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austin: yoyo
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austin: winnie did you find someone to go with?
winnie: yeah
winnie: mamie (housemate) went w/ me in the end
winnie: and it was so fucking amazing
winnie: three flutes of elderflower champagne
winnie: brunello
austin: wooooo and you made it back home
winnie: some white i forget
fred: what's a flute?
winnie: yeah, i didn't get trashed
winnie: champagne glass
winnie: i didn't get trashed cos i ate soooo much
winnie: and everything had truffles in it
winnie: and most had foie gras
winnie: best hors d'oeuvres ever.
austin: jeez you must be happy and fat right nwo
fred: haha funny
winnie: it was for a book release: "truffles: the ultimate luxury and everyday pleasure"
winnie: yep. definitely both
fred: winnie, do you know if joyce was going to be around now?
winnie: it wasn't that exciting though cos i hate schmoozing
winnie: and there was lots of that
winnie: mmm no. dunno
austin: everyday pleasure? ha whatever
winnie: i dunno. wouldn't mind having it every day.
fred: ok kiddos chat time
winnie: i think they mean in the form of truffle butter or truffle oil
winnie: right
austin: alright
fred: aight
winnie: so this sundays track "can't be sure" is so great
winnie: riight. just throwing that out there.
fred: heh
winnie: [crickets chirping in background
winnie: ]
winnie: hello...?
winnie: bueller?
fred: i'm going to be a little slow b/c i didn't get to listen to the cds at work today
fred: so i'll need to take a sec to refresh my memory
fred: i def preferred here's where the story ends
winnie: i used ot
winnie: to
andy: oh hey hi
fred: although i like that little "ah!"
andy: multi-tasking is so hard
andy: when your from the analog age
andy: oops "you're"
winnie: oh, just in case any one cared
fred: actually listening to it again i like can't be sure a lot, except for the 2nd part. i like the nervous energy of the whole first section. it sounds like really long musical foreplay
winnie: i put up all the track listings:
winnie: www.thatswhatyouthink.com/music.html
winnie: hmmm. musical foreplay, eh?
fred: actually listening to it again i like the 2nd part more than i remembered. there's this whole tension about it, you know?
andy: yup - love how the bass and real drums only kick in at the very end
winnie: okay fred. make up yer damn mind!
andy: fred has two minds
fred: heh, so my final vote is that it's a cool song. thumbs up
andy: thumb up
austin: i like the division of the first and second part and the transition was good too
austin: hey are we talking about twin 1 or 2
fred: both
andy: oh i'm corn-fused
andy: i thught we were talking about the suddnees
andy: the sundays
fred: yep yep
winnie: right. the sundays
andy: oh kay
winnie: although, now i'm listening to my beloved hooverphonic
andy: mmmm
fred: why is it so cold in my apt
fred: ?
fred: my kitty is cute
andy: lack of heat
fred: okay enough nonsequiturs
andy: hooverphonic are so belgian
winnie: this seems more fragmented than the last chat.
andy: bland, yet memorable
fred: ha
winnie: or mussel-y and frites-y?
andy: plain yet a little tingle on the skin
fred: i hadn't known them really well, but i liked them
andy: i heard them first on a vw ad
mike: hey howdy...
fred: there is a certain cheesiness about them, but in general they're good
andy: (renaissance fair)
mike: sorry -- i'm at work :-(
andy: yo, beast
mike: i loved seeing hooverphonic on your twins, andy... and i first discovered them thru the vw ad, too!
andy: yup they're kind of belgian
winnie: really? which ad?
winnie: i totally don't remember that
andy: yes! - i went to the website to find out who they were
mike: it was for a type of vw beetle...
winnie: how did i discover them?
winnie: when was the ad?
fred: i don't think i'd want to hear too much of them. the tracks seem straightforward, although some nice ear candy
mike: a specific "image" of the beetle.
andy: those ads have good music - hooverp, stereolab, p 5
andy: etc.
winnie: austin has a great album of theirs
andy: what i love about battersea though . . .
andy: it's so paranoid
fred: i have one mix in my cd player and one in my computer so i'm switching back and forth, haha
fred: paranoid?
