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austin: hello flavas
carl: hello
andy: hey guys
fred: howdy
fred: looks like this is all of us for now
carl: Austin this is my favorite mix of yours yet
austin: really?
fred: really?
austin: i'm surprised
austin: haha
andy: how come carl?
carl: yeah I'm really into a lot of the grooves you picked this time.
austin: you like the hip hop?
carl: and lots of stuff I've never heard of
carl: yeah I'm sort of a closeted hip hop fan I guess
andy: me too ;-)
fred: you know i think part of the thing that turns me off on this kind of thing is that a lot of times they're content to just use one riff for the whole song or maybe two
fred: i.e. little to no development
andy: yep - you can't be waiting for surprises
fred: in general the beats are good though
andy: but that's ok, if you don't expect more than you get, I guess
andy: I like stuff on this mix - but it feels a little more random than usual
fred: also, there are cases where they play w/ words but it doesn't add up to anything. like on 15: "roll the mike like fidel castro" it's just in there b/c it fits the rhyme scheme or whatever
fred: but o/w it's completely abitrary
fred: oops arbitrary
austin: well part of the fun for me is to understand why they rhyme random things like that
fred: is there a reason usu?
austin: yeah most of the time
carl: I think that's
carl: not just a hip hop thing
carl: I mean look at REM
andy: good point!
carl: I think of it is as impressionist lyricism
carl: kind of fun
andy: another kind of lyric - for sound more than meaning
andy: sometimes
carl: but also to me it seems simple.. in the sense that you can just make words up, so perfect rhymes and phrasings are easy
fred: but it makes it much less purposeful
andy: well - for rhythms I spose
andy: yeah F - unless the rhythm IS the point
andy: in wich case meaning is coincidental, or secondary
austin: yeah also, most rappers come up with their material adlib
fred: and also, some rap tries to have a message or whatever, but then they totally divert the flow of the message by having a random irrelevant rhyme
andy: rap is conflicted
austin: so you see them reuse material a lot because if they know a rhyme, it buys them a little time to think
austin: it's not as deliberate as other music
andy: yeah - but
andy: austin these aren't live recordings
carl: yeah that's the thing. you can be so much more calculated
andy: they've had plenty of time to edit, fine tune etc.
carl: so why not put the effort into it?
andy: hmm
austin: hmmm
carl: I'll tell you what tho
andy: maybe you lose something else that way
carl: I really like the outkast stuff
austin: some of them definitely do
fred: i really disliked the outkast stuff
austin: outkast's stuff is pretty polished
austin: why's that fred?
andy: i'm not convinced by outkast
carl: they always seem a cut above in my opinion
andy: it's george clinton and frank zappa redux
fred: well the first track was a throwaway
andy: with a layer of rap
andy: i like it - but no more than 'toxic'
fred: and i hated the chorus of "spread"
fred: this overt sexuality was really boring to me
fred: the music was fine though
carl: yeah they are pretty sexed up but
carl: I do like the kind of variety they introduce
andy: they are campy
carl: like the little jazz riffs
andy: kitschy - that's fun
andy: but the joke wears thin after a listen
carl: I don't know. I have a feeling they have staying power, actually. I think they're going to be around a long time.
austin: yeah i feel like sometimes hip hop artists use sex to sell their music
austin: makes for better music videos
carl: hehe
andy: but i never got ms. jackson either
austin: which is why i put dirty tracks on there
andy: the outkast i mean
fred: janet?
andy: the Outkast song which everyone thought was so deep
andy: so topical
andy: I thought - - mmm
fred: oh yeah i vaguely remember that
carl: Austin, what's the story with Cinematic Orchestra?
carl: I was definitely drawn into that track
andy: any of you see the whitney biennial?
andy: it reminds me of rap
austin: it's actually a track by jeru
austin: you're absolutely right
carl: I'm looking at the whitney site now
austin: the song is called come clean.
andy: it's very now . . . historyless, contextless
andy: i sound like a fogey
andy: anyway - i like the Jeru track
andy: although the sample got tired
andy: what is it? I've been trying to remember
andy: not the sample - the steal . . . the backing track on #15
carl: I can't tell
fred: some of these tracks i liked but they were a bit long. like #19
fred: does anyone know what the title means?
