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winnie: mike's online
austin: so we have two chat rooms?
winnie: again?
winnie: christ.
nelson: yo
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fred: mike?
winnie: hall
fred: um no he's not
nelson: who is mike
austin: are we it?
winnie: oh just kidding
fred: yeah i think this is it for now
winnie: man, i just confused him w/ someone else's username
winnie: nevermind
fred: haha
austin: first thing
austin: who wants to go see simon and g
austin: tix on monday
winnie: when?
nelson: they're still alive?
fred: simon and g?!?
austin: probably their last tour
winnie: shut up, are you kidding, nelson?
winnie: i thought they hated each other
nelson: i'm kidding
nelson: whew
austin: yeah, but they're over that now.
nelson: where at
austin: cuz they're running low on cash, and cuz they're so old no one cares anymore
nelson: hahaha
nelson: struggling to remain relevant
fred: i think carl's only gotten up to track 4
carl: I'm sure they're not low on cash. well, paul isn't anyway...
winnie: that's not true. i think paul simon's still doing pretty well for himself
winnie: didn't he just have a musical or something tha tdid well? capeman, i think it was called?
carl: yeah but I'm ready. these are openers. I'm opening them up as we speak...
fred: it did really poorly actually
fred: the score wasn't the greatest
fred: but then i'm still not a big fan of paul simon
carl: I read a long New Yorker article about Paul a few months back.
winnie: i think i read that
carl: pretty fascinating. the way he dreams it up.
fred: dreams what up?
carl: anyway, he's got money enough for generations to come, they said.
winnie: yeah. now garfunkel -- he's all washed up
austin: aight. let's talk before we end up delaying it another day
carl: yeah he's fucked.
carl: hehe okay sorry
austin: i just wanted to say that no many of these openers had any longevity for me
winnie: what do you mean?
nelson: quick question, when you mean openers, do you mean first tracks, or tracks you put first when you make mixes
winnie: you got sick of them quickly?
austin: not sick, just lose their spark
fred: radio single syndrome?
austin: yeah
austin: first track
carl: down with wilco was definitely that way for me, the whole record.
carl: nice sound at first
winnie: is the album like this track?
austin: i think that's one of the best on there
winnie: (which is nice, by the way, but i could easily get sick of if i listened to it more)
fred: when andy and i listened to it we thought it was too bad the whole song wasn't like the first 20 seconds
winnie: are there any more upbeat tracks?
nelson: the first part sounds like a clip from the last emperor
nelson: incidentally, how did you find the orquesta del plata track
austin: haha well it's not that bad
austin: first time i listened to it, it just sounded so exotic
carl: Wilco grows on you over time. it's fitting that Down With Wilco would slowly repel you.
carl: that's how I see it
winnie: well i think wilco YHF grows on you
winnie: a.m. slaps you upside the head
carl: yeah I meant YHF.. same era
winnie: but funny carl
winnie: i really really like the nada surf track
fred: question about the groove armada track -- isn't back to mine a series where people put together mixes? so is this groove armada track really by groove armada or is it one they liked?
austin: just one they like, but remixed by them
winnie: but i remember you playing the album for me, austin & i don't remember finding anything that stoud out
austin: well it all sounds similiar
austin: that's why
winnie: oh
winnie: but i like it
winnie: most
fred: so austin -- who did the original?
austin: i think they're all good songs. the similarity just makes them plain
winnie: ah
austin: a tribe called quest
fred: one of the good things about mixes
fred: oh really??
nelson: tribe did the original to desc. of a fool?
fred: i need to listen to them i think
fred: bjork did a remix of one of their songs that i really liked
winnie: tribe kicks ass
winnie: that one album austin has (i forget the name) is so great
austin: which one are you talking about.. just tribe,or another compilation?
winnie: just tribe
austin: the low end theory
austin: that's their best i think
fred: oh i remember this track ... i liked the groove but the lyrics were kind of weird
austin: i have that on vinyl i think
fred: what's the setup w/ them? two guys?
carl: something oddly appealing about acoustic guitar behind rap
nelson: q-tip, phife-dawg
fred: carl: i love that
nelson: and the dj ali muhammed
fred: nelson: huh?
fred: oh those are the names?
austin: description of a fool was their first single. back in 1989
nelson: yup, q-tip and phife are the rhymers, and the dj is that fella there
nelson: they've since split to do their own solo stuff
fred: 1989? whoa
nelson: austin: do you have the rest of the brainfreeze set?
austin: yeah
austin: all 2 of them
nelson: nice
austin: it's too long to put on a mix,
nelson: incidentally, i remember passing by a site a while ago that did cover chains, anyone else pass by that?
austin: it's damn good though, if you need convincing that scratching isn't just recycling
nelson: cover chains = artist a covers song by artist b, artist b covers song by artist c, et al.
