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christian has entered the room.
christian: hi
fred: hey
maggie has entered the room.
maggie: woo hoo
fred: heh
maggie: hi people
maggie: <----maggie
christian: hello
fred: andy should be here
fred: i'll call him if he doesn't come in a few minutes
christian: christian
christian: nice to meet you
fred: we usu start around 5 minutes late anyway
maggie: perfect
christian: brb
austin has entered the room.
maggie: im usually 5 mintues late
austin: hey everyone
maggie: this gives me time to get my dinner out
fred: i think we're waiting for carl too
austin: me munching too
austin: hi maggie
maggie: hi
austin: hi christian
christian: hello!
maggie: k guys....since this is my first chat i should probably write down names w/screen names
austin: this is austin in case you were wondering
austin: i have red hair
christian: haha nice icon
maggie: u guys can see buddy icons?
andy has entered the room.
christian: yeah
maggie: hmm.....
fred: i don't see buddy icons
maggie: me neither
fred: what are you on christian? linux?
christian: macintosh
austin: me too
maggie: brb
fred: hm i guess we should start soon
andy: mm hmm
maggie: back
austin: sounds good
fred: okay let's roll
andy: I like your mixes Austin
andy: and I like this - why the northern thing?
fred: andy sez the bee gees weren't from northern englan
fred: oops england
andy: is it a muscial thing or just geographical?
andy: or were they born there??
austin: well i got started with new bands i was into, and most of them were from northern england
maggie: thought they were aussie
austin: just so happens. no particular reason
andy: yep - oz
maggie: guess not
maggie: oops
fred: oz is in australia, right?
austin: woops
andy: as in?
maggie: yeah
andy: yeah
maggie: well, I really like the variety in styles
maggie: a bit of folk, rock, funkish beats
austin: yeah i like to think it was pretty cohesive though
andy: quite punky often
fred: i have to say the group that really didn't do it for me was aim. i'm not a fan of the newer radiohead stuff and this stuff sounded like that rehashed
fred: oops not aim i meant muse
andy: yeah - that was a one-time listen
andy: oh - I HATED Muse
andy: sorry
andy: I'm so tired of radiohead anyway
andy: that a radiohead ripoff singer is just too hard
austin: do you think i ruined it by coining them as the new radiohead
andy: no - I didn't know anything about them until I heard your mix
fred: no i would've thought it anywa
fred: oops anyway
fred: is it just me or did the 2nd muse track (#10) have this bit that totally sounded like the theme music for final fantasy 1???
austin: oh dear. that's dated before me
andy: i much prefer the second Muse track
austin: hey so did everyone hate muse?
fred: ditto
fred: the first one is really dippy
maggie: honestly, I don't know much of radiohead's stuff
maggie: and i kinda like it
andy: austin - I kind of like the band - it's just the singer gets my goat
christian: weren't there three?
maggie: just going to say the singers voice just doesn't grab me...but i dig the music
fred: yep
andy: oh - yes, i mean the last one sorry - #3
fred: here are parts where he sounds like the four non blondes guy
maggie: girl?
andy: anybody know the Stranglers??
andy: yeah Fred - girl innit?
maggie: who are the stranglers?
winnie has entered the room.
fred: oops maybe i'm not thinking of the right band
winnie: hey sorry
andy: post punk uk - the last Muse track reminds me of them
winnie: are we on austin's mix?
austin: yup
christian: what did people like the 2nd muse song (track 10)
andy: meaty guitar :-)
fred: i thought it was a lot like the 3rd one w/ the texture of the guitar and the noodly elec. stuff in the bground
christian: ah
andy: then it goes all queen+radiohead
fred: heh yeah
maggie: wow.....can't see the queen reference
fred: i see it
winnie: sorry, who's christian?
andy: but you know - I like the band
christian: christian
maggie: just curious....what makes the connection for you?
andy: it's just the singer - maybe I'll get to like him too
christian: hi
winnie: wait, this isn't radiohead?
winnie: who's christian?
christian: ...
andy: the melodramatic vocals + the flash guitar
christian: new member :-)
andy: plus the high high vocal overdubs
andy: and the quick changes of direction
maggie: interesting
fred: winnie's funny
andy: but i don't think they sound like Queen - just remind me of them
winnie: i don't see the queen either.
