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winyang (10/31/02 10:57:50 am)
i'm going off my last couple runs through the disc and my memory of
what's on it (since i accidentally left it with someone a couple
nights ago -- but i'm getting it back today, i swear). i just read
austin's new (and first, damn him) post, so now i'm stuck in this
stream-of-consciousness mode. just to explain what follows, anyway.
indigo girls. ahhhh, high school. this, along with phish (blech) and
dave matthews band (double BLECH) ruled the discmans and smoking-up
sessions in good ol' chesterfield, missouri. bunch of neo-hippie
wannabees in midwestern america, the lot o' them. the bulk of my
friends who were actually girls were all concert choir/music
dept. dorks, and the one time a few of us actually tried to start a
band, i think we began with covers of 'least complicated' and 'romeo &
juliet'. i've seen IG live a few times -- the last time in boston,
actually. and boy, what a dyke fest. they're excellent live -- emily
always has some song she has to rock out on which kills the whole
folk-y acoustic mood everyone's grooving on. i think i own most of
their albums as well. they have this great ability to write so many
and such singable tunes. stuff that's perfect for top-of-the-lungs
impromptu shower performances. other favorites: 'galileo,' 'let it be
me,' 'airplane,' 'get out the map,' 'ghost,' 'power of two,' 'closer
to fine,' 'joking.' awesome, fred -- you might have just made me
rediscover the IG all over again...

that iggy pop song is badass. the one i like to put on repeat.

fred was surprised that i knew the tori song. didn't anyone else
listen to the great expectations sdtrk at all...? there was that mono
song. and i think a few others that were quite good. what a terrible

that's all for now.

fred (10/31/02 11:24:22 am)
the indigo girls was very summer camp for me, including nerd camps and
through high school ... and i think you mean amy ray plays the folk
rock stuff ... she's the one w/ the brown hair, and emily is the
blonde one, and i haven't checked, but i'm pretty sure chickenman is
one of amy's songs.

re: the iggy pop song ... i actually don't even know that much iggy
pop, but the song was on the preview of waking life (way back when
joyce and my friend carolyn were going gaga over this preview they had
seen) and i liked it a lot ... the song's not on that soundtrack,
though, and i don't remember seeing it in the actual movie. if you
haven't seen the movie, go see it b/c it's really good.



winyang (11/6/02 1:56:15 pm)
i dig the fly sevile track, but it seems pretty typical indie
rock. even reminds me of a few other bands. great talking heads
track. i know this one, but it also evokes "psycho killer" (qu'est-ce
que c'est... buh buhbuhbuh buhbuh buhbuhbuh buh... run, run run run,
run run run away.... oooohhhhhohhhh ai-yi-yi-yi-yi...) ha. (i hope
those are the lyrics. that's what they always sounded like to me

not a huge fan of the erasure track (though it is oh-so-erasure-y). i
love "chorus" and "chains of love" is mostly okay... why do they
always sound so lo-fi?

yeahyeahyeah pixies!!!! woohoo.

the cure song is so damn good. one of their few happy ones. i love
robt smith's squealing. never gets old.

the pumpkins track is also @#%$ great. i'm sad that it eluded me until
now, but better late than never. i actually don't know many of the
tracks off this album

fred (11/7/02 11:28:29 am)
re: the fly seville and the talking heads -- those are 2 groups where
i "like" most of their music, but only a few tracks really make me
salivate ... the fly seville sounds a little generic indie at times,
but they're easy to listen to. stop making sense is a fantastic album,
the only one i know really well, and the track i chose was one i like
a lot, but "home" is prob. one of my fav. songs in general and off of
that album.

the erasure track doesn't strike me as being really erasure-y since
it's more abstract and less pop-y ... but i can see how the sound (as
opposed to the structure) sound like a lot of their other stuff ...
what do you mean by lo-fi? i would prob. agree that the types of
instruments they use are prob. 80's sounding, if that's what you mean.

the pixies rule. and the cure writes a decent # of happy songs -- more than
most people, i think.

adore is a fantastic album, esp. the 2nd half ... it's so diff. from they're
other albums -- GET IT.

ttyl ...