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winnie has entered the room.
fred: hey hey
fred: it's that time of the month
fred: haha
winnie: austin can't make it
mike has entered the room.
fred: why not?
fred: andy's on his way
winnie: net down
mike: howdy :-)
fred: we just had dinner at kashmir
fred: it wasn't that great
fred: hey hey
winnie: i'm on phone w/ him
fred: mm
fred: are you going to relay his comments? haha
winnie: oh reall?
winnie: y
fred: oh really what?
winnie: oh really kashmir wasn't that good?
winnie: sorry, i had to get off the phone w/ him
winnie: i think he's back up
fred: yep
fred: hold on ...
austin has entered the room.
fred: it was all right
austin: hey guys
fred: of the indian places in boston it's better than most
winnie: yay
winnie: okay, is joyce going to make it?
winnie: i'm guessing no?
fred: i'm guessing no as well
austin: haven't heard from her
winnie: tanjore is still best
fred: she has 3 papers due in two weeks
winnie: oy
austin: oh probably not then
mike: ooh - love tanjore :-)
austin: indian restaurants?
winnie: yeah, that place is fantastic.
mike: ouch... bad bad
austin: i like tanjore
fred: andy and i went to tanjore two weeks ago and it seemed much worse than when i went w/ mike
winnie: but shit, i miss the korma at bombay cafe
winnie: yup
austin: i prefer the tikka masala at bombay cafe though
fred: i totally miss himalaya ... did you ever go there winnie?
mike: the new place they opened up -- bhindi bazaar -- is really good too...
mike: (in place of himalaya, i guess)
austin: where's that?
fred: andy should be here soon, so we should wait for him
winnie: well apparently the tanjore people opened up some new place
winnie: oh wait
winnie: yeah
winnie: what mike said
fred: andy and i didn't like bhindi bazaar either
winnie: oooh
winnie: really?
winnie: they're supposed to have good -- what is it -- southern food maybe?
austin: hey have you guys heard of oga japanese restaurant?
fred: of the three i think the two of us like kashmir the best, although i don't think it's incredible either way
winnie: mmm no
winnie: where at?
austin: natick
fred: what movie did you see winnie?
mike: no? i was pretty impressed... yeah, they have a large sout indian menu... with other more traditional stuff sprinkled in.
winnie: oh i watched part of 'vacas'
austin: well worth the drive
winnie: and the end of 'stealing beauty'
mike: hm... natick, eh? that good?
fred: you liked it, mike? look, mikey likes it!
fred: haha
winnie: is this the place that's in a strip mall?
austin: the iron chef goes there
winnie: nice, fred.
winnie: oh really.
winnie: how'd you find out about it? hugo?
austin: sherry zhao's japanese hair stylist
mike: hehe... haven't heard that this week, fred :-)
austin: they served us fresh wasabi
winnie: who's sherry zhao?
winnie: ooooh
austin: ed essey's sushi buddy
fred: haha
winnie: right
fred: wheeeeeeeere's aaaaaaaaaandy?
fred: :-(
winnie: i'm so psyched to go over to tim's
fred: i'm getting impatient! i'm already on tr. 4 almost
winnie: he saved me leftovers from thanksgiving
fred: haha
fred: he cooked?
winnie: they gave everyone at the kitchen a turkey to take home
fred: turkey?
fred: what!!!
fred: really? that's crazy
austin: wow, that's a lot of turkeys
winnie: and he braised off the legs in a chianti sauce
winnie: w/ some polenta
fred: what's chianti?
winnie: white wine from italy
austin: a wine?
mike: mmm... not the traditional t-giving meal i had.
winnie: hannibal lechter likes it with fava beans
mike: sounds tasty.
austin: track 26 is awesome
winnie: tthpthphtpthpth
mike: yummmmm
austin: where did you find all those sound clips fred?
winnie: is it cold over there?
winnie: i'm turning blue in here
andy has entered the room.
austin: woohoo
mike: andy!
austin: it's -3c here, 28 or something
andy: mikey!
fred: the prodigal son returns
andy: just got your mix - looking forward to it
fred: you mean fat is flava beans, winnie?
winnie: hey, where's mine?
mike: yay, glad fred took care of that :-)
mike: yours is in the mail -- as are austin's and joyce's...