winnie: funny in a ha-ha kind of way
andy: Hey - hello Christian, where are my manners
fred: my fav track by far was the lamb track (#11)
christian: hi what's your name?
winnie: or funny, boy-i-wish-i-could-kill-her-right-now kinda way?
andy: Andy
winnie: oh
winnie: right
winnie: sorry, christian
winnie: enchantee
fred: it reminded me of that song that also had a female singer in it on winnie's mix, oh yeah that chicane track
christian: pleasure
andy: she sounds bjork-y
austin: that's the one thing that stands out for me. they interleave styles.
fred: maybe it wasn't on winnie's elect. mix
andy: I liked chicane - wasn't that another austin mix?
christian: can i ask who the artist is for track 8?
fred: i'm really curious about the title of that track do you know anything about it?
fred: #11 i mean
austin: yeah. what brought up chicane
fred: there's this famous minimalist composer named gorecki
winnie: 11 ---> chicane? really?
winnie: how so?
fred: the mood
winnie: maybe the voice?
fred: and the vocals
fred: yeah, not just the voice but the style
christian: track has no title no artist
fred: oh tr. 8 was AiM don't know what that stands for
austin: track 8 is chemical brothers
fred: no tr 9 was chem bros
austin: oh yeah. track 8 is demonique by aim
fred: so austin i should check out lamb? is this girl part of the group or was she just on this track?
winnie: the other lamb i've heard sounds not so similar
winnie: but that was another hard drive, another year
fred: haha
austin: it's not an acronym. he's a hip hop dj from bristol
winnie: or maybe i'm thinking of lambchop
austin: haha
andy: I'm interested that this is all so un-clubby
andy: I would have thought, Austin, that your UK mix would have been very dance music oriented
andy: and it ain't
andy: I mean - it's kind of a rock mix
maggie: ausint - what's the story behind the doves?
christian: i would agree
winnie: andy: i guess that was the point, right?
christian: i was surprised when the beegees started playing
winnie: he wanted to show the sort of rich tapestry that is northern england's musical scene?
andy: yeah - that was fun!
winnie: i, for one, am definitely glad that you went away from the dance music route
fred: yeah but winnie the bee gees aren't from northern eng
austin: most of lamb's other stuff is edgier. their album called lamb (i think) has some good stuff on it
austin: like vocals over d&b beats
fred: cool
austin: sorry. i'm really behind. my com is getting swamped
winnie: did you guys already talk about badly drawn boy?
fred: the aim track had the type of samples that annoys me. is this from a movie?
austin: i'm typing, but it's just spinning that colour thingie at me
andy: not yet - I'm liking him more and more
winnie: this remix rocks
christian: i liked those
andy: oh I fucking hate the spinning color thingy
fred: NO! NOT THE SPINNING THINGIE!! !@)#(*! heh
andy: sorry
winnie: what's the spinning color thingie?
andy: mac stuff
christian: i thought it was a decent downtempo track
fred: yeah i'm up for hearing more badly drawn, but not enough to track it down
winnie: really?
andy: yeah - same . . .
andy: I like it when he's on f-is-f mixes
fred: hasn't there been only one other song? the non-remix of this?
winnie: "the hour of bewilderbeast" is one of my favorite albums
andy: didn't he do the songs for About A Boy?
maggie: 'a minor incident' is warming up to me, but kinda depressing...are most of their songs like that?
fred: oh whoops i take that back he was on winnie's mix too
winnie: well, sort of
andy: get a grip Fred
fred: whoops i forgot about that too
fred: heh i'm behind
winnie: they're definitely more introspective
winnie: but the about a boy sdtrk & his newer album are both different from tHoB and each other
fred: one of your fav albums? you should tell me these things winnie
winnie: well, i'd forgotten about it, since tim lost it i think
maggie: HoB?
winnie: hour of bewilderbeast
winnie: sorry. it's beastly long to retype
maggie: ah
fred: yeah i forgot about tr 16
fred: it was pleasant but didn't stand out to me
andy: #16 sounds like an old John Lennon song
winnie: well, his songs sort of insinuate themselves into your head
fred: lennon? hm
andy: like 'Hey you've got to hide your love away' from Help ?
