie: i dunno. while i like the little snippets on your mixes i don't like to put them in my own mixes
winnie: i would get really sick of them after a while
andy: fred is mister snippets
andy: they seem to fit in his mixes i think
winnie: who? cousteau or the snippets?
winnie: yeah. i think they would break up my flow needlessly
andy: the snippets
andy: me too - it's a gift!
winnie: fred, your mixes seem, as you've mentioned before, partitioned anyhow
fred: i meant listened to cousteau. wait ... w: did you hear of them before my mix? i heard of them b/c of an article in the nytimes
andy: so . . yesterday I loved everything on this mix, without exception
winnie: really?
fred: haha
fred: but today ...
winnie: yeah, i have them on this compilation i bought in france
fred: oh crazy
fred: that's funny
winnie: which i got in february
andy: but today I'm kinda done with most of it again - what's that about?
fred: i find that happens to me too
fred: except w/ most mixes i've made b/c i like the songs most of the time
winnie: it's a good thing you have so many other mixes to listen to
winnie: haha. same.
andy: yes!!
andy: I thought the Plumb song was great yesterday
fred: yeah i read a review in the times and thought they sounded interesting ... they turned out to be much less unique than the review made out
andy: but now . . . I really don't like it
winnie: i thought it was great half an hour ago
fred: haha
andy: maybe this proves Fred's thesis
winnie: that...?
andy: these are all lucky one-offs
fred: yeah it depends on your wussiness tolerance level
andy: no legs
austin: haha
fred: haha
winnie: again, i think there are better plumb tracks
andy: really? I was just listening to something pretty good - a bit rockier, yes?
winnie: yeah
winnie: less melancholy anyway
winnie: i'll have to ask joyce what it is
andy: yes
winnie: what's your track called?
fred: i think some of these songs are poppy so they don't have much substance, but some of them are good but they just don't quite resonate for long, for no particular reason
andy: it was on her website, Winnie - can't remember what it was now
winnie: oh, i mentioned this to andy & fred already, but austin, i dunno if you know this, but plumb is a christian group apparently. if that matters at all.
fred: a good song is really an unpredictable thing ... everything just gels
winnie: i thought it was interesting when i found out
andy: Pop has substance!!!
winnie: or that's what joyce told me
fred: delirious is christian also
andy: you gots to be mo' po-mo
fred: so are cousteau totally french?
winnie: yeah. they seem like they might be.
austin: interesting. never knew
winnie: kidding
winnie: only kidding
winnie: no...
fred: haha
winnie: they're on this indie rock mix
andy: cousteau are french?
fred: oh they're not?
andy: oh oh oh
winnie: it's not a french mix
fred: heh okay
andy: we're missing the excellent tahiti 80
winnie: yes yes
winnie: i like that one quite a bit
andy: who I liked so much that I went and bought both their cd's
austin: yeah like them beaucoup
winnie: incidentally, they were kind of big in france
winnie: at the time
fred: yeah me too
winnie: and i was going to buy that album as well
andy: what is '80' in french?
fred: they're sort of like p5 but i don't like them quite as much
fred: they really have a nice sunny sound though
austin: 4 twenties
andy: oh thanks, big time
winnie: quatre-vingt
andy: ah
andy: so it's 'tahiti quatre-vingt'
andy: sounds better
winnie: except i don't think they're french either
fred: the "oh whoo whoo whoo ooh" is great too
andy: yes they are
austin: yeah they are
fred: no, they're frenche
fred: oops french
fred: heh
andy: from Rouen
winnie: really? i like tahiti 80?
winnie: what? really? that's crazy!
winnie: they have excellent english
austin: big UK influence apparently
fred: mm
winnie: yes. very brit poppy
fred: french music is TAKING OVER
winnie: but i guess much of the track is one- or two-syllable words
andy: yep - the first cd has a tribute to Ray Davies song
fred: hey winnie what'd you think of booger's super? any good?
winnie: and woooooooooooooooooo
austin: they have a nice sound. i'd dig them more if they had a more mature sound
winnie: huh?
winnie: which one?
fred: yeah i'm curious about their second cd -- haven't heard it yet
andy: likewise
fred: super -- don't you have it? you have 2 of his cds right?
