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mike has entered the room.
mike: hey - still at work, sorry :-(
fred: :-(
winnie has entered the room.
winnie: can't talk long
winnie: i've gotta pack
fred: :-(
winnie: well anyway, i'm going to try to pack and talk
winnie: hope that's not too annoying
fred: heh
fred: okay
fred: we'll see if anyone else shows up!
winnie: well it looks like austin's online
fred: whoops
fred: what's his screenname?
winnie: austin
fred: oh got it
fred: i could've sworn he was already on my buddy list
andy has entered the room.
fred: andy pandy!
andy: where's the gasman?
fred: i dunno
andy: who is this doin this synthetic kinda synthetic alpha-beta funkin?
fred: haha
winnie: heh?
andy: or whatever
andy: oh it's "who is this doin this synthetic typa alphabeta psychedelic funkin"
andy: austin's mix
fred: haha
winnie: now that's a good bandname
winnie: or something
winnie: dammit, my cd burner's chewed through 8 discs
fred: :-(
fred: where is austin??
winnie: i'll call him
fred: i guess we'll start w/out him ...
austin has entered the room.
winnie: there we go
winnie: so has anyone gotten my mix yet?
andy: no!
fred: nope
fred: hey austin
austin: hey. i thought we weren't doing it cuz jhoyce couldn't make it
fred: nope
fred: okay let's get started
winnie: are you moderating?
austin: let me put it on. haven't heard it in a while
fred: heh
fred: i listened to it again today
winnie: yeah, i'm listening to it now
winnie: it's really too bad that the first version was an experiment in coordinating all your hi-fi equipment, austin
andy: me too . . .i love this mix, austin
winnie: cos this 2nd version is really really good
andy: every single thing on it ;-)
austin: wow thanks. but why did you like it?
fred: 2nd version?
winnie: i got a 2nd one w/ better sound quality
winnie: cos my first one got sort of lost in the mail
fred: oh
winnie: (i gave him the wrong zip code)
andy: well - i like this music anyway - but it was still very song-based electronic/dance styuff
fred: really? i thought that it was a lot of instrumentals but a good balance w/ vocals
andy: yes -i guess I meant tune-y, rather than song-y
andy: hmm - although , , ,there's plenty which just hits a groove and lives there too - hmm
andy: well - whatever - I like it
austin: aight. did anyone else have problems with the quality?
andy: yep
andy: nig skips on the first three tracks
fred: i was struck by how many different subgenres that there were ... like some where sort of funky, one seemed sort of reggae, you know?
andy: um - big i mean
austin: which track's that? the reggae one
fred: umm hold on let me see
winnie: that's one thing i think electronica can be characterized by
fred: it's prob not really
andy: prodigy
andy: at the start
fred: oh yeah
fred: heh
austin: oh that was off a record. i should have just got an mp3
andy: and the james bond stuff in propellerheads in fun
fred: yeah
fred: i was going to mention that too
andy: and I love the northern english rap on stereo mc's
winnie: i mean, you've got breakbeat, downtempo, drum 'n' bass, dub, dub 'n' bass, happy hardcore
fred: which is the downtempo? what is breakbeat? or dub?
winnie: etc etc
winnie: that's a good question
winnie: that i'll let austin answer
winnie: haha
winnie: i dunno. i've always had a difficult time categorizing them myself.
andy: ha - the genre swamp
winnie: oh, and i forgot house, trance, ambient
austin: i don't really have down tempo on there
austin: that came later. along with trip hop
winnie: portishead can sometimes be downtempo
fred: mm
winnie: as well as trip-hoppy
fred: mm
winnie: aphex twin, in my mind, is drum n bass & ambient
austin: breakbeat is a the softcore version of drum and bass
fred: more ambient w/ his earlier stuff i think
fred: like which track?
andy: the aphex twin is so dreamy for drum'n'bass !
fred: oh i think i know what you mean
winnie: i thought breakbeat was like prodigy
winnie: chem bros.
austin: that's big beat
winnie: oh
fred: the aphex twin is dreamy? andy's dreamier! haha
winnie: then there's garage
andy: no that's big bird
austin: yeah and speed garage
winnie: or GA_rage as the brits like to say
austin: which sounds a little like breakbeat
winnie: and two-step
winnie: anyway
winnie: this jamie myerson track sounds so familiar
winnie: but i know i've never heard it beyond this mix
winnie: i don't think
austin: actually parts of it was used in leon
fred: so help me out ... what's big beat?
austin: the professional
mike has left the room.
fred: and garage?
austin: big beat was the dance music of the early 90s. pioneered by chemical bros and prodigy
austin: they took dance music and turned it into a performance
winnie: ooooh
fred: mm
winnie: that's the thing w/ electronica for me
austin: its roots comes from breakbeat and house music
austin: with lots of samples
winnie: there are few tracks that really stick in my head
winnie: and the rest comprise this sort of amorphous blob of music that sounds familiar and yet i can't name
austin: i was thinking of being really annoying and making into one big track
fred: i agree w/ winnie ... except for stuff w/ vocals which always stand out for me
andy: I like how groove driven the mix is
andy: it'sgroovy
winnie: yes, very groovy
austin: cuz there really is no structure to the mix, so did the ones with vocals stick, and the instrumental ones just fade into one?
winnie: well no, it has to be really distinct to be committed to my memory
winnie: like aphex twin
andy: I like muziq
winnie: not necessarily w/ vocals
winnie: yeah, they're pretty distinct
andy: and . . . is little fluffy clouds instrumental or not??