maggie: anyone like the tenderfoot track?
maggie: #7
fred: what regions are in northern england anyway?
maggie: it hooked right me away, and im not sure why
winnie: manchestah
fred: where did billy elliot happen? heh
winnie: i like that they call manchester people mancunians
christian: LOL
andy: #7 is pretty
andy: but kind of wimpy, innit?
winnie: i very much like #7
maggie: yeah....good background music...
maggie: for stuff
andy: it is sweet
fred: yeah
winnie: i think it's in the same vein as BDB
fred: and neil finn
winnie: it makes me, um, sleepy
winnie: no
andy: it has a nice organy/accordiany thing in the background
winnie: really?
christian: harmonica
andy: yeah - sleepy - me too
winnie: neil finn has such a distinctive voice that it doesn't seem so similar to em
andy: oh yes Christian, duh - it IS
winnie: me
fred: mm
andy: harmonica!!
andy: lovely
fred: the whole laid-back guitar thing seems neil finn-y
winnie: hmm, i can't tell that it's harmonica so easily either
austin: hey to change the tempo, what did you think of jarcrew
austin: i know winnie hated them
winnie: well we'll have to discuss that further when we get to it
andy: liked both things a lot
fred: i have to say in general i'm not a fan of the laid-back acoustic guitar thing but anyway ...
winnie: oh yeah. ugh
maggie: i dig jacrew
austin: supposed to be up and coming in uh manchester
winnie: it makes me want to bash my head against the wall
andy: why why win
winnie: it doesn't sound very distinctive
christian: haha
andy: well - that's true
maggie: true....but it's kinda fun
winnie: it's very, shall we say, alt-rock-made-for-radio
fred: this is funny i don't remember this last track -at all-
winnie: yeah. bash-your-head-against-the-wall fun
andy: i'm a sucker for fuzzy hypnotic stuff anyway
austin: i won't say radar was made for radio stuff
andy: so i like that
andy: but #4 is pretty different
fred: oh yeah i remember it now it's slow but it builds
christian: quite
fred: #18 i mean
winnie: no, i was talking about #7
winnie: oops
winnie: um #4
winnie: that's the one i hate
winnie: i forgot about #18
christian: they quite different
winnie: yes
andy: I love it - very 70's
christian: you'd hardly know it was the same guys
winnie: esp those chord changes, andy
fred: hm
andy: yup - and the green light green light chorus thing
maggie: are those tracks from the same album?
austin: yeah i really dig that chorus
austin: yup
austin: one after the next
fred: the verse reminded me of sleater-kinney
andy: great to dance to
austin: it's actually an ep.
andy: all loose and beery
winnie: did we already talk about #5?
winnie: that makes me want to dance
austin: yeah i was about to get to that
andy: there's a great bit in the middle - whimpering plus thuddy bass and reversed cymbal
winnie: i love the xylophone
winnie: or whatever that is
fred: where is that andy?
christian: maybe it's marimba?
andy: marimba - it's a low xylophone
fred: oh yeah around 2:15
winnie: ah
christian: oh
maggie: what year is miss the girl from?
andy: but you know who she is, Austin?
austin: they're a great band. i've had fun downloading their stuff. goth with a twist
winnie: goth?!
andy: it's Siouxie from Siouxie and the Banshees
winnie: wjpaj
winnie: oops
winnie: whoah
austin: yeah but this is her latest incarnatino
fred: interesting
andy: no this is old
austin: oh really
winnie: is that italian for incarnation?
winnie: heh
fred: yeah i thought her voice was familiar
andy: from the 80's
andy: her and Budgie, the band's drummer
fred: i've heard her from going to manray
fred: i forget which song though
winnie: that's awesome. i thought ol' siouxsie had gone the way of kajagoogoo
winnie: i was waiting for VH1 to have some special featuring her
andy: she's been overlooked
christian: to me she sort of sounds like stevie nicks
andy: woah!!
christian: no?
andy: hmm - let me sit with that a bit
maggie: stevie nicks does new wave
fred: this is really nice around 1:10
winnie: stevie nicks? mmm. dunno.
andy: it's like saying Mandy Moore reminds you of Courtney Love - gotta digest that
christian: i have no idea who this is...
