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Aman has entered the room.
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winnie: the chat's now?
winnie: 8pm?
Aman: ahoy
austin: hey lennon dog
fred: yep
winnie: good thing i got my ass off my bed
austin: it's 8 pm
fred: i think it's funny when people sign in ... it says "... has entered the room" like elvis
austin: what ar eyou doing in bed
winnie: sleeeeeeping
winnie: actually, reading my new new yorker
winnie: it's the family issue
winnie: and there's a david sedaris article
fred: the family issue?
winnie: yeah, they have themed issues once in awhile
fred: funny
andy: Fred needs to subscrbe
fred: nope
austin: andy you read the new yorker too?
winnie: oh, real quick fred. apparently my domain name's been parked. what the hell does that mean? i dunno how to renew it. i sent all these frickin emails via the dotregistrar website
winnie: those bastards
andy: yepster
fred: i dunno
fred: i saw that
andy: all the ways
winnie: it's been really good lately, hasn't it andy?
winnie: the article by the woman who wrote 'seabiscuit' was really riveting
andy: oh always - it's the best maggy
andy: shot - i haven't read that yet
winnie: oh, everyone, i just finished reading _kavalier & clay_ and it was soooo soooo soooo good
andy: shoot that wld b
andy: wot'd that Win?
winnie: a michael chabon book
winnie: great, great book
andy: ah yes okj
winnie: anyway. we expecting anyone else?
fred: the new guy might come i dunno
fred: his name is carl
winnie: i should mention to you all now that i invited my friend lianne to join
Aman: hee hee
fred: didn't hear from nelson
Aman: new guys are always 'carl'
andy: good goodie
fred: when is lianne back?
fred: i mean in the us
winnie: but i dunno what her schedule's going to be like once she moves to nyc and starts up classes at columbia or working on her thesis or whatever
winnie: 21st?
andy: "my name is carl" - sounds like schwarzenegger
winnie: haha.
austin: haha
winnie: yeah, new guys ARE always carl
fred: she's going to columbia?
andy: or Colombia?
winnie: yeah, for lit phD i think
carl has entered the room.
carl: oh is the chat on?
fred: yep
carl: hello
fred: everyone say hi to the new guy
fred: hi new guy
winnie: hi carl
andy: hey hi
austin: hello carl
andy: hi carl
austin: should we do names?
winnie: so whereabouts are you?
winnie: (carl)
winnie: i'm winnie, by the way.
carl: i'm in porter sq
andy: i'm andy - but that's obvious i guess
carl: hi andy
Aman: aman here
Aman: 'lo
winnie: huh. how'd a bostonian find us?
austin: I'm Austin, in central
andy: weird
austin: what are the chances
fred: first off i know andy's going to complain but i swear every pet shop boys song sounds the same
andy: no no - i shan't complain
andy: it's like thse people who say all techno sounds the same
fred: also, why is it that only black people can do that smooth groove?
andy: or all classical music sounds the same
andy: you are simply not yet attuned
carl: so I listened to this thing today without a track listing... (I kind of liked that actually) .. but now I'm curious. is it online?
fred: yeah carl -- go to www.sunday-in-the-park.com/flava
austin: is the site back up?
fred: i don't think all new order songs sound the same
fred: yeah austin
andy: jeez
austin: you two have to sort out that host of yours
andy: there's a repetitive band
andy: lovely tho they are
winnie: don't have much choice in the matter, austin
fred: i like new order! but i pretty much only know their grtst hits
winnie: well, the vocals are very distinctive
austin: are you saying all new age sounds the same?
andy: no - all new order
winnie: though i don't think they sound all THAT repetitive
winnie: this is much more disco-y than the other PSB stuff i've heard
andy: yep - it's from Bilingual . . .the 'discoteca' cd
fred: it seems like psb always have a piano, a chorus in the background, and brass
andy: but they usually have a disco ting at the end of each cd
fred: okay that was me someone else's turn
andy: but that sweet vulnerable voice, and those kuscious fake syntehsized strings
andy: how can you resist their shallowness?
andy: anyway - on this mix, the last 5 songs shouldn't be there
austin: y?
carl: the strings? what about the horns? heh
austin: marvin gaye rocks
andy: I got distracted and moved away from the groove
andy: i like it, but I was trying to stay with one mood, but . . . .
andy: I got bored
carl: there was definitely a rift at #15
austin: but then it might start getting repetitive
andy: yup
austin: won't want that now
carl: I thought it was hedwig or something
andy: that's where I wussed out
fred: yeah 15 was a "huh?" track
fred: hedwig -rules-
andy: well - I luv it - but it's disco, instead of r'n'b
austin: yeah but the tracks in the beginning weren't all rnb
andy: it was s'posed to be grooves with jazz/guitar interludes
Aman: fred: what'd you think of Remy Shand?