winnie: so anyway, to begin
winnie: w/ the beginning
fred: haha ... so to get us started .... to answer austin's ?, i got some of the clips from the web, except for #5 and #14 which i had to tape myself
winnie: has everyone seen the little ninja clippies?
fred: oh, and #1
fred: ninjai rules
fred: although the later ones haven't been so good
fred: although there's still time for them to get better
andy: ah - the last one was though
andy: i love ninjai's voice
fred: yeah!
mike: (who's ninjai?)
andy: but . . . the i grrls
mike: (so out of touch i am)
winnie: okay, i've only seen the first episode
fred: ninjai.com -- check it out!
winnie: so i'm lost too
fred: heh
fred: andy and i are loyal fans
mike: is that your sound clip source on the web, fred?
fred: no no no, it's a flash toon on the web
mike: oh oh oh... okie.
fred: so were any of the sections confusing, like why is this song in this group or what was this group supposed to be?
winnie: so i'm glad this iggy pop track is on here
winnie: i'd forgotten about it
winnie: (okay, love how fred & i both keep trying to steer the conversation, but in different directions)
andy: yeah - i didn't really get the 'storyline'
fred: did i tell you about the iggy pop song? i was reminded of it b/c it was in the waking life trailer, but then it wasn't in the movie?
winnie: i didn't try to get it at all
winnie: wasn't it in trainspotting?
mike: i had my own picture of the storyline from track 13 on... but not leading up to that.
austin: yeah it was
fred: really? i thought it was pretty *obvious*, duh guys .... haha!
andy: well i can see how the songs fit the subtitles
winnie: i dunno, like lyrics, i don't try to glean some sort of theme from my albums
andy: but i don't see how the subtitles connect
winnie: unless you write it out for me
fred: yeah, so from 13 on it was more clear, like about the diff stages that can happen in a relationship
fred: like 14 was about how you're happy at the beginning, then 18 was about how it didn't end up working out, and then 22 was about starting to get over it
mike: i tried to pay more attn to lyrics with this mix, after previous discussions...
winnie: and the first half?
fred: the first half was a little bit more disjoint, but i was thinking of it in terms of a life travel. so 1 is starting out, 5 was meeting interesting people, and 9 was about frustration and being in a rut
fred: i liked the idea of trying to make a little musical drama out of existing songs ... heh
winnie: (off-topic: there's a great article in the nytimes magazine that i've been skimming today that makes me want to wear the same pair of jeans every day for a year)
mike: yeah, i like how you structured the mix.
winnie: i did/do too
austin: i can definitely see how the songs groups together. seeking was my favourite part
winnie: and despite the disparity between the genres of the tracks themselves
winnie: they definitely work well together
fred: yeah, i have a thing w/ trying to juxtapose unlikely songs
fred: i think the one that worked surprisingly well was #15 and 16
fred: actually and #17
mike: i didn't even notice the transition from 15 to 16 the first time i lsitened....
fred: i also thought of it in terms of a day, so the first three tracks seemed very sunshiney to me, while the last three seem very mellow to me
winnie: i'm also more impressed by how well 2-6 work together
winnie: the erasure doesn't hold my interest enough
fred: heh. cool. i wanted to inc. chumming the oceans, but it seemed the lowest point, like hitting rock bottom. so i put the last three songs to sort of bring it back up
andy: smart move
andy: that one is bleeeeek
mike: once the erasure gets into "guess i'm into feeling" it really gets into the "hope" theme...
andy: i like the intro a lot though
fred: the only transition that i didn't really feel works is #7 to #8
mike: yeah -- very dark... not like other archers of loaf songs i've heard...
fred: actually that whole section was problematic
winnie: can i just tell you fred, before i forget
fred: mm?
winnie: how much i lovelovelove the stochansky track?
andy: ah
winnie: i never listened to those tracks you sent/put up
fred: no way! i thought everyone hated it
winnie: but this one is my repeat track
andy: the point of lowest interest for me
winnie: no, loved it
fred: yeah, and you didn't believe me about that smashing pumpkins album either
fred: heh
mike: yeah, i liked it too... glad you introduced me to andy s...
