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winnie: sorry guys
carl: hello
winnie: getting the UWS takes forever
nelson: hi there
winnie: what'd i miss?
fred: nothing so far
winnie: oh. have you started yet? are we waiting for anyone?
andy: all here?
fred: um i guess we're more or less all here
winnie: yup
winnie: methinks so too
nelson: hi everyone
andy: yo
andy: unsupported says yo
nelson: haha
fred: haven't heard from aman
andy: loooomba!!
nelson: apparently aman lives with my buddy geeta
winnie: oh yeah
nelson: small world
andy: loombahh, I guess - sounds more fratty
fred: geeta?? not the senior house geeta??
winnie: hey fred, what does n/m mean?
nelson: different geeta
fred: no message
andy: new mexico?
winnie: ohhhh
fred: it means the only info is in the subject line
winnie: yeah, i JUST got that
carl: naughty massage
fred: that way you don't have to read the msg
andy: ah - i thought it was a yearning for the desert
fred: actually it's a psychological test
fred: haha
fred: why desert?
winnie: new mexico?
andy: new mexico is desert
andy: not dessert
fred: so first off i have to say that carl's bro's song was my clear fav of the mix
winnie: anyway
andy: mine too
andy: a catchy little bugger
winnie: i'll third that
fred: it easily sounded like if it had been released in the 80's it would be appearing on all those one hit wonders from the 80's greatest hits cds
nelson: gimme a sec to load the playlist ...
carl: wow. I'll let him know.
andy: yeah - from the opening stuff
andy: what did they call that tube thing?
andy: peter frampton used it all the time in the 80's
winnie: but carl, this is probably one of my favorite FIF mixes thus far
carl: tube thing?
winnie: (aside from my own, of course)
andy: the vocal effect
winnie: very listenable
carl: hey thanks
carl: vocoder?
andy: something like
andy: shit shit
winnie: and it's definitely spurred some interest in different music for me
andy: this CD is now going ape on your bro
andy: 's track
nelson: oh yeah. this was seriously a solid mix.
andy: solido
nelson: i liked the django
winnie: i liked the gillian welch
andy: me too - but thought one would have been plenty
carl: django had 4 fingers on one of his hands
nelson: which one
andy: he was fierce
andy: his fret hand
nelson: damn.
fred: no i liked two django
andy: djangi
andy: i believe
winnie: djangae
andy: hey carl - tell us about your bro
carl: heh
nelson: did you pick the theme and then the music, or other way around
winnie: yeah, is he why you know so much about production & lip-synching on stage?
carl: well he is just my brother. he's working on a whole album right now but Lifestyle is definitely the "single" so far.
carl: well my parents are musicians
carl: and grandparents
winnie: ("just my brother"?)
carl: so it kind of goes in the fam
winnie: oh
fred: the lyrics were a little weak to me, like the "shake that ass" line, but they fit the 80's groove
winnie: but what about you?
andy: is it all him or does he work with other musicians?
carl: I play bass, badly.
fred: and i'm such a sucker for falsetto
winnie: aren't the lyrics in line w/ the point of the track?
carl: that track is all him. he's a multi-instrumentalist
andy: yep - it IS 80's - and I like that
andy: hall and oates - y
fred: even the backing vox?
carl: I think the whole "shake that ass, crystal in the glass" stuff is really about mocking the hip hop lifestyle portrayed on MTV
andy: them's goils
carl: cristal that is
andy: he he
carl: yea the girls are great huh? They're local singers in Nashville
carl: Daniel runs a writers night there, so he is pretty well connected with the scene
andy: all cool - pass on our admiration
carl: I shall.
winnie: cristal, you mean
winnie: oh
andy: uh
carl: hehe
winnie: i just saw that you fixed that
winnie: sorry
winnie: i just got a phone call
winnie: i'm behind
andy: dog poop one week, phone calls the next
andy: lordy!
nelson: what's the story behind donovan
winnie: yeah, it's the brother
winnie: or other brother
andy: mm - love that song
andy: it takes me so back
winnie: he's donovan leitch's father
winnie: (donovan leitch is married to um, some model whose name i can't remember)
winnie: do you remember that gap commercial
nelson: which one
winnie: mellow yellow
carl: check him out on allmusic-- he's the scottish pre- b&s
carl: yeah, mellow yellow
nelson: is this one where people are dancing and look all hopped up
nelson: ok, i'll check it
winnie: wait, nelson, you got my updated group mix a while ago, right?
nelson: yes, i did, and have been compiling two to add
nelson: found one, looking for another one
nelson: (who is this going to next?)
winnie: i dunno, but you gotta move it along
fred: nelson i thought you were going to mail it on friday!
