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austin: hello everyone
maggie: hi
maggie: brb
austin: ah fif time again
fred: looks like we're going to be a full house whoo
carl: been a while eh?
austin: so how many are we now?
andy has entered the room.
austin: it's going to be hard to keep up
austin: especially with my crippled wrist
carl: what happened?
fred: well we kind of had a last minute addition but that should be the last until someone goes on hiatus
austin: skiing accident
courtney has entered the room.
austin: broke my wrist badly
christian: ouch
carl: oh that sucks. I did that last year
austin: luckily it's the left one.
austin: oh. well high five buddy
fred: hey courtney
courtney: Hi!
austin: welcome courtney
courtney: Thanks! I'm psyched to be joining you guys.
carl: hey courtney!
fred: let me call winnie
winnie has entered the room.
winnie: oh my god, everyone's here
winnie: amazing
fred: wow we gotta PARTY
fred: ooh winnie yer yellow heh
courtney: I'm not a regular aim user- and I'm using iChat for a mac. does anyone know how to make people's name show up by their message? right now it's just the little aim guy
christian: yeah
austin: yup
christian: you have to add them
austin: half of us are mac users
christian: and then just assign them a "first name"
christian: :-)
courtney: yay for mac users!
winnie: wait, who's courtney?
christian: courtney
winnie: (and, by the way, courtney is yellow on my computer)
winnie: do i know about you, courtney?
austin: yo read your mail
winnie: oh
winnie: okay
courtney: I'm new to the group- a friend of Carls
winnie: it might be deleted
winnie: ah
christian: :-!
winnie: does that mean you didn't get a copy of my mix then?
winnie: who hasn't gotten a copy?
fred: i think just courtney b/c she just joined
winnie: okay
courtney: I downloaded from the website, so I'm set
winnie: sorry. have we started already?
christian: i didn't
christian: but i can download it if necessary
fred: you didn't get winnie's mix?
winnie: i definitely sent you a copy
christian: oh wait never mind
christian: heh
christian: it sitting right here :D
maggie: back
maggie: sorta
fred: ok let's get started
courtney: sorry to be a bit behind- can you tell me whose screen name is who...
maggie: <----maggie
winnie: <---- winnie
christian: <------- christian
andy: andy
austin: AUstin ----->
winnie: (are you leaving austin?)
courtney: thanks
fred: fred
andy: his name is AUstin
winnie: (heheh)
carl: carl
fred: so carl how do the first two mixes fit into the world of your music tastes?
austin: hey pick on a cripple
carl: the first two?
fred: your first two mixes
carl: oh. tangentially
carl: I like so much music. I just thought I'd go for a different vibe with this mix
carl: at least I hope it's a different vibe
fred: i thought it was kind fo the same vibe
carl: also note this is a collaborative mix with my brother.. so definitely his tastes influenced things
winnie: really?
winnie: i don't think so
andy: I like that you use older music - although i guess you had to with this mix
winnie: it's really a great mix
fred: but i thought it would be more of carl's central taste so i was a little thrown at first not that that's a bad thing
winnie: except for the first track
andy: except i can't listen to #1
fred: haha
winnie: while great, i have to skip it
christian: no?
carl: haha
andy: ha! - only cos' it's so seasonal
christian: i was happy to see nat on there
winnie: i hate hate hate xmas music
winnie: esp after working retail over the past holiday
andy: but this is a great song
carl: I was just going to say.. too much retail?
christian: i can over look it because it's nat cole
winnie: it's sort of become a pavlovian response
carl: I just loved the -sound- of #1. and of all of them, I guess.
winnie: i hear "chestnuts..." and i vomit.
austin: but then how do you handle streisand?
christian: can we try
winnie: i loooooove #2
carl: also #1 has huge sentimental value to me
fred: #2 was one of my favs too
winnie: why's that?
austin: did y'all read the bit on todd on all music?
winnie: yeah
andy: I'd forgotten how vinyl warps - I love how in the Todd Rundgren it wobbles around a bit
carl: #1 comes from "the 12 hits of christmas" .. a christmas mix record from the 70s that my parents always played for us growing up
andy: and so comforting to hear the scratches
fred: i really loved how #2 had like four diff sections
winnie: he's, apparently, a really amazing music person i've never really paid any attention to
carl: yeah he's a stud
austin: i ended up checking out somwthing/anything ?