andy: it's not exactly a song
austin: right. it's a misconception that dance music can't be listened to on a day to day basis, but the radio in UK plays dance music nonstop. it's a cultural thing
andy: yes - we hear so little good stuff here, and intermittently
andy: even in clubs (well in boston anyway)
fred: the instrumentals blended a bit, but after a while it got easier to separate them. the thing that made it harder is that there's no pause b/t tracks
andy: I liked that :-)
andy: although the orb gets lost
andy: i do find whatshername from portishead hard to take for more than two songs in a row
fred: i'm not usu into spoken tracks, but it's palatable on the orb track ... the weird thing is that it totally sounds like an excerpt from this glenn gould broadcast. i wonder if it's related at all
austin: mmm not sure i'm afraid
fred: just for the record, my favs were the chicane track, which doesn't sound much like autumn tactics, which is the only other chicane track i know
fred: the mu ziq track was prob my favorite
austin: offshore was the track that launched his career
fred: how would you classify that one?
winnie: actually, austin, can i ask you why you chose not to put any roni size on here?
winnie: and this aphex twin track, as opposed to boy girl song
austin: that would be jungle
winnie: oh
winnie: so?
winnie: i thought adam f was sort of jungle-y
winnie: or maybe cos he did something w/ roni size
fred: jungle? i thought jungle was more hardcore
winnie: can jungle not be grouped into electronica?
winnie: i thought electronica was the overarching genre
austin: sorry i was answering andy;'s quest
winnie: oh
andy: um - which one?
austin: well i couldn't put everyone in. it was either him or bukem
andy: i thought jungle was like pre- and softer drum and bass with dub mixed in
andy: ouch
austin: the question about muzip
austin: that's right. jungle is softer than drum and bass
winnie: yeah, and i know how you are about bukem
andy: now . . . what purpose do all of these teeny categorizations serve?
austin: drum and bass came about in new castle and manchester or some other dark city in UK where ravers and drugged up clubbers needed something even more hardcore than jungle
fred: haha
winnie: nice
andy: isn't it 'death metal' 'thrash metal' ' speed metal' again?
austin: i think every genre has their loyal fans defending them. it's like a football team
fred: sure
austin: if you log onto soulseek. you'll see what i mean
andy: yes - that's what I think too - it actually has less to do with the SOUND, than with various cultural imperitives
andy: atives
andy: doesn't anyone else love underworld as much as I do?
andy: i think born slippy is so drenched in hopeless melancholy
austin: perfect for trainspotting
andy: drugs, frustration, small towns, lost chances,
andy: yes - it was perfect
andy: and I love how it's almost a song
andy: kind of kicks into a verse / chorus thing
fred: it's good, but it's def. overplayed
andy: then stops doing it and sits in one place til it's over
andy: ah - can never get enuf
andy: who's faithless, austin?
austin: i left out a lot of the nonstop pounding baseline part, you get the message after the first mintue
andy: sounds like a kindly Tricky at the start
andy: I love the pounding non-stop . . . do you know the live version on 'everything everything'?
andy: it's re-lent-less
fred: i like the nonstop pounding
fred: it gets really trippy psycho
austin: wow we have a hardcore audience
austin: i'll make adjustments next time
winnie: i lovelovelove underworld
fred: haha
winnie: cherry pie
fred: no i like light stuff too
winnie: bruce lee
winnie: cowgirl
andy: juanita / kiteless
andy: so damn fine ;-0
winnie: see, now underworld sticks in my head
andy: and 'jumbo' on beacoup fish is the happiest grin of a song
austin: 8 ball
andy: oh yes ;-)
andy: and rowla - which is so uncompromising
andy: just the one damn thing til it's done
austin: what did you not like about it
andy: there's nothing I actually disliked - some stuff i preferred
austin: i was afraid that it might have been too heavy, uneasy to listen to all the way through, and so i threw in some portishead, stereo mc, and massive attack
andy: the flute solo in adam f leaves me a little cold
andy: well - the massive attack is a great way to start
andy: who's singing?
fred: i have to say this is prob one of my least fav radiohead tracks
austin: i think that was shara nelson
andy: hmm - rings no bell
austin: really, i loved it. so ambient
fred: hey austin -- could you go through and list what genre you think each track should be labelled, when you get a chance?
austin: sure. i'll send it to the group
austin: it's a little tricky cuz some of the groups cover multiple generes
fred: well multiple labellings would be good too
austin: apart from faithless, were there other unfamiliar names?
andy: i didn't know ez rollers
fred: ltj bukem
andy: jamie myerson
fred: a lot of them sounded vaguely familiar
andy: and not sure if i know chicane
fred: yeah i didn't know ez or jamie either
austin: mmm yeah some of those are just my personal favourites, but bukem was the biggest name in d&b for a while. he was also one of the first live drum and bass acts, closely followed by roni size
winnie: alot of them i only know b/c of previous exposure through you
austin: yeah winnie's got a little head start
fred: haha
fred: funny
winnie: okay i gotta go i think
winnie: finish packing
winnie: return some stuff to the bookstore
fred: i guess i should go too
andy: yep - me too - gotta get busy
fred: okee dok
fred: catch you all later
austin: alright. when's the next chat?
fred: sunday or monday week?
fred: we'll figure it out
austin: cool alright. laters
andy: cooly
fred: hey austin -- are you sending a mix out?
andy: bye all
andy has left the room.
austin: yeah, i'm still working on it
fred: okee dok
winnie has left the room.
austin: a lot of work sprung up. my advisor's back
fred: i don't remember who's signed up for when ...
fred: i guess i'll figure it out and post ... catch you late