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austin: hellooo
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carl: hey all
fred: howdy
andy: heya
christian: hi
austin: ciao
fred: man i feel like it's been ages since this mix
fred: halloo
austin: it has been
christian: indeed
fred: have any of you been working on your round 7 mix?
carl: not as much as I'd like to have been
austin: fraid not yet
christian: guilty as well
fred: :-(
christian: actually i have a lot of FF work to do today
christian: :\
fred: is it a busier time than usual these days?
fred: FF work?
austin: fif i think you mean
austin: not flava flav
christian: yeah i remove the "is"
christian: but same thing :-)
austin: i don't know about you guys, but i've been travelling a whole lot
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fred: oh good we're all here
maggie: sry guys...train problems
fred: okay try to do your round 7's asap. we've kind of had a big gap and round 7 is going to go by really fast but only if we have the mixes
andy: we shall
fred: b/c we're going to be doing 2 mixes for each chat for round 7
austin: sounds good
fred: okay enough encouraging, time for andy's mix
fred: first off i have to say the segue into track 2 is really great
christian: very bizarre
fred: oh sorry i guess we should talk about it overall first
andy: i thought that was neat too - a lucky join
andy: nah
fred: i thought this would have made a great round 7 mix for the color gray
maggie: it was an odd mix to play at work
austin: where did you find all the balinese men and women?
andy: I seem to have a bunch of odd world music cd's
fred: i thought it fit well
fred: i mean the tracks fit well
austin: would have fit well onthat group mix too
andy: yes - the voices one you mean?
austin: yeah it's definitely an interesting theme, how did you decide on it?
andy: it really was an accident
andy: I was trying to do a mix where every song had the word 'man' in the title
austin: haha
andy: beginning with the bogus man
andy: but every track I pulled out didn't work with the others
austin: and the superman
carl: this mix really has variety and an obscure quirkiness that I like.
fred: haha
andy: actually, oddly enough no
fred: yeah i like the quirky stuff
andy: superman came in after I'd trashed the 'man' idea!
fred: how many of these people are british?
andy: maybe it was just lurking in my imagination all along
andy: not many fred
austin: i thought the superman was a great track
andy: oh - actually lots
christian: yeah
fred: yeah it felt like that
carl: yeah I noticed it's a pretty british mix
andy: robyn hitchcock
christian: one of my favorites too
andy: robert wyatt, kevin ayers, syd barrett
fred: but the kind of british that makes me think of the british moors
carl: roxy music
andy: roxy music
austin: syd barrett
fred: wild and bare
fred: you know?
andy: hmm - wuthering heights you mean?
fred: the mix as a whole did a lot of things i've been wanting to do and will prob do soon, like the pairing of long/short and bare/dense
fred: yeah wuthering heights
fred: windswept and bare
andy: it is a kind of moody mix
fred: yeah def
andy: does anybody else love the joni mitchell?
austin: yeah pairing long and short sort of made me skip the short ones
carl: yeah
andy: it was a bit easy listening for me when I first heard it
fred: heh. i liked my joni better. but i'm glad we finally got around to her
austin: feel like they're intros
andy: but jeez it's a stunning vocal performance
carl: the Joni track was a shock
austin: that was a great track
fred: heh. cool
andy: esp if you know the original
fred: yeah
austin: which one's your joni?
carl: but I remembered that she kind of got more jazzy later on
fred: the one on my mix
austin: oh
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austin: really liked the lonely voices
austin: i don't normally like vocals like that, without any instruments to back them up
fred: the album was nominated for a best orchestration grammy wasn't it?
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andy: I tried to keep the unaccompanied stuff short
andy: however - didn't always manage it
christian: what's the story behind spaceship?
christian: if there is one
andy: it's from 'einstein on the beach' the opera which made glass famous
andy: there's no real plot - just a bunch of scenes, most of them without any singing
christian: when is this 70's 80's?
andy: this is the final big scene, but there's nothing to it except the title . . . no actual spaceship
andy: 60's
christian: ah ok
fred: to me it sounds like they're saying "oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy"
austin: yeah what are they saying
fred: but andy says they're saying 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
fred: 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 etc
andy: lno no sorry - 70's
andy: 1976 - I just checked
austin: that's so cool
fred: i listened to this more carefully than i would have if it wasn't andy's mix but i'm still not really into it (the string 4tets are much better)
austin: i like that track a whole lot more now
andy: I like it after they stop singing best
andy: but you need the singing to make it cook when the fast scales take off
maggie: sry guys....having major computer issues here
fred: i think it's the sort of minimalism that i get bored w/, b/c w/ the repetition and the meaningless words, you're kind of left w/ out much that's meaningful, you know?