fred: i esp liked the first section of the song
winnie: yeah, the first 2 sections
fred: except i wanted it to last longer
winnie: same
fred: well, leave 'em wantin' more
austin: i liked all the little bits
winnie: i love the modulation too
winnie: how that wobbles
austin: esp the ooo ooo ooos at 140
winnie: between section 2 & 3
winnie: no, before that
winnie: the piano
fred: oh yeah i like that too
carl: yeah hehe
winnie: it reminds me of the really early 80s
fred: that song is nice and compact and nicely crafted
winnie: watching television
christian: yeah i have to thank you carl i jammed to this at work for a week
fred: what year was it from?
austin: so did he sing/play everything in that song?
winnie: and the warped sounding music
fred: heh i hear that 80s tv sound too winnie
carl: the album is called "Runt" .. not sure what year
carl: good record overall tho
winnie: and i imagine that's probably what the 70s tv sounded like too
winnie: only i wasn't alive then
maggie: (gggrrr.....sry guys....luv my dad, but he never stops talking)
austin: 1970
winnie: it's interesting to really hear the vinyl sound come through
winnie: since i never really listened to vinyl growing up
carl: so I have to say #3 was kind of a joke. we laughed at the idea of putting an eleven minute song onto a mix.
austin: yeah we sort of just missed that era
fred: no i thought that was cool
winnie: and all the stuff austin's ever recorded off his vinyl is still unaged
fred: i've been working on a mix that also has some really long tracks
fred: it's interesting. i think dylan's vocals are what keeps that song interesting
austin: hey i have crappy vinyl too
carl: in fact the general quantity of bob dylan is supposed to be just slightly annoying.
fred: i was thinking about it. i think dylan really colors each word, the same way that i was talking about the people on my diva mix
winnie: yeah, it certainly doesn't feel 11 minutes
fred: i thought jacques did the same thing as well
carl: just enough to be slightly annoying, rather
carl: :-)
winnie: he's got natural melismas?
fred: J really plays w/ every word
fred: bob? melismas?
austin: after bob dylan, the next song a relief
fred: no i meant just the way he brings each word and note to life
winnie: the brel was funny to me
courtney: there are very few people who can pull off a really good long song, and Dylan is one of those
austin: copine copine copine
winnie: it reminded me of french classs
fred: i really liked the JB track as well
fred: what does copine mean?
winnie: girlfriend?
austin: yeah
austin: he was yelling it at one point
fred: i like how he sounds like he's half-laughing through the whole song, but then at the end it sounds like he's getting drunk or something
maggie: I'm really getting into french music, especially jazz...this was an awesome track to add to my list
winnie: his belgian pronunciation is markedly different from the frenchies
carl: I wish I could have included the translated lyrics, which appear on the jacket
fred: like there's this duet bit w/ a sax at the end
carl: it's kind of a funny flowery love poem thing
winnie: (i've been listening to alot of classic chansons lately)
fred: kinda cartoonish but very cute and charming
winnie: does it remind you at all of the charles trenet i had on my no ingrish mix?
fred: don't remember
fred: the ending of this song sounds straight from a bugs bunny cartoon
carl: I think that was before my time, winnie...
courtney: I've been trying to get into french music too. I'd be into anyone who wants to add french music to their mixes. I don't speak a word of it but it doesn't seem to matter
winnie: oh man
maggie: lol....i almost prefer not to know the words
winnie: you guys need a copy of my mix
carl: anyone see Triplets of Belleville?
winnie: actually, i'll send out a new french mix
maggie: forces you to listen to the sound of the words
winnie: yes!
austin: yeah
fred: yep
winnie: i love that movie
carl: fantastic
maggie: LUV that movie!!!!
maggie: got the soundtrack
fred: haha
winnie: you should go see "the dreamers"
fred: i want that triplets soundtrack song
winnie: the stuff they have on there is classic
austin: dvd is out
winnie: plus there's some porn
winnie: for added entertainment
fred: oh the bertolucci movie
austin: what?
austin: oh
carl: oh yeah I wanna see that. NC17.. yeah baby
maggie: lol
winnie: it's not the greatest movie
fred: har har
carl: nobody makes NC17 movies anymore
austin: the dude was on the cover of tyimeout
winnie: but the music is fantastic
fred: mm
fred: i think we should make a soundtracks group mix
winnie: sylvie vartan
winnie: noooo
fred: why not?