fred: actually more like around 1:00
austin: ew ew
christian: i'm just telling you what i hear ;-)
christian: we are talking about track 5 right?
fred: yep
winnie: yes
winnie: hey, i'm glad you included the james track
winnie: big fan
winnie: and it's funny
austin: james' fun
fred: yeah but that's def not my fav track off that album
fred: you're a big james fan??
austin: who me?
winnie: last week, there was a couple just singing "laid" on the train
andy: no it's cool - just weird, and an unexpected thought, Christian - worth thinking about :-)
winnie: big fan of that track
winnie: i think i have the album it's from
andy: I wish james other stuff grabbed me as much
fred: they play this track at manray also heh
winnie: there's also their other big single, "say something"
winnie: which is on the lame side
andy: Fred - is laid the CD you have?
fred: yeah
austin: their stuff is great to sing along to. i had they best of. never was a huge fan though
andy: hmm - it's kinda ok
fred: so austin do you know anything about the title to track 11?
fred: what's the instrument on the badly drawn remix?
austin: no. but all the songs on that disc of trippy names
austin: "trans fatty acid"
fred: hahaha
winnie: sounds very much like fila brazailia's naming system
winnie: or squarepusher
winnie: okay, we're also discussing neil finn, right?
fred: we should start wrapping up austin's mix and move onto maggie's. any last comments on austin's?
maggie: ooh ooh
maggie: yeah :-)
maggie: sry...getting ahead of myself there..
maggie: actually, I'm still curious about the doves
winnie: it's kickass, austin. one of my favorites so far
austin: winnie you're too kind.
winnie: don't worry. your first one sucked ass.
christian: LOL
winnie: haha. just kidding. kind of.
austin: indie winnie
christian: so winnie is the sarcastic one
fred: heh you noticed
andy: in a cape
fred: HAHA
fred: yeah
fred: her cape is awesome
austin: sorry maggie asked about eh doves
maggie: yeah
maggie: i really dig the guys voice and drippy music/lyrics
maggie: just wondering what you know about them
austin: they're from manchester as well. you sohuld check out their EP called cedar
maggie: cool
fred: try checking all music
fred: i mean allmusic.com
fred: okay any more comments? shall we move on?
austin: i think they won the mercury award that yhear
winnie: you should check out their album
winnie: well, the first one
austin: muse did last year
austin: anyways
winnie: one interesting tidbit
maggie: cool cool
winnie: austin & i (and some other people) saw doves
winnie: and the strokes opened for them
austin: that was a memorable show. and i remembered no one really like the doves live
austin: but one warning. that track i have on the mix is not what they normally sound like
maggie: oh
fred: okay neil finn?
austin: we'll talk about that later though
maggie: k
austin: neil finn. bring it
winnie: i much, much prefer him in crowded house
maggie: i'm really really curious what you guys thought of his stuff
winnie: particularly in "together alone"
winnie: again, probably one of my top 5 or 10 desert island albums
winnie: this is much more indie rock-y sounding
maggie: that is a really good album...also one of my faves from CH
winnie: but together alone just has such memorable tracks
andy: maggie - did you like it as soon as you heard it, or was it a grower?
maggie: some of the tracks had to grow on me
andy: cuz I kind of like it all, but it hasn't got under my skin
andy: but it feels like it might, you know
maggie: play a few more (thousand) times :-)
andy: ah - that's the trick
fred: not to me. it feels inoffensively light, but doesn't really get to me much
fred: the really big exception is the first minute of track 3 which i found i wanted to listen to over and over again
andy: i dunno - the songs ae very solid, and the arrangements are full of stuff and all different
austin: i think it's not extremely involving music, but that's kind of why i like it
maggie: this was his first solo album (came out around '99 or so)
austin: and it's quite easy to get lost in the album. i'm never sure where i am in it
winnie: i think that's fairly accurate, austin
maggie: his second album is much more laid back....
austin: even more laid back"?
winnie: wow, does he sound dead?
austin: now now winnie
maggie: strange thing is some people call TWT too flat and his other solo album much deeper
fred: i'm not sure why i felt like that opening minute of track 3 was so great. i mean, in general he does a nice job with his sound pallette, but this felt more, i dunno, honest.