winnie: oooh booger
winnie: yeah
winnie: it's okay. pretty good, even
fred: i actually liked the rest of tahiti's first album more than this track ... it's more laid back i think
winnie: but definitely a couple notches below the other one
andy: the tahiti guy siunds kind of booger-ish, don't you think
fred: w: i'll have to borrow it from you
fred: yeah i think so too
winnie: yes he does
winnie: maybe they're just using french recording equipment
fred: i like the little bits of vibraphone or whatever on summer holiday
austin: haha
andy: oh I just got to really like the porcupine tree track again
andy: well - the end
fred: there's about eight of the v's notes, but they're so perfectly placed
andy: summer holiday is the tits
winnie: which makes them all sounds like tallish, windswept, slightly effeminate model-types
fred: i like the key change in this song too
andy: david hockney has saved an english newspaper headline for many years, it says "Boy Hangs On To Cliff All night"
andy: i like that
fred: heh
andy: you should all rent Summer Holiday, the movie
fred: or borrow it from andy
winnie: that should be a band name
andy: better plan
andy: yes!
fred: what? borrow it from andy?
andy: oh - it's actually a killer name
winnie: wait, which?
winnie: i was talking about "boy hands on to cliff all night"
fred: heh
andy: you know, ugh - this Plumb sounds like sarah McG and that gang now
winnie: oops, hangs
fred: a little long
andy: kinda wussy
fred: yeah
winnie: no longer than
winnie: ... and you will know us by the trail of dead
winnie: (and they don't even use ellipses!)
andy: that is a great name too
fred: ooookay ...
winnie: i really don't like the alice deejay song
fred: i like how in the juliana song the instrumentation is really sparse
andy: as is - what's the hail to thee black president type name thing?
winnie: it immediately conjures up images of a crappy club
andy: no no no
winnie: with gross little teenyboppers doing their gross little grinding while wearing their gross almost-nothings
fred: hahaha
andy: a great club full of naked boys and drugs
fred: heh yeah!
fred: what was this about a black president?
winnie: right. my alternative would be: gay anthem.
andy: i like the alice dj thing - it's so . . unadulterated
fred: it's sooo cheese
fred: catfoo said she saw them opening for someone at the paradise or something and that it was these three girls that looked like robots
winnie: unabashedly unapologetic
fred: oops i meant cheesy
winnie: ew
andy: i bet . . there are three of them?
andy: cloned?
fred: heh
fred: something like that
winnie: i thought it was a man.
winnie: who just pushed buttons on his imac
andy: eek - probably not a live band, huh?
fred: haha
fred: no way
fred: alice deejay unplugged!!!!!
winnie: i know, i know, i'm just kidding
austin: hahaha i thought it was a computer program
winnie: that's what all the damn electronica shows i've seen have been like
fred: mm
austin: you can play the whole song with one hand
winnie: or even one finger if you can't be bothered to learn to type
andy: but simple doesn't mean bad
fred: yeah i sort of like how it's so unorchestrated
andy: what about all of doowop, punk, blues, early rock'n'roll
austin: yes. actually there was this tv show in england called faking it
winnie: no, certainly not
andy: what was faking it?
andy: sounds meaty
austin: and they gave this cellist a week to learn to dj
fred: heh
andy: oh jeez
winnie: i guess it's this synth loop
austin: and then matched her up against two other legit djs
winnie: oh jesus
andy: how about giving a dj a week to learn to play cello
austin: and put them in front of paul van dyk
winnie: yeah, for reals
fred: hey i heard about this show!
austin: and she won
andy: eek
winnie: whatsit called?
fred: from sheila andy!
winnie: ahahahaa
andy: rilly?
fred: yeah it's the show where they took a construction worker and made him a fashion designer!
andy: we have a reality show deconstruction friend
austin: yup. i guess she practiced her set over and over again. but they picked her
fred: i mean an interior decorator
andy: oh yes!
austin: really?
andy: oh baby - i love love this Janet song
fred: aust: yeah, i think he won too
winnie: (did you guys watch "the restaurant"?)
austin: yeah i did
fred: yeah so what'd you guys think of the rest of the tracks in that section?
winnie: i'm surprised that this is your one hit, fred
fred: i had to fit in my little dance section b/c i don't have enough to make a dance mix
winnie: but i guess i have sentimental favorites when it comes to janet
andy: me too, but she keepos the standard up
andy: well - - jimmy jam and terry lewis keep the standard up
winnie: she does, actually
fred: yeah i'm not a huge fan of hers, but i always liked hearing this song at manray
fred: which is closing btw
winnie: she wouldn't ever be on my one hit list
andy: all my girls at the party, look at that body
winnie: b/c i actually like a big handful of tracks
fred: yeah actually i like her better than just one hit, but i felt this song was sort of funky
andy: she has no voice, but i saw her a couple of years back
winnie: same w/ the michael jackson track
fred: plus andy likes singing this song to me haha
winnie: i prefer others much more
andy: and it was easily one of the greatest live shows i've ever seen
winnie: hahaha
winnie: i'm sure! she's a great entertainer, no?