andy: but also, if you take out the percussion track the whole song is fantastically slow
austin: a catchy song for me. since it's the first song on their album
andy: just slow dirge-like strings and that almost annoying voice
fred: this chick's voice doesn't grab me in the way that ebtg's vocalist does. it sounds a tad bit more generic, you know?
andy: yes - ebtg is tracy thorn!
austin: wow. my chat window was silent for a long time and all these messages just splurged out
andy: i say, again, she is the tits
mike: jumping to another artist....
winnie: weird
mike: i loved luna, too...
andy: oh good!
fred: it's interesting how vocalists like that can make or break a band for me
winnie: yes
mike: "the tits" -- great saying once again, andy.
winnie: but i'm more of a "bewitched" fan
winnie: like, the whole album.
fred: esp when the music is relatively ungrabby
andy: i don't know much luna beyond this
andy: again, i never felt the urge to buy more
austin: the new one. romantica's quite good.
fred: hm. i got tired of the jokes in ihop, although i like the music
andy: but - the trombone (trumpet?) solo at the end of ihop is so beautifully controlled
andy: yeah - the words are nonsense
winnie: you should really really listen to bewitched
winnie: it's lovely
winnie: does anyone remember the ckone ads from way back?
andy: and it's surprisingly hard-edged . . . i like how it kicks in, then the guitar adds some brittle sludge
winnie: w/ the panning screen full of tall gorgeous people in black and white
mike: winnie -- is bewitched another album from luna?
austin: yeah i recall
winnie: looking all androgynous and devil-may-care?
winnie: yes
fred: it's in general hard for me to want to listen to songs that have jokes in them b/c they get old
andy: ah - ok, i want to like them more!
mike: hm - vaguely remember those ads...
winnie: they play the "california" chords at the beginning
austin: ok
winnie: that album's not hard-edged at all
winnie: and "tiger lily girl" is another pretty one
winnie: it feels like the perfect album for roadtrip through socal
fred: so andy, explain the appeal of the pat metheny songs? those were a little lost on me
austin: call and response's the best one for that. but then again, luna's probably got more longevity
fred: i like the end to this tracy song a lot
fred: although i'm not a big fan of this guy's wussy voice
andy: well you know
mike: oh, i've always been a fan of "last train home"... it's been around for ages... :-)
mike: i just didn't recognize it by name...
fred: are you serious?
andy: the whole mix wasn't exactly planned . . .i just meandered thru my cd's and grabbed stuff
andy: and - yes - that's the track i bought the cd for
mike: yes, i'm serious.
mike: i really like it.
andy: they used to play it as seque music on npr, god help me
fred: hold on let me listen to it again
fred: really? are they from the 80's?
mike: i also loved "debora"... really caught me.
andy: it's lovely . . . but i get off on train music
winnie: i lovelovelove debora
winnie: love it
winnie: lovelovelove it
mike: hehehe
andy: isn't it cool!!
fred: heh
mike: yeah, so great!
winnie: i think the last train home is great
winnie: for some reason i always think it's the sting song
andy: that bolan, what a dippy alien
mike: i was im-ing with fred a while back, and just started typing up the lyrics... very catchy.
andy: which ones mike?
mike: the ones from "debora"
austin: deboreda deboredabrada
mike: yeah, just like that austin... but fred just thought i'd lost it.
winnie: i love the rhyme w/ "the spanish galleon"
winnie: that's great
fred: so andy, where/n are they from? pat metheny?
mike: yes -- who are tyrannosaurus rex?
andy: yes . . .there's a new 4cd set come out
andy: tracing from tyrannosaurus rex through t.rex
fred: i like the mingano tr better. what doen minguano mean?
andy: tight twat, i believe
fred: oops minguano
fred: oops minuano
andy: oh - then i have no idea
winnie: oh whoops
fred: andy! such language!!
winnie: i have so much trouble deciphering lyrics
andy: blame the spanish
winnie: so this is back before their sort of glam rock days?
andy: ok - i made it up . . .busted
mike: hehehe
andy: yes
andy: way way before . . .they were just the lowest fi of hippies
andy: then suddenly the whole glam thing hit . . .it was kind of weird, and totally unexpected
fred: minuano sounds stingian to me. that particular guitar sounds loungey to me, no? which works for the song.
andy: kind of - cross-over jazzy, cross-over brazilian, cross-over, ugh
fred: deborah was good. when was that from?