christian: obligatory bodyguard track
winnie: i already put all my good sdtrk music on all previous mixes
fred: lol
fred: i'm sure you could come up w/ more
austin: moon river
austin: for starters
carl: and obligatory big chill track
maggie: i like the idea of a soundtrack mix
winnie: anyway
christian: i would vote for a lock stock track too
fred: anyway
fred: i have to say this mix has been a turning point for me w/ regard to bob dylan
austin: i have the stan getz rec ording, but the remastered version
courtney: I'm with you on that
winnie: really, fred?
fred: i thought leopard skin was actually funny
winnie: how so?
austin: vinyl mucho better
fred: and the length of the first BD track didn't bother me surprisingly
maggie: yeah....gotta say thumbs up on the 'vintage' tunes...but still not a fan of dylan
fred: i think it's been coming on for a while, b/c i liked girl from the north country on andy's mix
andy: which is here again under another name
fred: speaking of which, the spanish leather boots song sounded very similar to that song
fred: right
andy: ha
carl: he has some melody overlap, doesn't he...
winnie: well bob dylan always sounds so very bob dylan.
andy: there's just so much dylan that it exhausts me
carl: how could you not, with 60-odd records to your name?
andy: in the world I mean - not on this mix
fred: mm. what about his more recent stuff? how has he evolved? or not?
christian: at least this is from back when he could still remember his lyrics
maggie: lol
carl: I liked the two Dylan discs produced by Daniel Lanois
christian: now not so much... remember kids easy on the drugs
carl: (more recently)
austin: what happened to wallflowers
courtney: I was just thinking that!
winnie: remind me again who lanois is?
austin: cuz someone on winnie's mix really r4eminded me off them
andy: emmylou
courtney: james taylor's son has his own band now too
fred: how do those albums sound?
carl: he produced everyone.
maggie: he's terrible
winnie: okay
carl: but he has a very particular sound that I love
maggie: taylor's son is having major identity issues
fred: i mean the BD albums?
courtney: it's weird to see someone so james like rocking out like he does
courtney: I agree- major identity issues
maggie: saw him live a few months ago, and watching him just didn't match his sound or his lyrics or his voice
winnie: okay, back to the mix
fred: heh
fred: winnie layin the smack down
winnie: well i'd rather not talk about halfwit progeny
andy: i love the mancini track
winnie: me too
winnie: was just about to say that
andy: makes me feel like i'm alone in an LA bar
andy: and it's 1958
winnie: it's very golden age of hollywood
winnie: yes
fred: i liked it too
fred: it sounds to me for all the world like the 2nd mvt of a gershwin piano concerto w/ some inst. obligatti
austin: teh vinyl sound really adds to the atmosphere for thisd one
fred: i found myself more aware of the instrumentation on this mix
fred: like the piano on this track and where diff instruments come in for solos, like the guitar and the sax
fred: also there's the sax on the JB track
austin: amazing, i just got ther44e
andy: and it's so tastefully played
fred: got what?
andy: those throbby sax/clarinet swells
carl: yeah.. I'm sure those are some great players on that track
andy: I bet - prob top session players
fred: yeah i agree. not shmaltzy, just sort of delicate and controlled
winnie: yeah, all finesse
maggie: very organic
andy: actually - I just watched Taxi Driver again
carl: I am wondering if the mancini track was ever in a movie..him being such a movie soundtrack person
maggie: it all flows in a natural rythym
andy: after years - and this reminds me of the score
winnie: it feels like it's in an audrey hepburn movie
fred: who did the score to that?
andy: Bernard Hermann's last score
fred: ah
courtney: pink panther!
carl: oh cool
courtney: he wrote the theme song that everyone knows
carl: Hermann was a real badass wasn't he...
andy: yeah - panthermania!
andy: he was
carl: we studied him in film class
andy: great hitchcock scores
carl: all that hitchcock
winnie: wow, really?
winnie: (carl)
andy: watch out - winnie's gonna whop us back in line
fred: the CC track was a really great followup to the mancini. it also uses instruments in a really nice way. do you hear how each instrument follows the previous seamlessly? it's really nice
winnie: most film classes people take seem to focus on on elie kazan, &c.
winnie: no, i don't mind talking about hermann
fred: haha
fred: just not JT's son
fred: haha
carl: cause hitchcock relied on the music so much
winnie: i agree, fred
carl: who's elie kazan?