fred: more original
maggie: i think he was playing around with different sounds/effects
maggie: it's quite a departure from the CH stuff
winnie: yes, very
fred: do you like duncan sheik?
fred: i felt the two were very similar
winnie: though occasionally you get glimpses of CH-type sound
maggie: never heard him/her/them
fred: really??
winnie: he has this particular way w/ resolutions
fred: he did that song "barely breathing" way back when i was in high school
winnie: how old are you?
winnie: (maggie)
maggie: hmm....i'd probably recognize it if I heard it...
maggie: im 25
winnie: oh
winnie: okay
fred: i think they both have this sort of nasal/laungid voice that i'm not particularly a fan of
austin: really fred? i remember duncan to be much more poppy
winnie: what?
winnie: neil finn sounds sooooo different from duncan sheik
winnie: i guess they're both nasal
fred: his radio stuff was but the rest of his album was like this, i think.
austin: i have the song actually
winnie: but i don't think anyone sounds like NF
winnie: and i feel like DS has a very conventional voice
fred: not the voice itself, just the way they sing. like rufus wainright would be an extreme version of that languidness
andy: hmm - not sure I could pick him out of a crowd
andy: NF I mean
winnie: ah, i see
winnie: really?
winnie: maybe because i've listend to "together along" thousands of times
andy: yeah - it's kind of middling kind of poppy kind of stuff
fred: oh the other bit i really liked was the end of the title song (tr 4)
winnie: now #4 is very reminiscent of CH
maggie: very
maggie: i never get tired of that song
winnie: in fact, very reminiscent of a particular track on together alone
maggie: that one and #6 - sinner
fred: it feels like he should have an orchestra heavy on the strings playing in the background
winnie: and on CH's together alone, he does
fred: hm. someone will have to put some CH tracks on a mix
austin: maybe a little like the latest beck
andy: what about Split Enz??
winnie: sorry, andy. i've heard OF them
winnie: but not familiar
andy: NF's first band
maggie: oh don't worry fred.....there will be plenty of CH, Split Enz stuff in the future
fred: heh
winnie: oh. whoops.
maggie: SE was actually his brother's band
winnie: ah
andy: oh - but he was in the band wasn't he?
winnie: guys, i gotta jet. christian, have you already sent out an introductory emial?
maggie: yeah...and actually wrote most of their best songs
fred: what a dumb name for a band
maggie: neil's son also has his own band
christian: introductory email?
andy: oh - you gotta see them . . . like a new zealand kiss
christian: i'm guessing not :0
fred: oh i might have forgotten to ask him to
winnie: yes, "hi, my name is christian, yada yada"
christian: ah ok
maggie: betchadupa....speaking of dumb names
winnie: "i live in such and such, i listen to so and so, i like this and that"
fred: yeah i don't know what happened to the other new guy who was supposed to be here
fred: oh well
christian: gotcha yeah i can write something up
winnie: wow, maybe bad naming is genetic
fred: oh and justin isn't around anymore, not like he was in the first place
fred: anyway
austin: yeah so i've lost track of who's in our group
andy: where's aman?
winnie: anyway, sorry, i gotta take off right.
winnie: now
fred: aman?? he's been out for ages
fred: bye winnie
andy: bye w
andy: oh woops
austin: bye
maggie: bye winnie
winnie: bye bye. good pick maggie. more people should get to know the finns
fred: another bit i liked was when the "doot doot doots" come in on track 5
christian: would you mind introducing yourselves? or did miss something on the website
winnie has left the room.
andy: I'm liking #7 more and more
christian: i have to admit it's all a bit overwhelming at first
maggie: i'm telling ya....the songs grow on you
andy: yeah - I thought they might, I'm going to play it more
maggie: and while sometimes it sounds like they all sound the same, they are actually quite different
fred: heh here's the rundown. winnie's the sarcastic taiwanese girl who eats
andy: be careful now fred
christian: hah
fred: i'm the korean guy, andy's the british guy, austin's from hong kong
andy: Fred is the organizational wizard behind out whole operation
austin: watch out, she'll knit you a sweater
fred: carl's the zipcar guy
austin: haha
fred: and austin, winnie, and i went to mit
fred: graduated 02
christian: oh ok i work there lol
andy: you do!