nelson: i just remember this linke 101 songs long, and now i can't find it
fred: haha funny
winnie: whoah
winnie: no
winnie: but that sounds serious
fred: andy talked about trying to do something like that but couldn't get very far w/out it being totally cheesy
nelson: haha, how so?
fred: well i won't tell you the details in case he decides to do it after all.
fred: heh
austin: yeah, lots of classics are just repackaged and resold
winnie: serious? i dunno. i can only think of really a few degrees of covering, at most
winnie: hmm. i guess.
nelson: leonard cohen was in there quite a few times
fred: heh. funny
carl: leonard cohen is a cover connector
carl: heh
austin: like police and p diddy
winnie: yes, yes, but 100 links long?
austin: do you think we could do better?
nelson: hm, that might be difficult
nelson: i think that one was computer generated from a database
austin: ok. what do you think of the rest of the mix?
winnie: well you guys are comp sci majors, i 'm sure you could work something out
nelson: still curious where you found the orquesta track
winnie: i dig it
winnie: it's pretty laid back
winnie: but i guess i've got the volume turned down too
austin: it's brazilian tango remix called banjofondo tango club
carl: yes I like that one
fred: i agree w/ winnie and the laid back
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nelson: sorry (wireless cuts out occasionally)
austin: you should definitely check out giles peterson
nelson: who's he?
austin: track 7's dj
nelson: /me makes a note
austin: big guy behind uk's acid jazz
austin: he likes to mix funk, soul, jazz, and hip hop
winnie: so do you think being the first track is significant?
carl: I think so, absolutely
winnie: i find that usually, my favorite tracks on albums tend to be #3 or 4
winnie: i mean, i think it's significant myself. i'm just wondering why it's so dead in here.
winnie: it's certainly important for my own mixes, anyway.
carl: but people usually want to start an album with something that is...
fred: i think there are different types of intros. the punchy ones, but also the prelude ones
carl: representative yet ... often gets things moving with a bang
carl: yeah that's true
nelson: alright fellas, i gotta drop out for dinner (again) (i'll look for the transcript of this later on fred's site) (i'll remember to _bring_ dinner next time for the chat)
winnie: okay, sure.
winnie: i think the brendan benson track is a good example of the punchy sort
winnie: while the minus 5 is one of the prelude. as is the first track on the wilco YHF album, incidentally
austin: i listened to most of the openers that i own, and i found that it was kinda hard to find good ones
winnie: bye nelson
carl: yeah
austin: bye
fred: really? i can think of loads of great ones
winnie: admittedly, though, fred, you guys have rather different music collections
fred: belle and sebastian tend to have really amazing openers. usu on the quiet side
austin: yeah. well at least it was a lot harder thani expected
winnie: i agree
winnie: (fred)
austin: haha
winnie: but who else?
winnie: the shins
fred: hey austin, are you sure #6 is by who you said it was? andy thought it looked odd
fred: he made me a mix w/ the same song on it
austin: i think it's a different performer
austin: elis regina was a guest in that one
austin: i love the first 15 seconds of that song
austin: it just starts with a couple of simple notes,
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fred: yeah
fred: it's a good song
austin: i love how the piano only supports
austin: it never has to do anything
winnie: hm
carl: yeah I do think that a lot of these songs
carl: create a certain atmosphere.. so even if they're not particularly memorable
carl: you at least get into a sort of mood
carl: a hint of what's to come?
austin: yeah it's a bad idea to put a great song in the front
fred: i don't think so
carl: yeah I disagree
fred: if it's the punchy kind
austin: the rest of your album will sound worse
austin: just makes it harder to keep the momentum
austin: i think the album that really manages is the storkes
austin: strokes
carl: I think of it like the first paragraph of a book.. you'd better set things up nicely. even if it isn't the single.
carl: I like the idea of just reading the first paragraph of a book and deciding whether to buy it or not based on that. rather than the back cover...
carl: maybe the same is true for an album?
winnie: hmm i dunno
austin: perhaps
winnie: (carl)
carl: instead of listening to the single, listen to the first track
winnie: there are few books i think that have a great sort of first paragraph
austin: but i think it's definitely true that you want to end on a good note
austin: and i don't mean a remix of your single
winnie: i definitely disagree with that austin
winnie: so many of my albums have crappy endings
winnie: and not just the last track
austin: and you like them?
winnie: more like the last 3 or 4 tracks
fred: hahaha
winnie: yeah, i just listen to the first halves
austin: haha
winnie: maybe i just get bored
austin: maybe it is. cuz you said you liked the 3, 4 tracks
carl: I think a lot of people tend to put the weaker tracks toward the end
austin: that's what makes a good album for me. i can listen to it all the way through, and not get tired of it
carl: and I think tracks 3-4 are probably the meat of the record.. I think you're right winnie..
fred: in general i'd rather have more music by someone i like instead of like bjork only putting out an album every 4 years where every track is stellar
carl: but a real great classic album will have a great classic opener
fred: sure
carl: whatever that means
austin: eg...
