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tom has entered the room.
tom: wheehoo
fred: hey hey
austin has entered the room.
austin: hey people
tom: hullo.
fred: hey hey
fred: we might have to wait a bit to see if mike shows up
fred: i give him five miutes or so
fred: oops
fred: minutes
austin: where's winnie and andy?
fred: winnie's not going to be able to come b/c of andy ... i'm going to find andy right now
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austin: hi andy
austin: so you didn't enjoy rouge?
fred: nah
andy: well - the meateaters were ok
fred: but went to 2 really good places this weekend
andy: but that insulting ' vegetarian platter' lie
austin: that's plenty for one weekend
andy: yurp
fred: diva in davis sq and dok bua in allston? brighton?
fred: both asian heh
andy: god bless dok bua
fred: i guess we should just go ahead and get started
austin: i had wang's. never failed me
austin: yup
fred: i feel like i haven't listened to this mix in a while
fred: i guess it's been a month and a half or so since i sent it out
andy: likerwiser
austin: thanks for the postcard. it was my cd over spring break
fred: hmm
tom: I did give it some good, hard listens when it did arrive, although I have to admit that it's been a while.
fred: postcard?
austin: yeah you stuck an acela postcard in there
austin: guess it has been a long time
fred: oh. heh
fred: sooooo ...
tom: Did you have any questions for us Fred?
fred: well in most cases did you prefer one version over the other?
fred: also, were there cases where you felt like the two versions weren't that diff?
tom: Let me see....
andy: generally I preferred the more 'arranged'
andy: but that's me - if 'lo-fi' winnie were here she'd say diff
tom: I agree that the more arranged, the better.
andy: however - the more stripped away the more . . . informative about the artist, or sumpin'
austin: i don't know why, i tend to prefer the less arrnaged kind
andy: lo-fi austin
tom: I have a comment as regards to repetition ....
fred: i really like the bare bones versions but i like the arranged versions too
andy: actually - there's only a few takes which fit that criterion I guess
austin: andy: i don't mean i'm a lo-fi addict though
fred: i like the "song distilled to its essence"
tom: I also have to admit that I'd have preferred more divergent renditions.
tom: I am having trouble here
tom: Sorry.
austin: there's a trend nowadays to under-produce things
andy: me too - noo interface, dang it
fred: really? i tried to have as diff versions as possible, but i guess since i know the songs so well it sounds more diff to me
andy: it's hard in this time of remixes anyway
tom: (1) I like overprodued things. (2) Your original idea of an alternate album might be neater for next time.
andy: we expect 'versions' to be considerably different from the original
tom: Alternate albums sound like a lot of fun.
fred: heh
fred: apparently bjork is putting out live versions of all of her albums
fred: she's so weird
austin: all of them?
fred: yeah i think so
tom: Umm, I might buy that.
austin: all of them?
austin: haha sorry
andy: how about a new album instead, baby
andy: enough of these bjork retreads
fred: she's working on a new album also. anyway, winnie made a mix that was similar in concept to mine but it was interesting b/c it ended up being really old music
fred: really old as in stuff she listened to in high school mostly
fred: now that she listens to so much indie stuff i imagine she had a hard time thinking of indie covers
austin: why was that?
fred: there prob aren't that many
tom: There are enough.
andy: it was the lamest mix I've ever heard from winnie
fred: she had yo la tengo/mary lou lord's versions of speeding motorcycle, but i can't think offhand of many more covers of indie songs
andy: I think the need for covers rulled
andy: ruled
fred: the need for covers?
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andy: but - fred . . . what is it about reinterpretations that engages you?
andy: cover versions I mean
fred: i'm all about variations on a theme. i love dumb things like the little mermaid 2 b/c i like to see how the same elements get used in a diff way
fred: i like comparing diff versions, like a movie version of a book
fred: or a sequel
andy: I like that too, but i get wedded to the first version I heard
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andy: or saw, or read
fred: i disagree
fred: i think they play off each other
andy: and then, fight as I may - it becomes my touchstone . . .the definitive version
tom: Can't that get over-entangled?
fred: i didn't know the orig of the lloyd cole song or the bjork song but i enjoy both
andy: oh right - but that means that the tori IS your definitive vrsion, no?
andy: it's not who did it first, for me, it's the one I heard first
tom: What if you despised it the first time?