carl: hehe
winnie: i think the vinyl sound prevails even more so on #8
fred: i was surprised i appreciated all that instrumentation stuff. i think i have andy to thank for that b/c he's been getting me to pay more attention to that kind of stuff for almost two years now
andy: thankyou thankyou
austin: feel like i'm in a smokey jazz bar
fred: one of these days i'm going to have to make an all instrumental mix, although that'll be pretty hard for me
andy: yep - this charlie christian is very cool
fred: is CC a jazz person?
andy: kind of old louis armstrongy + newer sounds
austin: you really accomplished that feat of transporting to another place
courtney: I feel like I'm in a silent movie with people moving a around fast
andy: he is
austin: (ccarl)
andy: it's like cool jazz plus new orleans jazz, mm
maggie: what's the year on that track?
carl: hehe well I'm glad you think so. I think that's what we were getting at with the vinyl
austin: 40s?
fred: really? so old?
carl: 30s-40s
andy: but carl, who originally bought babs and the bee gees?
austin: after gone with the wind obviously
fred: that babs track was an eye-opener for me
maggie: it kinda freaked me out
andy: how so?
christian: yes
fred: i only knew her showtune stuff, although i'd known she'd done pop stuff i had no idea
christian: all of a sudden
maggie: that woman scares me
winnie: okay, why was i supposed to hate the babs?
fred: hahahahaha
winnie: oh maggie, give her a chance
andy: no she IS scary
winnie: she's got pipes
fred: hahahaha
andy: but scary is good
maggie: lol
winnie: scary why?
carl: I'm not a streisand fan but I liked this.
winnie: cos she's a bitch?
andy: she has pipes out the wazoo
fred: it was so weird to hear her so celine dion-y.
fred: she's not a bitch!
winnie: i'm not a fan either, but i respect her
andy: a truly truly great singer
carl: don't you think this song could totally be a britney spears megahit?
andy: with apalling taste
winnie: and i'll watch yentl if it's on ifc
fred: she's incredibly philanthropic. she's donated boatloads of money
austin: hahaha
fred: i give her mad props for that and also for being an outspoken liberal
winnie: okay, but in person, she's a bitch and a control freak
fred: heh
winnie: or so the tabloids have said
maggie: i respect her...she's just a powerhouse...nothing to be messed with
andy: oh, so what
fred: lol
andy: divas are supposed to be control freaks
maggie: plus, i just don't dig that genre of music
andy: didn't we learn anything from Fred's mix!!?
austin: haha
fred: haha
winnie: heh
maggie: now that i think about it, the artist i really dig are quite the opposite of 'divas'
winnie: interesting, maggie
courtney: carl, are you a barb fan- what was your thinking behind including this song?
andy: listen to her sing 'is it riiiiiiight'
andy: she is asserting herself
andy: or whatever she's singing
christian: haha "over and over again"
andy: oh - ok!
fred: it's really interesting to me to hear how she lightens her voice for this song compared to her broadway belting
carl: no, I'm not a striesand fan. I just liked the melody of this song, and I liked how the vibe contrasted with the rest of the mix.
andy: jeez - now the stones - I really like this mix :-)
andy: carl - do you know the whole streisand album?
andy: or was it the single?
carl: we only listened to a couple songs
carl: the album is "Guilty"
andy: i wonder what it's like
fred: oh really? these aren't albums you grew up listening to?
carl: and it's got some guy on the cover too.. I'm not sure who
winnie: why this stones track?
andy: right - barry gibb
carl: yeah
andy: of the bee gees
carl: oh OK
andy: they wrote and produced the album
carl: no I didn't grow up listening to this streisand.. just something daniel picked up at phonoluxe
fred: this may be a dumb question, but were the BGs black?
winnie: nooooo
maggie: nope
andy: oh fred noooooooo
maggie: aussies
fred: heh
fred: i'm confused
winnie: whitey white white
fred: i need to listen to saturday night fever
andy: whiter than that even
fred: my sister gave me her copy of it i think
maggie: it's worth listening to
austin: hahaha
andy: which stones album is this - early early, yeah?
winnie: i really dig the #13
austin: well it's ok fred. i thought they were brits
winnie: but 10 bores me
maggie: maybe brits...i could be wrong..
carl: "The Rolling Stones, Now!"
fred: okay another question. you know how people ask you stones or the beatles? did the two have a rivalry? or is it just that they were around the same time
andy: i like it because it's just when rock started
andy: not rock 'n roll - but you know white blues riped rock
andy: ripped
austin: man why do many dylan carl? big fan?