andy: it's the instrumental break from some 70's prog rock thing I think
fred: are most of these people famous?
carl: I don't think so
fred: is outkast popular? is it a group?
austin: madlib is very big in underground rap
carl: outkast is huge
austin: he has a new album out that was mentioned in the new york times
carl: you know that song "hey ya!"
carl: shake it like a polaroid picture
carl: etc
fred: hm
austin: outkast get's a lot of radio play
fred: sounds vaguely familiar
fred: so it is just a guy?
carl: 2 guys
austin: i like the line, "lend me some sugar, i am your neighbour"
carl: big boi and andre 3000
austin: from the south
andy: F - we saw a dance to Hey Yah at mit the other night
fred: ah. are most of these rap/hip hop people one guy or two or a group?
carl: don't ask me how I know that
austin: they were outcasts in the east coast west coast thing
austin: hence their name
carl: they're from texas or something
carl: houston
carl: ?
andy: i think the Jeru track is a Moody Blues riff
andy: ain't that a kick?
andy: but mebbe I remeber rong
austin: oh really?
carl: I liked how you slipped that magnetic fields in there..
andy: it's on the tip of my brain
fred: so are most of these rap/hip hop people one guy or two or a group?
carl: I thnk 1-2 Fred
andy: aren't they all singletons or duos nowadays?
andy: apart from eminem's posse
austin: yeah
carl: it'd be cool to see an 11 piece hip hop group though
austin: there isn't that much required for a hip hop group
andy: that would !
austin: usually there's a dj as backup
carl: the roots are 4-5 right?
fred: so one person does the rapping and the other does the music?
andy: I love Beenie Man
carl: yeah that's the traditional division of labor
austin: yeah
andy: more ragga
austin: there used to be a lot of big rap groups
fred: interesting.
andy: more reggae
austin: wu tang
andy: more toastin' mon
andy: wu tang are gone now, yes?
austin: yeah they've split up
carl: I have to get used to the idea
andy: and public enemy
andy: they were good
carl: of hearing reggae that isn't about 1970s jamaica
andy: oh me too Carl
fred: yeah track 16 was interesting
andy: I feel confused . . . i have such a finished picture in my head of what Jamaica is
andy: and it's entirely anachronistic
andy: and prob. colonial
carl: guess its time for a holiday
andy: you know i like the Outkast - but . . . it really really reminds me of zappa
fred: that track had a lot more singing in it than the others
andy: from 20 years ago
fred: i mean tr 16
austin: you should check out the outkast album
andy: the new one?
austin: yeah
fred: also on tr 16 the guy is kind of rapping kind of singing
andy: yeah - maybe - not convinced . . . what I mean is - I've heard this all before
austin: it's easy listening rap
andy: ha!
austin: beenie man is amazing
andy: F - i think the Jamaican stuff is quite different
austin: so many people copied his style
andy: and it's history is convoluted -certainly in UK
austin: missy elliot
andy: yes!
andy: she's been listening to dancehall
austin: snoop dog
andy: even busta rhymes is a kind of hybrd
fred: was tr 8 really the whole track?
carl: I was thinking of missy when I heard beenie actually
austin: missy elliot by the way is the only female rapper that i know and happen to like
carl: "who got the keys to the bimmer"
austin: yeah exactly
carl: missy sings "beep beep, who got the keys to the jeep" or something
austin: fred: i think that track was mixed into another, so it sounds like it got cut off
andy: A - me too . . .she's head and shoulders above any others
fred: i liked it b/c it seemed more succinct than the others
andy: and better then most male rappers too
andy: I'm sorry, however . . . I don't really get Stepehen Merritt - is that his name?
fred: yep
andy: it's all ok - but - is he really a genius? just cuz he writes lotsa songs which are all pretty tuneful
fred: he's a little bit predictable
fred: actually not a little
andy: i thihnk so
fred: a lot
fred: but his songs are catchy
andy: yeah - I like it - but I've yet to be thrilled
fred: i hear ya
andy: yep - undoubtedly
austin: what you do guys think about roots manuva
carl: I'm into mag. fields a lot right now
andy: but I'm waiting for the and
andy: the new CD?
fred: and?
carl: yeah the new one is pretty good
andy: exactly - and . . .
andy: so . . .
carl: hehe
fred: andy bought the roots manuva cd
andy: catchy, and . . . .
