Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 04:38:39 -0500
From: Austin
Subject: Austin's mixes

The mix tries to showcase the diversity of sounds emanating from
Northern UK, and includes Mancunians, Northern Walites, North Irish
(with the exception of Muse, see below). They were selected for their
distinctive soundscapes, using anything from samples, acoustic, ambient
effects and synths, to electronic keyboards and asian instruments, they
create anthems of their genre.

Muse is sort of an outcast in this group, not all that innovative as a
band (rip off of radiohead), and their haphazard use of electronics,
church organs, and interleaved riffs bashes the electronic-indie-rock
to death, but the rich textures and the styles touched on by their
three tracks set the stage for rest of the mix.

Some of the other songs also questionable. Bee Gees and James probably
belong more in a top-of-the-pops mix, but they're some of my Manchester
favourites, so I threw them in there.

The rest I'll save for the chat. Enjoy!