andy: hmm
andy: well - then it needs serious plastic surgery
fred: not necessarily. well, i def find that when i see a movie version of a book that i think about the characters in the book w/ the actors, or similarly when i reread a play after having seen a production but i don't let it completely
fred: oops
fred: effect the way i read the book or play
fred: so w/ the music, once i get to know one version and then another really well, i have both versions in the back of my mind whenever i hear either of them
andy: same, but it's an interesting place to be
austin: interesting. do you remember different things about each of them?
fred: but andy -- you tend not to be interested in things like that, like which is the definitive interpretation of beethoven's 5th symphony or whatever
andy: and i wonder how differently I'd feel if I heard them in reverse order
andy: right - right, that's true
austin: i doubt pop suffers from the same problems as classical music does in terms of interpretation
fred: it's like people who collect bootlegs .... they end up w/ 1000 versions of the same song, but they'll still be able to tell you which one of them is your favorite
fred: oops i mean their fav
fred: problems? i don't think it's a problem i think it's so illuminating
andy: austin - I think the degree of interpretation available in pop is much greater than in 'classical' music
fred: what??
fred: please explain!
andy: who
fred: you
fred: oh i see what you mean
fred: b/c you can change instrumentation, the gender of the singer, the chords even
andy: in classical music the score is a constant, so interpretation is within some very specific parameters
austin: i guess you have a lot more freedom in your interpretation
austin: right
andy: whereas there are billions of ways of redoing a gershwin song
andy: or a bjork song
andy: because all we need is a general outline; chordal, melodic, lyric-based; and we accept it as THAT song
fred: i was thinking, w/ classical music you have so much more to work w/, more emotional (although that's debatable), and b/c it's gen longer you have more weight on pacing and phrasing
andy: yes - all that's true
fred: not even chordal all the time, andy, sometimes just melody and lyric, as in remixes
andy: hmm - so in some ways it's less loose
andy: yes - or even none of that
andy: rremeber those madonna remixes I put on my first cd thingy
austin: but covers can lose all ties to the original due to the freedom. techno remixes often do
andy: there's virtually nothing left of the original except a couple of words
fred: i guess i could've gone for some farther stretches where a remix only had a small sample of something, but i wanted the versions to relate more closely
andy: right, they do - but we accept them as remixes - weird, huh
andy: yes, Fred - I like this exactly because of that
andy: e.g. - this Bowie track sounds so much rockier in the acoustic version
austin: yeah, i don;t think it would make much sense otherwise
fred: i gen get bored w/ remix eps b/c 9 times out of 10 i don't want to hear a song w/ just a sample in it ... that's prob b/c i don't really like techno anyway
andy: i hear guitar parts which i missed in the album version
fred: yeah totally
fred: that's a good example of going back and forth b/t the two versions
andy: i gotta say, too, it's fun to hear artists able to perform live
andy: i guess that's why 'unplugged' hit so well
fred: yeah but i usu get really bored if the artist is too similar live
andy: me too - then there's no point
fred: am i the only one?
andy: no, no
fred: some people don't seem to care
austin: that's very true
andy: some people sing along loudly at concerts
andy: the joiks
tom: Those people are funny.
fred: those people are annoying
fred: they might as well be sitting at home listening to their stereos
tom: Oh. Yes. But they're having a good time.
tom: I think they're hilarious.
fred: they really bug me
austin: still i didn't pay to hear THEM sing
fred: ditto
tom: They do interfere with others' good times I suppose.
austin: same with annoying dancers
fred: heh
andy: also - if they're such big freaking fans - they should fuckin listen
austin: haha
fred: so tom and austin -- what reinterpretations are favorites of yours? do you have any?
andy: a gentle mouthing of important consonants is acceptable3
fred: i mean not on my mix
tom: That's a good compromise.
austin: by the artist themselves?
andy: most of mine are either dance mixes or old old oldies
fred: like what?
tom: Well...Elvis Costello's ALMOST BLUE I enjoy....
andy: calderone's destiny's child 'independent woman'
tom: And the Wedding Present's cover of that PAvement song....
andy: yeah - that's good too, tom3
andy: .oh - these 3's
tom: It's um
tom: um
tom: hold on.
fred: haha
andy: joe cocker - 'a little help from my friends'
andy: even tho he's wretched - that's great
tom: Box Elder
andy: jeff buckley - hallelujah
andy: NOT rufus wainright
andy: w
tom: and Billy Bragg's cover of the Smiths' JEANNE
andy: yes, and kirsty McColl's cover of Billy Bragg's 'New England'
tom: Oh I don't know that.
tom: where is it?