austin: what?
fred: where do you work?
christian: weird
christian: econ dept
austin: really? cool. like matt damon
fred: haha
maggie: small world
christian: i do janitorial in my spare time ;-)
austin: which buildilng. hehe
christian: e52
andy: oh here we go
andy: mit code
christian: haha
fred: i don't even know where that is. is that near the med center?
fred: oh no it's by sloan isn't it
christian: sloan building
austin: yeah it's sloan or tang or something
andy: oh sloan - isn't that near x23?
fred: har har
andy: or over by building 756
christian: i think it's funny too
christian: the only university i know of that has a code instead of building names
fred: we've been doing three albums per chat so i guess we should wrap up discussion on maggie's album now?
christian: sure sorry
fred: you know, a lot of the pallette (sp?) of this album reminds me of some other albums that came out around the same time
fred: i think i'm going to have to look into that
fred: anyone have any other comments?
maggie: when you find them, let me know
andy: i liked both of these
andy: good new stuff
fred: good
maggie: cool
fred: but we need people to start making mixes for the current round hint hint
maggie: ok...so what's the deal this time
fred: can any of you whip up something in the next week or sooner?
andy: me me
maggie: i can...
fred: now it's back to mixes like we usu do
fred: the album thing was just an experimental diversion
andy: oh - maggie - you go
maggie: which is how?
fred: any theme
christian: ik'm sorry i'll need this explained at some point
christian: sorry for being so clueless
austin: it's pretty much do what you want kind of deal
fred: but having a coherent theme is encouraged as opposed to "music i like"
maggie: got it
austin: ok but have that
fred: and then a link to the addresses is on the sunday flava page
maggie: don't worry christian, it was confusing for me at first too
fred: heh
andy: still is to me
maggie: lol
fred: one other thing is wed or tues nights better?
fred: as in next tues or wed?
christian: wed
andy: either
fred: maggie?
maggie: hmm...probably wed
maggie: yeah, wed
maggie: i can send out my mix friday
andy: i gotta go - thanks maggie, austin - enriching :-)
austin: wed for me too
fred: okay i'll schedule it for wed then
christian: bye nice meeting you
austin: bye bye andy
andy: bye guys
austin: happy chinese new years
fred: okay. i look fwd to hearing your mix maggie
andy: the year of the monkey!!!
andy has left the room.
fred: heh
fred: okay later on
christian: i'm monkey!
maggie: just so im' clearr....my mix is for next wed?
austin: me too
christian: *high five*
fred: no your mix is for a month from now
maggie: cool
maggie: got it
fred: the chat on wed is for my mix which you should've gotten in dec
christian: so where do i find the mixes when they're ready
fred: they should be mailed to you
christian: or they'll come by mail
maggie: yup
maggie: got it
christian: this is your mix right fred?
maggie: and the vinyl one too
fred: any other questions?
fred: yep. the vinyl mix is two weeks after next week's chat
austin: that'll be all folks
fred: and then by then we'll be able to do maggie's chat the two weeks after that
christian: so i haven't received that stuff
maggie: so only one mix for next week?
christian: gotcha
fred: yep
fred: christian you didn't get my mix in december?
christian: i got your mix "divas"
christian: that's all i have
fred: right
christian: and the two from today
fred: you didn't get the vinyl mix? i'll put up mp3s
christian: is this the link
christian: http://www.sunday-in-the-park.com/mp3s/flava
maggie: gotta get going....this was fun fred
fred: i'll send out the link when i post the mp3s
maggie: have a good night guys
fred: cool thanks for coming
fred: later
christian: bye
austin: wait. group mix 2 was vinyl? it's been so long i've forgotten abotu that one
maggie has left the room.
fred: group mix? no it was carl's mix
austin: oh nevermind. the link you sent was to the group mix
fred: just now? that was christian
fred: the mp3s for the vinyl mix aren't up yet
fred: but i thought everyone should've gotten the cd in the mail but anyway ... i'll put them up tonight prob
fred: okay i'll ttyl
christian: cool thanks
christian: bye
austin: ok laters
austin has left the room.
christian: see you next week
christian has left the room.