fred: the idea is to keep it moving
nelson: yeah, that was supposing i found one
andy: you know - there is one thing which bugs me about Daniel's song
nelson: ok, maybe i'll just send it with my one
fred: anyway ... back to carl's mix
andy: it's the MER cedes benz line
winnie: which is what?
fred: nelson don't worry about it just pick something
nelson: ok
winnie: this emmylou track reminds me of stevie nicks for some reason
andy: I always get iffy about unusual stresses
andy: but it worked for stevie wonder and stevie nicks
andy: ooh - synchronicity
winnie: weird
carl: Wrecking Ball is pretty much one of my all time favorite discs
winnie: i think it's fine
andy: i don't get her
winnie: cos i think it always fits in his message
carl: but you should know I'm a huge fan of all things Lanois.
andy: and i'm a big country fan
fred: i have to say i usu have an aversion to chick music but of the 3 i liked two not the emmylou one sorry guys
winnie: like these guys in this lifestyle can't even pronounce fuckin' mercedes
andy: ah - it's po mo!
winnie: andy, i've been listening to elite hotel
winnie: (i think that's the name)
winnie: and it's really good
andy: that's emmylou?
winnie: yeah
andy: she gets great reviews too - maybe i need to spend more time on it
andy: what do you guys like about her?
andy: mmm - I like how she just sang 'fate'
andy: lots of ffff
andy: fffate
carl: on her older stuff
carl: and all of it really, she has a very delicate kind of fragile voice
carl: that goes well with the depressing sort of songs she sings
andy: she writes too, yeah?
winnie: you should listen to "pancho & lefty"
fred: her voice reminds me of umm what's her name that rolling stones gfriend chick
andy: oh - the willie nelson song?
winnie: except that it'll soon be going on a mix
winnie: yeah, sure, her version is lovely
andy: marianne faithfull
fred: right
carl: not really, not until 2 albums ago, but she has always been very good at choosing songs
andy: yes - it is similar
andy: less wrecked
andy: hmm - well Winnie knows I called her Emmylou Harris the other week
andy: so I got some homework too doo
andy: sorry - i mean harrison
andy: even more homework
winnie: hahah
carl: check out the rest of Wrecking Ball (if you like that sound), Red Dirt Girl (which she wrote most of)
fred: gillian sounds more modern to me than emmylou funny though b/c gillian is just guitar while emmylou's is orchestrated
carl: or the older Emmylou if you like that great 70s country sound
carl: Gillian is a young upstart
fred: has emmylou been around that long?
winnie: her track on here is great
fred: since the 70s i mean?
carl: yes
andy: emmylou is in her 70's
carl: hehehe
andy: she got those gray hairs fred
andy: she's what - 50's?
carl: yeah
andy: late 40 anyway
fred: do either of them do much traditional folksongs?
andy: traditional country I guess?
andy: well - she used to
carl: yea, emmylou does folk/bluegrass, check out the record called Live at the Rhyman
carl: and Gillian is all about folk but
winnie: so right
andy: wrecking ball is a neil young song isn't it?
carl: yes
fred: oh really?
fred: you should let us know stuff like that
carl: Emmylou cuts deep. just give her a little time.
winnie: nice, carl.
andy: hmm - this gillian welch song is a grower too, ain't it?
winnie: i like that.
andy: it just snuck into my warm quiet place
fred: haha
carl: yes I think so. my feeling on the GW song was that she's singing about mp3s.
andy: nice guitar frill in the center
andy: ha - yes!
fred: yeah i liked that ... mp3s? hmm
carl: she is very modern that way-- and that's what I love about her
andy: i gotta say there's a bunch of women singers I get confused about and lump together
andy: gillian welch, paula cole, dar williams
andy: all entirely different - but I forget
winnie: i'd never heard of gillian welch before this
andy: i'm so sexist
carl: yeah I know what you mean. you sort of have to be familiar
carl: with the songs, etc
winnie: but paula cole is so dawson's creek
fred: how did you know this was about mp3s? i think you're right
andy: vistoria somebodyorother
carl: hahaha
fred: actually knowing that has sort of changed my view of the song
andy: mm vissstoria
andy: yeah - me too - Winnie . . . Mr. Lyrics himself didn't listen to the lyrics
carl: I don't know fred... that's just what I thought
winnie: haha
carl: It could be about something else I suppose
fred: i'm mr lyrics?
nelson: haha
nelson: i can see that
winnie: (i just saw an interesting commentary by the sigur ros frontman about lyrics and their lack of. oh, and fred, they had a live bjork concert on this show too. it was on HBO.)
fred: thinking about this song being about mp3 makes me not want to listen to it anymore
andy: no F - I am
fred: i kind of like not knowing the lyrics b/c then you can just imagine its eloquence
fred: i mean, the song sound too sad to be about napster
winnie: oh but for her, napster is sad
andy: before we bypass it entirely . . . this is simply red at their best I think
carl: hahaha
andy: that band always makes me sad
fred: what track?