andy: than you fred
andy: thank
winnie: i love this abba track
andy: yep - and she has an army of dancers, musicians, and sets galore
winnie: (sorry, i just left the dance section. but i'll dance to abba any day)
andy: so it's not really all her
fred: i'd like to see her someday
fred: heh
fred: maybe we'll just rent a video heh
austin: i prefer dancing queen, but then again, i never listened to abba. only danced to
andy: i was seriously considering flying off to catch another date on the same tour
winnie: but i also just saw "muriel's wedding"
fred: i -hate- dancing queen
andy: it was so splendido
fred: w: for the first time?
winnie: dude, you should put MW on your netflix queue
andy: you don't
winnie: yup
fred: didn't really like it
andy: nobody could
fred: it was okay
winnie: really? i love dancing queen!
andy: no, no, you're just saying that
fred: echhhhhhhhhhhh
andy: accept it fred
andy: you LOVE dancing queen
austin: haha
austin: have you danced to it?
austin: done that thing with your arms?
winnie: also love 'take a chance on me'
fred: they play it at manray all the time and it makes me want to puke
andy: in costume
fred: so what about bette midler?
winnie: and thank you for the music
winnie: blech!
andy: she is a goddess
winnie: i hate this one
winnie: i love her
fred: this is another manray track
andy: it's so fuckin funny tho
winnie: but mostly in 'beaches' mode
fred: hahaha
winnie: it's way way too camp for me
winnie: like in an unironic way
fred: angry asian girl gets weepy watching beaches? haha
fred: camp can be fun
andy: well - it is mondo homo
andy: maybe too much . . but that's bette
fred: this song was made for the drag queens
winnie: beaches is like my entire elementary school experience
fred: lol
fred: thats hilarious!!!!
winnie: or at least grades 1-4
andy: that's bette, barbra, cher. madge. janet. whitney
andy: isn't beaches the wind under my wings vehicle?
andy: yecch
winnie: yup
andy: ugh
fred: i also like how this song came out of nowhere and catapulted bette into the club charts
fred: i like the little "doodly doot do doo" bits from the intro
andy: why this Michael J track, fred?
fred: i like the spoken bits too heh
andy: i mean - I like it, but there's so many to choose from
fred: i actually don't know that many michael jackson songsn
fred: oops
winnie: what's w/ you and doots?
fred: of the ones i know this is the one i liked the best
fred: doots = good hooks
austin: kick ass video too
winnie: ah
andy: can't go wrong with a doot
winnie: i like "thriller"
winnie: "billie jean"
fred: actually i watched the video also and it wasn't so interesting
winnie: and "black & white" reminds me of 6th grade
winnie: black or white, i mean
fred: i mean it's a classic, but i think other dance sequences in other videos have been better
fred: like rhythm nation or whatever
fred: hey we should rent janet jackson's music videos
austin: or both jacksons
winnie: man in the mirror kicks ass
andy: yay
andy: oh - it's a great song
fred: well it's nearing the witching hour ... final thoughts?
winnie: and don't stop til you get enough is a great one fer gettin down
andy: love this disposable stuff, F
winnie: (tho the vid SUCKS)
fred: haha
austin: i owe you a couple bucks
winnie: ?
andy: truly a pop mix
winnie: i very much enjoyed this one
fred: i wouldn't say disposable
winnie: enjoyable, andy!
austin: he bet me that i'd never heard of three artists from the mix
winnie: ah
andy: well - I keep disposable
austin: all good ones though
fred: really winnie? good, i wasn't sure people would like the hodgepodge
fred: haha austin
winnie: except for third eye deaf. er, blind
fred: heh heh
winnie: it's a fun one
fred: okee dok
fred: so andy's will be up the week after next then
austin: tahiti quartre- vingt. consteau, breeders
fred: you didn't know the breeders??
winnie: oh yeah, the breeders track rocks
andy: astronaut wife is a treat too
winnie: didn't you go to the show w/ me austin?
andy: did you hear their last cd?
austin: no
fred: yeah if you guys ever hear more from some of these more random people (e.g. astronaut wife) let me know how it was
andy: any good?
winnie: oh yes yes
winnie: kim deal is such a fucking bitch. it's fantastic
andy: kind of got buried quickly
andy: she's dangerous
fred: the last cd got good press
winnie: yeah. but only in a faded old drunk kinda way now
winnie: it's very good
andy: yeah - but no one seemed very interested
winnie: the show was great
andy: i9'll check it ooot
winnie: i would def recommend seeing them live
winnie: okay
andy: yes!
winnie: nice talkin to y'all
andy: ok - nighty night
winnie: nighty night
winnie: hey
austin: ok nice chatio
winnie: i said it first
andy: haha
fred: later kiddos
winnie: though i didn't type it
andy: no me
winnie has left the room.
andy: arrividerchi Roma
austin: till next week
austin: thanks f
fred: ciao
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