andy: they had a rivalry
andy: stones were rough and dirty
andy: beatles were smart and fab
fred: right
andy: but they were friendly too
fred: i thought it was something like that although to me their music sounds kind of similar.
andy: it does?
andy: freak
maggie: really?
fred: well i don't really know them that well
carl: yeah I just liked the dylan/stones/mccartney classic stuff for this mix...
winnie: mmm, not so much
andy: fred - you know a lot of early beatles
fred: yeah. i need to sit down and actually listen to a whole beatles album for once
andy: both bands were essentially cover bands at first
maggie: maybe later beattles stuff sounds like early stones stuff...but that's a stretch
andy: so maybe that's why
fred: mm
winnie: maybe i'm wrong
winnie: but i feel like they have different influences
andy: well - yeah they did go back to being rockier didn't they?
fred: did andy say that the stones had more blues influence?
winnie: though the beatles go all over the map
winnie: yes
andy: but Jagger never ever ever sounds like either lennon or mccartney
fred: you mean vocally?
andy: yes
winnie: does it feel like jagger's dylan-ing his vocals in 13?
carl: (sorry.. on phone)
andy: yes yes
andy: i think so winnie
andy: it even sounds like a dylan song
andy: the verse anyway
winnie: to me it sounds, yes, more like dyla
winnie: n
fred: w/ a boy's choir
fred: yeah i hear that
andy: cool
maggie: hmm.m....hear that song so many times on the radio, never thougt of it that way
fred: what's the context for that boy's choir?
andy: me neither
winnie: this remind sme of classic stones though
andy: but it's true isn't it!
courtney: this song was ruined for me by the car commercial it was in
winnie: or the stones i know
courtney: it's all I think about when I hear it
courtney: good marketing I guess...
winnie: well i'd never heard it before
winnie: or seen the tv commercial
andy: I'd forgotten the Mccartney track - it was great to hear it again
fred: really? i didn't like it
andy: no - I don't think i do either
courtney: I hate TV, but seem to be fascinated with commercials
andy: but it was just fun to hear it again
fred: although that also had distinct sections, like the todd track
andy: commercials tell it like it is
winnie: they seem to have better & better music all the time
andy: esp volkswagen
winnie: i mean, we could do a mix of just commercial music
winnie: yup
maggie: i used to think of the beatles as having a primarily 'pop-ish' sound...it was cool to hear paul breaking that mold a bit
andy: what do I know! I don't have a tv
fred: don't cry baby
winnie: i love the intro to the mccartney
winnie: gets my head noddin
fred: oh really? that's the part i don't like
winnie: oh really?
andy: I like that's it's just a couple of jammy bits stuck together
andy: kinda reggae-ish
andy: ska-ish mebbe
winnie: no
winnie: funk
maggie: mm....blues-ish
fred: haha
fred: the 2nd part feels bluesy to me
andy: don't hear the funk W
andy: i think it's more dub
winnie: hm
maggie: dub?
maggie: no way
christian: i think it's sort of funky
winnie: i dunno. the bass seems funk to me
fred: i have to give a shout out to the corcovado track b/c EBTG did a cover of it that i really liked so i liked hearing the orig
carl: ok back, sorry guys
carl: hehe totally off topic :-)
fred: heh
carl: so the story with mccartney, if it hasn't been said already
winnie: okay sorry, i gotta take off
winnie: wait
carl: is that this was his first "solo" album and he basically played everything
winnie: i'll stay for the story
winnie: wow
fred: was this song the orig? are all their songs orig? or are some of them folksongs-ish?
winnie: that's awesome
carl: and sang (on the tracks with vocals)
andy: all orig
carl: so that's him playing drums
christian: this is my favorite track of the mix to be honest
andy: miost of the later beatles tracks are solo efforts
andy: put out undwer the beatles minker
andy: moniker
maggie: interesting
winnie: okay, i gotta take off
fred: i guess we should start wrapping it up
winnie: kickass mix, carl
andy: arrividerchi Winnie
carl: thanks winnie..glad you liked
winnie: my favorite is the rundgren
andy: thanks for culebra
fred: yeah now i'm interested to hear carl's next mix
winnie: i heard it was a pain in your ass
winnie: (andy)
andy: :no - I loved it
fred: i want to hear more of his range
winnie: oh good
andy: more on that later
winnie: okay
winnie: bye people. listen to my mix!