andy: I think it's on the fabulously named 'Electric Landlady'
andy: it's old
tom: thanks
andy: The Jam - 'So Sad About Us'
andy: it's ok
andy: but, you know, finding good cover versions is a stretch
fred: really?
austin: sometimes listening to covers makes me appreciate the original much more
tom: Oh and the Blur MAGGY MAE
tom: or however you spell it
andy: none of these are really among my very fave things
andy: ha!
austin: yeah
andy: that's a fun wun
tom: and the Petshop Boys did Girls and Boys
austin: wow i remember that
tom: And all those ridiculous Abba covers by Erasure
andy: oh - sooooo bad
andy: sorry fred
fred: actually i had a hard time coming up w/ good cover versions ... i found it easier to find good live versions
andy: everything fab about abba bled out
fred: i disagree
tom: I think it's really amusing
andy: yes - they're more illuminaterizing
andy: but, F, you don't love ABBA
fred: nope
andy: so how could you appropriately hate what erasure did to them
fred: okay -- so i'm interested in people who are really good live. like why would you want to go see electronica live?
fred: i was disappointed in bjork live
andy: well - listen to Underworld live
fred: i always like to see tori live when she's playing solo, but not so much when she's w/ a band
andy: it's entirely different from the studio recording
austin: that's why a lot of them have live instruments in concerts now
andy: oh - that's just a lack of imagination
austin: almost everyone has a female vocalist, and some sort of string section
austin: yeah
andy: I was so disappointed by Stereolab last time out
andy: nothing lke the last six or so albums
fred: lack of imagination?
austin: it doesn't really add anything. apart from something to look at
andy: I mean - you can be innovative and fresh with samples and a mixer too
andy: it's the musical imagination, not the instrument, which provides interest
tom: One would hope so.
austin: vocals are sampled because you can mess with them. yuo can't really mess with live vocals
austin: right. you put it a lot better than i did
fred: i doubt that anyone could do anything w/ samples and a mixer live that i would want to hear if i'd already heard it on a cd
fred: but i should try to watch the underworld dvd
andy: you should - it's fabu, and revealing
austin: side question: have you guys watched wilco's dvd
andy: but in general I think you're right Fred
tom: no. Should we?
andy: oh - is it good?
austin: i keep hearing amazing things about it
austin: admittedly mostly from winnie
austin: anyways. just wondering if i can get a third opinion
tom: oh.
andy: no info here, A
andy: oh how i love the P5
andy: (listening to it now)
andy: now this IS a good couple of versions
fred: HEH
andy: quite different
fred: oops
fred: heh
andy: OOPS
austin: p 5 has a lot of reinterpretations. and they all sound so different
fred: yeh
austin: fred: what are they like live?
fred: dunno
andy: yes - and it's because whatsizname is packed full of bubbly ideas
fred: i would be so psyched to see them live!
andy: oh man - I'd swim to Osaka
fred: is the wilco dvd a concert?
andy: let's go
austin: nope
austin: it's called "i'm trying to break your heart"
andy: no - it's the making of the YFH ain't it?
austin: yup
andy: but heres' a funny thing
austin: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00008IAMJ/qid=1051066089/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_1/102-5321200-3500965?v=glance&s=dvd&n=507846
andy: P5 is taken happily, but all the source material they constantly constantly reference is looked down on, somewhat
austin: what is that material?
andy: burt bacharach, petula clark, chris andrews, antonio carlos jobim himself,
andy: all that 60's mainstream pop
fred: you know, that's something i didn't explore ... how genres get reinterpreted
andy: ar har
andy: another toopic
fred: you could do something similar w/ the 60's mix you made and indie music
fred: it'd be interesting to listen to some of these sings side by side
fred: i'm all about juxtapositioning
andy: hmm - needs more k-nowledge than I gots
fred: that's gonna be the name of my hit album
andy: but - yes, it would be interesting
fred: oops i mean things
fred: side by side
fred: heh heh ... look's like it's just you and me andy
fred: boots!
fred: well i won't keep you guys
fred: i need to check on my laundry anyway
fred: parting comments?
austin: i really like gilberto. have you heard of his daughter's new album?
fred: nope
fred: is it the same sort of thing?
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tom: Okay. I feel useless. I'd look forward to an alternate album thing.
fred: heh
fred: okay
fred: later on
austin: starts off being much of the same stuff. but then she plays around with electronica near the end
fred: interesting
tom: g'bye
fred: night
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austin: aight nite
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