carl: I'm talkin' bout Ronnie, Ronnie
andy: great great singer - weedy band
fred: oh right
andy: did the earth move for you, nancy?
fred: yeah that was cool
fred: i'm surprised at how well these songs work together
andy: reagonomics
winnie: man, i just got to your bro's track again
winnie: and it makes me want to hang out w/ him
andy: it is good innit?
winnie: i like his voice
fred: even though they're in really diff genres, you've sort of limited yourself to 3 diff ones and songs w/ the same feel you know?
andy: i like the whole feel of the track
andy: ? - yeah?
andy: what feels F?
fred: eh?
carl: what genres?
andy: which 3 diff ones?
andy: where's nelly?
andy: oh there he is!
fred: well the sort of motown-y, and then the folky, and then the 80's ...
andy: yep
andy: what about the djangae?
andy: hmm
carl: which one does suzanne vega fall into?
fred: well there's more than that but i like how it wasn't every diff track from a diff genre
andy: right - me too
fred: i would lump suzanne w/ emmylou and gillian
carl: yeah I guess so
andy: it was good to hear suzanne vega again
winnie: heh. you missed her, did you andy?
andy: she's odd - not like stellar, but some oddly compelling stuff
winnie: i had this "tom's diner" phase in middle school
andy: yeah - i remembered 'Luca"
winnie: that got old fast
winnie: yeah, i loved that track
winnie: i think someone gave me a tape copy of "tom's album"
andy: she's kinda downtown cool
fred: i hated both of those songs
fred: ecchhhh
carl: I saw her at the Somerville Theater once with just an acoustic guitar and a bass player. she can hold her own without all the effects, etc.
andy: i bet - she's kind of tough
andy: fragile . . . evanescent . . . yet . . . tough
andy: my my
fred: too folk chick music for me
andy: yeah - I didn't really love this song, but it was fun to visit wth her again
andy: Fred - you love folk chix
carl: (on the phone, sorry... i'm on call tonite)
fred: folk chicks? are you kidding? i hate them in general
andy: is carl a doctor?
winnie: i know, seriously fred, you do
nelson: (and i'm still here, but i like reading when i don't know enough)
winnie: really?
nelson: carl is a mortician
winnie: what's to know, nelson/
fred: jewel? echhhhhh
winnie: oh, jewel's a fake
andy: how bout danielle thingy?
andy: and joni
winnie: yeah, and the IG
fred: rare exceptions
andy: and the real ones
andy: oh jewel is a fake everything
fred: i'm not a big fan of the IG
nelson: IG = ?
winnie: indigo girls
nelson: ah
andy: a fake women too - she's got a dick
fred: those are pretty much the only two folk girls i like unless you count ani
andy: ooh sorry
fred: it's just too slow for my limited attention span
fred: heh
carl: ok done sorry
winnie: you profess to prefer music featuring vocals & an acoustic guitar
andy: yeah I hear you, but you surprise me
fred: someone will have to prove me wrong
winnie: so wouldn't that be primarily folkie shit?
fred: when did i say that winnie??
fred: i never said i
winnie: when we were discussing your mix
andy: your mix speaks volumes
fred: "preferred" it
winnie: i think you said it was your favorite kind
andy: hmm
winnie: maybe not preferred
fred: what!? no i meant that i like things stripped down
winnie: sounds like folk to me. but okay...
fred: but not all the time. seriously, that mix cleaned out all of my fav solo guitar vocals tracks for the next year
fred: heh
andy: ah yes - you don't like the worthy, hearty thing
andy: i heard a fantastic song this morning - and it turns out it's an oldish bowie track
andy: 'I'm Scared of Americans"
fred: heh
fred: yeah it's good
andy: does anybody know it???
fred: it's off of earthling
andy: what's it on?
andy: ah ay
fred: dead man walking was on that
winnie: no i don't
andy: it good
winnie: don't know much bowie, oddly enough
fred: trent reznor co-wrote it or something. he's on the video stalking david bowie. it's funny
andy: he has it in him at times
andy: rilly!?
carl: yeah I've heard that one
fred: umm anyway ... back to carl ...
andy: i went away from bowie - but he's pulling me back
andy: yup
andy: like - bowie, huh?
carl: that bowie track is BBC, that's what I liked about it
fred: actually the bowie sort of stuck out for me
carl: it has a nice live urgency to it
fred: it sort of didn't fit w/ the more laid-back groove of the rest of the mix ... anyone else?
nelson: i got that too
carl: yeah no it didn't. I wanted it to kick you in the ass.
