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they didnt have the one i wanted (10/30/02 3:20:55 am)
why electronica
it was the easiest since i had a lot of it. and i originally thought it'd be a good idea to make a mix of all my old school favourites to give you an idea of my musical background. then i realised that some of the music might not mean anything if it's out of context, so a brief explanation is in order:

massive attack and prodigy were the most important two groups to me during the teen years, and i can still trace their influence in my taste today. massive attack's ambient trip hop mixed airy vocals had laid the seed of my affinity to hip hop long before i realised. i wasn't till i got to the us before i discovered the good british hip hop i missed, namely aim, and the rest of the grandcentral crew.
if i heard prodigy on the dancefloor today i'd probably still go mental, mostly out of nostalgia though. back in the day, going crazy on the dance floor was my way of venting all that teenage frustration (and having gone to an all boy's school, i had a considerable amount). i used to think keith flint had cool hair, so well, moving on.
stereo mcs: admittedly this particular song was during their unelectronica era, since it was recorded with only live instruments, but it's just fit really well and sets a good beat for the rest of the mix.
underworld - born slippy: trainspotting was huge in the uk, we all started reading irvine welsh and praising drug dealers like howard marks. i didn't deal drugs or cheat on my friends, and i think i have that toilet scene to thank.
jamie myerson - revisions: this one was taken off paul oakenfold's perfecto fluro, which is, i recon is his best mix up to 1998, at which point i had stopped following his music.
orbital - the box: great group, consistently innovative, never really took off on the pop scene in england, but they were highly regarded when it came to live performances. my friends who went to glastonbury said it was an intense experience, crowds rioting and so on.
chemical brothers: their albums don't do their performances justice. went to a live set during the creamfields festival of 97. i was blown away by their daring style and improvisation. at one point, they actually shut off the music, and ed simons switched off the lights. they just listened to the roaring crowd and matched the bassline and the strobe to their shouting, the effect was explosive, and was the most memorable moment of that festival.
more tomorrow...


winyang (11/6/02 1:40:13 pm)
first listen
in general, a great collection of old favorites. i was introduced to the likes of juno reactor and orbital in high school by some random kid who liked to make me mixes. (and i have no idea how he got wind of all these electronica folks in st. louis. esp when everyone else is listening to indigo girls...)

one thing i'm wondering about though, and austin, i'll direct this to you: my mix is sort of on the quiet side. i have to turn my discman waaaay up for most of the tracks.

is this the usual version of 'born slippy'?

they didnt have the one i wanted (11/7/02 9:32:47 pm)
re: first listen
in retrospect, i should have singled out some of the classics that some of you might not be so familiar with, but then again, classics are only classics cuz they're familiar.

anywho. how did you feel about the drum and bass on the mix? i threw in a bunch of different styles: bukem, ezrollers, adam f. if one of those appealled to you, like me know. i recommend some more. i feel like drum and bass is really underappreciated over here in the us.

i admit the quality is kinda dodgy. it's the first time i've used my cd burner on my desktop, plus the fact that i had to record from old minidics, vinyl, and dvds (the first song is from the massive attach music video dvd) so it was kinda of complicated. but i promise it'll be a lot better next time.

winyang (11/8/02 11:07:31 am)
re: first listen
well, i'm always a fan of adam f (but i have to say, i like 'the tree knows everything' and 'metropolis' better). as far as d'n'b goes, roni size & 'brown paper bag' will always be a favorite (if not the favorite).

why this chicane track? and this basement jaxx track


they didnt have the one i wanted (11/10/02 8:26:17 pm)
re: first listen
the single offshore was how chicane became a household name among trance and electronica fans (it was his debut after he had changed his name from disco citizen to chicane). many singles then followed, no ordinary morning, don't give up, halcyon, saltwater, yadayada, but offshore was the first and the best of his progressive house endeavors. that particular mix was on the first single release of the song (there were two in all), and set the bar for people like paul van dyk and atb. he also put the label xtravaganza on the map with that single.

as for the basement jaxx song. i wanted a song from them and i needed to change the tempo from house to drum and bass, so i used that one. it wasn't that great a track otherwise, so i kept it to a minute