fred: excellent
winnie: i didn't have the track listing for a long time
andy: that pumpkins track is sublime
fred: yeah, the rest of the album isn't incredible, but it's pretty good
winnie: so i kept trying to figure out who it was
winnie: cos it sounds like a live radiohead or something
austin: that smashing pumpkin album's a great one. lost mine unfortunately
winnie: or a new post-radiohead britclone
winnie: yeah, thanks for putting the names of all the albums
andy: but less adventurous
fred: andy (v) and i were talking about how some pop tracks still manage to be so surprisingly affecting. like the talking heads song always gives me chills
andy: (i mean andy s v. radiohead)
andy: oh it's scary
andy: t.heads
winnie: yes, certainly less adventurous
andy: you don't really know what's going on
winnie: more like their older stuff
fred: the smashing pumpkins tr always makes me freak out a bit too although if you don't listen to the words at all it sounds like it'd be a semi-upbeat song
winnie: when it seemed more geared for acousticness
andy: oh no, fred, i disagree
winnie: well i don't want to know
winnie: cos, of course, i haven't listened to the lyrics
mike: re: the smashing pumpkins track... i thought it sounded too upbeat to fit into that section...
andy: i think the chorus is so melancholy - waves of unavoidable sadness
mike: so i went to this site to read the lyrics... http://www.modernrocklyrics.com/s/smashingpumpkins_adore.html
fred: you should ... the lyrics are really good
fred: hey you! i posted the lyrics!!!
mike: oops... :-p
andy: hmm - i thought the s p song was sad from the start - even without knowing the lyrics
fred: http://www.sunday-in-the-park.com/fchoi/music/who-am-i-mix.html
andy: i still don't know how you chum an ocean though
mike: oh! i should have gone to that site....
austin: i think that mellow sound goes well with that sectoin
mike: "miss coco and" makes much more sense now :-)
winnie: not happy certainly -- i agree, andy -- but not sad
fred: yeah, m: i thought it sounded upbeat, but i liked how it wasn't when you looked at the words
winnie: sort of melancholy. wait, i guess that would be sad...
fred: heh
austin: nice transition to track 21
fred: heh thanks
andy: yes - that works beautifully
andy: ain't mint car a lovely treat
andy: now that's a happy upbeat song
fred: i'm curious what people thought of who i consider to be my "one hit wonders" -- people that i only really like a few songs of. like esthero ... the fly seville
mike: oh yeah -- no doubt, andy.
andy: i'm on board with both of them fred
andy: especially the esthero
winnie: right...
fred: re: mint car ... i think the cure writes some really fantastic upbeat songs. not many people write really happy songs that are consistently great
andy: great samples, love how they're duct-taped into the mix
fred: the sugarcubes do too
andy: yeah and robert whatsisname seems such a moody bloke
winnie: in general though, i find that the cure doesn't have so many happy songs
andy: then he gurgles out all this joy
winnie: smith
winnie: yes, it's the squealing
andy: smith - right!
andy: love the squeals
winnie: me too
fred: yeah me too
fred: actually you're right ... the cure and the smiths right songs that sound like they're really upbeat but the lyrics are all depressing
mike: i need to listen to "mint car" every morning i spend here in jersey...
fred: sort of the beginning of the whole indie pop aesthetic
mike: "and there's nowhere else in the world i'd rather be"
fred: who would people say were the beginners of indie pop?
andy: the soft boys
fred: who?
andy: who knows
winnie: really? who?
andy: robin hitchcock's first band
winnie: i think velvet underground
andy: pop???
winnie: yeah, some of their stuff is way poppy
winnie: no?
andy: you think vu are poppy? hmm
winnie: for a second there, i misread poppy as 'poopy'
andy: i guess . . .it didn't feel like pop at the time though!
fred: re: adore, up there it sounds like i didn't like the album, but in fact i think that album is -fantastic-
fred: haha
fred: andy
winnie: i didn't get that
winnie: what is it supposed to be?
andy: uh . . .i'm confused
fred: it's just b/c the lines are out of sync
fred: i'm guessing most of you aren't gen into alt rock, but what'd you think of the kerith ravine track?
mike: i was going to ask about kerith ravine...
mike: reminded me of another band i used to listen to in my college days -- called sense field.
fred: they're one of my all-time fav bands, just based on one lp and two eps, and then they broke up
mike: i was into my "emo" back then...
fred: heh
andy: i like the different sections and textures in the k rav song
fred: i really like the cello and the driving pulse in the beginning
mike: yeah, i liked it... a bit of nostalgia.