carl: don't make it out to be a lot more than what it is
andy: I did - but
austin: which one did you get?
andy: yeah - I've just been reading hyperbolic reviews I think
carl: I think he's got a kind of simplicity, economy
carl: that I'm really into
andy: run come whatever
fred: i liked this preacher thing in this track
austin: save me
andy: yes!
andy: I like it - although it's less varied than I'd hoped
carl: his melodies are just great
austin: i like the sound of two people rapping at the same time
andy: yeah - and I like the west indian mix in there
andy: BUT
austin: i think it's him, but overlayed
andy: the nrew STREETS
fred: that preacher guy reminds me of something else
austin: haha the streets
fred: yeah the synthesized strings remind me of the streets
andy: is coming out - now that's the future
andy: actually english rap is the future
andy: well - ok
andy: who the hell are a.s.dragon?
fred: so is roots manuva two people? who's this "sins" guy?
andy: no - one guy
andy: like A said - it's him double tracked
fred: really? whoa!
fred: that's really well done
fred: oh i totally didn't catch austin's comment
andy: i think it's a v.cool sound - he has a t'ing
fred: what language is tr 10?
austin: haha they're french punk rockers
fred: funny
austin: really popular in france
andy: ah
austin: they sing like they're rapping too
andy: alors
andy: I love the cranky old analog synth sound at the start
andy: wish it had stayed more
fred: what are they saying in tr 11? it sounds like "hock it up squeek it up"
carl: hug ya
carl: squeeze ya
fred: haha
andy: you know Austin - the more we chat about this mix, the more i like it
fred: that track reminds me strongly of that sea and cake remixed track
fred: yeah me too actually
andy: I think what people are saying is giving me tools to focus
fred: for me it's from being in a mood that's more getting into the groove
fred: i think oftentimes i get impatient w/ music that doesn't go anywhere
andy: yes - same here Fred
carl: yeah it takes time to get into that mood
andy: yep, but it sometimes takes a different approach to listening to it
fred: not time, i think it takes wine heh
carl: I always think of this kind of stuff as background music-- at first.
fred: quite a few of these tracks i liked the background a lot but wasn't so wild on the vocals
andy: I wonder if it's a new way of thinking about vocals though
fred: like tr 6 had really great little bubbly sounds
andy: post rap - vocals can sometyimes be entirely rhythm/texture
carl: has anyone in this group done a country mix?
andy: not the vehicle for the song's purpose
fred: not yet carl
andy: not yet Carl
andy: haha
andy: I was going to do one soon actually
carl: I have to do it
andy: old country
carl: yeah
andy: yes - do it!!
carl: hehe or you can do it.
carl: ;-)
andy: can we take two country mixes? or will people explode?
fred: so austin did every track have a dirty word in it?
fred: did track 21 even have any words in it?
andy: yeah A - how come you know so much dirty-word music?
carl: I like the Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels stuff
andy: I have to see that again
andy: after this mix
carl: yeah that's a pretty good one
austin: i don't know whether every song has a dirty word in it
fred: oh whoops i mean track 20. and i see that it's the title
austin: i started off with a different idea
carl: I think it's just the title
andy: tell me about swollen members
carl: I didn't like the SM track
andy: which i like
andy: is it all a silly joke, or do they exist?
andy: why not Carl?
austin: they're quite popular on the west coast
carl: I have a hard time putting my finger on it
austin: i saw them in san francisco opening for someone else
fred: man, that track has a chorus that epitomizes why i find this kind of music so tiresome. "S & M rocks the spot"? how boring can you get
andy: is this typical of what they do?
austin: haha
carl: there you go, fred.