Aman: (Shand being rather white and all)
fred: marvin didn't grab me as much as i thought it would -- what are his famous songs?
andy: yeah - speak F
andy: oh - marvin s a slow burner
fred: oh in an email i said i liked remy the best of them all
winnie: i have to tell you, when i got this cd, one of my housemates came in, took a look, got all excited and exclaimed, "oh my GAWD! cheryl lynn! this is such a gay anthem"
andy: forget 'famous songs'
fred: even though on his videos he looks sooo scary
andy: ahhhh - kiss him!
austin: hahahha
fred: andy -- i remember hearing something else of his that i liked better than these two
andy: or her
Aman: I've never seen Shand's videos... but I think he's f'ing amazing
winnie: that's okay -- if you ever visit, you can kiss him
Aman: plays all his own instruments, he does
andy: Marvin's music smolders (smoulders?)
fred: you should go to remyshand.com and watch some of his videos ... he really looks like real white trashy ... heh. but apparently he's canadian? is that right?
winnie: i just watch "queer eye for the straight guy" with him.
andy: mm hmm W, is he cute?
fred: hey andy!
fred: haha
winnie: uh, he's asian
andy: Remy Shand is looks like a skanky ice-stoked child molester
winnie: wow
winnie: that's rather a scary picture
fred: yeah i really liked the remy songs ... i borrowed andy's cd and i like it, although as andy points out he really rips off of everyone, like marvin and michael jackson and prince
Aman: perhaps... but I wouldn't call it derivative
carl: speaking of MJ
Aman: I liked Andy's two picks the most off the album
fred: this quote is good
fred: Remy hopes that album listeners will "put it on in the bedroom, put it on in the car, and relate to it. I want to make them feel the magical feeling that they do when they listen to Marvin and Stevie, and soul music in general.
fred: Itís still just one percent of what I can do. I didnít really get to the uptempo stuff yet but, for this album, the topic is love. Basically, itís four years of feelings
fred: "the topic is love" that'd be a good name for a band
fred: the magical feeling! YEAH!
carl: I was wondering if that Maxwell song had any of MJ's motown musicians from Off The Wall on it..
winnie: off the wall?
carl: yeah, like "Rock With You" and all those MJ disco songs. Off The Wall was the album he didn't get a grammy for.
carl: but it's great
andy: I don't think so Carl -(Maxwell)
Aman: Off The Wall is unbelievable...
andy: it's names I don't recognize on the l;isting . . .but mebbe
Aman: got the same thing I like about Remy: excellent craft
andy: oh man - he was the tits back then
carl: yeah the Remy song was definitely my fave on the whole disc
andy: yep - the Remy is fine fine stuff - I wish it wasn't all so derivitive, but - it's still good
fred: there were two carl heh
andy: which one?
carl: #12
fred: yeah i totally dig remy
winnie: i'm sorry, everybody, but i find most of these tracks indistinguishable from one other
fred: anyone else had other favs?
winnie: another, i mean
andy: ah ha
fred: heh
winnie: i mean, maybe rnb's just not my groove
winnie: or something
carl: amazing bass lines across the board on this disc too..1,2,4,8,12,14..
andy: and 16
winnie: but listening to this makes me feel like i should be rolling a shopping cart around TJ maxx
fred: i think it's cool winnie ... andy said it's okay to have it on in the background in a hip bar or something
Aman: youch
andy: oh winnie
fred: tj maxxx?
fred: ouch
winnie: hip bar?
andy: you're so deprived
winnie: mmmm no. not for me
winnie: maybe
fred: i think it's smooth
fred: loungy
fred: well not really loungy
carl: I have a genre for 1-14 of this disc
fred: sunny and groovy
winnie: mmm lounge music to me now is more downtempo electronica
andy: that's like my mom unable to tell the difference between . . . nirvana and christina
carl: kind of crude.. it's called "fuck music"
fred: haha
winnie: so much of rnb is cheesed out.
fred: it's all about the love
winnie: i guess cos it tends to dominate eezy listening stations
winnie: and dentists' offices
andy: it's the basis of ALL dance music
winnie: give me angst!
austin: nick hornby wrote about f music. he thinks santana
carl: I've never heard maxwell at the dentist...
winnie: melancholy!
andy: in fact of allpopular music
winnie: gimme indie rock!