fred: and i love the opening
andy: at first it sounds kind of a mess
fred: yeah def
andy: but then . . . . it all falls into place after a few hearings
austin: yeah it gets good half way through
fred: they have a really symphonic approach, i think
mike: when did they put that album out?
fred: ummm ... a few years ago?
austin: i tohught the vocals were kinda drowned out in the beginning
andy: yeah - a little wimpy too
winnie: yes, the beginning sounds like any other alt rock band
andy: but i like them . . . kind of billy corgan-y
winnie: like... mmm...
andy: or rather - i think they fit
mike: actually -- i didn't mean sense field... i meant sunny day real estate... (if it matters)
winnie: shit, i don't remember anyone's anme
winnie: name
fred: really? i thought the beginning was pretty cool, the way it alternated w/ these bell-like bits in between
andy: oh yes - i agree mike
fred: oh yeah totally sunny day
winnie: i thought it was very early 90s alt rock-y
fred: they're def influenced by them a lot
winnie: or maybe mid90s
austin: the violin worked quite well too
fred: i think it's a cello
fred: but yeah, i totally dig it
andy: yes they carry off the arty thingy well
austin: right
fred: 90's alt rock? like who? people like rhcp and stp or pearl jam weren't doing anything like this in the 90's
winnie: the vocals, on the other hand, sound very
winnie: shit, like some other band you listen to, fred
austin: sorry to come back to this again, but the iggy pop song is fantastic. really gives the beginning a boost.
fred: sunny day?
winnie: no...
fred: hmm
winnie: (but i don't listen to sunny day)
winnie: someone else
fred: oh the pixies??
winnie: this guy's voice
winnie: no
andy: have you noticed how much that track (the iggy) is on tv now
fred: pinback?
winnie: yeah, maybe
andy: along with lust for life
winnie: yeah
austin: mtv?
fred: really? that's funny
fred: isn't he still putting out music?
andy: which they always cut from the start to a later verse
winnie: yeah, i think he just had an album out last year
andy: to avoid the druggy lyrics - ha!
fred: anyone know if his newer stuff is any good?
andy: ads, winnie
fred: he's sort of a one hit wonder for me -- is his other stuff as good as passenger and lust?
austin: that was me. thanks
andy: no idea, fred . . . but you know this album is mainky bowie
fred: which one?
andy: oh, sorry austin!
andy: lust for life
fred: really? what do you mean mainly bowie?
andy: he wrote most of it, produced it, it's his touring band playing
fred: no way
fred: crazy
fred: i def need to listen to more bowie either way
fred: i've been meaning to
andy: he forced iggy to cold turkey off heroin, had him live with him in berlin
winnie: yeah, bowie is the man
andy: and made this album to keep him focusdsed, along with 'the idiot' beforfe it
winnie: wow
winnie: go davie!
winnie: better than betty ford
andy: he da man
andy: ha!
winnie: (now that's a good band name/album name)
andy: i'm so glad betty ford didn't produce this al;bum,
fred: betty ford?
mike: wow -- i had no idea!
fred: huh?
winnie: yeah, fo real
andy: the betty ford clinic fred
andy: in palm springs, for detoxing suoerstars
fred: wuz dat? oh ... hahaha
andy: love the p 5 track
andy: love p 5
mike: oh yeah! love that one, too andy...
fred: p5 rulzzzz
mike: they're so full of energy... got to see them live a few years ago...
andy: is he playing a guitar . . .or
fred: do you know the orig version of that track?
andy: is it a keyboard with a guitar patch set up???
fred: yeah, that's him
winnie: yeah it is good
fred: that guy is really amazing -- he does pretty much all the music
fred: all the time
winnie: but i don't hear it that often since i always repeat andy s...
fred: lol
winnie: what video game is this one clip from again?
fred: ms pacman!!!
winnie: oh right.
mike: i like the pinback track... i can see how they would have been a good live act with her space holiday several months back... :-)
winnie: is that when you die?
fred: it's the little clip called "they meet" hahaha
fred: mike -- you totally have to get that album
winnie: yeah, i thought they were great together
fred: it is so good
fred: !
winnie: which?
winnie: oh, the pinback
winnie: i think i lost my her space holiday
winnie: :-(
andy: oh that's lovely
mike: hmm... ok. i will do so.
mike: which hsh did / do you have, w?