andy: it's on the edge of muzak
andy: deborah is 1967 or 68 i think
fred: heh -- yeah. but just enough not to make it listenable
fred: oops i meant to make it listenable
andy: if you shop enough at nieman marcus you can listen to it
fred: har har
andy: it is a little "beautiful people" y
fred: and you know i shop there so much
mike: hehe... muzak of quality.
andy: marc bolan is just waiting to be rediscovered and re-appraised
winnie: nice
mike: so how many remixes of "what it feels like for a girl" do you own, andy?
andy: sometimes tiresome, but . . . like syd barrett . . . a one-off
fred: the pon a hill tweeting sounds like it should be part of the parrot song. i like parrots
andy: ha! - they were all doin drugs together, prob
fred: wait -- which is the neiman marcus song? the pat or the t. rex?
fred: did you put them together b/c of that?
andy: the pat
andy: uh, maybe
fred: when i was first listening to the cd i thought it was the same track b/c i didn't have the tracklisting in front of me
fred: i thought pon a hill was some sort of intro in the same way the sound of music had an intro
andy: hehe
fred: speaking of which both of those tracks are great
andy: the bonzos?
fred: even though i was just saying i dont like jokey music, i think the parrot song esp is faboo
andy: not too monty python?
fred: heh monty python rulezzz
fred: haha
andy: i love it - but i loved it when it first came out, so i can't really tell if it'
andy: s good
fred: were they consciously ripping off the m python boys?
andy: or just feeds my nostalgia
andy: they all came from the same place at the same time
andy: hey fred
fred: just like how everyone came up w/ calculus at the same time?
andy: it's just you and me in here
fred: hey andy
fred: is this our cue to make fun of everyone else?
fred: haha
andy: you go first
mike: pick me, pick me!
winnie: i don't have much to say about those.
winnie: i dunno
fred: well .... umm mike is really .... umm
winnie: i'm kinda ehhh
andy: come on . . .say something about madge
andy: oh winnie - say "ehhh"
andy: i wanna hear what you don't like too
mike: ugh, i have to go to a meeting... damn this fkng job.
fred: i thought in general they were pretty eclectic mixes although i think a lot of it was sort of late 70s to 80s ... is that just me?
fred: a meeting??!
mike: i'm sorry to depart... :-(
andy: ah
fred: see ya
andy: he's gone
andy: no . . .not yet
mike: yes, a meeting... i'm so sorry...
andy: next time, mike
austin: i'm not a big fan of that guitar in greasy heart
winnie: byebye
mike: getting dragged away... will talk to oyou lateron
austin: bye
mike has left the room.
winnie: aww
austin: meeting at 9?
andy: yes . . . i like the track, again, for sentimental reasons
winnie: i never listened to much dylan
fred: i really like how noisy all of my thoughts is
winnie: before
winnie: but i think i will now
andy: but i love grace slick's voice, and i love the words
andy: but yes, austin, the guitar is real real dated
austin: when was that recorded?
andy: 68
fred: what's the skinny on spiritualized? i think they were some of my fav tracks on this
austin: they were really into their syns then
andy: oh - my favorite junkies!
fred: greasy heart reminds me strongly of white rabbit
fred: although i haven't heard that in a while
andy: yep - it's crisper, but grace is still right out in front
fred: syns?
andy: syns?
austin: synthesizers
fred: i dont really hear much synths
fred: ?
andy: on spiritualized?
fred: i thought we were talking about greasy heart
fred: heh
andy: me neither - you have "techno-head", austin
winnie: which one's greasy heart?
winnie: oh
andy: a sad condition where you can't stop hearing synthesizers
winnie: hahaha
austin: oh dear. should get me checked
andy: or . . . are they there . . .eek
winnie: also great: stone roses
winnie: i wish i knew more of their stuff
andy: i think the spiritualized has some added synth thickness - but it's mainly acoustic instruments
fred: i think the guitar on that track is good. i assume you mean the solo line
winnie: they have such a distinctive lead singer sound
andy: oh - i love them
winnie: like i mentioned before
andy: for some reason they make me feel sooo sad
winnie: i only really knew 'ten storey love song'
winnie: and love it so
austin: which band are we talking abot now?