carl: cya winnie
fred: oh wait i also wanted to mention the last track
maggie: lata
christian: bye
winnie has left the room.
austin: shyonara winnie
carl: yeah what did you think of chet?
fred: that's some weird playing no?
fred: is it a guitar?
carl: it's chet atkins on guitar and .. I think ravi on sitar?
fred: ah
carl: definitely a weird one
andy: ah - now i understand!!
fred: it sounded weird
austin: what are the drums?
andy: I couldn't work out what was going on!
andy: tablas
christian: i think it's tablas
fred: it makes sense now that you say that
austin: ah
austin: sound tribal
fred: how weird!
fred: but cool
andy: buddha bar
carl: I just had to laugh at this one
maggie: i kept thinking it was some western thing....but the sitar threw me off
andy: it's so peculiar
carl: but I like the bit around 2:00
carl: and going forward from there
fred: heh
fred: yeah
austin: doesn't sounds like vinyl
fred: how weird
fred: who's idea was that i wonder
andy: I like the first sitar bit - sounds like he has a big frog in his throat
austin: not scratched
carl: yeah :-)
christian: heh
andy: it's a truly terrible piece of music
carl: hahahaha
andy: and I adore it
maggie: where is chet from?
fred: haha
andy: i keep wanting to make a mix of really bad music
andy: but . . .why
carl: Chet Atkins invented "the nashville sound" of the 70s
austin: haha
maggie: ah....
christian: i think that will be my mix
carl: very produced country sound.. and he's a guitar player
andy: he's really good, yes?
andy: on other stuff
fred: aww christian i'm sure your mix will be fantastico
carl: yeah definitely. there's a lot of variety so be sure to get the whole picture
andy: it will!
carl: especially 70s chet vs. early
maggie: ah....and how did he get into indian intruments?
christian: thnx :-)
carl: I think he just did a collab with Ravi
fred: the melody esp at 1:30 sounds like an american folk song
maggie: it's definitly like nothing I've heard...pretty cool
fred: okay kids any last comments?
courtney: it's such a random song- there is so much going on
andy: yeah - entirely odd
fred: yeah it's like #2 and @12 where there are these really diff sections
fred: i like that
christian: i can ask people how much they hate hip hop
fred: oops i meant #12
carl: well I hope y'all enjoyed a little vinyl in your CD player.
maggie: my vote still goes for the jazzy stuff
andy: sho did
christian: trying to gage how much to put not put on my mix
andy: this was a treat
fred: i'd like to hear more hip hop christian
andy: me too - I know nothing
maggie: he vinyl was a great touch
christian: i just don't want it to be a chore for people
maggie: *the
andy: make us work
austin: oh yeah, just a pity i can't go and buy the music
fred: why not?
carl: someone needs to bust out the missy elliott... or I'll have to on my next mix.
fred: haha
courtney: hip hop's cool if it's the kind without too much of the women bashing
christian: oh this will be mostly not off the radio
austin: well i would have to 'age' it to get the sounde
austin: sounds different on cds
fred: yeah just try to throw in some variety
austin: outkast
fred: austin -- there's some software where you can add pops and hisses to cd tracks
austin: love outkast
christian: ok will do - just wanted find out if i'm going to get flammed next chat
fred: just do it!
courtney: shake it like a polaroid picture
christian: ok ok
fred: and you too maggie! i need more music to listen to!!
courtney: who would come up wit that?
maggie: it's in the works
andy: fred is greedy you know
christian: :-D
maggie: lol
fred: well we're a little behind actually
andy: he eats mixes for breakfast
fred: but it's all good
andy: it's all good, my n-word
christian: LOL
fred: okay the next chat won't be until at least mid march
fred: or first week of march
maggie: cool
christian: sounds food
austin: yeah sorry for delay on group mix
christian: good
austin: what is mix 3 about? or is that on the webpage?
fred: so christian and maggie should send out their mixes asap
christian: yes sir
fred: mix 3? the one winnie gave you?
maggie: yupyup
austin: yeah
fred: she should send you the email about it
carl: ok bye y'all!
carl: thanks for listening
courtney: it's been fun
fred: okay bye. thanks for the mix
christian: cya thanks
carl has left the room.
austin: this was fun
austin: so many of us
fred: heh yeah
fred: now scat! ;-)
andy: hey - bye - fun
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maggie: lata gators
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austin: till next timefolks
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