andy: yup - that would be the point
andy: sort of
austin: some music doesn't need meaning
carl: philip glass smokes grass
andy: but - if you listen closely there's actually very little repetition
fred: esp these unison passages
andy: it's repetitive on the surface - but thousands of tiny little changes under that
fred: although now that i listen to i feel like it's kind of like a wave you can just ride on
andy: i get hooked into them
christian: lol clearlly
christian: grugs were involved
andy: yes - wouldn't want it all the time, but it's fun now and then
carl: has anyone seen koyaanisqatsi?
andy: I love grugs
andy: oh ho ho
christian: drugs even
andy: i saw it once Carl
andy: but I saw it on a TV - don't think that was wise
andy: a regular old tiny tv
carl: nah, only in the theater. it's a depressing but must-see classic
fred: hm
andy: have you seen the others powasqaatsi or something, and a new third one I think
carl: I saw the new one.. not very good
andy: too bad
andy: anybody like bethany curve?
carl: yes
carl: the #5 track
andy: esp #5
andy: yes - I love it! - I just found them by accident online
carl: what year?
andy: 2003 - but it sounds older
fred: really liked the guitar part
maggie: what's the story behind bethany curve
christian: yeah i like the guitar for this which is rare for me
andy: kind of old pink floyd-y
fred: even though it's not that complicated
andy: I don't know Maggie . . . from CA
fred: i liked how slow the melody is
austin: reminds me of someone...
fred: and the combination of the two voices
andy: I found a link to them on Squarepusher's website
austin: really/
austin: weird
fred: they sound really airy
andy: when I was considering a shoegazer mix
austin: yeah they do
austin: do you mean air the band?
austin: or just airy?
fred: no i mean air the oxygen kind
fred: heh
austin: i liked the track. but i got bored of it quickly...
andy: not much happens in it after it gets going
fred: yeah it wasn't one of my favs
fred: the robert wyatt track though is AMAZING
andy: but I love it - don't really know why
andy: he is a god among men
andy: I am trying to resist putting him on every damn mix
fred: it has such a strong topic behind it, but it's so understated
andy: exactly - and so gentle in it's condemnation
andy: just "pigs? in there?"
austin: when did he do this track?
fred: yeah. and he sounds like such a nice bloke
christian: random
austin: haha
fred: he sounds so natural
andy: hold on Austin I'll find out
fred: yeah how much of this stuff does he write?
austin: cheers mate
andy: 86 innit
fred: brilliant
andy: wyatt writes all his own stuff
andy: and does some interesting covers too
andy: but the new stuff is all him
fred: i mean, like is he one of those guys that does all the instruments too?
fred: oh
andy: oh - sometimes
andy: he was a drummer but fell out of a window and is semi-paralyzed
andy: so he took up keyboards
andy: but now he also plays hand percussion, concertina, etc - things he can pick up
fred: i think the reason i appreciated this esp. is b/c there's this annoying tori song where she goes "let's fill our babies' mouths with acid rain"
fred: it's so ridiculous, like "the dolphins are crying" it's one of her worst songs
christian: LOL
andy: eek
fred: yeah it's baaaad
fred: man this cap beefheart guy totally sounds fuckin crazy
austin: i like how he referred to the guy has a country person
christian: that sort of track is perfect for turntablism though
austin: as, not has
fred: which track ?
christian: re: robert wyatt
andy: really?
christian: i think do
andy: hmm - that would be cool to hear
christian: i think so
fred: cap BH sounds like one of those people that totally scare you wandering around boston talking to themselves
andy: kid koala and robert wyatt
austin: send it to squarepusher
christian: it's so random it's intriguing
fred: "bubbles pop big and a lipstick kleenex"
andy: yeah he's a wackjob
andy: i love how you can hear him inventing this song on the spot
fred: the ending is so great "took my pants off" "me and my bimbo limbo spam"
andy: did you get that the clicks are him turning off his recorder
andy: thinking of the next line, then recording it?
andy: fun
fred: yeah that's pretty amazing
carl: that's cool
austin: haha
christian: it's brilliant
andy: this is actually him at his most approachable
austin: i thought it was vinyl
andy: no - it's the track itself!
andy: ha - you're right . . that's what it sounds like
austin: he's rapping
andy: trout mask replica (which this is from) is an astonishing thing - all kinds of weirdness
andy: yes!!
fred: funny
carl: mice toes scamperin'
fred: i like the guitar parts in the next track, roxy music
fred: but as you might know by now i like that "wah wah" sound
maggie: guys.....i cant get my speakers to work and my computer to stop flaking out.....im going to have to bail...ill post my thoughts on the mix via email
andy: in 1969 :-)
andy: too bad Maggie
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andy: g'luck with gremlinz
andy: oh
austin: sorry to jump back, but cap bh has a four-and-one-half octave voice?
fred: what??