winnie: yeah, his voice is like the verve guy's
winnie: stone roses?
winnie: i think?
andy: stone roses, yes
andy: we are so speedy!
austin: ah gotcha
fred: stone roses were good
andy: yes - i think, also, their trajectory was so fireworky
andy: a smoldering start
andy: sudden enormous fame
andy: coupled to danger and the risk of crippl;ing burns
andy: then a rapid descent
andy: and blackness . . . .
fred: waterfall has that fey indie sound ... i liked those tracks quite a bit too, esp waterfall
andy: sort of the archetypal "rockstar" story
fred: where/n were they?
andy: 80's
austin: the drugs got the better of them?
winnie: wow, i had no idea
andy: manchester before techno kicked in
winnie: what album are these from?
andy: after joy division, before ecstacy
fred: well how else are they going to make their behind the music story interesting?
fred: they were joy division???
andy: i have the "best of" - so i'm not sure which album
austin: are they joy division/new order?
andy: no - i mean manchester had joy division, then manchester had the club scene
winnie: right.
andy: in between manchester had the stone roses
fred: oh. heh
fred: has manchester always been a big music scene?
winnie: they were sort of the oasis/verve progenitors, weren't they?
winnie: that's how i think of them anyway
winnie: since joy division
winnie: anyway
fred: stone roses = thumbs up
andy: not really - since late punk
andy: oh - you know this new movie - all night weekend people, or something??
austin: 24 hour party people
fred: oh ive heard about it
winnie: 24 party people
winnie: fantastic!
andy: that's when manchester started to be important
austin: good shit
fred: that was about joy division
andy: it's good?!!!
winnie: did i see that w/ you, austin?
andy: oh good!
austin: yeah
winnie: it was hilarious.
winnie: and fucked up
winnie: but hilarious
andy: ah - that's the start of manchester . . . factory rcords
fred: really? was it a dramatization or a documentary?
andy: draaaamatization, dahhhling
austin: best line, "i was postmodernist, before it became fashionable"
andy: ha!
andy: gots ta see it
fred: mm
andy: oh, mm yourself
fred: mm mm
winnie: i feel like there's some weird rediscovery of joy division
winnie: esp w/ the explosion of interpol here
fred: hmm
fred: interesting
andy: what's the connection?
fred: joy division has been on me need to listen list for a while
andy: me too
fred: i think they're much more interesting than new order
andy: kind of didn't get them first time round
andy: oh shit
fred: hahaha
andy: you guys never had a first time round with joy division, i feel so wrinkled
fred: andy! are you telling me you're -not- 22???
andy: not quite
fred: the truth comes out
fred: haha
andy: but . . .
andy: really . . .what about madonna
winnie: i love new order.
winnie: eccchhh
fred: new order is good
winnie: i much prefer her old stuff
andy: doesn't anyone have a good word for her?
fred: but not my fave
austin: i like madonna, just not that song
winnie: cherish?
winnie: awesome.
austin: and the remix
fred: i really like one of the mixes
winnie: lucky star?
winnie: holy shit.
andy: oh winnie
winnie: yes?
andy: xcherish is the best song in the whole damn worl'
fred: hahaha
winnie: yes
winnie: yes
winnie: yes yes yes
fred: cherish? do i know that one?
andy: it positively pings
austin: xcherish?
andy: well - i got excited
fred: i really liked the mix that was not the long trance one
andy: xsorry
andy: rilly? i liked the one that buried the song!
winnie: you don't know cherish?!!!
andy: and - i like the sentiment
andy: oh fred
andy: oh oh
andy: oh fred
andy: oh fred
fred: i might know it. how's it go?
austin: no. but i can tell it's some madonna song that i should know
andy: romeo and juliet, never felt this way, i bet
austin: or maybe not
fred: haha -- that's a really distinctive lyric andy
ndy: so don't underestimate my point of view
andy: doobuddy doobuddy
andy: bweedomp
andy: bweedomp
fred: hold on let me find it
andy: doop doop doobuddy dweedomp
andy: you recall?
winnie: no, it's so don't un derestimate my point of view...
winnie: viewwwwwww
andy: yes - see . . .the win - she knows
fred: ive had this immaculate collection cd forever but i haven't listened to it yet
winnie: hahaha
fred: oh yeah! this song is great
fred: this whole cd is awesome
andy: oh f, get on board
winnie: yeah, i like the vid too
andy: don't it just ping!!?