andy: i don't know - it's a jumpy mix anyway
carl: hahaha
winnie: that's interesting that it stuck out
winnie: i didn't even realize it was bowie until now
fred: i didn't think so. i felt the rest of the mix was sort of subdued
winnie: i have to listen, like, really closely
andy: i think the ray charles stix out more
winnie: oh yeah, that ray charles was awesome.
andy: and, while i'm back there
nelson: i honestly had no idea ray charles and stevie wonder sounded like that
carl: he's the best.
andy: what the hell does anyone see in this magnetic fields guy????
nelson: i would've figured throatier voices
winnie: they should really put him back on pepsi or coke commercials
carl: hahaha
andy: everything i've heard is so painfully quotidian
carl: did anyone think that the stevie song's intro sounded like a modern hip hop groove?
andy: it's early Ray
carl: I want to find the hip hop song that totally ripped off that bass/strings thing
fred: heh. funny
andy: hmm - only if they sampled it directly
carl: bass/horns rather
winnie: hmm i didn't have that immediate impression
carl: I mean horns/strings. hehehe
carl: bernt
fred: i didn't have that impression either carl
fred: but i don't listen to that much hip hop
carl: anyway, it stood out for that reason. I know I've heard a song on the radio or something with that kind of groove
carl: just the first 5 seconds of the stevie song
andy: i love this first track
winnie: i'll bet they dip into stevie's pile more than a little
andy: he must have been about 13 when he recorded it
carl: yeah that's true
winnie: really, andy?
fred: yeah he started really early
andy: he was 22 when he recorded 'you are the sunshne of my life'
carl: man what a badass
winnie: yeah, seriously
andy: such great harmonica playing too
winnie: i have to say that the ella track stuck out for me
andy: like - you hear two notes and you can tell who it is
andy: that's the tits
carl: yea definitely
fred: stevie plays the harmonica?
andy: mm hmmm - he's the best bossman harmonica player around
carl: he plays everything just about
andy: yup
fred: cool cool
winnie: well, more like i just love the opening bass drum thing
andy: W - I agree bout Ella, but Carl had made that sticky-out-ness ok
winnie: no, i meant that in a good way
winnie: i thought it was perfect
andy: good - me too
andy: a voice like cool runny honey
winnie: it made me want to sit on a velvet lounger
winnie: and take up smoking
fred: hahaha
fred: go winnie
andy: oh stop!!
nelson: ;-)
winnie: while wearing a satin robe
winnie: haha
andy: ouch
andy: i wish it was the 40's
fred: whoaaaa
andy: when smoking didn't cause lung cancer
winnie: and wow, i didn't know tim buckley sounded like this
andy: oh - he is wonnnddeerrffuull
andy: so pleased you put him on here Carl
andy: although - my least fave album
andy: you guys know Jeff Buckley's 'Grace' yeah?
fred: ella's another one of those people that i can't really listen to anymore b/c she's become the default mall music
carl: yeah I love that record
nelson: ja
carl: what mall do you go to?
andy: you know 'Dream Brother'?
carl: yeah.
andy: about Tim, isn't it?
carl: was Tim his brother or father?
andy: shit - Tim can sing
andy: father
andy: died at . . .32??
carl: oh yeah, that runs in the fam doesn't it
carl: sort of in a creepy nick drake way
andy: yeah - it's spooky
fred: weird
andy: sad and weird
carl: i'll have to go back and listen to that
andy: like julian and john lennon - sometimes they sound identical
carl: I didn't even know Jude sang...?
andy: you know - now i've worked through the whole mix again, whilst chatting - it's a really good mix!
fred: is the same person who sings at the beginning of the tim buckley track tim buckley?
winnie: well of course
andy: mm hmm
andy: couple of cd's maybe mo'
andy: billboard top ten for 'valmont' I believe
fred: he sounds so diff at the beginning of the track no?
carl: falsetto?
andy: yes fred - that'x him
fred: it doesn't sound like falsetto is it?
andy: he had a fantastically mobile voice
fred: interesting
andy: well - it's more of a controlled squeak. ain't it?
carl: hehehe
andy: I don't think it is falsetto, just high
fred: time to wrap it up kids
winnie: really? i think it's falsetto
winnie: okay
carl: aight
andy: hey - I love the backing singers "ti-ju-wan- na
winnie: good work, carl!
winnie: can't wait til your next one
nelson: same here
fred: yeah ditto
carl: next will be all covers of the same song
andy: yup - this was fun, interesting and eddiefying (go eddie)
nelson: thanks. i'll look over this chat for references to more country/folk stuff :-)
carl: just kidding
andy: yurp
fred: thanks carl
carl: you're welcome
andy: ok - outtahere - thanks carl
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carl: glad y'all liked
carl: cya
andy: tell dan
andy: bye
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