fred: heh
andy: yeah yeah
andy: everyone does
austin: didn't sound like it
fred: so does celine dio! HA
fred: oops dion
andy: from a growl to a scream - they say these things for marketing I'm sure
fred: celine dijon
andy: if he does he never uses it
andy: shut up Fred
fred: hahaha
andy: celine this celine that
fred: haha
christian: lol
fred: okay sorry
andy: Fred is a BIG fan of Ms. Dion
fred: shhh!!!
christian: obviously
andy: ok
fred: syd barrett is another crazy man
andy: yeah - there's a lot of crazies on this mix
carl: ivor cutler is another crazy man
fred: my fav lyrics of his: "yummy yam yum yum"
fred: "skeleton kiss to steel rail"
austin: yeah, a lot of pink flyodness
carl: yea
fred: the thing about that track i like is how it's kind of like a little kid
christian: i have to say much of the mix seems acid induced
christian: last drug ref i promise
fred: the vocal style is forceful, no shading or phrasing
fred: and then there's the messups and unevenness
christian: it's just so off the wall at time
christian: s
austin: what's that sound in the background
austin: of cutler's track
austin: a crackling fire?
andy: it's the pedals of his harmonium
fred: i love the messup around 0:55 where syd repeats himself. i think it makes the song better.
andy: yes I love that
andy: poor syd - in the middling of cracking up
fred: that long mellisma is so freaky ... it's like, put down that knife syd! put it down!!
andy: seriously Austin - i wasn't goofing - IC plays a harmonium and the pedals pump in the air
fred: yeah ivor was def another crazy sounding guy or at the very least very eccentric
andy: I need to check out more Syd
carl: you can literally hear these people losing their minds
andy: ha!
fred: it kind of sounds like a folksong
andy: which one?
fred: kind of connects to the basque song
austin: they should all be in a band
fred: go and sit upon the grass
andy: scary
andy: yes it does
andy: so does the robyn hitchcock
carl: this mix was very folky to my ears
andy: the tune anyway
andy: really? huh - hadn't thought of that!
andy: I'm computing
andy: I think you're right
carl: esp. toward the end
fred: yeah i see that
andy: yeah - how odd
andy: even at the start really - the bobbie gentry
andy: and the reorchestrated joni
andy: wow - it's a crazy folk mix
carl: yes
fred: yeah i thought #2 sounded like nick drake kind of sort of
carl: crazy folks
andy: lol
christian: #2 is pretty
fred: oh the robyn track sounded kind of gaelic to me
andy: I like #2 - it's sad
andy: weird strings
fred: yeah i like the guitar bits is that a guitar?
andy: yes F - it is kind of scottishy folky
christian: #2 and #16 were my favs
andy: wow - #16 . . . very cool
andy: and extra cool #2
christian: i think melancholy is the better word
andy: yes
fred: pigs was my fav, and then the first nico track
carl: what's the story behind laurie?
andy: she started as a performance artist
fred: that nico track has some wild stuff going on in the background
andy: hung out with the NY downtown gallery crows
andy: crowd I mean
andy: altho I like crows instead
fred: the organ is a really nice contrast to the busy strings and electronic stuff
andy: she gradually did more music kind of stuff
fred: i mean on the nico track
andy: O Superman was a #1 in UK
carl: I know she had an Eno-produced disc that didn't go over well..
andy: for about 6 weeks
fred: so bizarre
carl: really?
andy: then she worked with peter gabriel and others
fred: andy already knows this, but i think laurie is really annoying
andy: became internationally known for musicy performance art
andy: and now she's Lou Reed's partner
austin: wo
fred: she has that whole performance art crap vibe that i'm really not into
carl: ahhh
fred: "smoking or non-smoking" vomit
andy: yeah I know F
andy: poor laurie
christian: i liked it but #1 on the charts seems extreem
fred: that was in this song right?
carl: yeah it's pretty experimental
andy: yes - along with 'pouring acid rain into our children's mouths'
fred: yep
fred: haha
andy: no - she's kind of annoying at times
andy: .and I don't really like perf art but . . .
fred: nico is interesting. she collaborated w/ the velvet underground on an album right?
andy: UK charts are odd
carl: yeah that's a good disc
carl: I can't take nico alone
andy: yes
andy: she is to be listened to once a decade I think
fred: i thought the second nico track was interesting. i think a lot of a capella stuff can be dreary and dull, but this one wasn't bad
fred: i liked the long pauses in it
andy: 'unved wirgins in the lant"
fred: wh--?
andy: I like her cuz she's odd
andy: lyrics from the first Nico track
fred: oh heh. she's speaking english??
andy: ja
christian: lol
andy: viz her cherman accent
christian: i thought it was german
andy: no - all in english :-)
fred: i thought #12 didn't fit so well w/ the other tracks. the beginning part of it kind of did, but when it got into it it kind of broke the melancholy mood
andy: wow
andy: F I agree
andy: it's too perky
fred: it's def a cool track though
andy: yes - it's only an excerpt
fred: #19 was also pretty upbeat
andy: the whole thing is about 30 minutes I think
fred: why'd you put #19 on here?