fred: really? andy we totally have to have a madonna music video party
fred: it'll be awesome
andy: it's the most rubbery song i know
andy: hmm
austin: i need to get me a listen
andy: that sounds expensive
winnie: i feel like this underworld track (two months off) should be on the run lola run sdtrk
winnie: rubbery?
andy: austin - do you like madonna?
andy: i know we aren't supposed to veer (vere?) off
andy: but
andy: i love 'brits and pieces', and i love dance music, and so on
austin: yeah. not a huge fan. but i'm willing to give it a go
andy: and i think that lots of recent madge music is boss
andy: when remixed by pros
fred: heh
fred: man madonna sounds so young in this song
andy: well - also, after dylan . . .who's lasted longer?
fred: expensive? why?
winnie: yeah, i kind of prefer that
fred: mm
winnie: and not so overproduced
andy: she am a phenomemam
winnie: also borderline
winnie: and papa don't preach
winnie: shit, those were great videos
andy: costumes, fred, costumes
fred: har har
austin: jeez i wish the mtv phenomenon hit hong kong earlier
andy: oh - p don't p is such a fine songy
fred: these underworld songs werent my favs
winnie: hmm just the opening of the underworld track is lola-y
winnie: the rest is so underworld-y
andy: ha! what did you grow up with?
austin: the best videos i remember were the michael jackson ones.
austin: how do they compare
fred: har har
andy: not a bad place to be!
winnie: those weren't bad
fred: i didnt have cable
fred: haha
winnie: although i kind of like the later ones
andy: i was n uk
winnie: what was the egyptian one?
fred: i def liked that "click" underworld song though
andy: oh, that was fun!
fred: jumbo
andy: well you know.f
andy: underworld are my faborite band
andy: oh shit - i got excited
andy: 'faborite'?
andy: i have a cleft palate
austin: better than favouriate
fred: har har andy voresy vores
andy: ah yes ha!
winnie: whoah there.
winnie: favouriate?
winnie: would that be like aluminium?
andy: austin - you like em underworld . . . didja see 'everything everything'?
austin: hahaha no that would be aluminiaum
andy: the aluminium chorus
austin: nope...
andy: oh - it's so exciting
austin: it's a documentary?
andy: great live versions
andy: gathered from 3 or 4 gigs
fred: you know that fuzzy bass sound at the beg of two months off? it seems like that's in all the undeworld songs, no? or a lot at least
austin: oh must get my hands on that. soo much to listen, so much to watch
andy: well - they do recycle a lot
fred: so much to snort? haha
andy: especially bits of lyrics
fred: really? for any particular reason or effect?
andy: no - just what they do, i think
fred: btw, we should start wrapping it up ... so start posting your last comments ...
fred: really? that seems a little cheesy
andy: it would be if the results weren't so exhilarating
winnie: yeah, i gotta take off and finish this scarf
fred: hm. so how many people are really the core of underworld?
winnie: 2
winnie: ?
austin: is it for tim
andy: likewise . . . people to eat and suits to wear
winnie: no, for moi
andy: two
fred: how is that divided?
austin: 2
fred: haha
andy: now - it was three for 3 albums
fred: anyone else? 2! 2! 2! haha
austin: haha
winnie: tootwoto
fred: so who does what?
andy: i'm so confused
winnie: me two
winnie: to
winnie: too
fred: do they usu have any live instruments in concert?
winnie: hahaha
fred: andy -- have you ever seen them live?
andy: karl hyde sings, plays guitar and does stiff
winnie: okay, i'm gong to take off
fred: ok
winnie: bye kids...
austin: bye
fred: bye win dixie
andy: no - but don't rub it in
winnie has left the room.
austin: ehh
andy: bye winster
fred: ok i guess ill sign out now too
andy: ok - we're outtahere, yep
austin: till next week
andy: buy austin. buy fred
fred: im going to take a closer listen to these underworld tracks though
fred: byeeeeeeeeee
andy: dooooooo - tara
fred: bi andy
fred: haha
andy has left the room.
austin: madonna for me
austin: bye fred
fred: lata
austin has left the room