Aman: track 1 is actually quite sad
fred: winnie you're hilarious
fred: 1 is sad?
carl: winnie I am there with you.
andy: indie rock wouldn't be here without motown
fred: boo i'm so bored w/ indie these days
fred: BORED
andy: wite boys whining in iowa
Aman: I think it's about Amadou Diallo
fred: these wankers need to grow some BALLS
winnie: motown's one thing
austin: haha yeah fred
carl: I just wanted at least one track on this disc to come in and kick my ass
winnie: but that's not all rnb is it?
andy: no - it's the eezysunnygroovy mix!!
andy: yeah - this mix deliberately avoided funk and action
fred: guys this mix wasn't supposed to be deep it's supposed to be chill
austin: yeah there's no violence at all
winnie: it's difficult to cook to
andy: that's why it stops the action every 3 songs for some wanky 50's jazz guitar
Aman: Amadou Diallo was beaten severely by police...
austin: difficult to cook to?
carl: hahaha
austin: is that the new standard
andy: the point was a mix which you didn't HAVE to listen to
fred: yeah the wanky jazz guitar bit wasn't so much fun
austin: it's hard...
andy: just put on and bar-b-q
winnie: yeah, i got it one night when tim and i were making some big dinner
austin: the lyrics keep getting my attention
fred: who's diallo?
winnie: and it wasn't doing anything for the cooking
andy: that's it winnie - music for stuff
fred: hahaha
winnie: and andy, that's just it
austin: well instead of cooking try...
fred: bach for cooking!!!
andy: ugh
fred: beethoven for barbeque!!!!\
winnie: i'm so accustomed to tuning this stuff out
winnie: that i found myself at the end of the album going, "what was i just listening to?"
Aman: immigrant who was beaten by police... violated in severe and graphically described ways...
Aman: bad case
Aman: in 2000, I guess, hence "AD 2000"
winnie: wait, is diallo related to the current topic in any way?
fred: winnie obviously isn't into slow dancing close w/ a special someone in the candlelight until dawn
winnie: (in case i missed something)
winnie: no, fred, not really.
andy: someone's multi-tasking
fred: haha
fred: it's about slinky red dresses
andy: but - really - this stuff usually needs a really long incubation period
fred: and purple leisure suits
fred: well maybe not purple
andy: i knoiw, from exp - that at first it sall sounds ho hum
winnie: i have to add too, this housemate? when he came in, we'd just gotten to the mj blige track, and he said, "oooh, is this mary j blige?"
winnie: and he actually clapped his hands repeatedly
winnie: i respect the blige
fred: hahahaha
fred: you should make a copy of this mix for that guy
andy: yerp
fred: btw winnie did i tell you that i pass on all your mixes to ian and airis? they totally dig them
fred: i really liked the blige track
fred: prob my fav after remy
austin: is this the guy who says it's so busted?
andy: it''s a lauryn hill song
andy: produced by, arranged by etc.
winnie: yup, austin
andy: but look guys . . . what is this liking some genres, and not others
fred: not written by though?
andy: can't we all just get along together
carl: I heard lauryn in there somewhere, now that you mention it.
fred: awwww
Aman: oh yeah! there she is...
winnie: i dunno. some stuff just doesn't do it for me
carl: something about the production
fred: let's just love one another to the sounds of the smooth groovy mix!
andy: yeh - once you know it - it's hard not to hear it
andy: hah!
fred: yeah i sort of hear it
fred: maybe it's the chimes
carl: is that what she's doing now?