fred: the lyrics are very morbid
andy: great name (h s hol)
winnie: the one w/ the cool graphics on the front
winnie: the one they were touring for
fred: i like the layering in the pinback song -- they do that a lot
winnie: the one w/ 'the ringing in my ears'
winnie: the bestest hsh track every
winnie: ever
mike: ugh - can't remember if that's the one i have... lemme check amazon.
austin: so which one's the hsh album to get?
winnie: i thought i made a copy for you
fred: check out this line from the pinback song: hands from the sky rip rip rip me open
fred: isn't that great!?!
austin: mmm don't think you did
mike: manic expressive is the album... that's the one i have, too. really good...
winnie: yup
winnie: tho i don't remember liking anything else as much as i lovelovelove 'ringing'
fred: the motown song is another song that i think is really powerful
winnie: really?
mike: oh yeah -- "ringing" made it on an earlier mix for fred, i think :-)
fred: oh really?
winnie: for me, the motown aspect sort of triviliazes it
fred: i'm not a big fan of hsh i think
winnie: not that it's motown, i mean
winnie: but that the sound makes it too tinged w/ nostalgia or sappiness
winnie: or something
winnie: no you aren't
fred: i see what you mean
winnie: i remember you were really not into them at the concert
fred: yeah
fred: hey winnie -- read the lyrics to the talking heads song and you'll see why it's depressing http://www.sunday-in-the-park.com/fchoi/music/who-am-i-mix.html#12
winnie: i don't want to!
fred: why not?
winnie: i like being ignorant of lyrics
mike: hehe....
winnie: it lets me stay purely in the music level
andy: but the songwriter goes to all that trouble for you
winnie: ehhh, for someone else
andy: and the lyrics mold the music
andy: and vice-versa
fred: lyrics are so great!!
andy: no song without lyrics
fred: you're missing out on a whole other dimension to the song
winnie: yes, but for me they do it in the percussive sense
winnie: or whatever the word is
winnie: that the mouth sounds shape the music
winnie: and not necessarily the semantics or something
fred: for someone who's into words, it's surprising you don't like lyrics
winnie: yeah, so i'm shallow
winnie: sorry...
andy: strokes for folks :-)
winnie: i think it's mostly b/c i'm so awful at discerning what people are actually singing
fred: so how many people knew the movie quotes?
winnie: and it takes away from the song for me to actually read them on paper
andy: one or two
winnie: (which i used to do all the time, mind you)
fred: i tried really hard to find some mice singing in babe, but no dice
andy: pig . . . of destiny
mike: clerks and monty python, yes... the rest, i didn't get right away.
fred: totally
winnie: yeah, that would've been great
fred: a nice sweet meat!
fred: the last quote was b/c i was thinking that you know we go through this whole "journey" but that's just one day ... so we keep meeting new people and starting new travels and stuyy
fred: oops
fred: stuff
fred: i'm such a hippie, aren't i
fred: heh
fred: anyway, since i seem to have scared everyone away, i guess we should wrap it up
winnie: yeah, granola-crunchy fred
fred: any parting shots?
fred: ;-)
winnie: (that was mine)
fred: heh
andy: lovely mix, f
fred: thanks winnie
fred: aww thanks andy pandy
winnie: yeah, i really like this one
mike: hehe... sorry.
andy: ahem, let's keep this professional, shall we
fred: thanks
austin: fantastic job. i'm looking forward to your next
fred: thanks
mike: got a bitchy im from my roommate, so i had to reply :-(
fred: i'm thinking it's going to be completely diff
andy: ok gang - i'm outta here
winnie: can't wait to get mike's & joyce's
mike: nice job -- really liked the themery
winnie: (joyce who?)
winnie: okay
mike: (themery a word?)
fred: i thought putting in some really well-known tracks might be a little hard to listen to, but i think it worked okay
winnie: austin you should read this nytimes magazine
austin: it was diverse though. lots i haven't heard before, or heard different version of
fred: i tend to skip tracks on other people's mixes that i know until i get "caught up" on the ones i don't know
fred: then i listen to the whole cd
fred: anyway that was my parting comment
winnie: okay, i'm going to take off...
fred: okee dok
winnie has left the room.
austin: why?
andy: catch yall later
fred: lata
andy has left the room.
austin: laters
mike: night night!
austin has left the room