carl: U2 Joshua Tree, something like that
winnie: i've probably owned a total of five or six albums, austin, where i love the entire thing all the way through
austin: really?
austin: oh dear. you just have a short attention span
winnie: (and i guess i oughtn't count "best of" albums)
winnie: yeah
carl: are best of albums really any better though?
winnie: what, fred?!
austin: i think the last two flaming lips were stellar all the ay though
winnie: i'd definitely rather have the whole stellar album
winnie: no, i don't think they are, carl
fred: versus two albums instead w/ the same number of stellar songs but also a lot that are really good?
winnie: if anything, i think they're more boring
fred: heh
winnie: yeah.
fred: hey winnie, send me a list of your absolute fav albums all the way through
carl: best ofs inevitably break the dialog .. like mixes I guess.
fred: i think everyone should actually
fred: i'm quite curious
winnie: i'll gladly take bjork's first two albums over her movie soundtrack & verspertine
austin: jeez. the top 10 list
winnie: and that one w/ all the bsides or remixes or whatever
fred: heh. it doesn't have to be 10
fred: winnie those other albums rock!
fred: except for selmasongs
winnie: yeah, it's only a top six
winnie: or something
austin: does magnetic fields' 69 count as one album?
fred: yes
winnie: see?
winnie: again, another album where the 2nd half sucks
winnie: actually, only the first disc is any good
austin: not true
austin: i think disc 2 grows on you
carl: I found gems throughout that collection
carl: scattered about
winnie: well, maybe it deserves more of a listen
winnie: but disc one grabs you right away and holds you close
fred: haha
carl: yeah there's always more to be had from them, I think.
austin: go explore it, it's got lots more
carl: hehe
winnie: i guess i have to, now that i no longer have the first disc. tim lost it, damn him.
winnie: anyway, i felt that this mix was very -you-, austin
winnie: the feel of it anyway
fred: ha
austin: yeah i was worried that some tracks might be bad out of context,
austin: but it figured, what the hell, i'm not a radio dj
fred: wait -- on #7 did you say the guy talking was giles?
winnie: i dunno. i thought it came together nicely. maybe even better than your previous mixes.
austin: no he's the dj. i don't think that's actualy him
austin: really? what did you like about it?
fred: what do you mean dj? is this a remix?
austin: yes
fred: ohhhhh
fred: heh
fred: you should say next time heh
winnie: i thought it was more consistent. i'm not sure if that matters so much
fred: really winnie? i thought it was much less consistent than last mix
austin: more consistent?
fred: or the first one
carl: so far I like the chillout songs on this disc.
fred: yeah austin knows how to chill
austin: haha don't tempt me, i'll make a pure trip hop mix one day
fred: that would be good!
carl: I think that would be great
winnie: do eeeeeet!
winnie: haha
austin: alright! i have an audience! back to the studio
fred: is #7 trip hop?
winnie: if anything, we've always been a captive audience
carl: Austin have you been to the Enormous Room?
austin: true true
austin: yeah
winnie: i mean, i listened to andy's eezysunnygroovy thing
austin: it's not that enormous
fred: what's that?
austin: a bar in central sq
fred: oh yeah!
fred: it's great
carl: whoever does the DJing there is so good
fred: i disagree
carl: some songs on here remind me of that atmosphere
fred: i went on a thursday and he didn't flow -at all-
austin: the lizard lounge has good djs
fred: every five minutes it was like an auditory banana peel
carl: I think they just play a lot of the kind of chillout stuff I don't have enough of. goes so well with that placce
austin: hahaha
winnie: i heard the food is mediocre
fred: it's all right
fred: it's better than your avg bar food anyway
fred: actually i haven't tried the middle east's food
winnie: you guys should go to the silvertone
winnie: ugh, the middle east SUCKS
carl: silvertone is good
austin: where's that?
austin: i want to go to matt murphy's
carl: middle east food is nast
winnie: downtown crossing
fred: okay peeps time to wraaaap it up
austin: thanks for listening
winnie: the radius cooks all go there
carl: yes.. Matt Murphy's is the best.
winnie: good work, austin!
carl: yes thanks Austin
carl: (almost done downloading it!)
austin: thanks.
austin: ahha
fred: haha
fred: sorry about that carl
fred: although now everyone should be caught up
carl: np. next time I will be prepared.
carl: yeah I am
fred: next chat on monday? tues?
austin: i can't wait to make my next
fred: we need to catch up on chats
carl: that's fine w/me
winnie: oh yeah -- fred, i want your new, non-FIF mix
winnie: i can make monday i think
fred: ok
fred: i'll check w/ aman
austin: monday's good with me
fred: i'm listening to this gospel thing ... it's so cool ... black people are so cool
fred: hahaha
carl: fred, your mix monday?
fred: yep
winnie: um, okay fred.
carl: ok bye y'all
fred: lata
austin: ciao
winnie: byebye
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