carl: full time
andy: mmm chimes
fred: no she did that unplugged show
fred: veeeery interesting btw
andy: no - this was about 4 years back
fred: i think she's still finding herself
fred: hopefully she'll edit a little more next time though
fred: heh
carl: yeah she's got a kid too
andy: email her on that one Fred
andy: she has?
fred: don't they all? and i'm not being facetious
andy: so Hollywood
andy: hehe
fred: uh oh it's down to me and andy again
fred: heh heh
winnie: i just don't have much to say
carl: 3, 6 sounded like weather report.. without Jaco
Aman: Winnie you need to put some effort in here
fred: well how much did you really listen to it?
winnie: i'm trying
winnie: i'm trying not to be an ass
carl: 7 sounded like Simply Red or something
Aman: if Gaye, Shand, Maxwell and Blige don't put you in the mood...
andy: winnie - you gotta say what you feel
Aman: then you've tuned out too many TJ Maxx's and Dentists' offices
andy: I have no stake in this - you can hate it all, and I'll still love you
fred: awwww
andy: let it rip!!
fred: feel the love!
andy: feel it
winnie: um, well i think i've pretty much confessed that i'm not a fan
Aman: I agree that waiting rooms have destroyed a lot of popular music... but you gotta feel it!
winnie: i dig the blige track only b/c i hear the hill
fred: i heard the hill -- that sounds like something julie andrews should be saying
winnie: dude, even gaye has gotten pretty played out for me
andy: oh ok - so here's my secret area - - - - - steely dan
andy: did everyone hate it?
winnie: yeah, what's up with that?
winnie: no, i feel like i'm the only one
fred: 7 was fine
fred: not my fav
fred: but it fit the groove
andy: well . . .they are the epitome of listen to it 20 times, I'm afraid
carl: I didn't like 5, 6. I think I just have a really low tolerance for uninspired drum machines and noodling guitars.
carl: oh .. steely dan was 7
andy: the last fout cd's of theirs I've wanted to throw waway
fred: i usu don't pay that much attention to the drums or the bass
carl: heh ;-)
andy: waway
andy: then, I put it on once more - just once more
andy: and wow - it's like the best thing I've heard all year
fred: i must not go into tj maxx or dentist's offices that much -- none of this style sounded overplayed to me
andy: go figur ros
fred: haha andy
fred: i think i've put jazz guitar near the top of my 'shoot me now' music list
andy: 5 is some japanese dj guy
fred: haha
fred: i hate the girl on this track
andy: but 6 is all live
winnie: okay, the steely dan track? this is EXACTLY what i'm talking about in terms of dentists' offices
winnie: it bores me. i fall asleep... sknnnxxxxxxxx.
fred: i liked 7. what dentist are you going to?? the dentists i went to would play whitney houston
carl: yeah I have trouble with steely
Aman: yeah the steely dan sounds like it's trying reaaallly hard not to bother anyone
Aman: which is what I think LiteFM is all about
andy: yes - you're right- dentists like it too - but for the wrong reasons
winnie: PRECISELY, aman
fred: i think it's nice and low-key
winnie: that, and it's cheesy as all get out
Aman: some good songs get mixed up with bad dentists, though
andy: oh no guys, steely dan are so much filthier than you give them credit for
winnie: yeah, so low-key, i want to call them pansies and kick 'em in the nuts
Aman: you gotta keep your ears open
andy: i mean words and music
fred: haha
carl: and bad songs get mixed up with good dentists all the time
fred: winnie - indie's not full of pansies? but i know what you mean
winnie: yeah, i dunno if i'd want my dentist to have good taste in music
andy: the outside of the music is glossy
winnie: he might decide that i'd look good in johnny depp's gold caps
andy: but in that is real tit-biting nastiness
fred: lol
fred: you both are hilarious
winnie: oh, they're not pansies. that's emo.
andy: even the name of the band
fred: quick question -- anyone know what channel bravo's on? andy and i are going to tape queer eye tonight
andy: oh yeah
winnie: too much chick-a-bow-wow in the shand.
fred: lol
fred: YEAH!
winnie: um, in nyc, it's 38
winnie: you've GOT to watch it
andy: i feel remy's a little weedy
fred: i love how #8 has that duet thing going on in the verse it's so awesome
winnie: when i hear this, i tune it out. there's nothing particularly distinctive to me about this guy's stylings/take
fred: it makes me want to remove clothing
fred: mine or someone else's
winnie: it makes me want to remove cds.
andy: makes me want to move my aged hips
fred: hahaha
fred: lol
fred: winnie you're hilarious
winnie: nah, i just have a lot of pent-up anger
winnie: (towards crappy-ass management)
andy: winnie - what music makes you feel slinky?