fred: i mean, i'm all for pop music, but britney can do better than "britney rocks the spot without a doubt"
fred: i think this is just a hangup that i have don't mind me
andy: accidental avalanches - on the dark side of the moon silver skeletons skip
andy: or something like that
austin: yeah but the lyrics aren't important red
austin: fred
andy: there's some fun stuff buried around the silly chorus
austin: there's a bit of mockery there. i mean they call themselves swollen members
carl: I think there are certain kinds of rapper voices, or rapping styles, that just turn me off
fred: yeah me too
andy: same
austin: me too
andy: although for me it's the gangsta struttung stuff
austin: haha especially the really aggressive criminal style
carl: maybe it is a kind of machismo vibe that I think is total bullshit
austin: like 50 cents
fred: something i do like is how hip hop/rap can have really minimal accompaniments. like tr 18 is just one bass line and some beats
austin: i HATE him
andy: ugh
andy: worthless
andy: well - worth 50 cents
carl: that's 50 cent
carl: to you
andy: yo
austin: you guys should come to new york and we'll go check out some spoken word/freestyle
carl: yeahhhh
andy: F - I prefer spare hiphop too
carl: I like that stuff
andy: I think it's one of the reasons I like Missy
carl: yes me too
andy: she doesn't clutter . .. shes chooses
carl: I think it's possible to have many many layers
andy: NY, ah NY
fred: hmm i think we should start wrapping it up
austin: i'm surprised you haven't talked about the marianne faithfull
andy: yes - and all of these peple are doing different things - it's all good
carl: but you'd better mix it well
andy: as Denis Rodman would say
fred: didn't like the MF track nearly as much as the other one
fred: she's kind of cool though
andy: which?
austin: i liked the track's story
carl: I like the new MF CD: "I had a dream and you were in it / the blue of your eyes was infinite"
fred: the one that billy corgan co-wrote
andy: oh - marianne
andy: i think she did this already - but i like it fine
carl: that was my least favorite track
andy: she's earned honorary decadent status
austin: yeah what a life
fred: okay so in case you were wondering maggie's dropping out.
austin: and she's still making music
carl: I acutally liked #4
andy: you know on another mix I would have liked this a lot
austin: yeah it's the odd one out
andy: but I agree - on this mix it was one of my less appreciated
andy: yeah - that's why
andy: but she's tough - you gotta admire that
andy: have any of you read her autobiography?
austin: no
andy: it's short, but scary
fred: i think you asked us that last time
austin: worth a read?
andy: very interesting stuff
austin: haha
fred: or maybe not i forget
andy: yes definitely
andy: perhaps
andy: I'm her agent
fred: anyway, you all got my email right? about dropping out?
andy: oh oh oh
austin: so sad
andy: waaah
fred: it's cool
carl: yeah Fred, I don't think it's going to stay together without you.
andy: I'm sad and guilty
fred: it's cool it's cool
carl: but you know I think people are feeling a lot of spring fever right now
carl: I know I am
andy: me too
fred: spring fever?
andy: and i have a suggestion
andy: I'd like us to continue
andy: and I'd like to have a break
andy: If we can come back together in say 2 months
carl: yeah that's what I think, too
austin: mmm
andy: I'll do all that Fred did
austin: that's a good idea
andy: not as well, or as passionately
fred: har har
andy: but I'll do it
carl: Fred, I do have to say that you've been pretty great at holding this thing together.
andy: unless someone else wants that onerous task?
fred: okay that sounds fine. i might make copies of the mixes andy's gets for myself
andy: Fred- you have been our gloo
fred: no prob
carl: keeping us on task
austin: yeah it won't have been this great without you
fred: s'coo'
andy: If we keep it going fred might rejoin??
austin: getting those group mixes was a pain
austin: but it was rewarding afterwards
andy: anyway - I do enjoy f-is-f
fred: oh yeah i was hoping we'd get through them all but i'm not going to nag people anymore i'm waaay past that
andy: and I'd hate to see it stop . . . shall we plan a short break then a rousing re-entry in a month or two?
fred: i don't think i'll be back in two months, but i'll think about it again when/if winnie gets back
andy: let's think about it and email each other over the next week or two
carl: do you think we can reform it in a way that
carl: doesn't require all the administrative work that Fred has had to do?
fred: i don't think there was much admin stuff to do on my side
fred: but that's only if people are involved
fred: but anyway
andy: yep
carl: well, lets talk more on the mailing list about it.. but I am sorry to hear you're leaving
andy: me too Fred
austin: don't be a stranger fred
fred: nope
carl: ok gotta run guys
carl: ttyl
fred: later
andy: this was a fine and odd mix Austin
carl: thanks for the mix austin
fred: yeah i'll be coming back to this one i think
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austin: great to hear that
andy: we'll all be in touch somewhen
austin: yup. take care fred
fred: yup. later
andy: ok - off I go too - bye all
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austin: bye bye
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