andy: yeah - not sure why I put it in
andy: well - I bought the Cd the other month and I hadn't heard it for years and years
fred: heh
andy: so I think I had a warm fuzzy nostalgia attack
fred: looks like it's just you and me andy
christian: heh
andy: wha?
andy: nah
austin: sorry
fred: i told andy this, but the balinese lullaby totally doesn't sound restful
austin: went to the little boy's room
christian: i think it beautiful
fred: it's like "baby, baby, your mama's losing her mind slowly"
fred: really?
fred: that's really interesting
carl: andy, I still can't get a good reading on your musical taste
andy: I think it's beautiful too
carl: not that I need to
andy: eclectic may be the best I can offer!
carl: yeah
christian: to be honest though i have an inclination towards that sound odd or sad
andy: but I feel that about all of us
christian: and this does both
carl: and frequently obscure
fred: it's def odd and sad
andy: good title "def odd and sad"
carl: yeah there is a sadness, to this disc at least..
andy: i think so
fred: i guess now that i think about it it's a little bit too much raw emotion for me, yeah?
fred: this track i mean
andy: the lullaby??
fred: yeah
andy: hmm
austin: so disturbing
fred: it's like a nerve laid bare
andy: cool
fred: i really like the bird sounds in the background
fred: heh
austin: sounds like she's running out of breath every time
andy: sounds like she's about 14 too
carl: and your discs always leave me with a nostalgic feeling for something I never experienced
christian: it's probably because our ears aren't used to those sounds
fred: austin: interesting point
carl: which makes no sense
andy: oh Carl - that's so great!
austin: haha that's great
fred: haha
andy: i think music can do exactly that
christian: well put
andy: yes :-)
austin: you think very deeply
carl: hahaha
andy: lol
carl: I'm a big fan of #17
andy: isn't he cool!
fred: oh man i can't listen to that balinese woman twice in a row it makes me want to i dunno something not good
austin: his lyrics are something else
andy: he's been doing this stuff for decades - quietly on his own
fred: no top 40 hit for him haha
andy: any day now
austin: i was going to say exactly that
andy: Ivor Cutler should cover O Superman
carl: haha
austin: the hahahaha is killing me
fred: yeah
fred: aaack! too many crazy people
andy: like the bird song on Laurie though?
andy: a nice little link to the Lullaby!
austin: there are lots of repetitive vocals onthis mix
carl: heh nice
andy: yes - I think that's what made me collect some of the droney stuff
fred: bird song?
austin: do you think that makes them lonely?
andy: maybe
fred: oh i hear it now
carl: do you recommend more of the bethany curve stuff?
fred: i hadn't noticed that
fred: mostly b/c i kept skipping over that track
fred: heh
carl: yeah same here fred
fred: another connection i noticed is that the last note of #2 and of #3 was distinctive
andy: yes Carl
fred: the last note of #2 is really good
fred: actually so is the last one in #3
andy: I bought 'You brought Us Here'
fred: in #3 that kind of makes the whole song
andy: and I really like it
fred: was i the only one who though the unevenness at 0:18 in track 3 was a change in time signature? but it's not
carl: ok guys, I gotta run
andy: I like lots of little connections between tracks which pop up accidentally
fred: that little unevenness also made that track for me
christian: i'm sorry i have to leave
andy: ok guys - thanks
fred: okay peeps. next wed austin's chat?
andy: yurp
carl: thanks for the mix andy, a ton of stuff I'd never heard before
christian: this was one of my favorite mixes (no offense to others)
carl: and some things I even liked. ;-)
fred: heh. cool
christian: it just blew my mind
fred: haha
fred: awesome
andy: cool - glad you liked it :-)
christian: which is a cool feeling thanks
christian: bye
fred: now christian's going to move to bali
fred: heh
austin: as always andy, lots of stuff to follow up with
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carl: hey is winnie returning anytime soon?
andy: we are a cool club
austin: she may
andy: yeah - we need to keep her involved
austin: she'll be back first week for july
austin: for a week
carl: she got broadband over there?
austin: we should make her a mix
fred: nope she doesn't
carl: heh heh
austin: someone start a group mix for winnie
fred: haha
andy: yes lets
fred: why? it won't get done til she's back for good
austin: oh don't be like that fred
fred: haha
fred: it's true
carl: is she just there for a 6 months or a year? or indefinitely?
austin: i think she's still trying to decide
carl: ahh
austin: i mean she sold all her stuff, so you could be gone for a while
austin: i mean she
carl: yea
carl: ok, thanks again andy.. bye all
fred: yawn! okay people do your round 7's!
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austin: ok bye guys
fred: lata
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andy: ok bye all
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