Aman: slinky!
winnie: (i'm not in the mood)
fred: okay here's another question -- do straight people like gay anthems at all? like #17?
andy: is that your final answer
winnie: haha. when you say slinky? i think of plastic toys that slink down the stairs
andy: hmm
carl: do gay people like them?
austin: i didn't know it was a gay anthem
austin: i liked it
fred: well it feels gay
winnie: some are okay
winnie: as long as they're not terrible house tracks.
andy: they liked it when it came out
winnie: ugh. house.
fred: i mean am i the only one or do all gay men love black women??
andy: before it was an anthem - it charted biggie timie
winnie: music doesn't really do any sort of slinky things for me.
carl: they're nice.
austin: yeah the house ones are distressing, especially if you hear it in clubs
fred: oh winnie how much you miss
andy: no - all gay men like black women, of course . .. duh
fred: why's that andy?
andy: outsiders, strong, great voices, great frocks, bad men
fred: i like the "ooh ooh" before "i got to have it baby" in #17
fred: and SASS
fred: it's all about the SASS
austin: how about barry white?
fred: yeah andy why no barry?
andy: you heard he died Austin?
fred: i need to borrow a cd of his from you
austin: yeah i did
fred: when
fred: ?
austin: i was so sad
andy: cuz barry IS disco
austin: it was on bbc
andy: me 2
winnie: oh, you and the bbc.
austin: i have some old lps of his. i'll put some in my mix for you next time
fred: wheeeeen?
Aman: "winnie: music doesn't really do any sort of slinky things for me."
Aman: this will be the title of my next mix
andy: i know
fred: funny funny aman
andy: wheeeeen
Aman: an attempt to find Win's slink
andy: that's our mission
fred: haha
austin: yes
fred: whoo! next group mix
austin: i'm up for the challenge
andy: should we choose to accept it
fred: dude let's do it
fred: but we need to finish this group mix first ... i guess
winnie: oh god, people.
fred: slinky winky
Aman: I never caught on to the whole group mix thing
austin: nelson should be done soon
austin: have you received it winnie?
fred: aman -- when nelson finishes he'll pass it to aman who'll pass it to winnie
winnie: i'm just not an audially-inclined slinker.
Aman: oh yeah
andy: it' fred's need to keep 12 mixes happening simultaneously
winnie: which?
fred: it's a good 'un
Aman: slink starts in the ear, Win
winnie: oh, the group one?
winnie: cool
andy: he's voracious
winnie: what about carl?
winnie: should i give it to lianne?
andy: yes
Aman: "carl"
fred: no there won't be enough time
winnie: i'm a visual slinker.
carl: don't let me hold up the mix
andy: oh
fred: the time allotment was for 6 people
andy: start another!!
winnie: oh right
winnie: sorry. forgot
fred: but the next one might have to be double cds b/c o/w we'll only get two songs each
carl: does anyone do covers for these?
andy: I used to
fred: heh their mixes you mean?
carl: you only need one song each to get the point across, imho
carl: you just have to be very careful
austin: mmm
carl: thoughtful
austin: one song is tougher
Aman: andy I liked your cover/case
fred: heh. well we'll see how it goes
fred: yeah andy always makes good covers
fred: go andy
fred: whao
fred: oops i meant whoo
winnie: well maybe andy can afford covers
andy: hmm, i say koay
winnie: i didn't even have a fuckin printer for my last one
fred: haha
winnie: do you know how much it sucks to write out tracklistings by hand?
winnie: i gave up after 3.
andy: eek
fred: you should've just emailed it
andy: it;s like getting cd's from Liberia
austin: haha
winnie: yeah, but i wanted people to get them w/ their cds
winnie: ha
Aman: wait
fred: what about a photocopier
winnie: what
Aman: is TJ Maxx not a slinky place?
fred: anyway we should start wrappin it up
Aman: couldn't it be?
winnie: i'm lazy
andy: leave Winnie alone you bullies
fred: haha
fred: winnie's strong
winnie: no, it is most certainly not
fred: she'll kick you in the nuts
austin: and call you pansies
andy: it would be an honor
Aman: leave my indie rocks out of this
fred: hahaha
winnie: haha
andy: ok dawgs
fred: okay kids last words?
fred: famous or otherwise?
fred: thanks for coming carl
winnie: fred would have you think that the phrase "indie rocks' is an oxymoron
carl: thanks for having me
fred: and listening on such short notice
carl: i'll be practicing bass to some of these tracks shortly
andy: "indie" has become an oxymoron
fred: haha
fred: fun
winnie: nice. you'll have to introduce yourself to us via email
carl: it's nice to get into some new music-- I appreciate that
fred: so winnie chat next week tues at 8?
winnie: i'm curious as to what drew you to our wacked-out little coterie
austin: yeah how did you find us
carl: homestar
andy: allright, uh huh
austin: haha
carl: I have the figurines on my desk at work
andy: runnooor
fred: no way!
winnie: really? like a search?
carl: so i was intrigured
andy: ok let's do it troup
carl: and then I saw the tracks and it looked tasty
fred: thanx for the mix andy pandy
austin: hey maybe we can start the next group mix before this one's out
andy: yes - we should
andy: i'm up for more, rather than less
winnie: agreed.
fred: really?
winnie: different order?
andy: cooly
andy: sure
winnie: wait, so how many people's it gone through already (the first one)?
Aman: would some kind of online repository be inconvenient for people for mix-exchanging?
Aman: or illegal?
austin: aight. i'll leave the complicated organisational stuff to fred
Aman: or just a horrible idea?
winnie: i personally don't mind
austin: it's legal
fred: hmm i think we should wait on the group mixes it should take about 2.5 weeks for everyone to get through one group mix if everyone's on the ball
austin: as long as we have a password thingie
winnie: it's kind of fun and old school via snail mail
carl: the mail is so lo-fi, so indie rock, I like it.
fred: yah
Aman: hah... true carl
andy: I \think we could overlap a group mix - where's the harm?
fred: i think having wavs is better than mp3s anyway
carl: yes
fred: well we'll talk about it later andy
fred: this first one's almost done anyway
winnie: did anyone answer my question?
fred: yeah def diff order
winnie: it's been through 4?
austin: sweet. thanks andy for a grooovy mix
fred: yep me andy austin nelson
fred: slinky!
Aman: thanks Andy!
andy: thanks - summer is gone, but we'll always have the mix
fred: awwwwwwwwww
carl: how shall I get the next installment?
Aman: quick q: anyone excited for the new Papas Fritas due soon?
fred: i'll put up the winnie tracks for those who haven't gotten it
fred: ?
winnie: no, dude. i'm excited for the new porno show!
andy: btw guys . . . polyphonic spree at paradise on Thursday
austin: send me your address carl
winnie: and belle & sebastian's going to be here next week
austin: send us your address
fred: no way!
fred: i didn't know that
Aman: ugh
fred: austin -- i have his address
carl: they must be sold out by now eh
andy: yummy
winnie: they're doing a benefit concert in prospect park in brooklyn
fred: darn
fred: oh
fred: they're not touring?
winnie: dunno. it's like $35 or something
winnie: (which is not very indie, is it now?)
winnie: no, don't think so.
winnie: the new yorker called them "shy."
fred: haha
andy: gotta have an image
austin: hey when's queer eye on/
fred: 10
austin: coolios
fred: still haven't figured out what channel
fred: # i mean
austin: best line. their advice on perfume "spray, delay, walk away"
fred: funny
winnie: hshs
winnie: haha
fred: hshshs
carl: it's the delivery that's so funny tho
austin: hshshs
andy: I like hshshs
fred: heh
austin: yeah
austin: so gsy
andy: sounds like a scary snakelady
Aman: k... goodnight folks!
andy: ok dudees I'm outtahere
carl: bye yall
andy: til next time
fred: gotta feed the kitty by guys
Aman has left the room.
andy: bye
austin: latas
andy has left the room.
carl has left the room.
austin: oh going to the radiohead show tomorrow. woohoo
austin: oh everyone left
fred: heh cool
winnie has left the room.
austin: oh well. bye
fred: later